Reading Solutions of South Riding

Reading Solutions of South Riding

A Reading, Language and Learning Center focusing on both intervention and enrichment Anna Safi has Master's and Doctoral level expertise in the field of Learning Differences, Reading, Language Arts and Learning Disabilities.

Reading Solutions gives special focus to the needs of bright but disengaged students. Wilson Trained and experienced with many Orton-Gillingham approaches. Special emphasis given to early literacy development and reading interventions.
• Phonics
• Decoding,
• Fluency
• Emergent reading and writing
• Vocabulary
• Comprehension

Organizational Skills, Executive Functioning

Operating as usual

The Blue Feet Foundation 03/19/2021

The Blue Feet Foundation

The Blue Feet Foundation


Believe this.

When a woman like this leaves our mortal coil,
we owe it to her not to grieve,
not to weep or be sad.

We owe it to her to rise.
To all be a little bit more like her..

To be louder, braver,
so that the girls born today have new heroines to look up to.

That’s what she would want.

RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg
#rbg #riprbg #mayhersoulbeblessed

Donna Ashworth


Richard Cohen’s “Zen and the Art of Early Childhood Education" 06/11/2020

Tiny Teaching Stories: 'A Real Bird in My Class' Super-short stories written by teachers about their triumphs and frustrations, and the hilarious or absurd moments from their lives. 06/11/2020

What Teachers Should Know About Implicit Bias Right Now Want to better understand prejudice? Here are three underappreciated facts about implicit race bias you should know, according to psychological science. 06/02/2020

22 Picture Books to Inspire Conversations about Diversity Picture books can inspire conversations about diversity and make it something that happens naturally and routinely. Here are a few of our favorite picture books to read during Black History month, or any month.


Canterbury Cathedral

"The Cathedral means so much to so many people but for myself, the first sight of the Cathedral towers, seen from the train window as we approach Canterbury, means that I am truly home."

We send our best wishes to Friends of Canterbury Cathedral around the world and look forward to seeing them in the Cathedral again soon. 04/21/2020

12 Essential Tips for Families Doing School at Home | Learning A-Z

Parents - Keep up the great work.
Take some time to exhale, pat yourselves on the back and check out this great list of essentials to help streamline your online learning time. Home with kids during school closings? Let us help make this time less stressful! Check out our comprehensive set of useful tips. 07/23/2019

Say No To Trump’s Plan To Arm Teachers In Schools Sign the Everytown petition to help stop this dangerous agenda!


Richard Cohen’s “Zen and the Art of Early Childhood Education"


Janet Lansbury


(And thanks to Positive Parenting: Toddlers and Beyond for posting)



Retention will not teach a child to read. Although retaining kids in hopes that "maturity" will cause them to learn to read, write, and spell has been discredited for decades, this news doesn't seem to have reached many people who work in schools. 06/06/2017

Why Executive Function Is A Vital Stepping-Stone For Kids’ Ability to Learn Training teachers how identify executive functioning issues in kids is helping to create opportunities for teaching kids skills that lead to better lives.


TeamQuest Dyslexia

64% of fourth graders in the United States are not reading on grade level. When children don’t learn to read in the primary grades, they will not be able to read to learn in middle, high school and beyond. This reading crisis is having a lasting impact on our communities and our national economy. You can be a part of the solution. Join TeamQuest…Until Everyone Can Read!


Read Right

Classroom teachers typically have to deal with students who fairly consistently display oppositional behavior--often because they can't read well enough to participate in the life of the classroom. The following article from Mind/Shift has what seems like good advice for de-escalating interactions with these students! Teachers, take note! 05/03/2017

It's Time to Address Teacher Bias Against Special Education Students As a special educator for eight years, I can honestly say that most teachers have good intentions when it comes to reaching all children. That said, not all teachers are comfortable with, or even express happiness with, having special education students in their classrooms. Not surprisingly, a study...


Online Reading Tutor

Very interesting article about inclusion and the underlying problems it can create.

Even when children with dyslexia get specialized instruction at school, they make much more progress when it is combined with additional tutoring. Our online Orton Gillingham based program is evidence based and proven to get results.

Try our FREE assessment app today:


Dyslexia Training Institute

Have a terrific day, friends! #dyslexia



To Demand Resilience, You Must First Define It.


Decoding Dyslexia - UT

What accommodations have helped your child get some of their time back?


Read Team

I’m starting a new #Dyslexia411 awareness campaign based on some of the incorrect info many parents have heard at schools about dyslexia – whether in IEP meetings, at conferences, 504 meetings or in casual conversation. Know the facts and don’t accept misinformation. Armed with the facts, parents can better advocate for their children. - Kristine

Look for new updates on the blog. #dyslexia #1in5 #saydyslexia #decodingdyslexia


Read Naturally

This Summer, Reading Solutions will begin offering the Read Naturally interventions and fluency builder.

"Read Naturally’s nonfiction stories, which are sprinkled with interesting facts that most adults don’t know, appeal to learners of any age."
Read the full article to find out how to adapt Read Naturally Live for older students.


Please parents, keep this in mind as we move into the SOLs. Our children are NOT the sum total of their test scores.
They are wonderfully unique individuals.
Our children's truest gifts and talents cannot be measured on a standardized assessment.

As we go into testing season . . . make this your motto.


Online Reading Tutor

Reading Solution of South Riding is pleased to announce that we will begin offering The Online Reading Tutor and Academy of Reading, an effective, research-based reading intervention. This hybrid - online plus face-to-face - approach to reading instruction allows students to work individually, progress at their own pace, and achieve grade level improvements, while being monitored by a dedicated reading instructor who meets with each reader regularly.

To learn more about this program visit the Online Tutor at:

To learn how your child can begin to benefit from Online Reading Tutor starting this May or during the summer months please contact us at:
[email protected].
Or, visit us at:

We look forward to talking with you.

Our passion is "Helping Smart Kids Who Struggle With Reading®" including children and adults with dyslexia. We us Orton-Gillingham based lessons.


Online Reading Tutor

Training in our evidenced based Orton-Gillingham software, along with multisensory language instruction creates new neural networks in the brain that will strengthen the working memory and adaptability in the brain.

Untitled Album 03/28/2017

Untitled Album


Decoding Dyslexia MD

Every teacher and every parent!


Our teachers are on the front lines of dyslexia, and now that Maryland officially says "dyslexia" (per MSDE), we need ALL teachers to know about the most common LD they will see in every class they teach. #closethegapmd #marylandsaysdyslexia 03/28/2017

Navigating College Disability Services and Accommodations with Elizabeth Hamblet Myths about college disability services and accommodations can leave students without the critical knowledge they need. Laws and expectations at the college level are different, but with the proper preparation and understanding, students can be successful!


Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity

Education Talk Radio host Larry Jacobs interviewed Sally Shaywitz, M.D., co-director of the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity and author of Overcoming Dyslexia, about the importance of early identification and intervention for young people with dyslexia. It starts with screening children for dyslexia in schools in kindergarten and first grade. Shaywitz, along with Center Co-Director Bennett Shaywitz, M.D., developed a quick, evidence-based screening tool that identifies students who are at risk for dyslexia. The duo teamed up with Pearson to distribute Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen™ to educators.

Listen here:


Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity

Carol Moseley Braun made history as America’s first female African-American Senator. She is also dyslexic. Read our new book, Dyslexia: Profiles of Success, and learn how she attributes her success to her unique point of view as a person with dyslexia. (


Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity

ICYMI: Our new book introduces you to a remarkable group of dyslexic individuals who have climbed to the top of their professions. From a world-renowned attorney, to a distinguished heart surgeon, to an Olympic gold medalist, they have persevered through their dyslexia and become inspiring leaders in their fields.



This mother and her son have some great tips on how to fight bullying. (via Kristina Kuzmic)


Online Reading Tutor

How Online Reading Tutor Works: via @YouTube


Online Reading Tutor

How Online Reading Tutor Works: via @YouTube



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