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Providing Weekly Service; Remodels; All Repairs, Tile Clean, Drain & Clean, and Stone Sealing.... Ca

Providing Weekly Service; Remodels; All Repairs, Tile Clean, Drain & Clean, and Stone Sealing...Call us for emergencies after hours...


We're Hiring!

Experienced Pool Cleaner (Cypress Area) or will train the right person.

Well established Pool Company has immediate opening for pool cleaning route technician. Full or part time route available. Great opportunity for someone looking for extra income or as primary job. Our routes are mainly in the Cypress area and are very close together.

Must have own vehicle (truck preferred) and know how to clean and then balance pool chemistry. We will train the right person and also provide supplement fuel pay. Knowledge and experience repairing pool equipment is a plus!

Some duties would be:
• Job requires good customer service skills and good appearance.
• Performs routine to complex cleaning of pools and spas
• Maintains records of cleanings by using established procedures
• Operates equipment when necessary to maintain the pools and spas
• Recognizes equipment in need of repair, adjustment, or replacement
• Completes all jobs/routes in a consistent and timely manner
• Works under minimal supervision, completing assigned tasks in a timely fashion
• Keeps informed and updated on current techniques and technical methods
• Establishes and maintains effective working relationship and communication with Management
Employment Type:
Contract - Full Time


Weekly Pool Maintenance technician needed. Pool maintenance experience a plus, or we will train the right person. Hourly pay to start while training then will pay $15 per pool plus weekly fuel supplement. Must have own vehicle (truck). Pool routes close together and in the Cypress area.


Well established pool maintenance and repair company has immediate openings for full time or part time. Great opportunity for someone looking for extra income or as primary job. Our routes are mainly in the Cypress area and are very close together.

Must have own vehicle (truck). Pool maintenance experience a plus or we will train the right person. Hourly rate to start plus we also provide supplemental fuel pay.


It's always a good idea to keep pool shock on hand for when we have rain events like we are in the middle of now. To much fresh water will dilute pools and lower chlorine levels allowing algae to grow quickly in the warm water. Whenever we have heavy rain, it's always a good idea to add 1-2 pounds of shock to the pool to help it recover sooner. For larger pools, add 2-3 pounds of shock and be sure to brush in well to be sure it all dissolves.


During heavy rain events and wind storms, be sure to keep the skimmer baskets cleaned out to avoid expensive pump repairs due to water obstruction going to pumps. Pumps can overheat and fail when skimmers are full of debris not allowing water to flow from skimmers to pumps. Another tip is to be sure the pool overflow drain (normally located below the coping at the waterline) is clear to allow excess rain water out and not overflow into the yard or deck and then possibly into your house. It's also a good idea to add 2-3lbs. of shock to your pool after heavy rainfall events. Heavy rainfall will dilute all pool chemistry including chlorine levels. By adding shock, you will help re-establish chlorine levels and kill off any contaminants that lead to Green Algae problems.


Now that the freeze is over and power has been restored to hopefully everyone, it's time to deal with the aftermath of frozen plumbing and pool equipment. Hopefully some were able to get pumps and plumbing drained by removing freeze drain plugs once the power went down. If you were some of those fortunate few, congrats... the damage to your equipment will be minimal compared to those who weren't able to get that done.
If you are wanting to re-start the pool equipment and if you removed drain plugs, our recommendation would be to wait a few more days (several if needed) to be sure the pumps and plumbing are totally thawed out, then re-insert the drain plugs that were removed, take the main pump lid off and add several buckets of pool water slowly to the main pump, re-attach the pump lid and then turn the pool equipment on.
If drain plugs were not removed, more than likely there are large build ups of ice in the plumbing and pumps and filter. DO NOT try to restart the pool equipment for 3-5 days (depending on location of your equipment) or longer before trying to start the pool equipment back up. Look into the pump lids before attempting start up and if any ice is seen, wait longer before starting up. The filter also holds a large volume of water and chances are it is frozen and will take days to thaw (see picture). The pool water is extremely cold and pools this time of year are totally fine to sit for extended periods. No rush at all to get this done, better safe than sorry.

After re-starting later this week, if you have any leaks please let us know and we will add you to our schedule. Current have 75+ in the que for repairs.


With the sub freezing temperatures heading our way, and to help avoid damage to pool equipment and plumbing, be sure to run the pool pumps when temperatures are at freezing or below. Nearly all pool automation systems come with built in freeze protection and will turn the pool equipment on and off automatically when temps get to freezing or below. For pool systems without automation and that have mechanical dials, turn the system on and remove the off tab on the timer dial so you can control manually. Also, we don't recommend adding blankets or tarps to the equipment areas as the pump motors get very warm and blankets or other material around the motors can lead to fires, or the motors overheating from no ventilation. Stay safe and warm!


Windy conditions this time of year results in large amounts of tree leaves and debris entering the pool. Skimmers will get full quickly and then greatly limit or even totally stop water flow to the pumps which will result in very expensive repairs. We are seeing a lot of skimmers baskets coming apart because the heavy amount of debris in the skimmers causes increased suction from the pumps and the skimmer baskets are breaking apart, and allowing all the debris to enter the main or filter pump. This too can result in a lot of expensive repairs.
Be sure to keep the skimmers baskets as clean as possible by emptying them several times in between weekly service visits.


Weekly cleaning / maintenance for swimming pools. Experience preferred but will train the right person. Must have own vehicle (truck preferred). Pay is per pool plus weekly fuel supplement. Hiring for full time (5 days a week). Pool route is very close together and this route would allow time for school or second job. Applicant must be courteous with good work ethic and reliable. Contact us at 713-471-7665.


Some important reminders to help avoid expensive repairs during heavy rain and wind storms.

1. Be sure to keep pool skimmers free of debris build up. If the skimmers get full of debris, water flow to the pumps will be very limited or stopped and the pumps will overheat causing damage.

2. If the pool is equipped with an overflow drain, be sure to keep that drain clear of debris that falls into the pool during the storm. If the drain has debris in front of it now allowing the excess water to drain off, the pool could overflow.

3. Always a good idea to shock the pool (normally 2-3 lbs. of shock) after very heavy rainfall amounts. Heavy rainfall amounts will wash out pool chemistry allowing algae to grow quickly. Along with the heavy rain, debris that gets washed in also adds to algae food. Shocking the pool will help chlorine values recover more quickly.


Summer time is here and so are the ever increasing HOT temperatures. The rule of thumb for pool equipment run time is for every 10 degrees of average air temperature, the pool equipment should run 1 hour (example: 80 degrees average temperature = 8 hours of run time). We normally recommend adding 2 hours to that equation for Summer. This time of year, all pools should be running 10-12 hours (or longer) daily. And, most of those hours of run time MUST be during the heat of the day. Without proper pool equipment run times, pools and pool filters will be nearly impossible to keep clean and safe for swimming. 🥵


Many of our customers are asking if we will be closed due to possible shelter in place restrictions. Should that happen, Moosehead Pools will still be open and servicing all pools as normal. Our weekly residential service is included in the approved essential services list because of the sanitizing of swimming pools weekly. Covid19 can not live in properly treated pools. Since so many are at home and using their pools due to school and business closures, it is very important to keep pools safe for swimming. Please let us know if we can provide help in any other way and thank you sincerely for your business. Stay safe!


Now is a really good time to test operations of your Spa Blower and also the Heater. Be sure to test now and make sure they are operating correctly. Many times with heaters, unwanted guests make their home in the heaters and then when trying to start for the first time before needed, all you get is a service light. Test these now and beat the Fall rush and wait time for service needs.


This time of year it's very easy for pools to lose water due to the excessive heat. Avoid expensive repairs by monitoring your pool water level and then adding water as needed.


To all of our customers, Moosehead Pool Services wants to express a sincere THANK YOU for helping make 2018 a success. We wish everyone a blessed and prosperous 2019. Have a safe and fun New Year's and THANK YOU again!


Important tip: During the Fall, be sure to clean and empty the pool skimmer baskets and cleaner bag in between our weekly maintenance visits. Heavy leaf debris in the pool skimmers will stop water flow to the main pump and cause expensive repair needs. Keeping leaf debris off the pool floor will help with plaster staining also.


Spring is in the air and so is a lot of pollen! There is also a heavy volume of falling tree & shrub debris too. Be sure to keep pool skimmers clean in between weekly maintenance visits to help avoid costly pump repairs. It's also very important to have a properly working pool cleaner. Pool cleaners/vacuums help keep this debris off of the pool floor. With all the tree pollen in the air, falling debris is covered with it and algae will form quickly if not removed from the pool.


With the really cold air temperatures that are on the way, be sure to keep ALL pool pumps running when temperatures get at or below the freezing mark. Water movement through the pool equipment plumbing and pool pumps are the best prevention for freezing pipes and pumps.


We are so thankful to so many. Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving!


We've been seeing many of these new Skim Around skimmer baskets being added to pools we service weekly and we've had several significant issues with them. Just wanting to share what we've seen with these new popular skimmer baskets. When heavy leaf and debris volume build up in these skimmers, the bottom portion of the skimmer basket will break away allowing all of the debris inside the skimmers to flow into the plumbing skimmer lines and then the pump. We've had to make several repairs of clogged lines and pump impeller issues due to these skimmer baskets failing. See attached picture for what they look like when they get to full and the bottom breaks away from the top causing big problems.


Important tip: During the Fall, be sure to clean and empty the pool skimmer baskets in between our weekly maintenance visits. Heavy leaf debris in the skimmers will stop water flow to the main pump and cause expensive repair needs.


Way to go Stros..! Congratulations on winning division series!! Let's keep it going and win the ALCS!! Great job!!!


Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected in the Las Vegas shootings. Thanks also to the first responders risking their lives to help. 09/15/2017

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