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Identify your system’s vulnerabilities with a TeamLogic IT cybersecurity assessment. It will reveal weak links that we can use to build a custom strategy for resolution.
Have you tried our Recovery Time Calculator? Visit our website and see how costly it would be if your systems are down. TeamLogitIT can help minimize your risks and downtime.
Does your business require extra safeguarding of very personal information, in compliance with HIPAA, PCI, or more? Schedule a consultation with TeamLogicIT to help identify areas of vulnerability and ensure your system is up to industry standards.
At TeamLogicIT, we put people first and technology second. Our goal is to understand your unique needs and meet them, so that you have the bandwidth to do what you do best. (631) 277-1368
How your internet cables are connected can be the difference between a spotty connection and a stable one. TeamLogic IT can guide your business in your methodology, design, and oversee installation. Keep connected with TeamLogic IT.
Ransomware attacks are at an all-time high and disaster can strike at any moment. Safeguard your technology with a TeamLogic IT continuity plan that can help minimize damage and speed up recovery. Schedule a consultation today.
Over the last few decades, and their capabilities have drastically changed. Learn about the latest opportunities and allow TeamLogic IT to assess how your phone lines can do more for your business.
Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has allowed large corporations to deliver data and outsource storage virtually, saving companies millions in hardware costs. If your employees are dispersed or your company is expanding exponentially, release your business from the constraints of hardware, and schedule a consultation with TeamLogic IT to see if either is a great solution.
or ? The question enacts a very passionate response on either side. Whichever you prefer, TeamLogic IT has the knowledge and experience to assist with your company's and concerns.
Proactive vs Reactive, the difference between having technical support at your fingertips and scrambling for help in a time of need. Avoid lengthy hold times when you need to recover files or fix a bug swiftly. Being proactive means having TeamLogic IT on your side.
Backing up data can be surprisingly complex, many choose to seek help once it's too late, TeamLogic IT has cost-effective and stress-free administration of backups, find out how we can be of service today.
No matter the size or field, every business can benefit from . TeamLogic IT can assess your company's needs and formulate a custom plan to ensure that your business runs smoothly.
Avoid lost data, lost customers, and lost revenue, let TeamLogicIT S. Setauket help manage your and . Have confidence that your information is protected at all times and schedule a call with TeamLogic IT today! (631) 277-1368
Backing up data can be surprisingly complex, and many choose to seek help once it's too late. TeamLogic IT has cost-effective and stress-free administration of backups, find out how we can be of service today.
It is widely known that cyber-attacks occur more frequently between Christmas and New Year's, due to less monitoring. Don't fall victim to this, let TeamLogic IT assess your risk and keep you .
According to a recent survey by Robert Half Technology, it is shown that professionals waste about 22 minutes per day on tech-related issues. That's over 90 hours per year of wasted time. Help your business run as efficiently as possible with TeamLogic IT.

Named MSP of the year. TeamLogic IT is a national provider of managed IT services and computer suppor

Named two-time MSP of the Year, TeamLogic IT is a national provider of managed IT services and computer support for businesses with nearly 200 locations across the country.


Data shows employees prefer opportunities that allow them to work remotely over all else. Cloud Services offers your team the ability to do that, which means you are more likely to hire or retain your ideal employees.

Explore Cloud Services today >


Some of the best work is produced with collaboration. Ensure your technology doesn't get in the way with the support of your local TeamLogic IT.


Your employees are a key for cybercriminals to gain access to sensitive information. We highly recommend providing training to lessen the chances of an accidental breach >


Don't hesitate to schedule a consultation, they are free and informative. Schedule yours today>


Even if you're diligent with your cybersecurity, natural disasters can strike at any time and without warning. Work with TeamLogic IT to ensure you have a plan to stay online and minimize impact.


Don't fall into a trap. Ensure you and your team are educated on how to spot even the most subtle cybersecurity threats.


In honor of , we encourage everyone to review the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) plan to improve national cybersecurity and audit their own strategy. If you need assistance, TeamLogic IT is here to help >

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Moves are among life's most stressful events, so let us handle the relocation of your technology.

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We’re simply wired to help you do this! Contact us today.

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Scammers can present themselves as trusted colleagues or businesses, making unsuspecting employees more willing to give out information. Stay educated and aware of suspicious signs with the help of TeamLogic IT >

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With TeamLogic IT, there is no need to listen to long on-hold messages or jump through hoops to reach a real person. We have team members that are easy to reach and ready to help.

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Don't miss opportunities with a down phone line, TeamLogic IT can ensure your work lines are open for business!

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Ransomware ties up your information and time, making a business continuity plan invaluable in times of crisis. Create yours today with TeamLogic IT >

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When Viruses Attack So Does TeamLogic IT. Our Managed IT Services are designed to play both offense and defense for cybersecurity attacks.

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Like humans, networks also require check-ups to ensure they are at peak health. Schedule a network assessment today!

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Like anything, there are pros and cons to utilizing Cloud Services. Before you make the choice to migrate your information, consider these 5 questions >

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Managing compliance can be tedious; there are constant changes in regulations and requirements. Our job is to make sure your IT is up to the compliance challenge. Call us today.

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Whether your technology is in one office or dispersed, we have a support plan for you.

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Office 365 is a leader in the corporate email space. Operate on PCs and Macs seamlessly with a program that is scalable, compatible, collaborative, and cost-effective.

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If you're unsure of where to start or how to improve upon your existing cybersecurity tactics, we are here to help >

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If you plan on changing office spaces, TeamLogic IT can get your technology situated swiftly and easily!

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With years of experience and a plethora of certifications, we are confident that we can solve even your toughest IT challenges.

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As you prepare to, hopefully, take a break from work and enjoy the long Labor Day holiday, be sure not to let your cybersecurity take a vacation. Learn more >

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Cyber attackers can steal more than just money and information. Safeguard your time and utilize our FREE IT Downtime Calculator to see what's at stake.

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The more your employees collaborate, the higher the risk of a breach in cybersecurity. Protect your business with the help of TeamLogic IT >!

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Giving every employee a desktop can be pricey! Enter Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which allow companies to provide virtual or physical desktops via subscription services.

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At we work with many clients in the A/E/C industry. We understand the need for dependable IT both in the office and remotely at job sites. Let us help you work smarter and faster. Wherever your team is, our team will be there too.

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Many employees are disinterested in coming back to the office full-time. Consider these 5 IT components to support hybrid work >

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Lost data = lost customers = lost revenue. Utilize our IT Downtime Calculator to see your unique cost of recovery.

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is your one-stop shop for all technical problems and security solutions. Technology doesn't have to feel complicated with us on your team.

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This year, ransomware has run more rampant than ever before. Implement preventative measures and increase your education with the help of TeamLogic IT >

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Unified communications keep your team collaborating via voice, video, or chat! Let TeamLogic IT find solutions that enable collaboration in any format!

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Cloud storage keeps your computer's hard drive from being bogged down with information and applications, helping it run faster! If you're interested in adopting the Cloud, schedule a consultation with >

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Hybrid schedules vary by business, but all require cloud computing. It allows employees to have security while working where and when they want. Be sure to schedule a consultation today; we will find the right cloud strategy for you >

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TeamLogic IT advises companies on decisions regarding structured cabling design from start to finish. If your business is expanding, relocating, or is ready for a cabling upgrade, contact TeamLogic IT today.

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Protect. Strategize. Fix. has your cybersecurity covered.

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With cybersecurity risks running rampant, we encourage every company to consider prioritizing IT strategy when developing crisis management plans. For help creating a plan tailored to your needs and budget, work with TeamLogic IT >

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It's a mistake to hold documents and data only on your desktop. Share them with teammates and safeguard them in case your machine fails, by utilizing the Cloud.

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While many businesses show intention to launch digital transformation projects, a staggering amount of those projects are estimated to fail. Good thing TeamLogic IT is here to help >

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