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Remember when we may Maybel, the first baby born during #Farm24VT? We wonder how she’s doing. Maybe we could get a Maybel update, Guillemette Farm?

Posted @withregram • Guillemette Farm As #Farm24VT comes to a close, we would like officially introduce you to our baby heifer you all helped us name!

Meet Maybel! We had to choose this name because of how many people suggested it, same spelling and all! We also had many other suggestions with the same theme - May, Maybell, Mayday, etc.

Maybel means “lovable” and this girl sure is loved by so many already!

Thank you to all you participated in helping to name Maybel and especially to all who followed along and celebrated farming with all of us!
If someone wanted to take a ride and do something "Vermonty" over this first fall foliage weekend, do you have any suggestions? Oh yeah, and maybe bring the kids?
I love the Guillemette Farm! Great products and great prices!
One of the things I find enchanting about this farm is the amount of love shown in everything the Guillemette family does. In the Vermont tradition they are raising their dairy cows humanely and take a holistic whole farm approach to their livelihood. Janna runs the farm stand that provides the native produce and makes for an interesting visit for both children and adults alike.
Thanks Guillemette Farm for sharing about feeding your dairy cows for #Farm24VT!
Our nutritionists work closely with dairies across the northeast to formulate balanced diets for their cattle. Diets can be different based on life stage, production, and a variety of other factors. Many farms grow a portion of their own feed including hay and corn that are stored at the farm for use year round. We sample and analyze these crops for nutrients, then add other feeds, vitamins and minerals to create a balanced and effective diet for happy, healthy animals!
It looks like we’ve had our first baby born during #Farm24VT! What should Guillemette Farm name her?

Posted @withregram • @guillemettefarm Just in time for #Farm24VT we have a new baby heifer! We need help choosing a name for her! Send us your name suggestions in the comments below, DM us, or reply to our story!

We will announce her name right before #Farm24VT ends at 5am tomorrow!
Up your farm cred with a sweatshirt and trucker hat from Guillemette Farm. It’s just one of 24 prizes you can win during #Farm24VT!

(Which starts in 1 day, 13 hours, 28 minutes, and 23 seconds #NotThatAnyoneIsCounting.)

Head to to learn how to enter!
The pleasure is ours Guillemette Farm! Lots of helping hands contribute to keeping our farms stocked with the best nutrition for their animals! #PoulinPowered

Established in 1948. We are a 3rd generation dairy farm located in Shelburne, Vermont.

Operating as usual

Photos from Guillemette Farm's post 03/07/2022

Happy 100th birthday grandma!

We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Our dairy farm would not be here today without you and grandpa. We are so grateful for the extremely fulfilling life you have made possible for us 🐮

As you drive by the corner of Pond Road and Route 116 today, don’t forget to beep your horn!

Bernie made a pretty awesome sign for her!

#happybirthday #100years #vermont #dairyfarm


We need name suggestions for our newest baby heifer!

Send us a DM or comment below 👇 with names!

Follow our stories this weekend. We will announce her name on Sunday! 🐮

#newbaby #namesuggestions #dairy #farm #VT


Happy #tongueouttuesday from baby Hugh Heifer 🐮

We love getting calf name suggestions from our followers!

Check out our stories today to learn more about Hugh!

#supportlocal #agriculture #vermont #calves


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We hope your day is filled with love and cows 🐮

#valentinesday #vermont #supportlocal #farms


The two newest babies on the farm don’t mind the snow at all! How do you feel about this snow?! ❄️

#supportlocal #vermont #agriculture #dairy


#dropchallenge dairy edition. In negative degree weather 🐮

#milk #agriculture #loveyourfarmer #vermont


Show us your milk mustache 🐮🥛

#milk #calves #supportlocal #VT #agriculture


Happy #tongueouttuesday from Razzle and her frozen whiskers!

Everyday our calves get fluffy bedding and warm water and milk. They also each have their own calf hutch to protect them from the the outdoor elements.

All of our new babies wear calf jackets in the winter, too. They wear their jackets until they grow out of them.

When it is THIS cold out, we make sure they get EXTRA fluffy bedding to nest in.

We hope you are all staying warm out there!


We are so proud to be raising a #DFAkid! Aubrey is almost 1.5 years old and loves coming to the barn with her mom and dad.

It is important to us that she understands where her food comes from and sees first hand the hard work and passion that goes into producing the food you can easily find in the grocery store.

Check out our stories to see Aubrey helping in the milking parlor 🐮

#nofarmsnofood #farmkids #supportlocal #farms


The wonderful life of our sunflowers in 2021. We can’t wait for 2022 🌻

#agriculture #vermont #sunflower #supportlocal


Milkshake wants to take this moment to wish you a happy #tongueouttuesday!

#milkshake #supportlocal #farming #agriculture


Holly and Bubbles want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year! 🎄🎁🐮

#merrychristmas #supportlocal #agriculture #dairy


All we want for Christmas is for our ladies to be happy and healthy!

#merrychristmas #ladies #supportlocal #vermont


This is Nick, our milk truck driver! We appreciate his dedication to ensuring our milk gets delivered to the processing plant each day.

The task of replenishing the supply of milk and helping to ensure our nations economy keeps moving is still not appreciated enough.

We want to thank Nick and Mike St.Pierre for being our main drivers this year and for being able to rely on them every single day in 2021 to pick up our milk!

#thankyou #happyholidays #drinkmilk #agriculture

Photos from Guillemette Farm's post 12/19/2021

There is so much holiday cheer going on in the calf area 🎄

Meet our newest babies, Holly (green coat) and Jolly (blue coat).

Don’t forget to follow our stories each day for your daily dose of cuteness!

#supportlocal #agriculture #farm #vermont #calves

Photos from Guillemette Farm's post 12/13/2021

This holiday season we want to help spread the Wagyu love as much as possible!

We will be working with Daona Farm/ Daona Farm American Wagyu Beef to make sure everyone in and around Chittenden County can enjoy their beef, as well.

Right now, they have burger, stew, pot roasts, top round roasts, sirloins, short ribs, and briskets available.

All you need to do is pre order your beef at: and mention pick up at Guillemette Farm or just message us and order directly through us. We can schedule a time for you to pick up the beef at our farm stand.

Depending on the pre-orders, we will make pick ups available at our farm stand at least until New Years Eve.

This beef is truly melt-in-your-mouth amazing! They also offer gift cards or e-gift cards in any amount. Consider spreading the Wagyu love and give as a holiday gift or stock up for yourself.

#holidayseason #wagyu #supportlocal #vermont


It’s been a race to empty our manure pit by the deadline (12/15). We are so grateful that Brendan Rowley from Rowley Brothers Dairy Farm has been able come down and help us!

#thankyou #vermont #agriculture #supportlocal

Photos from Guillemette Farm's post 11/28/2021

Head over to Instagram to enter to win the giveaway below:

🎁 G I V E A W A Y - A L E R T 🎁

This week Farr Farms, Werner Tree Farm, Smith Family Farm, Taft’s Milk & Maple Farm, Farm Field Forage, and Guillemette Farm are celebrating farmers supporting other farmers by giving away a #VTFarmfriends prize bundle!

The prize bundle includes:

🎃 A 2022 season pass, a T-shirt (color and sizes may vary), and a 10 pack of stickers from Farr Farms
🍯 A 24” wreath with a red bow, 1 pound of raw honey, and a pair of hand poured beeswax candles from Werner Tree Farm
🥩 A T-shirt (size large) and a $20 gift certificate from Smith Family Farm
🍂 A handmade wreath from Farm Field Forage
🥛1 pint of maple syrup and 1 pound of maple sugar from Taft’s Milk and Maple
🌻 A T-shirt (choose any size between small and XL), a trucker hat, and a $25 gift certificate for the 2022 season from Guillemette Farm

In order to be entered to win the #VTFarmfriends prize bundle you will need to:

🦆 Like this post
🐄 Follow all 6 farms on Instagram
🐔Tag a friend in the comments
🐐For bonus entries, tag multiple friends (1 per comment) - each comment will count as an entry
🐷 For another bonus entry, like the other #VTFarmfriends members: Percy Farm, Farm Craft VT, Fern River Farm, Maeflower Farms, Daona Farm/ Daona Farm American Wagyu Beef, Kane’s Scenic River Farm, and Fern Creek Farmstead.

On top of the giveaway, get to know each farm by following their posts and stories on their feature day:

🐓 Sunday - @farrfarms
🌲 Monday - @wernertreefarm
🐂 Tuesday - @smithfamilyfarmvt
🌾 Wednesday - @farmfieldforage
🍁 Thursday - @tafts_milk_and_maple
🐮 Friday - @guillemettefarm

This giveaway will end at 11:59pm on December 3rd. The winner will be announced on Saturday, December 4th. The winner will also be contacted via DM by Guillemette Farm for shipping information.

🐥 If you are a VT farm who would like to join in on the fun next month please reach out to Guillemette Farm. We would love to have more farms involved in #VTFarmfriends!

#giveaway #supportlocal #vermont #farmers


Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 everyone!

As we are finally able to take a moment to reflect on what we are grateful for, we wanted thank our community (near and far) for your outstanding support of our first year of our *new and improved* farm stand, as well as your continued support of our dairy farm.

Everyday, even today, we are grateful for our cows 🐮 Always.

#happythanksgivng #supportlocal #farm #vermont

Photos from Guillemette Farm's post 11/17/2021

We are so honored to be a part of the first ever farm fest at Killeen Crossroads Farm & Flowers from November 20th - November 23rd! If you need anything for your thanksgiving celebration, you can find it at there!

Even though our farm stand has come to a close for the year, Killeen Farm currently has some of our squash - acorn, buttercup, baby blue hubbard, carnival, pie pumpkins, and decorative gourds. They also have ornamental corn from our stand (some with bows).

On top of what is already in their farm stand, we will be making pumpkin bread and cranberry bread. We have already made some beautiful fall wreaths, as well. These items will be available at their stand for the farm fest!

We hope to see you at Killeen Farm (at the corner of Dorset Street and Cheesefactory Road) November 20th - 23rd!

#farmfest #supportlocal #farmstand #vermont


Happy #tongueouttuesday from the queen! We are pretty sure this day was made for her.

Did you know cows 🐮 have about 25,000 taste buds?! That’s around 2.5 times more than humans have!

#supportlocal #agriculture #dairy #farm #VT


Buy dirt.

#supportlocal #family #dairy #farm #Vermont

Photos from Guillemette Farm's post 11/05/2021

It’s our last weekend of the season! Our farm stand will be closing for the 2021 season the evening of Sunday, November 7th.

We want our amazing customers to enjoy as much as possible from the stand, so between 12pm and 3pm this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday EVERYTHING in the stand will be 50% off it’s marked price.

🍂 This is a perfect time to stock up on squash and decorations for thanksgiving 🍂

🎃 Believe it or not, people are still in need of pumpkins for exploration at schools/daycares, to feed their animals, or even for decoration.

🌾 We still have: gourds, ornamental corn, acorn squash, carnival squash, butternut squash, butterbaby squash, pie pumpkins, carving pumpkins, cortland apples, and russet and sweet potatoes.

*If you stop by the stand between 12pm and 3pm this Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday you can also enter to win our end of the season prize pack. The prize pack includes a $25 gift certificate to our farm stand in 2022, a beautiful fall bundle of @lcchocolates, a Guillemette Farm t-shirt (you choose any size between small and XL), and a Guillemette Farm trucker hat.

*For this particular prize, you must come to the stand to enter to win (you can only enter once). The winner will be randomly selected and announced Sunday, 11/7 before 9pm.

*Please DM us or talk to us at the stand if you have any questions about our end of the season prize pack!

We can’t wait to see you this weekend! Thank you for supporting your local farmers ❤️

#fall2021 #farmstand #supportlocal #VT #farmers


Brownie and Truffles are loving their pumpkin treats!

Pumpkin seeds along with other vine crops are known to have a compound called cucurbitacin, which can be used to eliminate tapeworms and roundworms in cows and other livestock 🎃

We usually cut the pumpkins in half to feed them out, but these calves enjoy eating pumpkins whole!

#cows #pumpkin #supportlocal #dairy #vermont

Photos from Guillemette Farm's post 10/31/2021


We wanted to do our scavenger hunt in our patch rain or shine, but we have gotten almost 3 inches of rain and everything is way too slippery!

In order to stay as safe as possible, will nstill be at the stand from 3pm - 4pm giving out our treats under our pop up tent!

Don’t forget to wear your costume!

*We had a raffle and prize planned for today, but we will announce how you can win our prize later this week!*

#rain #trickortreat #Halloween #farmdstand #vt



Wear your costume and come celebrate Halloween with us in our pumpkin patch!

From 3pm until 4pm, we will be hosting a trick or treat scavenger hunt in our pumpkin patch for children of all ages!

This is a free event as a thank you to our community for such a wonderful first season!

🎃 We will have candy and non candy treats dispersed throughout our pumpkin patch for you to find
🎃 The patch will be divided by age groups, which will correspond with the difficulty of the hunt
🎃 There will be a limit of 5 treat bags per person
🎃 You can enter in a raffle to win a prize that will be announced at 3:45pm (you must be present to win)
🎃 After, head over to Simon’s in St. George and enjoy their Trunk or Treat from 4pm - 5pm

Happy Halloween everyone 🎃👻

#halloween #pumpkinpatch #trickortreat #fall2021

Photos from Guillemette Farm's post 10/29/2021

We are getting ready for another fun weekend!

This will be our last weekend for pick your own pumpkins and paint your own pumpkins.

There have been a few updates:
🎃 All pumpkins are $3
🎃 All gourds are 3 for $1
🎃 You can choose from any pumpkin on the farm to paint

We still have a great selection of fall squash - acorn, delicata, buttercup, butternut, butterbaby, baby blue hubbard, carnival, and pie pumpkins!

We also have white, russet, and sweet potatoes 🍠

👻 We will be posting more details, but on Halloween from 3pm until 4pm we will be hosting a trick or treat scavenger hunt in our pumpkin patch!

🎃 Keep an eye out for our posts and updates on our story for more details about Halloween weekend!

#pumpkins #fall2021 #supportlocal #agriculture

Photos from Guillemette Farm's post 10/26/2021

Happy National Pumpkin Day 🎃

We would love for everyone to be able to enjoy the pumpkins and gourds we have left, so our pumpkins are now $3 each and our gourds are 3 for $1!

This includes any pumpkins and/or gourds in our patch and displays.

We can’t wait to see you at our patch at 3pm on Halloween for our trick or treat scavenger hunt 👻

#Nationalpumpkinday #supportlocal #VT #farmers

Photos from Guillemette Farm's post 10/23/2021


Jo made 3 apple pies and 4 loaves of pumpkin bread using our pie pumpkins!

🍎 Apple pie: $17 each
🎃 Pumpkin bread: $6 each

They will be available at the stand by 9am today!

We are happy to make loaves of our pumpkin bread to order. DM us while it’s still pumpkin season! 🎃

#farmstand #supportlocal #apple #pumpkin #VT

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