The Butterfly Club Inc. Non-Profit- 501c3

The Butterfly Club Inc.  Non-Profit- 501c3


Fun day at Sierra Vista Mall with The Butterfly Club Inc. Non-Profit- 501c3 judging the TOP 10 Cars of the Show. Here are some images from today.
SSVEC is proud to be a sponsor of Cochise County Sheriff's Office - Mark J. Dannels Sheriff's 9th Annual CCSO Charity Ride.

Last call for registration:

This year's charity recipients are:
American Legion Post 52, Sierra Vista, AZ
The Butterfly Club Inc. Non-Profit- 501c3
Coronado Elementary Lobo Club PTO
Hearts of Gould Animal Haven
The Butterfly Club was chosen as a Charity for the Cochise County Sheriff's Charity Ride! Last call for riders, On-road or Off-road. Motorcycle's, Side X Sides, Jeeps! Event date is Sat. November 6th. If you would like to participate in the ride, sign up at:
Wonderful volunteers, friends, and community members at the Men's EXPO fundraiser.
Thank you to each and every person that supports our cause.
Got to meet Wilma and her cohort (dang chemo brain I forgot her name) today via FaceTime to pick out a wig! I can’t wait to get it!!! They were both so sweet, kind, and accommodating with multiple options to chose from. I haven’t smiled or laughed that much in a long time. Could have chatted for hours! I’ll post an update when it comes!
The Butterfly Club 501c3 Presents an Amazing EXPO -CRAFT BAZAAR & CAR SHOW.
This Saturday, November 21st.
Thank You for your support ❤️❤️
We are excited to announce we will be participating in the Business Expo hosted by The Butterfly Club on Saturday, November 21st! Come visit us, for a chance to win Ionic Shape sessions and check out our Cryo Facials, that we will be giving on location!

See you there!
Thank you everyone that came out to see us this weekend! It was an amazing show! We'll be back at the Mall at Sierra Vista on 21 Nov for a fundraiser event for The Butterfly Club Inc. Non-Profit- 501c3. See everyone again soon!
Wonderful information! Thank You Wilma ❤️
Does the The Butterfly Club ever sponsor hair cutting events locally? I have more than a foot of hair I would like to donate in the next few months.
My mom, Ruth, finally sent me pictures of her wearing the beautiful wig from you. She absolutely loves it and we can't thank you enough.
She has been battling ovarian cancer and was declared cancer free on July 30th!
Seasonal Inspirations is inspired by the kindness and love we see displayed here. We have shared your page with all 43K of our friends. Thank you for taking time to care.

Providing wigs to women who are fighting cancer. There is no cost to the client. We do not accept hair donations. We do not ship outside of the continental United States unless the client pays to ship.

[email protected] The Butterfly Club
501c3 Non-Profit-Tax Exempt
Volunteer Based
Board of Directors & Members - Updated 2019

President - Wilma Mrosek
Vice President - Valerie Calbick
Treasurer - Barbara Pivarnik
Secretary - Shannon Harris

Committee Members
Historian -Susan Gardiner Jordan
Event Coordinator/ Marketing - Melissa Lowe
Volunteer Coordinator - Open
Event Planning - Tina Bays

Operating as usual

Timeline Photos 11/21/2021

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A nice reminder of the love in the world


Timeline Photos 11/21/2021

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And wonderful Page to follow for Holidays


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Kindness ~ the smallest action can inspire the biggest reaction ~ 💚☘💚
Sláinte 🥃

Mobile Uploads 11/21/2021




“Only love can be divided endlessly and still not diminish.”
~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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New! Pastry Wrapped Cranberry Baked Brie, the holiday appetizer. It’s quick, easy, and most importantly...incredibly delicious.


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"I have to tell you all about Texas Roadhouse - Orange Park, I called them and told them my husband was coming home from Germany today to surprise his dad for his Birthday. I needed a table for 12 at 6pm (Texas doesn't take reservations) they told me they would LOVE to help us out with that. Not only did they reserve us a table, they closed all the blinds so Daddy couldn't see if we happen to walk by the wrong window, the manager recorded the homecoming on his personal phone for us. They covered the entire party's order, and they specially ordered a cake just for Lee. my heart is so full thanks to the managers and staff of Texas Roadhouse!!! This was the best night ever!"

Credit: Courtney Adams

Timeline Photos 11/20/2021

Beautiful Photos!

Photos from Just around the corner II's post 11/20/2021




Photos from The Butterfly Club Inc.  Non-Profit- 501c3's post 11/20/2021

Iris received her new wig today 😄 thank you for sharing and inspiring us Iris, you are beautiful!


Amazing Monastery in the Sky 💞

Sumela Monastery, located in the Macka district, Trabzon province, Turkey.

The monastery is nestled in a steep cliff at an altitude of about 1,200 m (3,900 ft) facing the Altındere valley. Nowadays, it serves as a museum open to visitors and it is a site of significant historical and cultural value, as well as an important tourist attraction within Altındere National Park.

📷 @cemilsahin


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Wherever this day takes you carry kindness generosity and compassion as your companions


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A little virtual travel - Ireland, beautiful!

(Click on image for full view) Still standing since 1787 Foley's bridge in Tollymore Forest Park at the foot of the Mourne Mountains in County Down.🍁🍁

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Fall Foodies are turning with the Season.
This is a cute idea and easy to put together. 😋 Love it!



Timeline Photos 11/18/2021

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Fish Loves To Greet His Favorite Diver And Bring Her Gifts | The Dodo Soulmates 11/18/2021

Fish Loves To Greet His Favorite Diver And Bring Her Gifts | The Dodo Soulmates

Love this! Thanks to Richard D. Rowland for sharing 💗

Fish Loves To Greet His Favorite Diver And Bring Her Gifts | The Dodo Soulmates Little yellow fish gets so excited whenever he sees this diver — watch him surprise her with a gift 💛Keep up with Rachel and her sailing adventures on Insta...


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Strawberry Finch


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This stunning Purple mantis, Empusa fasciata





Wilma is in Las Vegas. She is going to have a few days to herself to go and explore all the NEW scuba stuff, lectures and classes at the DEMA convention. A working vacation for Wilma.
You can also follow along on her adventures on Sierra Vista Scuba.

Wilma is in Las Vegas. She is going to have a few days to herself to go and explore all the NEW scuba stuff, lectures and classes at the DEMA convention. A working vacation for Wilma.
You can also follow along on her adventures on Sierra Vista Scuba.

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❤Lennart Helje❤

Timeline Photos 11/17/2021

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"Sitting in Taco Bell today, I laughed to myself as a group of young boys came stumbling into the air conditioned restaurant with loud voices, smiles, and a craving for a taco. But as they all sat down at a table, I noticed only one of them ordered anything. The other three sat and stared at the menu with hungry glances. As time went on, they began having conversations about school, girls, and about twenty other subjects...At a random moment, the man who was sitting in the corner of the restaurant stood up, came over to stand over the table...As all of the boys shrank back on view of this 6'5 giant, the words that issued forth made my day. "Y'all want a slushie? Come on up here, let's get you guys something." Within a few seconds, the three boys jumped out of their chair, ran to the counter, and happily ordered not only slushies, but found that the stranger also offered to buy them food. He quickly asked the cashier if he could pay before they started the food as he needed to get back on the road. Card swiped, a goodbye given, and this gentle man quickly went for the back door without asking for a thank you for the young boys. I nodded silently to him and flashed a smile as a signal that he had been seen. He lifted a hand in farewell towards the counter, and with smiles touching both sides of their faces, the little dudes all turned and yelled "thank you!" as he slipped out the door and jogged to his semi parked to the side of the building... Today, Love and Kindness looked like a 12 pack of soft tacos and 3 Starburst Freezes."

Credit: Josh Walker

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Here is the full context (by Leyla Aylin)
How brave you are for slowing down. For not finishing that to-do list.

How courageous you are for not crossing that finish line, because your body said “enough.”

How fearless you are for choosing the quiet of your soul over those voices driving you always towards more.

How bold, how rebellious -
you, out there,
honoring your own natural rhythm,
going against the culture’s breakneck speed.

We tend to make heroes of those hungry with ambition, relentlessly doing, producing always more.

We applaud those who refuse to stop or rest, sacrificing sometimes their heart and soul in the process.

Those who push themselves so hard in the name of achievement
that they ignore their own body crying out.

We celebrate those who are ill or aging but never show it, never slow down, never reveal a moment of vulnerability.

This driven-ness can be heroic, at times. It can, at times, be necessary for our survival or the greater good.

But, I want to make heroes of those who slow down.

I want to make heroes of those who listen to their bodies, and do not strive for more than what the soul truly needs.

I want to make heroes of those who do not force or push, but surrender to each moment as it opens.

I want to applaud those who may not be driven towards success as we know it, but instead are nurturing something deep and subtle and needed.

I want to celebrate those brave enough to cease all doing, even for a second, and sit with the ache in their hearts. A task many find harder than summiting the highest peak.

I want to make heroes of those who honor their limitations. Who are unable to keep up with the busy-ness of our times, yet show up to each profound, necessary moment.

Truly, it is an act of courage and rebellion to do any such thing,
in a world demanding you resist your own self, your own rhythm, your own soul.

The paradox is that often when we cease our incessant doing, even for a minute, and listen to that quiet voice within, we discover what it is we absolutely must do, and what instead can fall away.

We finally hear the call towards what serves our soul,
and what then will serve the world. Nothing more, nothing less.

A hero is simply someone brave.

So come, be softly brave.

Be a new, quieter kind of hero.

Few may applaud, it’s true, but your soul certainly will.

Note from Dee - I'm saying YES to "...choosing the quiet of your soul... honoring your own natural rhythm"



We remember going to a number of drive-in movies as young kids. This is a good photo of one from the late 1960s. It gives you some feel of what it was like to be in one. Probably many of you have been to one but our younger followers may never have seen a movie at a drive-in theatre. There were a number of them along Route 66. We do not know which drive-in this is and don't claim that it is on Route 66.




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Cherry Creek Radio - Interview - Wilma Richards
Barb is on a family trip for a few days.Just to show you how much we ‘need’ her. I asked her to leave us instructions on...
.... even this guy wants to go to the Crawfish! Lol
Wilma’s acceptance speech.
We want to say Thank you to all our hard working volunteers for helping today w the Crawfish Fundriasing Event. You all ...
We want to say Thank you to all our hard working volunteers for helping today w the Crawfish Fundriasing Event. You all ...



522 West Fry Blvd.
Sierra Vista, AZ

General information

Are you eligible for a Wig? Our Guidelines for receiving a FREE wig are the following... Please follow ALL of these guidelines in order to receive a free wig from The Butterfly Club Inc. 1. A photo of your head with no hair or bald spots. 2. A photo that MUST include a picture of your face and also showing your Chemo Port or Pick Line (in the same photo) 3. A picture of what kind of wig you’d like to receive from us. Such as color, length, style etc. 4. Your name, mailing address and telephone number. 5. You must have the ‘what’s app’ or ‘FaceTime’ installed on your telephone so we can speak with you. 6. Once we have received ALL of the above mentioned items Wilma will contact you personally via: what’s app or FaceTime. This way you can choose one of the wigs we have pre-selected for you. (and it is to verify that the person is indeed in need of a wig) Please submit all the above to Wilma at [email protected] (We have to resort to these new requirements, because unfortunately there are women who are trying to receive a free wig without having cancer. We currently receive about 5-6 requests EACH day, and it’s a tremendous communication trail to try to obtain all the above information) Thank you for your cooperation. The Butterfly Club is an All-Volunteer Organization. Funds are raised through various Fundraising Events, Donations & contributions. The Butterfly Club is a NO COST non-profit. We do have REQUIREMENTS in order to receive a new wig but there is never a cost to our client unless shipped out the Continental United States. The client pays to ship outside the continental US.

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
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Sierra Vista Elite Cheer is a non-affiliated year-round competitive cheerleading program.

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Miss Southeast Arizona Scholarship Pageant Miss Southeast Arizona Scholarship Pageant
Sierra Vista

This page is monitored by Miss Southeast Arizona Director, Mary Hyder, and Miss Southeast Arizona 2013, Natalie J. Sanchez.

American Legion Riders Post 52, Sierra Vista, AZ American Legion Riders Post 52, Sierra Vista, AZ
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The American Legion Riders are members of the American Legion who are also motorcycle riders. They can be found escorting fallen service members, participating in parades, motorcycling events, supporting communities, youth, and veteran causes.

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