Hello, Comicazi community! I am taking commissions for drawing PCs NPCs or Groups! Have a look at Thurbur Mingus, Kenku Gunslinger, for example. Let's make your character come to life!
Hoping this audience might be able to help me identify where this 'cat' is from. A friend of mine thinks it was in a 1990's era graphic novel.
This weekend our pals at Comicazi host their annual LadiesCon with both online panels and in person with local creators this Saturday, Sept. 11th in Davis Square!
Today at 4pm! Come meet JJ Cohen from Back to the Future! You can get pictures, autographs, & exclusive merch & collectibles, too! It’s our first in-store event of the year, so don’t miss it!
Today at 4pm! Come meet JJ Cohen from Back to the Future! You can get pictures, autographs, & exclusive merch & collectibles, too! It’s our first in-store event of the year, so don’t miss it!
Absolutely loving Comicazi
The Sunday shout out! No descriptions just businesses I think you should know about. YOU LEAVE BUSINESSES YOU THINK OTHERS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IN THE COMMENTS!

Show your favorite businesses some love, share and shout out!

Millyard Brewery Trivia Knight Comicazi Harrison's Comics & Pop Culture Kim's Candy Buffet The Bagel Bar KT Creative Goods Gina's Creations and Shop Amelia Jackson Gifts

We can’t wait to come back!
Are game nights cancel? If so, are there any plans to bring them back?
BIG YEAR-END EPISODE! 2020 wasn't ALL bad...right? Jilly Panilly of Comicazi, YouTube's Jak Young (a.k.a Mystical Green Beanie), and Eli Schwab of Cosmic Lion Comix join Troy-Jeffrey Allen and Free Comic Book Day's Ashton to unpack the best and worst of 2020 in comics.
What was the BEST COMIC of 2020! Jilliann Carter of Comicazi YouTube's Mystical Green Beanie, and Eli Schwab of COSMIC LION COMIX join us to unpack the best and worst of 2020 in comics! Watch:

LATER TODAY at 4pm ET/1pm PT on PREVIEWSworld Weekly! It's our BIG YEAR-END EPISODE! Jilliann Carter of Comicazi, YouTube's Mystical Green Beanie, and Eli Schwab of COSMIC LION COMIX join us to unpack the best and worst of 2020 in comics! Watch live:

Eisner-winning shop selling new comics, graphic novels, back issues, toys, gaming, & more! Open for

Located in Davis Square in Somerville, MA - just off the Davis Red Line stop!


Celebrating with one of our very favorite Big characters in comics — Big Barda!

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/23/2023

All month long we have had 6 book displays to celebrate Black History Month! Our aim is to spotlight Black creators foremost & Black characters all-around— so while not many Miles Morales stories are made by Black creators, he remains a very important character in comics & pop culture as a whole! These books are available year-round, with new Black-creator books being added to the shelves with every new release week. If you need a recommendation, don’t hesitate to ask!


Just put out a bunch of awesome monster trucks! 💥🛻💨

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/22/2023

Keep your 👁️ out for some great graphic novels this week! 💥

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/22/2023

Another glorious has dawned upon us! Grab your new SUPERMAN, a swath of excellent superhero titles, plus some choices facsimiles!


The last Graphic Novel Book Club discussed the wild heist of KAIJU SCORE! Join us again tonight at 7:30pm to talk LITTLE MONSTERS volume 1 from Image Comics! 📚🧛🏻✨


Book Club Tonight! 🧛🏻

Join us Tuesday 2/21, 7:30pm at Comicazi to discuss Little Monsters vol.1.


We are OPEN for Presidents’ Day today from 11am-8pm! It’s a great day to grab some manga & anime-inspired art & fashion books to keep your spring looks fresh! 👙➕🧢➕🦺🟰😎

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/19/2023

Pokémon League Play is back on today from 1-3pm & we have tons of Pokémon new & restocked items on the shelf! What a great Sunday! ✨


An addition to our lineup of panel Conversations as part of the film festival: tonight at 6pm we have Editing Animation: Star Wars & Beyond!

Join us for a Q&A between Joe Elwood (Editor on Star Wars: Rebels, Star Wars: Resistance, Star Trek: Prodigy, Jimmy Neutron) & Nate Cormier (Editor on Star Wars: Rebels & Star Wars: The Clone Wars) as they share their experiences editing in the Animation world. Moderating is Pat Howley, a Somerville-based director/producer that works on projects big & small all over the globe.

🎟️Tickets at


It’s a beautiful day to hang with the Bad Kids! 😎

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/18/2023

We’ve got a full day of events ahead of us, starting at noon with our signing featuring special guest ! Can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend than that! See you there!


First thing Saturday, we are hangin’ with the Bad Kids! A signing, 2023 wave launch, open studios, meet & greet — call it what you want, we love an excuse to talk about independent comics made by some of the best folks we know! Come meet some creators from Bad Kids Press from 12-2pm with special guest Raul the Third! 🔥

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/18/2023

💫 Shots from 2 days of Conversations as part of the Boston Sci-Fi Fest!

📸 Pictured: The Future Is Now: AI & Film, Podcasting for Indie Filmmakers

📌 The fun’s not even done — we have more panels tomorrow at 4pm (Post-Pandemic Distribution) & 6pm (Editing Animation: Star Wars & Beyond)! Stay tuned!

Timeline photos 02/17/2023

Hanging with the Bad Kids is always a blast! BKP will have featured creators, new comics & swag, plus special guest Raul the Third! It all goes down from 12-2pm tomorrow right here at Comicazi!


Today kicks off Conversations at Comicazi for the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival! Thursday, Friday, & Saturday at 4pm!

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/16/2023

Another great game night! Join us every Wednesday starting at 6:30pm for the best of tabletop gaming fun! 🎲✨

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/15/2023

It may be the ELEVENTH HOUR release for THE ADVENTURE ZONE series, but it’s never too late to pick up some amazing new graphic novel releases! There’s plenty to check out this , so stop in & stay for Game Night! 🎲✨

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/15/2023

Our very own has new comics on the wall for ! Snag your first issue of GWF & don’t forget to swing in on Saturday at 12pm for the BKP creator signing with special guest ! 💥💥💥

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/15/2023

Always an exciting batch of comics on the wall for ! Check out MARVEL VOICES: WAKANDA FOREVER & catch up on all the issues of Monica Rambeau as PHOTON for a fantasic Black History Month reading list! ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏿

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/14/2023

Relationships can be…complicated. But Comicazi loves you! Happy Valentine’s Day! 😘

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/13/2023

February 28th is our monthly Manga Club Meeting! Hop on the Zoom call from the comfort of home & discuss the first two volumes of THE SAVIOR’S BOOK CAFÉ STORY IN ANOTHER WORLD! It just doesn’t get any cozier than that, people. 📚☕️✨ 😘


Always love to recommend Ben Passmore’s SPORTS IS HELL on Superbowl Sunday! “Big night, big fight!” 🔥🏟️🔥


Getting ready for Big Game today by pulling out some NFL SUPERPRO comics! You can check them out, too — just don’t get nachos on the books. 🏈🏟️✨


This weekend, we wish you only the most radical reading material. 📚🤙

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/11/2023

We’ve been doing some Commander Nights on Fridays alongside our Legacy tables! It’s been a great way to kick off the weekend— join us!


🌟Shiny Sparkly 💫 Math Rocks!✨


Gearing up for Valentine’s Day on this we bring you the first kiss between Dick Grayson/Nightwing & Barbara Gordon/Batgirl! 💋💋💋 OoooOOOoooooh! 😘

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/09/2023

Another super fun Game Night on the books! Join us next Wednesday for our featured game Endless Winter: Paleoamericans! Feel free to bring your own games or let us know what games you’d like to play! 🎲✨

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/09/2023

The incomparable popped in for to sign copies TWO GRAVES, her new Image Comics series with Genevieve Valentine & Annie Wu! Issue 4 just came out today, so come snag some autographed books & catch up on this dark, modern Persephone retelling!

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/08/2023

The new graphic novel selection this week is truly stupendous! Perfect books for celebrating Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, & New Comic Book Day! Come through & read something new! 📚✨

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/08/2023

Swing in for your new comics & stay for Game Night at 6:30pm — we’re playing Tiny Epic Dinosaurs! 🤘Wednesday Rules! 🤘

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/08/2023

It’s a bright & shiny & once again we are stoked for some new series! Check out BISHOP: WAR COLLEGE & RED GOBLIN debut issues for all-new all-great all-around awesome new reads!


Next week! Join us in the back room for panel “Conversations” as part of the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival!


We are enjoying the full complement of Junji Ito works on this beautiful ! Have you read them all yet? 😵‍💫


Cuddle pile! 🥰


There are a few spots left for our Saturday Phyrexia Prerelease Tournament happening in mere hours! You can still snag Sunday afternoon & Monday night event tickets, because we’re playing Magic for days!

Photos from Comicazi's post 02/03/2023

Celebrate with graphic novels for the whole family! Our all-ages section has books by Black creators featuring Black characters in every genre — slice of life, fantasy, sci-fi, superhero, history, & more! 🦸🏾✨


Game Night was a blast! We’re so happy to be back in the swing of having events almost every single day! There will be gaming all weekend with our MTG Phyrexia Prerelease Tournaments & next Tuesday 2/7 will be the first Graphic Novel Book Club of 2023! Stay up to date with our full events schedule on our website & see what’s happening weekly in our email newsletter! 🎪


You know what else is gonna be at Game Night tonight? SNACKS. 😎🍫 The Comicazi Cantina will be open! 🎉

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As a place that has employed many redheads over the years, this tracks. 🐍🧑🏻‍🦰🐍



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