Artisan Gifts by Lulu

Made from 100% recycled copper and glass beads. Each pc takes 8+hrs to create. Copper naturally tarnishes. Not intended for children.

These pieces are for decoration only, if not handled properly the piece can become misshapen, breake and cause injury.

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This piece is called"Nevermore", made custom for a close friend of mine.

Photos from Artisan Gifts by Lulu's post 09/21/2021

Tried hydro dipping, absolutely love it!


The first person to buy an piece will get a 20% discount.

If you refer someone and they purchase a piece you both get %20 off.

More art coming soon.


Im excited to start my new suncatcher for a sweet friend of mine.


I randomly discovered my love for copper wire art by helping someone strip some wire for recycling. I ended up stripping this thick copper wire and I was in awe at its beauty. I never knew it could be so alluring and captivating to the point I am now enthralled with it. I said "haha I bet you I can make something out of this!"...I proceeded to make a cats face. You know the whiskers, nose, eyes and ears...I was instantly hooked. I never knew I was going to fall in love with it. At first I was afraid to post anything about my wire art because someone close to me said with a smerk on their face "Uh you aren't a copper wire artist" which made me feel as if my excitement and passion for it was unfounded and impractical. I felt like a stupid little girl who was kidding herself, whom would never be anything no matter how much passion i felt. It brought me down to where I almost stopped. But I couldn stop, I was drawn to it. Today I am proud of what I do and what I create. I am ready to share my creations, my ART with the public. I am still new to it but I love to take on new projects while always challenging myself. I do not put anything for sale that I wouldn't purchase myself.

My art is made from 100% recycled copper and quality glass beads or natural stones. Each piece takes 8 - 36 hours to create. I am currently working on more pieces.

1. Suncatchers - Start at $20
2. Rings - $20 for women & $25 for men.
3. Wind Swept Tree (free-standing, no base and not hanging) - $40
4. Tree of Life Pendant - $25 approximately 3" in diameter and includes at least a 1.5' chain (could be longer but never shorter).
5. Mini Tree of Life adhered to a rock base - $20
6. 1ltr wire wrapped hanging medicine bottle - $40.
7. 16 oz wire wrapped hanging tinted mason jar lantern - $25
8. Chain by itself -$10 for 1.5', $20 for 2', $25 for 3'...ect

All pieces come polished and sealed for a longer lasting beautiful copper shine, unless you request the aged tarnished look before payment is made. Pieces are not polished until order is made. Custom pieces include an unchanged flat fee of $15. For custom pieces a %5O deposit is required upfront. i honestly hate to charge up front but I've been burned multiple times.

Disclaimer: Copper naturally tarnishes over time even if sealed. These pieces are for decoration purposes only, if not handled properly the piece can become misshapen, possibly breake and can cause injury. Not intended for small children nor used as a toy. 06/11/2021

Hey everyone! So as you can see I kind of switched up my art a little bit. Well actually a lot of bit 😆I went from candles to wire art LOL but anything that I have on here is for sale and like I stated previously if it's not for sale and you really like that particular item I can make one for you. It won't cost any extra unless you have it personalized. So if yall could do me a huge favor and give my page a like and while you're at it just hit that share button right there at the bottom!

Photos from Artisan Gifts by Lulu's post 06/11/2021

Photos from Artisan Gifts by Lulu's post

Photos from Artisan Gifts by Lulu's post 06/11/2021

Went in a little bit of a different direction.


New things to come!


Big things are on the horizon! Stayed tuned!

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Personalized items for 2 different customers.

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Custom items (catch all for his keys/wallet and what not) made for my musician buddy.


Rolling tray w/matching ashtray. $30 or $55 for custom.


I finally have my items on the shelves at Cheap Cheap in Cypress TX. Come by pick up a beer candle and take a look around you wont believe the price cut this store has!

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Photos from Artisan Gifts by Lulu's post


Hand casted and painted full set of standard/professional size dominoes. After the paint dries I have to clean them up and seal them then they'll be ready to sell. $20


Custom feather jewelry holder.


Good morning all! I'm finished taking care of my grandma today and super excited I can devote all my extra time to my craft, if you have any request lmk. I bought some small canvases and will be experimenting after I work on 2 custom ordered pieces.


2 more days of grandma and work then I can dedicate 2 entire days to my crafts. I feel built up inside not being able to work on my stuffs. Lol


Beautiful walk this morning! 😍


What is everyone up to on this beautiful day?


I haven't been able to create anything in a week, I'm going insane. After I'm finished taking care of my grandma for the weekend I'm hit the epoxy road running like Flash!


I have been trying to upload a new profile picture since I created this page and for some reason it is not working. I guess I'll have to see if I can try it another way i.e.; by laptop. Please bear with me.


P.S.A. shipping and handling is now $5.00 as I just learned the hard way on that. 🤣


Just sent off my first 2 orders via USPS, pretty excited for them to receive the items.


Finished product, $30 after I install the clock motor.


Making my first resin clock art.

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Photos from Artisan Gifts by Lulu's post

Photos from Artisan Gifts by Lulu's post 09/27/2020

Photos from Artisan Gifts by Lulu's post



Copper wire art, epoxy and Woodworking




Spring, TX

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