Happy Hollow- Native Foods & Apothecary

Happy Hollow- Native Foods & Apothecary


Want to walk these Trails or learn about the plants?! Come and visit Happy Hollow- Native Foods & Apothecary this Saturday!

You'll gonna enjoy this πŸ’šπŸ’š
June is all about jams! This week, we took fresh peaches from Engel Farms, boiled them down with blackberries, mango, pineapple, and a few shots of fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Even for a first time jam-maker, it was easier than expected! We loved using it as a grilling sauce with pork tenderloin, and poured over vanilla Blue Bell ice cream. πŸ˜‹

If you’re not quite ready to make it yourself, we’ve got plenty of options for fresh-made, delicious jams options at market. Brenham Kitchens brings a nice variety of spicy-sweet combos that pair well with fish tacos, cream cheese & crackers, or salsa stir-ins. Try Happy Hollow- Native Foods & Apothecary for sweeter jams, home-grown honeys, salves, teas, as well as various tinctures and other culinary wonders.

Read more about today's vendors in our weekly newsletter here: https://conta.cc/2TykPbt

See you this afternoon! 3-6pm at the Triangle
🌿 WILD MEDICINE HERB WALK THIS FRIDAY JUNE 11TH 4PM with our very own Amber Herndon of Happy Hollow- Native Foods & Apothecary at Jester King Brewery ~ LINK BELOW TO SIGN UP 🌿


Have you often wanted to be able to name the plants around you? Wondered if you could pick that juicy something on a hike and add it to your salad? Or just reconnect with nature and walk through it with some like-minded folks you otherwise might not meet?

Grab a friend and join us! Pizza and beer afterwards make for a pretty nice way to start the weekend πŸ»πŸ•πŸ»

*preregistration IS required; $10-$20 sliding scale
Looking forward to being back at it this Sunday under sunny blue skies with all these amazing local vendors:

MEAT & EGGS πŸ₯© 🍳 πŸ–
The Koen Family Farm and Ranch
Mick Family Farms
Three Six General
Wahoo's Seafood Co.

PRODUCE πŸ₯— πŸ₯¬ 🍊
BioSync Farm
Enchanted Mushrooms
South Texas Citrus

BREADS & PASTRY πŸ₯ 🍞 πŸ₯– πŸ₯―
The Bearded Baking Company
St. G Kitchens
Red Fern Pastry
Chew’s Chews
Crooked Horn Hand Pies

BEVERAGE β˜•οΈ 🍹 🍺
EDG Coffee
Casper Fermentables (kombucha)
Tough Mother steept tonics

Happy Hollow- Native Foods & Apothecary
Wow Texas Honey
@resfernpastry tipsy jams
Lakonia Imports

Tamale Addiction
Lamba's Royal Indian Foods
Pizzeria Sorellina pies & cocktails to-go!

Artisan jewelry, hand-poured candles, essential oils, woodcraft and much more set up on both sides of the grass on the Apis Restaurant property 10-2.
#Repost Happy Hollow- Native Foods & Apothecary
Handcut stone Texas available today. The Artist is Henry's Mom Kay Herndon. Lg. Cheese Boards $40, Medium Coasters $10 & Sm. Magnets are $8

You can message us if anyone wants to order any for Gifts!

*www.happyhollownative.com for our product list, preorder and shipping*

THANK YOU so much for everyone who has been supporting us and other small businesses!
Happy Hollow- Native Foods & Apothecary Elderberry with Rose Hips syrup - $10/bottle.

This tasty way to support your immune system during cold & flu season is now available at your local farmers market!
Well, it's September!
I am ready to get back on IG Live and introduce you to more great vendors that you will find at your local farmer's market.

🍴Every Wednesday and Thursday in September, I will be eatin', sippin', and cookin' with some incredible entrepreneurs that I met at the Pedernales Farmer's Market in Spicewood, Texas.
Pedernales Farmers Market

Wednesday ,September 9th
Amber, CEO of Happy Hollow
Native Food & Apothecary
Happy Hollow- Native Foods & Apothecary
Amber source her products from naturalized and native Texas plants that are in the cleanest, most natural environments. Her products are handmade in small batches, so her customers are buying high quality, ecologically friendly array of products like jellies, herbal extracts, and loose teas. Amber will be sharing her knowledge about the benefits of herbs, tinctures & elixirs, and how to use them. She also sells jupiter bundles from her garden that helps to clear negative energy which she will demonstrate the proper way to burn and store the bundles.

Thursday,September 10th
Mike and Krista, CEO of
ST. G Kitchens
St. G Kitchens
Two Austin culinary professionals are baking up all kinds of good stuff. You can find their booth on Sunday at the Pedernales market. Their table is filled with eight types of breads, homemade butter, sorbets, and pizza dough. I am excited to be chatting and eating with them as we talk about their products and their gluten-free options.
Join us and find out how their drive and passion for baking led them to build a successful business due to COVID -19 pandemic.

Please join us in the parking lot of Apis Restaurant and Pizzeria Sorellina this morning and every Sunday for the Pedernales Farmer's Market from 9am-2pm! We will be offering farm products from TerraPurezza including whole pastured chicken, fresh eggs, as well as a variety of heritage pork cuts including chops, tenderloin, ribs, roasts, sausages, bone broth, and whipped lardo. We will also offer heirloom flours, cornmeal, and grits from Barton Springs Mill. Or, if you'd like to jump right to the finished product, Rachel Bach of Bellow's Bakery and Pitchfork Pretty will be offering an array of freshly baked goods. We're also happy to announce that Spicewood Food Company and Herndon Market Goods have come today as our newest vendors. We can't wait to offer more products and vendors as we continue to grow!

Apis is closed on Sundays, but the Pizzeria opens at noon! Bring the kids, and don't forget that our backyard is dog friendly!

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I gotta go see y'all two. I miss the dickens out of ya!! Also gotta get me some of them goodies ☺️

Husband and wife team with a love for wild fruit of Central Texas, and herbal medicines that are focused around plants that grow wild, or can be grown organically, here in central Texas.

Operating as usual


Another day of straining, formula making, and bottling tinctures for someone! πŸ₯° my heart is certainly full on days like these.

Sporting @whitedeerapothecary lovely Texas Hillcountry bandana in my window!

I'll be getting my first video out soon to talk about Ethics and How to properly wild harvest plants for your own mental health and the health of this planet!

So much to say about this! How I got here, why getting to know the wild plants around you really is important, why foraging has become popular, and why it all matters!


Happy New Year from Happy Hollow!

This coming New Year I would like to start some videos talking about plants! Each Week I will be talking about a plant that is growing wild or in our own herb garden. I will mention whether the plant is Native or not, and what the plant might have to offer us! (Food, medicine, fiber ect!)

I'm excited to start a new platform and do something that has intimidated me. I love to teach, and that is what I really want to do and there is so much education to be done around the plant world around us! Videoing myself is something I have struggled with, but I know this virtual world right now is really how I can reach people! I too have been more isolated lately, and while I am thankful to be a little more in the country and not directly surrounded by people that I interact with, it has been a little tough missing out on some gatherings over the Holidays.

I want to feel like I am connecting more with you all! πŸ’šπŸŒΏ I hope you like what I have to offer as well, and feel more connected with the world around you! I want people to know that nature has a lot to offer us, but if we don't first learn to take care of her, and learn what everything's true nature is then we will continue to struggle mentally, and continue more hatred that isn't necessary.

Everything we need to heal is already all around us- it's up to you to be a solution as well, and learn something, maybe see where your own perspective on things could shift!

May This New Year Bring Everyone

✌ Peace, ❀ Love, 😊 Happiness


Busy Day so far @ds_farmers_market!

Happy Holidays from Ollie and I!

Cheers to good health!

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will be @ds_farmers_market from 3-dusk!

Come do some last minute shopping where it really counts- from your local makers and Farmers!

If you need holiday food inspired by the season or gift ideas, skip the busy stores and come to an open air Market!

I wish everyone green blessings and good health through this week and into the New Year! A very Happy Winter Solistice as well!!


Rainbow at the end of a storm.

Things are slowly getting back to normal at Happy Hollow.

We will not be back to The Drippings Spring Market till next week though!

Want to know what has helped us through being sick!

We've put it together in a package for you! 'Winter Care Package' on our Website!

-Elderberry Syrup or Fire Cider
-Mind, Body, Soul Tea
-Wild Herb Bitters
-Lavender & Rose Salve
-Garden Sage & Lavender Smoke Bundle

A portion of the proceeds will be going to a group supporting Women's Health here in Texas!

Over $100 so far will be donated! Considering even extending how long we have this avaliable too!



Hate to inform everyone, but we will NOT be making back to the Dripping Springs Farmer's Market today, due to someone in our household having a Positive Covid Test.

I will keep everyone informed about next week, if and when we all have negative tests.

The person who has it is already improving from a mild case, and is the only one right now. Luckily we have our Apothecary to keep us well!

Good health to all out there! πŸ’š


Thanks everyone who came out to Llano yesterday to support us, and the other local makers! Good to be back out there!

I will be back @ds_farmers_market this Wednesday 3-5:30!

Don't forget to check out our website for shipping, pickup, or meet ups locally.

Thank you to those who have purchased my WINTER CARE PACKAGE that will be going to support women's health in Texas! It will still be available through Dec. 21st!



Here set up at the Llano Square till about 4pm!

Big Makers Market today out here!

Set up across from the old Movie theater!

Herbal Teas
Skin Salves
Fire Cider πŸ”₯
Elderberry Syrup
Herbal Extracts


This Sunday! We will be there!

Please remember! Market is this SUNDAY!!


Fire Cider πŸ”₯ or Elderberry Syrup!

Which do you prefer?!

Both great for this time of year to give your Immune System an extra boost to keep you well!

Fire Cider packs a punch! Apple Cider vinegar based with Spicy herbs a tad of honey to balance the flavors. Promotes circulation, warms the body, and keep the illnesses away!

Elderberry Syrup has a more Sweet, Berry flavor, very versatile for taking by the spoonful or mixing in Teas, cocktails and more! Elderberry supports the Immnue System by amping up Tcell production and is anti-viral in particular.

Enjoy some good Herbal Tonics to help you through this Season!

Back @ds_farmers_market Wednesdays 3-5:30!


We will be doing December Markets Every Week in Dripping Spring Wednesdays 3-5:30!

Llano will be twice this Month SUNDAY December 5th 10-4 for a longer Holiday Market and the third Saturday 9-1pm!

We will also we popping up in South Austin for @cultivate_holistic_supply Holiday Makers Market Sunday December 19th!

Excited to be back and see everyone's faces again! Thanks for the support while we took a break from Markets! Hope to see y'all out there!

Native food & herbs

Please visit our website to view/order our products, we are now available Mon-Fri for shipping, and delivery (in Spicewood), and we are now open for preorder pickup on Saturdays in Marble Falls, Tx @ the Old Oak Square 10Am-2Pm, and Sundays in Spicewood @ the Pedernales Farmers Market

We insist on sourcing our products from naturalized and native plants that are in the cleanest, most natural environments, to provide our customers with wholesome, high quality, and ecologically friendly array of products; from sweets to bitters, teas, and tinctures. Our products are handmade, in small batches. Our goal is to provide our local community with unique products that are good for your health and are enjoyable. We also strive simultaneously to help others connect with the land that we all share as community, and build crucial connections between residents, their regional producers, and the producers practices.

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Wild fruit Jams, Jellies, and Preserves sweetened with local honey. Herbal loose leaf tea blends. Herbal Extracts; Tinctures, Elixirs, & Syrup.


23526 Hwy 71 W
Spicewood, TX

Opening Hours

10am - 2pm
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