Schnitker Law Office, P.A

Schnitker Law Office, P.A

We are a general real estate law office that focuses on eminent domain & related relocation claims against the government.

Operating as usual 05/05/2015

Government Buyout of Your Property: Your Top 10 Relocation Rights

Has your business or home property been forced to move by the government, find out how you can qualify for a relocation claim. In the event you as a business owner or homeowner or even a residential tenant are forced to move due to a government buyout, you are eligible for relocation expenses.These expenses may include the following top ten relocation payments. Move costs of your property Search costs & expenses for a new p… 03/10/2015

Minnesota Relocation Law For Businesses A prominent eminent domain attorney told me years ago he had been settling relocation claims for clients & leaving large sums on the table. He said after he saw us make large business and homeowner... 02/24/2015

Minnesota Ditch Laws & Property Owner Rights

Own property with a ditch on it? You are subject to laws & rights that are very important. Click the link to read more. If you own property & you have a drainage ditch on it you are subject to certain laws & rights that are very important. 02/23/2015

Inverse Condemnation - When The Government Damages or harms your real estate & refuse to pay

What to do when the government damages or harms your property. In many cases the government will take or damage over private property by building a road on it or some other public project. If done correctly they pay for it & one has the legal court process to...



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