The Geekabbe Shop

A wide variety of wood creations including children's furniture, gun cabinets,curios, and custom mouldings. wood and stained glass gifts

Along with stained glass items including suncatchers, garden glass, and window treatments.


Suncatchers and ornaments glass 😊


So Glenn finished the rest of the hex boxes with glass inserts..... I'm real happy with how they came out.😊


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Here's another fine collaboration here at the GeeKabbe...check out these hex boxes....these are modge podged tops... I also made 3 hexes in glass for some more.... they're in the woodshop right now being finished....kinda excited to see them finished to😊


I'm working on a commissioned project now..... today I'll cut the glass for the macaw....I'm pretty excited to see how the scarlet bird will make this pop.😊


I am working on a personal project now, one of a seasonal group for our kitchen window....the plan is to swap it out each season...this is for summer.😊


We worked on this together, for our girl, Tabi, and her guy, Chad....for their new place.


This is my first g.o.g. Glenn hung it over the counter in the kitchen brightens my every dayπŸ™‚


Glenn & I did this awhile ago for our kitchen door, I've shared it before, not in this light


The Geekabbe Shop

this is my own design and i'm pretty happy with how it turned out....i love the look that plants give to a room, not having a green thumb, this might be the best solution...i'm thinking of doing a spider plant next.


this is my own design and i'm pretty happy with how it turned out....i love the look that plants give to a room, not having a green thumb, this might be the best solution...i'm thinking of doing a spider plant next.


recently we made this little guy for our local gas station owner. check it out if you go into Zeel's in Sibley.


D&L Art Glass Supply

D&L Art Glass Supply just received the first distributor shipment of Spectrum Art Glass by Oceanside Glass & Tile!
We are excited & honored to welcome back Spectrum Glass!
This load has Black, Seedy, Cord and more! More new fusible Spectrum by Oceanside Glass & Tile coming soon... but we still have lots of 'Classic Spectrum' on hand!

Congratulations to Sean, Johnny, Vince, Pam, and the entire Oceanside Glass & Tile crew for making it happen!


Derek Klein Films

while visiting Tabitha Bryant in tacoma, we went to the glass museum and watched the team working on a was awesome and so is this video.

Artist Raven Skyriver Glass creates another amazing sea turtle during a one week residency at Tacoma's Museum of Glass Having pre-sculpted and sandblasted the head, shell and fins, Raven saved the dramatic assembly for a crowd full of spectators! I was able to capture the process in this dramatic video.


The GeeKabbe Shop


we got a little distracted of late, but i have finished this pine tree /lake.....this pic almost captures all that is going on with the glass..... :) 07/22/2017

3" stained glass tinned copper curly q hanger | eBay 3" stained glass tinned copper curly q hanger | Crafts, Glass & Mosaics, Glass Art & Mosaic Supplies | eBay! 07/22/2017

pair stained glass handmade tinned copper curly Q hangers | eBay pair stained glass handmade tinned copper curly Q hangers | Crafts, Glass & Mosaics, Glass Art & Mosaic Supplies | eBay!


so we've been asked to do this sun design, using red,orange and yellow. as you can see, i had only a few pieces of these colors.....and these glass colors are hard to come by until aug. 1, i decided to make some homemade 'van gogh' glass to see how that could was pretty excited about how it turned out, and so i used it.... im extremely happy with these results. what do you think?


well i finished this guy recently....i used an iridized clear crackle for the sky, but this pic didn't capture its shimmer. i also added a few curly q's to the cloud...and i like how that worked out.


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i'm working on a fridge magnet idea.....found some aged 2" x 4" ceramic tiles.....i've painted on some of them and plan to fasten a magnet(s) ...... any ideas or suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance.


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Harvard University

The Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass Models of Plants at the Harvard Museum of Natural History is the only one of its kind in the world.


So I've been trying to describe this beautiful piece of glass.....Glenn and I went to the The Glass House in decatur this weekend for one of their sidewalk sales.....and saw this know the 'must have piece' that catches your eye, you need for absolutely no specific reason, but you just gotta have could be so many beautiful things...yep.... glenn saw a waterfall, jill saw a sea scape, the gh lady saw a turtle shell...and i see dragon scales...or we could always just frame it ,as is...... these pic's cant do it justice.


We've started selecting the glass for this large panel we want to place in the kitchen entry door......just a little excited... :)


The Geekabbe Shop


The Geekabbe Shop's cover photo


well we've packed up and readied this one to ship to Bridget Bowman....i'm really excited about how the 3d curly q's give the impression of a rose..... imo :)


So we came up with this idea for our 18" fluorescent light over the range/counter.... I really love how it grabs my attention when I walk into the kitchen.


I soldered it all together, then we gave it a black patina and a wax finish.....its off to the framing dept. now......


@ Bridget Bowman we've started on the "Bowman's" project..... the glass is cut, ground and foiled.....getting into the final stages, now.....wont be long and we will see it in the light. :)



check this out.

This is Narcissus. He invented a new, beautiful way to make glass. And the result is one of the biggest stained-glass windows in the world.

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