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Pickin Plus


The one million dollar puzzle.
This was and enjoyable shopping experience a lot of fun the store was organized and the owners were very friendly highly recommend shopping here
I found some amazing deals this morning ! I really love the layout and how organized everything is for being a bin store. But the best part was catching up with my dear friend Linda and meeting her family. Winning a $50 door prize was awesome too 🙂 I will definitely be back shopping again soon !!
This store has alot of great stuff to buy. You won't be disappointed

Bin Picking. New and slightly used product. Larger items available at additional cost from quote


Due to weather we will not open Friday 23rd. We love all of you and hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May God Bless you and your family!
See you 01/05/2023


If your wanting your online items for Christmas you probably need to pick up today! Weather is gonna get nasty and we might not be open tomorrow.


Another happy customer! Just what we like to see. A fur bed for a QUEEN! Thanks Jesse and Haley

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Thursday Sneak Peak
$7 Day
Open 9-6
Tomorrow might be the last day to pay and pickup online items depending on weather. If you want it before we close for the holidays you better come see us!


Lindzees agreed to be at the store at 9 am tomorrow. So anyone can pick up from 9-5 tomorrow.


We have tons of these left anyone that needs them come by store between 12-4 tomorrow. FREE!

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1/2 off marked price to move em out for the New Year!

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75%or more off retail.


You guys want me to do online sales tonight? That way if weather is bad you can pick up tomorrow?


Be at store til 5:30 if anyone wants to pick up!


Thursday 9-6 12/22
Friday 10-6 12/23
Last days to shop before Christmas
We will close Christmas Eve until January 5th

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75% off retail or more. Please pay and pick up as quickly as possible due to limited space. Thanks everyone!!!! Happy shopping.


Specialty Sale


Let’s take a vote. Do you guys want to have $5 bag day December 26th? Or wait and do bag day the last Monday in January with stock from both months?

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Thursday Sneak Peak
$7 Day
Open 9-6
The green and white P’s are good for a freebie!!!!


Venmo- Glenda [email protected]
PayPal- [email protected]

Diane-$34 (coffee maker, magnetic board)
Alma-$24.75 (picnic table, trash bin)
Renee-$58 (queen pillows,blue bed spread, queen air mattress)
Jillian-$41 ( vac and coat rack)
Nanaj-$40 (deep fryer, baskets)
Star- $65 (2 air purifiers)
Anissa- $29.75 (body pillow, bed frame)
Tina-$49 ( rug, vacuum)
Kim s- $20 (tv mount)
Tiffany B- $50 (chefman coffee)
Tasha- $37.50 ( air mattress)
Tabitha f -$21.75 (water pillow)
Wendy -$8.25 (mirror)
Koda-$20.25 (cable cover)
Nicole -$16.26 (baskets)
Jessica m -$24.50 (air fryer)
Kim g-$12.50(clothes rack)
David-$17.25(sliding drawer)
Silos-$7.50(dog cot)
Jesse-$25(nike bag)
Tonya-$21.25(tumble tower)
Zack-$5(kids poddy)
Mary-$25(nike bag)
Erica-$14.25(mattress topper)
Pam-$22.50(air purifier)
Angela t-$10(guitar stand)

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Specialty Items. 75% off retail. If items aren’t paid and picked up by Monday they will be put back up the following week.


We are gonna give away a cooling pad and a cooling pillow to 2 people from the sale tonight!


6pm you guys. There is a lot!!!! We got appliances!!!!


Specialty Items tonight at 6pm.


If you are on the online sales list and haven’t picked up. Please contact me. Anything not picked up after tomorrow will be available to next in line. We cannot hold items for weeks. It’s not fair to others wanting the items.


Tonight’s online sales
PayPal- [email protected]
Venmo-Glenda [email protected]

Tabitha-cat carrier, nursery shelves ($19)
Jessica-tool Bag, floor mats ($25.75)
Angela-body pillow, liter box, storage containers, scooter ($59.25)
Wendy-h.board seat ($22.50)
Steve-camo backpack ($17.50)
Jillian- sealer, rugs, pizza stone, floating shelves, bath set ($81.50)
Renee- inv. Cooker, quilt ($24)
Michele- roof cargo ($17.50)
David- mixer ($27)
Lisa- tent ($16.25)
Tina- cat play tent, cooling machine, door trim (67.25)
Alma- curtain rod ($8)
Sabrina - tray ($10.75)
Connie-cookie box ($5)
Jesse- seat belt covers ($8)


Thursday Sneak Peak Video!
$7 Day
Open 9-6
Halloween Jammies $2 per set
Christmas Bulbs (only) $1 per set

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Specialty Products at 75% off
Available to purchase online. Comment on picture and must pay by cash app, Venmo, or PayPal. No holds available! First come only one per item available. We ask they be picked up by the following Monday. As they are sold we will mark SOLD!


Please be watching the page. At 6 pm. For specialty online items!


If anyone wants to come for pick up today. I will be here working on Santa Kids all day. I will be at the last office space here at the complex.


Remember we are closed tomorrow due to Parade. We will have $1 Monday from 9-1. If you need to meet another day for pickup please just message me.

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These are the only items Not sold.
Thank you all so much


Sabrina- bamboo chopping block, organizer , gardening chair- $36.75
Mary - basketball hoop- $39
Tina f- cushions, glass dish set, table cover-$40

Tabitha-food truck-$14
Karen - table, bath mat-$35
Carrielynn-car set covers-$44
Nana jay-pan-$5
Connie Britt-dollhouse,dolly-$50
Tina m-gun-$15.25
Wendy-log rack, baby seat-$25.25
Rachael - poddy, coat shelf-$13.50
Scooter- topper-$14.80
Loretta-spice organizer-$7.50
Abby-note board-$9
Natasha- mats, frames-$35
Courtney-fleece set-$12

Cashapp- $helpingeachother73
Venmo-Glenda [email protected]
PayPal- [email protected]


Thanks to everyone that joined in! We really appreciate you. Next online sale will be Wednesday
Cashapp $helpineachother73
Venmo Glenda [email protected]
PayPal [email protected]

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Thursday Sneak Peak
$7 Day
Open 9-6


Sold List
Nana J- scooter and seat pads -$25
Anna- hello mat and back pack-$12
Amanda- puppy car seat, candle clamp , 2 brown bowls-$16.50
Sabrina- 3 umbrellas-$15
Renee- 2 Chuckys-$36
Krissy- violin-$36
Tabitha C- king topper-$24.75
Angela-queen topper-$36.75
Rachael R- rifle case and griddle pan-$46.50
Wendy - white table and baggie holder-$20
Hobbs - keyboard-$10

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Ok Guys and Gals. I hate that way. We just gonna have to set a time lol. I’m listing what’s left here. My head is spinning and it isn’t showing comments the same as it shows when you post!

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These items still available


We will be closed Sunday Dec 4th due to Christmas Parade. We will open Monday Dec 5th for $1 Day!


Congrats Karen Dodson!!!!
Drawing for Pyle Speaker


Open 9-12


Today is $1 Day!
If you have online items to pick up PLEASE do so. Still have some from 2 weeks ago. Happy Shopping!


Just posted a lot of Big Specialty Items. This pallet was full of furniture. I have even more to post keep eyes out on the original post. I will just be adding as I verify parts and working order!

Videos (show all)

Sneak Peak for FILL A BAG!Open 9- gone$5 or $3 in costume.
Thursday Sneak Peak!$7 DayOpen 9-6
Congrats to David Burgiss!  You won the android tablet!!!!
$3 Day!Open 9-6Lots of Goodies still in the bin!
Friday Fills!$5 DayOpen 10-6
Thursday Fill UP!$7Open 9-6
Love getting things like this!   Great Customers deserve Great Produts!  Thank you Henry!!!
Thursday Sneak Peak!$7 DayOpen 9-6Will post specialty Items in a bit!!!
Saturday $3Open 9-6
Friday Refill$5 DayOpen 10-6Thanks to everyone who bought a toy today or donated money to Secret Santa!
Thursday !  Bins are Full!$7 DayOpen 9-6





Soddy-Daisy, TN

Opening Hours

Thursday 9am - 6pm
Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 2am - 6pm

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