9E Ranch Cabins Lost Pines Bastrop

9E Ranch Cabins Lost Pines Bastrop


Have you ever seen a Texas Longhorn up close and personal? Let's just say you don't want to be standing too close when they turn their heads!⁣

We got the chance to visit 9E Ranch Cabins Lost Pines in Bastrop a couple of weeks ago. Even though I grew up in TX, I don't recall ever being this close to a Longhorn. Who knew feeding cows could be so exciting? 🐮⁣
Rotary added the Environment as an area of service. E-Club president Joan Bohls is teaching children at the 9E Ranch Cabins Lost Pines Bastrop about birds, butterflies, trees and the importance of caring for our world 🌍 🦋🌲
Thank you both for another lovely and restful vacation! I simply love this place and am so thankful that you share it. I already can't wait to come back! You two take care and we'll see you next time.

-Ted & Rachel
What's more Texas than a Texas Longhorn? 📍: 9E Ranch Cabins Lost Pines Bastrop 📷: Kent https://bit.ly/2RzZgVn
With views like these you don't need to go very far! 📍: 9E Ranch Cabins Lost Pines Bastrop 📷: Kent https://bit.ly/2RzZgVn
Before and after pictures of the reading selection. Hope the next guests enjoy the additions. 9E Ranch Cabins Lost Pines Bastrop
It was great to learn about the history of the longhorns on the ranch (Jonah is my favorite) and the history of longhorns in Texas. Thanks for the informative tour Kent Bohls. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at you and Joan Yelderman Bohls beautiful ranch.
Absolutely relaxing and quiet. Sweet animals and beautiful views!
A gem of a place in our beloved Lost Pines.
Run by the sweetest folks you'll ever meet.
Thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Eagles Nest @ 9E Ranch. The cabin was perfect, the view wonderful. So serene. Thank you so much.

Stargazing nights, days of delights, an easy escape with pines, paths in nature and peaceful seclusi www.9eranch.com


Joan’s 9E painting!


Come any way you can. This is Eagle Nest Cabin!

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Happening here at the ranch

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Come visit Smithville, Texas in Bastrop County, Texas


A year ago! Cooler weather means great to be outdoors ! Come see us.


Come explore Smithville compliments of Texas Monthly.

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We are again accepting reservations for cabins. Reserve at www.9eRanch.net.


Nice thought

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May your life be filled with happiness. ❤️


Come say hello 9E Ranch Cabins Lost Pines Bastrop

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You can meet the real Texas Longhorns at the 9E Ranch. Plan a fall visit after October 1.

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Texas Lone Star Log cabin 9E Ranch Cabins Lost Pines Bastrop .net

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Michelle’s Log Cabin .net


Lone Star 9E Ranch Cabins Lost Pines Bastrop - cowboy experience waiting for you.


Hook ‘Em


A good read.

"Crowfoot stood and watched as the white man spread many one dollar bills on the ground.
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It did not crack.
Then he said to the white man, Now put your money on the fire and see if it will last as long as the clay.
The white man said, No….my money will burn because it is made of paper.
With an amused gleam in his eyes the old chief said, Oh, your money is not as good as our land, is it?
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You don’t make a very good trade.
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You can count your money and burn it with a nod of a buffalo’s head, but only the Great Spirit can count the grains of sand and the blades of grass on these plains.
As a present we will give you anything you can take with you, but we cannot give you the land.”
Chief Crowfoot : Blackfoot Confederacy
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Love the evenings at the ranch.


Greetings from Radar!




We love our guests who come visit our cabins. This is Lone Star Cabin.


Good morning 9E Ranch cabins


Daisy cabin.


Rose garden Ranch cabins


Come say hello to Nola.


Come say hello to Trigger!


Let nature feed your soul


At 9E Ranch cabins


Daisy cottage@9e ranch.


It has been a beautiful spring at the ranch


Days of delight!


Being outdoors is a healing gift.


Looking for a new hiking trail for you and your pup? Check out the trails along Lake Bastrop! The North-South Trailway connects the North Shore & South Shore Parks along the lake! Read more about it at the link below! 📷: Robyn

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Put this on the to do list


Artwork -- Jo Grundy


View from the bench. Golden evenings.

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Texas Lone Star Log cabin 9E Ranch Cabins Lost Pines Bastrop @9eranch.net
Michelle’s Log Cabin @9eranch.net
Rotary bat cruise
Good morning, girls!  🐔🐔
Doc and Joboy playing together.
Let the warmth begin.
Hundreds of robins.



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