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Mercer Trucking Co. reminds you to: Always signal a lane change well in advance! Let everyone around you know that you are changing lanes!


Safety First from Mercer Trucking Co: Get Comfortable! Adjust the steering wheel, seat height and back rest to stay comfortable during long driving periods and get your in-truck device’s turn-by-turn navigation ready before you turn the key. Then plan to take breaks every few hours, parking in parking lots (not on the shoulder) and getting out to walk around.


Welcome October and all of the Spooky and Fun things that come along this month. It can also be the beginning of a new trucking career with us for qualified drivers at Mercer Trucking Co. Follow your path and give us a call! 800-541-3529


Safety First at Mercer Trucking Co. Use this checklist to ensure your truck is roadworthy before your haul:

· Tires have a proper tread depth, closed valves, and are well inflated.

· The brakes operate correctly and have no leaks.

· Fluid levels are well-maintained, including brake fluid, coolant, oil, and transmission fluid.

· The coupling system has no defects—the fifth wheel, airlines, gap, mounting bolt, and locking jaws are all in place.

· The safety equipment is in working condition and properly secured (including fire extinguishers, a first aid kit, and reflective triangles).


Safety First from Mercer Trucking Co.
Maintain distance.
Keep a safe distance of seven to eight seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you, since large trucks require more stopping and following distance. In bad weather, increase that to as much as 14 seconds.

Safety regulators use the following factors to measure a truck’s total stopping distance:
Perception distance — How far a truck travels before the driver realizes they need to apply the brakes
Reaction time — How far the truck travels between the time the driver realizes they need to slow down and when they activate the brakes
Brake lag — How far the truck travels before the brakes start working after the driver activates them
Braking distance — How far the truck travels once the brakes have been fully engaged
By adding up all these factors, regulators can judge how far a truck will travel once the brakes are activated.


No one said it would be easy, but the view up here is sure nice at Mercer Trucking Co. If you're a qualified driver, come join our team. Give us a call! 800-541-3529


It's Officially Autumn!!! Here are some great tips for drivers to consider regarding routine maintenance from Mercer Trucking Co.

With longer nights and shorter days ahead beginning Sept. 23 (the Fall Equinox), drivers will need to focus their attention on how they can stay safe while driving during the cooler autumn months when temperatures begin to drop, running wildlife are abundant and roads are slick with wet leaves.

Let the light be your guide.
The need for higher visibility increases in the fall months as the days close sooner for truck drivers on the road. Since operational lighting equipment is required from sunset to sunrise, early fall is a good time to check it for possible replacement. Truckers who avoid fixing and maintaining their headlights, marker lights and clearance lights can get pulled over for lighting violations that carry hefty court fines and demerit points against driving records. A defective headlight or taillight alone slaps 2 to 4 points on CDL licenses in most states.

LED and halogen lights are two of the most common types of truck lights, but both come with advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to brightness, LED lights reign supreme above traditional incandescent lights and halogen lights. LEDs use clusters of diodes to perform and help drivers see a wider, clearer scope of landscapes. The blue-white optics allow drivers to easily spot running wildlife and better see signage and road instabilities.

However, LED lights are expensive, and the brightness factor can be distracting for other drivers. It is also hard to detect when LED lights go out. For the time being, there is no violation standard for LED lighting on headlights since the lights can still be used even with missing diodes – if they are seen from the required 500 feet distance, as required in most states.

When it comes to glow, halogen lights share the same attributes as traditional lighting making them less of an eyesore for other drivers. Halogen bulbs last approximately 500 hours and are DOT and SAE approved – a standard for on-road driving safety.

While they are energy efficient, sealed halogen lights only focus on what is in front of trucks rather than side-to-side views offered from LED lights. This could lead to accidents from crossing animals and other vehicles. The headlights also get foggy over time due to weather exposure making them dimmer and less useful.

When it is time to replace truck lights, explore your options while keeping these pros and cons in mind.

Fallen leaves and slippery surfaces.
Leaves are just as much of a driving hazard as ice. As they fall, leaves become slippery on roadways and blur traffic lines and pavement markings. While motorists should slow down and use extra caution on wet roads, truckers cannot (and should not) rely on others to do the right thing. Therefore, truckers are advised to keep their distance from passing vehicles and make sure their undercarriage system is in good shape (which you might have already done during August’s Brake Safety Week).

Make sure air braking systems are performing as expected and replace spring brakes and other components as needed since these truck parts help apply parking and emergency brakes. Because leaves can cover potholes and other dips in the road, fleets should inspect and repair their shock absorbers to avoid unexpected lane shifts and potential collisions.

Resume HVAC systems.
While you may not want the A/C running on full blast, you should keep the compressor running to remove air moisture and to prevent windows from fogging up. Take note to check for leaks and cracks in your HVAC system and manage refrigerant levels while inspecting valves, or***ce tubes and filters. And remember, turning the fan on high won’t get the truck to warm up quicker. Instead, get the truck in gear to kick the fan into a higher speed.

Overheating engines and drivers were the theme in summertime, and while fall is a welcoming change preparing now for the changing season will ensure that trucks move forward free from violations and downtime.


We're Hiring! Mercer Trucking Co. is looking for qualified Regional Drivers. If you are interested in learning more about Mercer, please give us a call and come join our team.
(800) 541-3529 ext.3 or stop in and say hi! 1414 N Fancher Rd Spokane Valley WA 99212.


The Pre-Trip Inspection: A Practical Guide For the Truck Driver:
The pre-trip inspection is an integral part of every road trip for a trucker. Mercer Trucking Co. believes in Safety First and your pre-trip inspection is your first step to a safe and legal trip.

It’s probably the most disliked and most often overlooked part of the job of the professional truck driver in the trucking industry.

This inspection is meant to be a thorough check of the truck, trailer and load.

The check is to ensure that everything is in correct working order, prior to the truck and driver, departing on a trip.

Any damage or issues found during the pre-trip inspection which needs attention, must be addressed before departure.


As a truck driver, be careful about your beverage choices. What you drink matters!
While some people gain weight because of what they eat, many more gain weight because of what they drink. When trying to maintain a healthy weight, avoid sugary drinks. Watch out for diet drinks too. While the research is mixed on whether or not artificial sweeteners are healthy, diet drinks have another problem: artificial sweeteners don’t send the same signals of “satiety” (or fullness) to the body, causing diet drinkers to continue to feel hungry, sometimes leading them to consume more calories. Mercer Trucking Co cares about you and your health. Make sure to watch what you eat and drink for a healthier you! For more information about us, call 800-541-3529


Safety First from Mercer Trucking Co. Fatal crashes are rising, and not wearing a seat belt is a key contributing factor. Wear your seat belt every time you drive or ride. Seat belts can save lives, reduce injuries, and allow drivers to stay inside and control their vehicles in the event of a crash. If you want to work for a safety first company, call Mercer Trucking Co. 800-541-3529


Safety First from Mercer Trucking Co. To be safe, you have to be seen. High visibility safety clothing, which has reflective material sewn onto the fabric, must be worn while pulling off on the road or at a work site. Drivers are most at risk of danger when they can't be seen. Do your part!


Safety First from Mercer Trucking Co. For large trucks, the posted speed limit may still be too fast, particularly on exit/entrance ramps. Slow down at least 5-10 mph below the posted speed to avoid the risk of tipping given your vehicle’s center of gravity.


Safety First from Mercer Trucking Co. Stay alert in school and work zones. A major factor is speed. Slow down and be alert of your surroundings. On top of hurting yourselves or someone else, you can get a ticket!


Mercer truckers, we appreciate your amazing commitment and dedication working hard for our company. We cannot thank you enough for all that you do! Happy Labor Day from our entire Mercer Trucking Co. family!


Hello September from Mercer Trucking Co. Here's to a new month where summer ends. It can also be the beginning of a new trucking career with us for qualified drivers. Follow your path and give us a call! 800-541-3529


Get on the road with us! Mercer Trucking Co. is hiring! Come in and say hi today! (800) 541-3529 ext.3 or apply in person. 1414 N Fancher Rd Spokane Valley WA 99212.


Safety First from Mercer Trucking Co. Stay in your lane. Keep both hands on the wheel so you can prevent wind from pulling your tractor-trailer to one side or the other. Also, if an animal runs into your lane, slow down safely, but maintain your lane. Don’t swerve to miss animals.


Mercer Trucking Co is family owned.
Come join our family. Call 800-541-3529 or Stop by the office!


Truck Safety for Truck Drivers from Mercer Trucking Co.

In terms of truck safety for truck drivers, truckers’ responsibilities for roadway safety can include doing the following:

~Following all traffic laws at all times
~Keeping trucks well maintained, which includes the responsibility of inspecting trucks between driving shifts
~Undergoing the proper training and not getting behind the wheel without it
~Complying with federal hours-of-service regulations (and all other federal and state trucking regulations)
~Not driving when they are exhausted or excessively fatigued
~Not drinking alcohol or using drugs prior to getting behind the wheel
~Putting down their cellphones and minimizing any other possible distractions so that they maintain their focus on the road
~Properly loading trucks, including balancing truck loads and properly securing cargo to trucks.

It’s important to point out that truck safety for truck drivers is not limited to the above listed items and that experienced attorneys will be effective at determining when drivers’ failure to do their part to keep the roads safe has contributed to an accident.


Looking for a great career? We're Hiring! Mercer Trucking Co. is looking for qualified Regional Drivers. If you are interested in learning more about Mercer, please give us a call and come join our team.
(800) 541-3529 ext.3 or apply in person. 1414 N Fancher Rd Spokane Valley WA 99212.


We Are Hiring Professional Truck Drivers! Come work for us at Mercer Trucking Co.! Experienced CDL Class A Drivers (Regional). Late Model Equipment, Home Weekends - Flatbed experience not required. Must have DBLS endorsement. Canadian clearance preferred. Great Pay and Benefits 401K (60 days). Call Curtis: 509-370-1900


Know your clearance!
Over-height loads are probably the most problematic of oversize loads because they take the most planning and preparation and can be the most expensive in terms of fees and costs to ensure safely transporting the load. In an attempt to raise awareness and make operators-truck drivers and their employers-more aware, states have enacted laws making carriers responsible for damages when vehicles hit overhead objects. Great info from Mercer Trucking Co.


Driving a semi keeps you on your toes. Your likelihood of a crash increases exponentially with each thing you do and poor decision you make. Mercer Trucking Co is a Safety First employer. 800-541-3529


Get Rollin with Mercer Trucking Co! We are looking for qualified Regional Drivers. If you want a career with a great company and want to learn more about Mercer, please give us a call and come join our team.
(800) 541-3529 ext.3 or stop in and say hi! 1414 N Fancher Rd Spokane Valley WA 99212.


You have your CDL but have you ever thought of taking a refresher course or continuing education class? Whether you left a life on the road for a long stint in the army, took some time off as a “house husband,” started a career in law enforcement or teaching, much has changed in the years you were away.

Safety technology has transformed the truck. New tighter federal regulations have been put into place regarding the maximum time you’re allowed behind the wheel. Or, you may be carrying a different type of hazmat cargos.

Not only will a CDL refresher course allow you to brush up on your driving skills, but it will bring you up to speed on these and other changes.


As a trucker, what you eat AND drink is important to your health! Mercer Trucking Co. cares about your health! While some people gain weight because of what they eat, many more gain weight because of what they drink. When trying to maintain a healthy weight, avoid sugary drinks. Watch out for diet drinks too. While the research is mixed on whether or not artificial sweeteners are healthy, diet drinks have another problem: artificial sweeteners don’t send the same signals of “satiety” (or fullness) to the body, causing diet drinkers to continue to feel hungry, sometimes leading them to consume more calories. For more healthy tips to consider on the road, follow us on Facebook.


Mercer Trucking Co. wants you to:
When traveling through work zones, Avoid All Distractions!
~Know everything going on around you.
~Always look well ahead down the road and around your rig.
~When rolling down the highway, especially in heavy traffic, always plan an ‘escape route’.
~Be aware of who’s in front of you, beside you and behind you at all times.
~Be aware of everything, so you can act accordingly, if and when necessary.


Join Our Team!! Mercer Trucking Co. is looking for Professional Regional Drivers. If you are a qualified driver and are interested in learning more about Mercer, please give us a call.


Hello August from Mercer Trucking Co. Here's to a new month where summer is in full swing. It can also be the beginning of a new trucking career with us for qualified drivers. Give us a call! 800-541-3529


Mercer Trucking Co wants you to know:

As a truck driver, safety should always be a top priority when you’re on the road. Whether you’re driving through challenging weather conditions, dealing with heavy traffic, or trying to stay alert on long hauls, there are steps you can take to minimize risks and stay safe behind the wheel. Here are some tips for Semi Truck Driving Safety:

Avoid Distractions
Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents on the road, and truck drivers are not immune to this risk. To avoid distractions, avoid using your phone while driving, keep your focus on the road, and limit other distractions in the cab such as eating or drinking. If you need to make a call or send a message, pull over to a safe location before doing so.

Manage Fatigue
Fatigue can be a major problem for truck drivers, especially during long hauls. To manage fatigue, be sure to get adequate sleep before hitting the road, take breaks to stretch your legs and recharge, and listen to your body’s signals. If you’re feeling drowsy or distracted, pull over and take a nap or rest until you’re feeling alert and focused again.

Prepare for Challenging Weather Conditions
Weather can be unpredictable and change quickly, especially in certain regions of the country. To prepare for challenging weather conditions, check weather reports before hitting the road and adjust your route if necessary. Be sure to carry appropriate supplies such as chains, extra water, and emergency equipment in case of inclement weather.

Stay Alert in Heavy Traffic
Heavy traffic can be stressful and dangerous for truck drivers, especially when navigating through urban areas or during rush hour. To stay alert in heavy traffic, keep a safe following distance, scan the road ahead for potential hazards, and be prepared to adjust your speed or route as needed. Consider using a GPS or other navigation system to help you navigate unfamiliar roads and avoid traffic congestion.

Practice Safe Driving Habits
Finally, practicing safe driving habits is crucial for staying safe on the road. Always wear your seatbelt, obey traffic laws, and be aware of other drivers around you. Keep a safe following distance, signal before changing lanes or making turns, and use your mirrors and other safety features to stay aware of your surroundings.

Maintain Your Semi Truck With Safety
Keeping your truck in good condition is crucial for staying safe on the road. Regular maintenance can help you identify and address issues before they become major problems, reducing the risk of breakdowns or accidents. Subtopics to explore in this section might include checking tire pressure, monitoring brake performance, and maintaining proper fluid levels.

Use Deer Guards
Another important safety measure for truck drivers is the use of deer guards. These sturdy metal structures are designed to protect the front of the truck from different collisions. They reduce the risk of damage to the vehicle and injury to the driver. By investing in a high-quality deer guard truck drivers can significantly improve their safety on the road and reduce the likelihood of costly accidents.

Conclusion About Driving Semi Truck Safety
In conclusion, staying safe on the road when driving a truck requires a combination of careful planning, good judgment, and safe driving habits. By following these tips and taking responsibility for your own safety, you can minimize risks and stay safe and alert behind the wheel.


Join our Mercer Trucking Co. team, Call 800-541-3529


Safety First from Mercer Trucking Co. Pay attention to everything. When you can anticipate a possibly unsafe situation unfolding, it’s easier to avoid it and steer clear of it. Mercer wants you to be safe out on the road. If you are looking for a career with a great company, give us a call: 800-541-3529


Mercer Trucking Co. is a safety first, family run company! We pride ourselves on Safety First! Since we are hiring.... come give us a call! (800) 541-3529 ext.3 or apply in person. 1414 N Fancher Rd Spokane Valley WA 99212.


At Mercer Trucking Co. we're all loaded up & ready to deliver! Do you have items that need to be shipped? Call us and we'll do it for you! (800) 541-3529


Mercer Trucking Co. wants you to Keep Trucking Safe.... prevent trucking injuries! Your life and your fellow motorists' lives depend on you and what you do! ~ Mercer Trucking Co. 800-541-3529


Want to drive for Mercer Trucking Co.? Give us a call, this could be you! We're hiring qualified drivers. Call 800-541-3529 or Stop by the office! 1414 N Fancher Rd Spokane Valley WA 99212.


Safety First from Mercer Trucking Co. Always signal! Failing to signal can increase the likelihood of collisions. Signaling before changing lanes or turning is required by law and you should still signal even if you don't see any other vehicles nearby. Signal well before you turn. It is the best way to keep others from trying to pass you.
Signal continuously. You need both hands on the wheel to turn safely. Do not cancel the signal until you have completed the turn.
Do not forget to turn off your turn signal after you have turned (if you do not have self-cancelling signals). Like and Follow Mercer Trucking Co.'s page for other helpful and necessary tips to keep you safe on the road!


Safety First from Mercer Trucking Co. Plan your route with care! Make sure to stay up to date on weather, road conditions, traffic patterns, construction, low bridges and regulations that vary by state. These are just a few of the many important trip planning tips truck drivers should consider, before they hit the road. For a career at Mercer, call: 800-541-3529


It's super HOT and only getting Hotter~ Safety First from Mercer Trucking Co. Re: driving in extreme heat! Summer is here. For truck drivers, that means extreme heat and dangerous trips.

Last year, a heatwave in the northwest of the US resulted in over 100 fatalities in Washington and Oregon.

Truck drivers, first and foremost, need to look after their own health. During the heat waves of summer, drivers should stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Even if it means more bathroom breaks.

Falling asleep at a truck stop while already dehydrated can be especially dangerous. Dehydration can impair your ability to drive, cause physical illness, and could even result in death.

Many drivers don’t wear sunscreen, but that solution comes highly recommended during the summer heat. Even if it’s just your left arm hitting the sun, that can cause severe burning over the course of 10 hours of driving. If you don’t want to wear the lotion, then put on a long-sleeve shirt

Keep Your Truck Safe

Besides their own health, truck drivers need to ensure the maintenance of their truck. During a heat wave, the extreme temperatures can affect the amount of friction created by your brakes. And a failure to brake can be disastrous.

Drivers should always perform their pre-trip inspection, taking special care when looking at brakes and also tires.

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