J Murray Auto Service

J Murray Auto Service


My go to repair shop. Just had my brakes done and a door handle replaced. When they did a test drive, they found a bad engine mount. They called with an estimate before beginning work and kept me updated with progress. I would recommend them to anyone living in the Elgin area.
I don’t think there is any reason to go any place else for work to be done on your car!! Customer service is fantastic!! You can trust that the work will be done right and on time!! Price is great, and no added or hidden costs!! Can’t ask for anything else from a service center!!! I will use them again!! Recommend them highly!! Perk!!

J Murray Auto is a Better Business Bureau Accredited A+ business since 2006 and has earned the BBB ? Providing quality car care in South Elgin, IL since 2006.

J Murray Auto Service is a family owned business delivering honest and professional automotive repair and maintenance services to the people of South Elgin, Bartlett, Elgin and St. Charles and surrounding areas. The quality ASE certified technicians at J Murray Auto Service employs today’s latest automotive technology and are equipped to handle all major and minor repairs on foreign and domestic v


"Always have great work and customer service. I highly recommend using J Murray Auto"
- K. S.


"John and his team are ALWAYS there when we need them! It first started when my mom's car broke down. It happened to be right by his shop. They saw she was having a problem and they helped her right away by pushing her car to the shop and helping her to get on her way.

Ever since that day, over 8 years ago, we take all of our cars to John. They are always fair, value driven and professional.

Thanks John!"
- R. H.


"Been taking multiple vehicles for many years, and I’ve never had a problem with their service. The service is always reliable and the customer service is excellent. I would never think of taking my vehicle anywhere else."
- K. B.


"I’m repeating a prior review because my appreciation for John’s work remains the same.

“I’ve been a customer at John Murray’s on several occasions. I’ve been pleased with the service I’ve received. I’m very comfortable recommending J Murray’s Service.”

Thanks John"
- J. M.

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What places in your future travel plans are you most looking forward to visiting?

Timeline photos 04/16/2020

With a majority of vehicle owners living in areas of the world that have stay-at-home orders, many vehicles may be sitting idle for days or weeks at a time. The Car Care Council recommends starting your car at least once a week and keeping up with routine auto care to help prevent potential maintenance issues.

Read more here: http://www.carcare.org/keep-maintaining-vehicle-even-sits-idle/

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Who's guilty of this? 😂

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Hear a squealing or grinding noise while braking? You're more than likely driving with worn brake pads.

The lifespan of brake pads depends on a few factors, including your driving habits, the quality of the brake pads, and your vehicle. You can check your vehicle's owner's manual for information regarding when your vehicle's brake pads should be replaced. However, it is always important to have your vehicle inspected as soon as you experience an issue with your brakes, including the following symptoms:

- Squealing or grinding noises while braking
- Vehicle takes longer to slow or stop than usual
- Spongy brake pedal
- Vibrating while braking

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What a person listens to while driving can say a lot about their interests. We want to know, what do you listen to regularly while driving? Podcasts, the radio, a music playlist, or an audiobook?

If you say a CD or cassette tape, we reserve the right to judge you a little bit. Just kidding. 😉

How to Jumpstart Your Car If You Haven't Driven It in Weeks 04/07/2020

How to Jumpstart Your Car If You Haven't Driven It in Weeks

The roads are looking pretty empty these days with most of the world sheltering in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There's a good chance you haven't driven your car in a few weeks - and a car can only sit unused for so long before the battery dies.

If you find your car battery is dead, check out this article on how to properly jump start your car. It's never too late to learn or you may need a refresher. Or, let's face it, you may just be extremely bored and have nothing better to do than to read an article about jump starting your car. We get it. 😄

How to Jumpstart Your Car If You Haven't Driven It in Weeks If your battery is dead, here's how to revive it in less than five minutes.

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We know you might be tempted but...leave the mechanic work to the professionals! 😄

We remain open to assist you during these uncertain times. Give us a call for more information about our contactless service options!

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Healthcare workers have expressed that multiple COVID-19 cases have been tracked down to the gas pump. It may come at no surprise, but studies conducted in 2011 found that 71% of gas pump are covered in contaminants. With the information that COVID-19 can live up to 3 days on on plastic and stainless steel, it is important to take proper precaution while pumping your gas.

You can lower your risk by using gloves or paper towels to gas up, using touch-free pay options, using disinfecting wipes to clean the gas pump before touching it, and staying as physically separate from others as possible when you refuel.

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The health and safety of our community is foremost in our minds. We are facing tough times at the moment, and being bombarded with negative media news surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak can be overwhelming.

Let's try to spread some positivity in our community - please share with us down below something good that has happened to you recently. It could be a small act of kindness, gratitude, or achievement in your life - we want to know!

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Car projects to keep you busy during social distancing:

- Clean out trunk
- Vacuum floors and seats
- Wipe down interior
- Clean windows and mirrors
- Give the exterior a hand wash
- Throw away all trash
- Check tire pressure, oil levels, and tire tread

We hope everyone is staying positive and remaining healthy!

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We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. Here are some helpful tips for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting yourself from the virus. Share with your family and friends!

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Can’t find hand sanitizer at the store? Don’t worry - it’s easy to make your own! Follow this recipe for DIY hand sanitizer:

- 3/4 cup of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (99 percent)
- 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel
- 10 drops of essential oil or lemon juice

Mix all ingredients in a spray or squeeze bottle. Keep in your car and remember to sanitize your car’s door handles, steering wheel, and middle console controls regularly.

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Regular vehicle inspections are the best way to ensure proper operation and will help you avoid major repairs by catching and resolving any problems early on. A regular inspection will typically check:

- Brake pads, rotors, calipers, and lines
- Steering and suspension components
- Alignment and tire condition
- Fluids levels and inspect for leaks
- Battery, starting, and charging systems
- Belts


To our Customers,

We at J Murray Auto want to reach out to you, our loyal customers during this trying time. During the Shelter in place order we will be here for you in this time of need. We are taking any and all precautions to still be able to service your needs and keep you and your family's safety our number one priority. We will still be running at normal capacity and normal business hours and can help you with anything that may be needed to keep your vehicles running smoothly. Below are just some of the precautions we are taking to ensure that your health and safety are protected.

We are regularly cleaning and disinfecting the front office and shop throughout the day.

We keep up with regular hand washing and safe practices to keep ourselves and you protected.

We will follow and practice all social distancing recommendations set in place.

Also, in addition we are ready and able to have zero contact drop off and pick up of your vehicle at the shop to minimize physical interactions. Vehicles can be dropped off via our key drop, and we are able to process all payments made by Credit/Debit remotely over the phone. Check and cash payment exceptions can be made as well. Vehicles and keys can be made accessible during and after business hours for your convenience.

We thank you for your years of loyalty, and want to ensure that we continue to to be here for you in the years to come. So from our family to yours, we thank you and wish you stay safe and healthy during this time.

Thank you,

The J Murray Team


"Service was completed on my Chevy Cruze quickly and professionally. Zack communicated with me regarding initial findings and repairs needed. I will be back if needed!!"
- M. S.

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Your vehicle’s regular oil change is one of the most affordable services and is also one of the most important. Oil changes are so important to your vehicle’s health because motor oil:

- Protects your engine from overheating
- Lubricates engine parts to prevent metal to metal contact, which can cause part damage
- Removes dirt and debris from the engine
- Improves your vehicle’s overall fuel efficiency and performance
- Helps you avoid major engine damage and repairs

Never miss your regularly scheduled oil change!


"Very pleased with Explanation of diagnosis, my daughter was quoted over $800 at school up in Waukesha Wi. I told her it was not necessary that she have the work done as it was an emissions problem and we’ll get it done over spring break. I called on Monday and had an appointment for Tuesday, car was ready by 5:pm. Thanks John and Zack we appreciate everything."
- M. B.

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With growing concerns around the current worldwide pandemic, we encourage vehicle owners not to forget to sanitize surfaces within their vehicles and to carry sanitizer in their cars to have on hand. We recommend wiping down the steering wheel and surrounding components, radio controls, air controls, gear stick, and door handles when entering your vehicle. Best wishes for health and safety to all!

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Whether you're a fan of luxury models or the classics, we want to know - what is your dream car?

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Properly working brake pads are critical for helping your car last and for your safety as a driver or passenger. Here are some signs that you may be due for a brake pad replacement:

- The brake pedal pulses or vibrates when you press it.
- Your vehicle takes longer to stop than it normally does.
- A scraping metal or squealing noise when you brake.
- Car pulls to one side while braking.

If you're experiencing any of the symptoms above, it's time for a brake system inspection!


"Work was done in a timely manner and with the professionalism I have come to expect from your business. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!"
- C. W.

The Pitfalls of Potholes: Look for the Warning Signs of Vehicle Damage - Be Car Care Aware 03/10/2020

The Pitfalls of Potholes: Look for the Warning Signs of Vehicle Damage - Be Car Care Aware

Hitting a pothole can do more than most drivers think, including damaging steering and suspension components, messing up your wheel alignment, and causing tire damage. Look for pothole damage warning signs such as loss of control, pulling in one direction, low tire pressure, and more. We encourage you to have your vehicle inspected if you notice any issues!

The Pitfalls of Potholes: Look for the Warning Signs of Vehicle Damage - Be Car Care Aware Drivers who live in cold and wet climates are all too familiar with what happens to roadways when the ice begins to thaw or flooding occurs. Potholes appear and they are a major pitfall of springtime driving. While hitting one can give you a jolt, it can also seriously damage your vehicle. The non-p...


"No BS with these guys. Thoroug ."
- P. M.

Timeline photos 03/08/2020

If you're planning a road trip in the next couple of months, ensuring that your vehicle is in good condition to withstand the long drive is important to avoid having to deal with a broken down vehicle along the way. A pre-trip inspection will check all major components and take care of any potential issues before you leave. If you're soon to embark on a road trip, where are you going?

Timeline photos 03/05/2020

Did you know that your vehicle's tires can wear down significantly faster if the tire pressure is low, the wheel alignment is off, or the suspension and steering components are worn? When your tires have very low tread and are excessively worn, your ability to slow, stop, and control your vehicle is drastically reduced and your safety on the road is at risk.

Appointments - J Murray Auto Service 03/04/2020

Appointments - J Murray Auto Service

$75 Chassis/Suspension Rebate | REDEEM NOW!
Limited Time Offer

Appointments - J Murray Auto Service Appointments

Timeline photos 03/03/2020

Did you know that your vehicle's owner's manual includes a factory recommended maintenance schedule? Using this source to better maintain your car is the best way to ensure that you avoid costly repairs throughout the years. This service schedule will outline which parts you should have inspected and which services should be performed at certain mileage or time intervals based on the life expectancy of your car's parts and fluids. What questions do you have about your vehicle's factory recommended maintenance?

Timeline photos 03/01/2020

There's something special about road trips - the scenery, the peacefulness, and the comfort while traveling. What is your favorite road trip memory and where did you travel to?


"John and team are always fair with their repair recommendations, and it is a place where I feel like a valued customer (and a person).
Thanks again guys for keeping me on the road!"
- J. H.

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When a warning light appears on your car's dashboard, it is an indication that your car has detected an issue.
Here are the top 5 dashboard warning lights to never ignore:
1. Check Engine Light
2. Low Oil Pressure
3. TPMS Light
4. Temperature Warning
5. Battery/Electrical System

Timeline photos 02/25/2020

Whether you are driving your dream car or just own a car that gets you from point A to point B, what do you love most about your vehicle?

Timeline photos 02/23/2020

Let's face it...most of our first cars were cheap finds, usually inherited from family members or friends. While it may not have been the most attractive or functional vehicle, we are sure it has a special place in your heart. What was your first car?

10 coolest movie Porsches of all time 02/20/2020

10 coolest movie Porsches of all time

Are you a Porsche fanatic? If so, check out this list of the 10 coolest Porsches of all time featured in movies - all real, no fakes. What is one of your favorite cars featured in a film?

10 coolest movie Porsches of all time These 10 Porsches are Hollywood royalty. Some are museum pieces; others have been lost to time. (11 photos)

This Guy Created a Fake Google Maps Traffic Jam With a Wagon Full of Smartphones 02/18/2020

This Guy Created a Fake Google Maps Traffic Jam With a Wagon Full of Smartphones

Google Maps has changed the way we drive, allowing us to easily find directions to our destination while understanding the amount of traffic we may hit along the way, with heavy trafficked areas appearing red or orange on our maps. A Berlin-based artist, Simon Weckert, tested a hack just to see how much control Google Maps has over urban areas. He roamed a Berlin street with a wagon and 99 smartphones and successfully created a traffic jam on Google Maps - turning the route red on smartphones.

This Guy Created a Fake Google Maps Traffic Jam With a Wagon Full of Smartphones Turns out turning a green road red is a pretty easy hack— if you have a wagon full of smartphones.


"These mechanics are very knowledgeable and honest I'd recommend this auto shop to anyone."
- G. C.

IIHS releases its list of Top Safety Pick+ winners 02/16/2020

IIHS releases its list of Top Safety Pick+ winners

The IIHS has revealed its latest Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ awards, naming some of the safest vehicles on the market today. Mazda and Subaru move to the head of the class as the agency makes its top rating harder to achieve. If you're buying a car for a teen driver, this is definitely a list you may want to check out!

IIHS releases its list of Top Safety Pick+ winners The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has made its Top Safety Pick+ rating harder to achieve for 2020. These are the models that cleared the bar.

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