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Chiron Physical Therapy VA


This place is wonderful -- such fun and caring professionals! Thanks to you all for everything and a special shout out to Lisa and John -- thanks for the treat tonight!
Thank you for supporting John Champe High School as an exclusive advertising sponsor. You are making a difference and positively affecting lives!

Providing Quality Care since 1986, Chiron Physical Therapy is committed to making you feel better and getting you back to enjoying your life fully, freely and without limitations.

We will care FOR you and care ABOUT you in every interaction. Providing excellence in physical therapy since 1986, Chiron Physical Therapy of VA was born to keep the focus on the most important piece of health care: YOU, the individual. Through our PERFECT PT commitment and with over 50 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry, Chiron has created an environment in which our physical

Operating as usual


Spring Ahead... 3 Tips for Better Sleep!


GOOD LUCK to all the athletes trying out for spring sports this week! ; ; ; ;


“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.”
Celebrate "Random acts of Kindness Day" today by doing something nice for someone🙂


Due to the inclement weather in the area we will be closed Monday January 17, 2022. We will reopen on Tuesday, January 18 at 7:30a am. Stay safe!


National Dress Up Your Pet Day on January 14th provides a special day to celebrate with your pet and show off their fashion style. Pets do become part of one’s family. Whether you take a visit to the groomer or take it a step further and dress up in matching outfits, be sure your pet companion is safe and comfortable.

Please remember to keep your pets safe and comfortable in the pet clothing and costumes that you choose.
Tips for dressing up your pet:
• If your pet just doesn’t like dressing up, let them sit this holiday out.
• Be sure it fits. Restricting movement or ability to breathe can cause injury or illness.
• Many pets like to chew. Avoid loose or dangling pieces which can cause choking hazards.

The name of the day tells you how to celebrate it; dress your pets up! Keep your pet’s comfort first and foremost. A visit to the groomer for a bit of polish and trim always improves our pet companion’s appearance. Get a snazzy bandana, bow, or collar to show off the fresh do. How about a sweater for chilly, long walks? If the tutu is too, too much, your pooch will let you know. Be sure to share your favorite pet poses with us. We love to see how you . Use to post on social media.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day was founded in 2009 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist, Colleen Paige.

We'd love to see your dressed up pet!! Please share a pic with us!
Here is Kylo, Thomas's dog as a lumberjack!


Fun Fact!! Today's date is both a plaindrome and an ambigram: You can read it from left to right or right to left, as well as upside down!


With Thanksgiving upon us and the holiday season right around the corner, your Chiron Physical Therapy family wanted to express our gratitude to you.
Thank you for entrusting us with your care during 2021. Thank you for allowing us to walk with you while you were most vulnerable, frustrated and discouraged with the pain preventing you from doing the activities you love.
Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself while you were in the clinic. We truly appreciate your humor, your energy, your restaurant and recipe suggestions and all that you bring to each session.
And last, thank you for referring us to your family members, co-workers, friends and neighbors. There is no greater compliment you give us than when you put your reputation on the line to recommend Chiron Physical Therapy. We are humbled by your confidence, do not take such referrals for granted and strive to exceed your expectations for service each and every time.
We are truly blessed to do what we love and share our passion with you. We wish you, your family and friends a wonderful day filled with laughter, good food and an abundance of joy and gratitude!


Thank - you

Chiron Physical Therapy VA updated their phone number. 09/21/2021

Chiron Physical Therapy VA updated their phone number.

Chiron Physical Therapy VA updated their phone number.

Chiron Physical Therapy VA updated their address. 09/21/2021

Chiron Physical Therapy VA updated their address.

Chiron Physical Therapy VA updated their address.


The doors of our new facility are NOW OPEN!!!

Same GREAT Staff
Same PERFECT PT Promise
Same COMMITMENT to making you feel better

Our new office is conveniently located off Tall Cedars Parkway between Pinebrook Road and Gum Spring Road. Located at 24790 Meadows Farms Court, we are the “stand-alone” building so there is plenty of parking.

LARGER Facility
MORE Exercise Equipment
and OTHER SURPRISES to get you back to your sport with confidence!

We look forward to welcoming you into our new home and continuing to work with you to help you recover from pain quickly and get you back to enjoying your life.


We are getting closer to fully opening the doors at 24790 Meadows Farm Court (located off Tall Cedars Parkway between Gum Spring and Pinebrook Roads).

We will remain operating in our current location (Amberwood Plaza) now through Thursday, September 16 before closing on Friday (9/17) and Saturday (9/18) to pack up and set up in our new facility.

Then on Monday, September 20 at 8 a.m. we will welcome you into our new home with the:

Same GREAT Staff
Same PERFECT PT Promise
Same COMMITMENT to making you feel better


Try as we might … we can’t stop time. But “aging” does not need to be a curse word either and with the right type and amount of physical activity, we can help stave off many age-related health problems and yes improve strength and physical function in our 60s, 70s and 80s.

In honor of National Grandparents Day, we wanted to share 3 tips to help you age well:

1. Stay fit. Whether you participate in a sport (i.e. golf or tennis) or just want to stay fit for daily activities (i.e. gardening, housework or playing with the kids), regular exercise is necessary. Exercise is proven to help improve balance, strengthen bones, and prevent heart and brain conditions. A prescribed strength training and aerobic exercise program will help you keep and strengthen critical muscle groups and improve your quality of life.
2. Stay balanced. Maintaining balance and avoiding falls are vital to maintaining a quality of life and living independently. We can assess your risk factors, design a personalized plan with exercises and balance training and address underlying medical conditions so you can remain physically active, independent and upright.
3. Stay engaged. Successful aging is not only impacted by one’s environment, but also how one interacts with their environment. Fear and social isolation are major factors that increase fall risk and jeopardize independence. To ensure active and successful aging, continue to engage with friends, family, and the community. Social experiences with friends and family help diminish fear and improve physical and mental abilities.

“Aging” can have a bad reputation but there is no reason that growing older can’t be a journey full of adventure and opportunities and of living life to the fullest. All you need is proper guidance, proactive steps, and a positive attitude.


Chiron remembers the fallen, salutes those who have served and continue to serve and thanks those who will choose to serve in the future. We are most grateful and will never forget all you do and the sacrifices you make.


Today we celebrate the men and women who work outside paving our roads, delivering our goods, collecting our garbage and making America the great Country she is.


To the therapist who makes us all feel so good!! Happy Birthday Amber! We hope you have a great day!


Almost everything a child needs at school can be found in one place—their back. From books and notepads to pens and a laptop, a child’s backpack includes all the supplies they need to succeed. But did you know that these backpacks could be the underlying cause for spinal pain in your child? That there is a right way and a wrong way to wear the backpack to reduce pain or strain in the back, shoulder or neck area?

In recognition of the start of the school year, your friends at Chiron offer the following safety tips to make this school year pain free and help stop the emerging trend that sees our young people suffering from back pain sooner than generations before them.

TIP #1: Go high, not low

When the backpack sits on your child’s back, the bottom of the bag should not go past your child’s waist. There’s a tendency for some children to let the backpack slump all the way to their knees, which can cause unnecessary tension on their shoulder and lower back. This problem can be easily remedied by adjusting the backpack’s straps. By tightening the straps, the backpack will stay close to the body and rest in the middle of the back, not at the buttocks.

TIP #2: Reduce the load

Doctors and physical therapists strongly recommend children carry bags that are no more than 10-15% of their body weight. This means that if your child weighs 100 lbs., the backpack should weigh no more than 15 lbs. to avoid injury. However, less is always better. Encourage your child to get into the habit of cleaning out their bag daily, leaving things that aren’t needed at home or in their locker.

TIP #3: Pay attention to the straps

Does your child head out the door with just one backpack strap slung over their shoulder? Stop that habit and reduce the inevitable strain and pain that will result. Teach your child to wear both straps, not just one. This helps to distribute the weight evenly, reducing strain on one side of the upper body. In addition, place the heavier books closer to the back as they require the most body support.

We wish all of our Dulles South students a healthy, successful school year.

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