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MVP Track Time ( is excited to introduce our 2022 track event schedule. We have a bevy of exciting track events for 2022. I hope you’ll join MVP for the on-track fun.

MVP’s goal remains the same, offering you more actual track time at each track event for reasonable entry fees. No membership fees, no additional instructor fees and certainly no ridiculous entry fees. Our limited run-group format offers you maximum driving time instead of standing around the paddock.

Below is MVP Track Time’s 2022 schedule, subject to possible revisions as the year progresses.

April 9-10, 2022: National Corvette Museum (Bowling Green, KY)

May 14-15, 2022: Road America (Elkhart Lake, WI)

June 20, 2022: Autobahn Country Club (Joliet, IL) [Full 3.56 Mile Course]

July 16-17, 2022: Ozarks International Raceway [Full Course] (Gravois Mills, MO)

August 22, 2022: Autobahn Country Club II (Joliet, IL) [Full 3.56 Mile Course]

September 10-11, 2022: Road America (Elkhart Lake, WI)

September 30-October 2, 2022: Mid-Ohio (Lexington, OH)

October 22-23, 2022: Ozarks International Raceway [Full Course] (Gravois Mills, MO)

November 19-20, 2022: Road Atlanta (Braselton, GA)

Registration for MVP Track Time events is available on-line with Pay Pal or credit card through the Pay Pal system for our 2022 track events. Click on the link below to register.

On-Line Registration:

All courteous, considerate, safe drivers are invited and welcome. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

I hope to see you at the track in 2022. Happy Motoring!

Mark Pfeffer – MVP Track Time, LLC.
Phone: (314) 249-3770
E-mail: [email protected]
Bimtoberfest 2021 Sponsored by BMW of Bridgewater at Somerset Vo- Tech School.

Special Thanks To Our Vendors
- BMW of Bridgewater
- Unknown Transportation
- Bimmer Girls
- BMW Car Club of America
- AUTOcouture Motoring
- Maximum PSI
- ZSCCA - Z Series Car Club of America
- GS Motor Club
- Senor Tacos
- Lombardi Pizza Co.
- Chick Wings & Things LLC Food Truck Catering

Thank you Everyone that came out to support Bimtoberfest 2021 Car Show!

BMW of Bridgewater
655 Route 202/206
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
How much to tune a 01 bmw 325i turbo do you gys tune ms43
Maximum PSI out at Pocono Raceway for some racing..

FULL SEND! While it may have snapped an axle on this pass, Mike from Maximum PSI never disappoints....

1## 6-speed manual, Twin Turbo E46 M3 shooting for 8s in 2020, stay tuned.
I have a friend with an E46 M3, and I am planning on getting one. Your website does not list the E46 M3 turbo kit. Is this still offered??
BMW M4 gettin dynoed, fully built. Owner

Built by Maximum PSI
Bought a car that has a kit from you guys I ended up building the engine going aem and I’m wanting to make than 800 hp what turbo would you recommend to run on the t4 manifold
This customer came to us in search of more power from his F80 M3 and these motors are capable of loads, but……….……if you’ve been following the S55 motor then you are more than aware of the flaws when cranking up the power. The main culprit being the crankshaft hub and achievable clamping force of the factory bolt and assembly. The original flawed design allows the timing gear to spin independently from the crankshaft, especially when the motor is modified to produce higher power levels. The best case scenario when a “crank hub” spins independently of the timing gear is the motor runs poorly and needs to be re-timed with new components. The worst case, the valves contact the pistons requiring a complete overhaul and/or engine replacement.

The solution we turn to over and over again is a keyed crankhub and timing gear combo, this one is made by Maximum PSI. This piece is a tried and true method of joining the three separate gears by means of keyways and pins. The installation of this new assembly requires holes be drilled into the factory crankshaft and is definitely not for the faint of heart. The result is a beefy assembly capable of handling all the power you can throw at it.

This customer is already testing e30 fuel mixtures and is more than happen with the added power and piece of mind he gets from his installation.

Contact Chicane for all of your European maintenance and performance needs in the KC metro area! We are the authority in motorsports and work hard to ensure our customers exceed road and track standards. Email at [email protected]
Congratulations Maximum PSI for setting a new world record with the F80 BMW platform, 9.352 @ 151MPH!!! 🔥Check out all their amazing runs 🔻

Using 10-Plate Sportsman's Plus Clutch

Record captured by: Talontsi97 Videos
While walking around the park, a gentleman asked us to help guide his immaculate 2006 BMW E46 M3 up on the trailer.

After helping him get it on the trailer, we found out it only had 9,200 miles. 😯

Not only that, but we were told it was equipped with a Maximum PSI Stage 2+ Turbo Kit running a 6266 DBB Precision Turbo on 🌽 E85 Ethanol Fuel. 🤤

Let’s not even mention the flawless BBS Wheels , roll cage, suspension bits, or interior setup! 👌

Call or Message us today to book a Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating! 🖊📆
New video is up! Maximum PSI 9.80 @ 149mph New Personal & World Record (BMW F80 M3) & more Cars! TestNTune Oct. 02, 2018 Atco Dragway, NJ. Like, Share and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more videos coming up soon. Edit by Yerral

Home of the fastest BMW's in the US


MHD Flasher N54 V3.00

You've been asking and today we deliver! Through no small feat of engineering, we've been able to bring our whole MHD+ suite to the N54!

This includes:
- flash only antilag (no hardware required)
- on the fly map switching with up to 4 map slots (OTS coming very soon)
- updated FlexFuel including support for CANBUS based Ethanol Content Analyzers (ECA), while still supporting the existing Motiv N54 FlexFuel kit
- advanced 2-way Motiv Re|Flex integration, with PI safety (limp on PI injector failure), ability to log ReFlex data right in MHD, and output of WGDC to ReFlex for external wastegate control, all over CANBUS
- fully custom boost control and WGDC control schemes to help simplify tuner's lives when tuning past the OEM TMAP limits

To use antilag, make sure the car is up to operating temp and press and hold either VOL DOWN or pull the cruise control stalk in towards you (DSC must be one press or full off). Slowly ramp into full throttle, and after 1-2 seconds of building boost, release VOL DOWN or the cruise stalk.

To use mapswitch, you can use the method many are familiar with by pressing VOL DOWN + CH DOWN at the same time and release (or you can hold the TIP button on cruise stalk for 2 seconds). CEL will begin to blink and RPM needle will indicate current map. Change the map selection via CH UP / DOWN, or cruise stalk UP / DOWN. To exit, press and hold the TIP button on cruise stalk for 2 seconds or press VOL DOWN and release.

Until the OTS multimap release, mapswitching is for custom tunes only. Our public GitHub has been updated with the appropriate XDFs. Additionally, the MHD+ Suite: Tuning Guide has also been updated and added.

We kindly ask everybody to read the user guide to learn how to use the latest features MHD offers:

We hope you enjoy, and check back very soon for the OTS multimap update :)


Just need to get that 60 back down. New personal ET record. One tenth off world record. New mph record.

Photos from Maximum PSI's post 06/17/2022

Every pass gained a little bit. Have to fox turbo outlet charge pipe as it blew off 3x. Clutche are right on the edge of holding on. Def has 8 second pass in it with some tweaks. Great first day at the drag strip for the blue car. [email protected] all boost no nitrous, no anti lag.

Photos from PRO Tuning Freaks's post 12/05/2021

Another innovation from PTF/BM3! We are excited to begin installing this simple solution to integrate a flex fuel sensor to newer BMW's!

Timeline photos 05/08/2020

Gotta love the continual updates to the BM3 platform!

Electronic Wastegate (EWG) Disable is one of the cool new features in the next bootmod3 release. Currently tested on the S55 with on Brandon and Ben’s badass S55 builds. Going with aftermarket big turbo kits where the factory EWG (Electronic Wastegate) controller is being removed in favour of the conventional wastegate (e.g. Tial, Turbosmart, etc) for boost control. EWG OEM setup is great but this option makes it much easier for custom tuners to dial in your big turbo setup and focus on what matters most, making gains 💪💪We have the changes in testing for the B58 with as well which will also apply to the A90 Supra customers going BIG soon🔥More feature updates to follow soon


New features for BM3!

BOOTMOD3 S58 - BMW F97 F98 X3M / X4M COMPETITION 01/29/2020


S58 Bootmode OTS files are now available for the X3M/X4M. Give us a call/email to set up a dyno appointment!

BOOTMOD3 S58 - BMW F97 F98 X3M / X4M COMPETITION bootmod3 - World's First, Most Advanced and Widely Adopted BMW Flash Tuning PlatformCloud based solution with a web based interface for use on macOS, Windows and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Developed and tested in-house from the ground up over the course of almost 2 years prior to its November....

F25 X3 dyno session - 400ft/lbs of torque at the wheels! 01/28/2020

F25 X3 dyno session - 400ft/lbs of torque at the wheels!

F25 X3 dyno session - 400ft/lbs of torque at the wheels! 2016 X3 35ix Pure Stage 2 turbo upgrade Custom Bootmod3 tune with Cary Jordan Testing done on 93 octane fuel. Baseline 271whp/294wtq OTS S2 BM3 - 351whp/337w...

BMW M8 GTE wins the 2020 Daytona 24 Hours 01/27/2020

BMW M8 GTE wins the 2020 Daytona 24 Hours

Congratulations to BMW team RLL with their win at Daytona!

BMW M8 GTE wins the 2020 Daytona 24 Hours BMW Team RLL wins once again the iconic Daytona 24 Hours race. The BMW M8 GTE has taken back-to-back Rolex 24 at Daytona GT Le Mans category


Some turbos with a side order of GTR

Good Monday morning you filthy animals. Let's get this week started with some serious race car stuff. ShepTrans wasn't exactly playing around with his 7.6 street car, but we are quite confident his new toy may be a bit quicker.

Maximum PSI F series 4 bar TMAP/MAP sensor and adapter harness 01/13/2020

Maximum PSI F series 4 bar TMAP/MAP sensor and adapter harness

New product added:

Maximum PSI F series 4 bar TMAP/MAP sensor and adapter harness Bosch 281002576 MAP sensor and custom adapter harness for cars running JB4 piggyback for up to 43psi sensor scaling. Cars not running a JB4 piggyback require a custom ECU calibration. Alternate 0281006059 4 bar sensor and harness available as well. Please consult your tuner for further info.

Maximum PSI 01/09/2020

Maximum PSI

Please subscribe to our youtube channel for upcoming products/events/shop shenanigans:

Maximum PSI


If anyone needs any VP fuel we are placing an order end of day today. Please email [email protected] wiith your needs and contact info. This is for local pickup only out of Bimmer Clinic in South Amboy, NJ.

Timeline photos 12/26/2019

Pls stop.

Maximum PSI updated their business hours. 12/16/2019

Maximum PSI updated their business hours.

Maximum PSI updated their business hours.

Timeline photos 11/02/2019

We have S55 rod and piston packages in stock and ready to ship! We teamed up with Mahle Motorsport to make a stronger forged version of the OEM pistons utilizing oem coatings and ring design, and then had Manley make a bulletproof set of rods to go along with them. Available now on our web store!

Timeline photos 11/01/2019

E46 M3 DSS axles in stock and ready to ship. $1050 plus shipping and a good set of cores


Tearing It Up At FD Irwindale

Chelsea doing what he does best


Had a blast at Mpact at Pocono Raceway. Here is a short vid of our twin turbo E46 vs one of our built motor F80's. The white car trapped ~161 making around do 870whp with a dct transmission. Thanks to our sponsors and partners:

Maximum PSI updated their address. 07/07/2019

Maximum PSI updated their address.

Maximum PSI updated their address.

Timeline photos 06/19/2019

The wait is over! First batch of keyed crank hubs going out. The remaining orders will be shipping tomorrow. Any new orders will ship next week.

Timeline photos 06/04/2019

Timeline photos


Instagram Photos 05/12/2019


Photos from Maximum PSI's post 04/14/2019

24 Hours of Lemons Pitt Manouver: #64 Misfortune Cookie Spork Sports Honda Civic. Saturday - went really well untill we windowed the block on the A motor. Saturday night was a motor swap party, and the car ran well on Sunday with the B motor until that also windowed the block!

Photos from Maximum PSI's post 04/14/2019

24 Hours of Lemons Pitt Manouver Saturday results: lead overall most of the day in #64 Misfortune Cookie Spork Sports Honda. Ended the day with yet another rod out the block. Should be ready to party tomorrow.

Maximum PSI/Bimmer Clinic E46 M3 sets dyno record at 1174whp 813tq 04/09/2019

Maximum PSI/Bimmer Clinic E46 M3 sets dyno record at 1174whp 813tq

Maximum PSI/Bimmer Clinic E46 M3 sets dyno record at 1174whp 813tq MaxPSI Built Motor MaxPSI/VAC Motorsport head portwork Supertech lash cap valvetrain Twin Precision 55mm turbos Custom turbo components Radium Auto fuel syst...

Photos from Maximum PSI's post 04/09/2019

Got a minute to throw the E46 on the dyno and reclaim my dyno hp record back. Twin 55mm precisions are working nicely along with ported head and vanos hub from VAC. New lash caps valvetrain from supertech. Full radium fuel system. Always nice to work with Bend Calibration to dial in the infinity. @ Maximum PSI

Bad Bimmer: Mike Radowski's 9-Second BMW M3 Streetcar 04/08/2019

Bad Bimmer: Mike Radowski's 9-Second BMW M3 Streetcar

Bad Bimmer: Mike Radowski's 9-Second BMW M3 Streetcar Mike Radowski's BMW M3 might be considered a luxury sedan by definition but it makes some big power at the track.Radowski's BMW is the world's fastest F80 M3 running deep into the nine-second zone.

F80 BMW 1/4 Mile World Record | 900whp Maximum PSI M3 | 04/03/2019

F80 BMW 1/4 Mile World Record | 900whp Maximum PSI M3 |

F80 BMW 1/4 Mile World Record | 900whp Maximum PSI M3 | Maximum PSI continues to push the envelope of the F80 BMW platform. Developing parts and resetting the 1/4 mile world record. Check them out along with Bimme...


Bootmod3 B58 flash support now available!
Contact us today for your software needs! Please email [email protected]. AWD vehicles are not a problem with our linked dynojet.

Photos from Maximum PSI's post 03/29/2019

New record for the F series! [email protected]. Best 60' 1.50. Now we will be making hardware changes and installing our new hardware from DOC Race to see what a pair of GTX 3076's will do! Big thanks to all of the companies involved in our program for the last couple years in no particular order: Bimmer Clinic, Pure Turbos, Evolution of Speed, Rk Tunes, Dodson Motorsport, Fuel-it, VAC Motorsports, HC Performance, and Bootmod3. -Mike

KRATOS KRAS55Bi 1150 WHP F80 M3 03/08/2019


Congratulations to Kratos/HCP for setting the bar pretty high on bolt-on S55 turbos!

KRATOS KRAS55Bi 1150 WHP F80 M3 Please check link for full details. Thank you for watching!

Tilton Engineering 02/28/2019

Tilton Engineering

Added some clutch options from Tilton Engineering to our new web store:

Tilton Engineering maximumpsi


Dyno run from yesterday's 1087whp/902tq pull on Jordan RK-Tunes single turbo F80!

Timeline photos 02/17/2019

I got my horsepower hats out for Jordan's single turbo F80! We stopped at 1087whp/902tq where we have some valve float. This is the highest hp F80 at the moment, and our keyed crank hub is doing it's job. Now I have some numbers to beat with our F80!

Timeline photos 01/04/2019

Maximum PSI/Bimmer Clinic F80 throwing down some nice . Who is ready for race season?

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