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Unfortunately we are sitting at the dock for the next couple days because of bad weather.

The reason for today's post is to discuss Salmon-a-Rama. I have 3 days open during the Salmon-a-Rama July tournament, which include: the 15th. 16th, and 18th. I'm debating purchasing a charter boat package that would cover everyone fishing Off Duty Again. I obviously need to recover the entry costs, but if we can book up that week, it would be cheaper.

Please look up the Salmon-a-Rama details and give me a call for any questions. It's even more exciting to be fishing for a possible $25k fish!


Today we hoped the coho stayed put and that's all we fished for today. One laker hit a peanut fly and one baby coho was released(other small coho was gilled). Thanks again for long time returning Fondy area friends! Sorry father's day Saturday 2025 is booked up, thanks Barb! Tomorrow is a wind day so it's beer card adventure this afternoon...if you know Sheboygan.

Photos from Off Duty Again Charters's post 06/14/2024

The team got great at downrigger bites after the boom kept giving us chances. Unfortunately, we are heartbroken at the big king escape today. Thanks again Stevens Point friends!


Madison SW ended up with cohos, a king and a rainbow for the wall after a weather delay. It pays to keep the day open for the opportunity of a late start. To share information, we fished in tight south and moved out to 95 for the plan b spot. Two more SW trips to see if the trophy ends up in Madison or Stevens Point.


The morning bite was still off again, unfortunately, but the plan b location gave up some no need for the plan c. Stevens Point area S.W. had a better catch ratio...hmm! Can Madison area SW paint upgrade tomorrow??


The morning bite was a struggle today and then we found more fish out deeper. One king has our flasher/fly.


Sherwin Williams has several trips booked this summer, starting tomorrow. As a team building motivator, the largest catch gets a trophy. Hopefully, the wind stops, cohos keep biting, and more kings show up! Thanks again Point Trophy for the engraving. Charters make fun occasions for all sorts of groups.


Brat boss' group with Ski's brats in Sheboygan! We seem to be stuck on 11 fish making it into the Yeti this week. Thanks again Dennis. It's sure nice having calm conditions today and hopefully the coho keep coming.


First brat fry this year with a coho double at the same time!


New awesome fishing group this morning and we fished our hot spot in 140 fow for about 2.5 hours until a huge west wind kicked. We then ground out a few more coho in shallow to end the day. Coho plus one rainbow today.

Photos from Off Duty Again Charters's post 06/06/2024

We ended up fishing a little bit of everywhere today! No trout but added a king. Thanks again!


Off Duty Again Charters now has a Snapchat location!


A great group wearing Stevens Point owned Pallets & Planks fish catching gear! The weather forecast didn't look great today but it turned out fine. Thanks again Bryan for the fishing tip to move in closer for cohos. We also landed a couple Rainbows, but for whatever reason, a lot of fish made a good "freedom" move on us.


Hello fishing friends

We are nearly "booked up" for June and this post is intended to use FB to reach out to people fishing with us. Hopefully everyone received an FAQ letter and if not please give me a call at 715-252-3367 and we can send one out(mail or email).

The picture is extreme situation that is an easy example of when the boat stays on the dock. Unfortunately the weather can be tricky to forecast so please contact me the afternoon before a scheduled trip to discuss any last minute questions including the weather forecast. One big benefit of only scheduling one daily trip is we can adjust our departure time later in the day if an early morning storm is passing through. It is in our best interest to run the trip in safe conditions while minimizing the sea sick risk of big waves.

Please plan on the 430 AM departure time to get out for the sunrise bite. I'm asking fishing groups to plan on being punctual and be respectful of my boating neighbors sleeping while walking down the dock. Marina guests need to be es**rted to boats so please remain at the gate until we es**rt your group down to the boat.

We had an amazing start to the season so far! I received positive feedback in regards to posting for every trip and not just cherry pick pics of when the bite is hot. It's not fun to get humbled but we try very hard to avoid it. Ultimately it's fishing just like going to sports game or a big game hunt.

Thanks again!


Pre season fishing is over with their 3 man our first king. Thanks again Matt for going with us every season since the beginning! Also for the people that rode a 72 passenger school bus, the last 2 fish hit while pulling lines, and go to Plover on my license. I'm sure hopeful the coho stay around for a long time.


Filling up the brand new Yeti with coho.


My E Dock neighbor Mike, took awesome Northern Lights pictures of boats last weekend, including ours. Thanks, Mike!

I have Friday afternoon and Saturday available for coho fishing. It's incredible fishing right now. The coho hit all day long and taste great. I'm making up coho for lunch today before my afternoon bus trip.

I understand it can be difficult to make short notice trips but it's worth it! I'm hopeful the coho stay around Sheboygan well into June and kings start hitting too.


Who wants to catch coho!? It's hot in Sheboygan. I'm offering 25 percent off in May for groups with any additional charter booked this year. It's beautiful out and just set up when the first coho went in the box.


Here we go!


The season is soon to heat up again and I'm going to share information about our set up for fishing out of Sheboygan. I noticed a lot of new people following us on Facebook and that's much appreciated!

My primary first mate will be Luke again and this is him during our non-charter afternoon...yes we both love to fish every day! I intentionally only offer only daily trip leaving at approximately 4:30 AM. It's not a secret active feeding salmon generally bite right at sunrise and we don't want to miss it. We always fish hard and don't have a concern about taking the next group out shortly after returning back to the dock. It's also fun to enjoy the company our guests with food/drinks in the afternoon as we continue to "show off" Sheboygan to our guests if interested.

I'm a retired cop and very grateful for the opportunity of fishing all summer presents. I also am finishing up the school year's off season work of sub teaching and driving a Stevens Point school bus. We had received post fishing complements with our guests regarding fishing with kids! Also, If your familiar to law enforcement I can talk "shop" or we can just relax knowing that I'm on your side.

This is the 11th year of charter fishing and my background goes back to fishing Lake Superior with my grandfather for trout in the 1980's. Lake Michigan has a tremendous salmon fishery but I believe when the silver fish aren't feeding it's better to have Luke use the landing net with a trout. That's only a personal opinion and I respect other people's prospective

Again thanks for following us and I would be grateful for anyone taking the time by posting a Google review of Off Duty Charters if you previously fished with us. I have a website, that includes an availability calendar. If the date indicates "busy" I have a trip already booked. We are almost booked up for June.

Thanks again and keep the line tight!


Thanks for my hardy crew's help with a successful boat launch! Think Coho!

Photos from Off Duty Again Charters's post 04/10/2024

We are back from Indonesia and I'm going to share some fish related videos and pics. This summer Luke and I are planning to use the GoPro on our charters.


I hope to be fishing here for a couple weeks, leaving on 03-26. I'm just giving everyone a "heads up" if I don't answer my phone in a timely manner!

SALMON-A-RAMA 03/05/2024

I just wanted to post an update for Salmon-a-Rama dates available. July 15, 16, 18 are the only available dates and our web site will be updated to reflect if any dates are booked in the future.

I have the opportunity to purchase a charter boat ticket that will cover every person on my boat without the need to buy an individual ticket. My policy is the individual that reels in a winning fish takes any prize money without any "catch" in sharing the possible $25k with the "boat." That being said, it's approximately $75 more to cover my costs in the entrance fee for the charter. By comparison, that's just over $10/hour and $10 doesn't last long at a casino for 4 people.....

For more information the web site is

SALMON-A-RAMA Salmon-a-Rama Preferred Charters A friendly reminder to all Charter boats and all 2024 Salmon-A-Rama contestants from out of the area. The 2024 Republican National Convention will be taking place in Milwaukee and rooms will be booking fast. I suggest you make your reservations as soon as


Today I thought I would share some behind the scenes info regarding the off season to own a charter boat in my 11th season.

The boat needs to be inspected, which is called a marine "survey" to maintain commercial insurance. The survey always finds some needed maintenance and yesterday I was working on installing new upgraded underwater lights.

Additionally, the biggest requirement to being a legal charter is to maintain a U.S. Coast Guard captain's license. Every 5 years the license needs to be renewed and 7 weeks later, after the "fun" renewal process, mine is in hand.

I'm looking forward to launching in April, after a few more long days of boat projects in the next month.

I did add a third party booking service last season to expand my market. I will reactivate it shortly as I wanted to allow my amazing fishing friends first "set" with availability. Hint, days are filling up!

I'm also interested in the charter boat special again to fish the Salmon-a-Rama. It's a pretty exciting opportunity to possibly have a $25k fish hit anytime lines are in the lake. I will have more information regarding this July event in a future post.

Thanks again for following us and I'm looking forward to seeing "Shevegas" again.



The lines are set and the morning "spread" looks pretty sweet. Thanks again everyone for filling the "box" pretty fast!

The season calendar is filling up quickly, so don't miss out.

I will have the reveal a few minutes before the start of the Superbowl. Go Pack for next year.



I was just informed that the Lucke's LLC 10 liner is filled. Good luck to everyone!

I tossed around the idea of opening one more 10 liner for people unable to make it to Plover(my winter zip code). I did not receive any requests to start another at this point.

Again the winner will be selected and "aired" by a live Facebook feed, right before the Superbowl from Lucke's

If I don't receive any significant interest in a second 10 liner tonight I will just go with the one filled up 10 liner.

Thanks again everyone!


Only 2 spots left as of Wednesday! Again it will be opened right before the Superbowl live at Lucke's LLC.


Lucke's LLC is hosting another 10 liner this year for a charter! To keep the math simple, $60 a line towards any open date for this season to be be drawn live during the Superbowl. Unfortunately the NFC North isn't representing but it's always a good time on our awesome Lake Michigan.

Please stop in to buy a "line" from our friend's business in Plover. I will open it to online requests, if needed, in a week.

First Mate Luke is coming back so get ready to reel and win!


Off Duty Again Charter 12/09/2023

If you're interested in Off Duty gear, you can order from Pallets & Planks. We use them to order our own shirts, so reach out to them if you'd like to update your wardrobe 😉. Its a late friendly reminder, so check in with them if you'd like your stuff in time for Christmas. We'd also like to thank SC Wake (Sea Deck), Duralum Building Center, Inc. and Les' Upholstery for their work with us.
REMINDER: 2023 rates will last through the end of the month. We have gift certificates available for next summer so you can lock in that fishing trip. All you'll need is a $100 deposit to secure your date. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Keep the reins tight Santa!

Off Duty Again Charter Pallets & Planks WI

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