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"America The Beautiful" (acoustic version) - Tonja Rose

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"America The Beautiful" (acoustic version) - Tonja Rose

Hillbilly to Country - Louisiana Hayride
The Louisiana Hayride played a big part in Country Music history ... in taking the perception of the Hillbilly Music labeling of artists and changing it to the broader, more accepted label, of Country Music.

Brad Davis at the Louisiana Hayride Record show 'I Need Music', at the Station Inn June 22 in Nashville, TN! #countrymusic #Songwriter #Guitarplayer #braddavismusic #musician #louisianahayride

KWKH - The Louisiana Hayride
KWKH ... 50,000 watts of power to launch the Louisiana Hayride. Here is some KWKH history!

Johnnie & Jack, Kitty Wells - Louisiana Hayride
Johnnie & Jack along with Kitty Wells stood on the Hayride stage. Kitty became the original "Queen of Country Music" and opened the door to a host of future female country artists.

Bailey Brothers - Louisiana Hayride
Who remembers the Bailes Brothers? Here is Johnnie Bailes talking about their days on the Louisiana Hayride.

Join Brad Davis in Nashville TN at the Station Inn June 22 to announce the rebirth of Louisiana Hayride Records #Countrymusic #ElvisPresley

Rest of the Hayride Gang - Louisiana Hayride
Dozens of stars were launched from the Louisiana Hayride...and the "Rest of the Hayride Gang"...featured hundreds of other performers who all played an important role in making the Hayride..."the Hayride".

Johnny Horton - The Louisiana Hayride
Johnny Horton joined the Louisiana Hayride about 4 years after its start.. and became another Legendary Star launched from its stage.

Jim Reeves - Louisiana Hayride History
He was hired by the Louisiana Hayride to be an announcer...until another artist was sick one night and he was asked to fill in and sing a few songs ... the story of Jim Reeves start on the Hayride.

Webb Pierce - Louisiana Hayride
Webb Pierce had more Number One songs than ANY other Country Artist in the decade of the 1950's...and it started on the Louisiana Hayride...

Slim Whitman - The Louisiana Hayride
Slim Whitman ... another legend launched from the Louisiana Hayride stage.

Floyd Cramer - Louisiana Hayride
Floyd Cramer expresses his sentiment to "go back and work the Hayride one more time". A lot of artists felt this way over the years...the Louisiana Hayride held a special place in their hearts. See if you can name the artists in the collage of pics in this video. #LouisianaHayride #FloydCramer

Johnny Cash - The Louisiana Hayride
Johnny Cash on The Louisiana Hayride.

Hank Williams - Louisiana Hayride
How Hank Williams arrived at The Louisiana Hayride.

Louisiana Hayride History
History of the Louisiana Hayride from the 'Cradle of the Stars' documentary in 1984, narrated by Hank Williams Jr.