Herren Dry Creek Farm

Herren Dry Creek Farm


With permanent paddocks and water in place, the work load is changing here at Bracken Ridge Farm leaving me time stir up a little yum. Thanks Herren Dry Creek Farm for the “hen”spiration !
Absolute best eggs. Thank you
Thank you, Champ at Herron Dry Creek farm for all the goodies, zucchini, watermelon, and cantelop. Cant wait to taste them.
So amazingly yummy. Thank you

We want to be the local farm you turn to to stock the fridge with eggs and garden fresh produce or the freezer with chicken, pork and beef.

Operating as usual


I’m always disappointed in the loss of potential. These little guys would’ve been someone’s dinner but didn’t make it through the monsoon that hit yesterday. The power was out for several hours unbeknownst to us. Dead animals happen, and we are doing what we can to prevent it, but in the end no matter how many times I confront it I’m still surprised and disappointed.

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We’re busy crafting a better egg.

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Herren Dry Creek Farm….. by the light of the moon.
Monday, May 23, 2022 4:45 am


The irises are in bloom! The color of their blooms are striking against the stone house.


A pasture with a view! Our sheep dog Gib is never off duty…one would think he was “resting” on the job. Nah, he is just a happy, good boy.


The asparagus has been planted! It is a beautiful morning at Herren Dry Creek Farm!

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Sometimes when you are a cow, you have to crawl upon a dirt pile and proclaim yourself “queen”. You can also look down on the other cows, at least until you get hungry.


It’s hog time again!!!!

Please read in full as we have made some changes.

We are once again offering rotationally grazed Non-GMO fed hogs. This is a great way to fill your freezer with the best darn hog meat available. In these uncertain times with inflation, talk of recession and rumors of wars, wouldn’t you feel better knowing you are not dependent on the supply chains?

pricing is as follows:

We offer wholes and halves. We shoot for 300lbs, but they may vary a little.

$300 deposit required for a whole (half is $150)

2.50 a lbs bled, with a .50 per pound feed contingency, (this means if feed cost per unit exceeds the $350 amount budgeted, we split it up to the weight of your hog. You pay the butcher cost and balance due at the time of butcher.

Please PM The Herren Dry Creek Farm page to make your order.

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On the lamb cam: this is number 21!!!! Out of 18 yearling ewes and an old ewe we have 15 on the ground, 4 sold and two that died. Still have more to go!

Photos from Gooseberry Bridge Farm's post 04/21/2022

Check out our friends at Gooseberry Bridge Farm. Staci Hill has planted an enormous amount of tulips that are just beautiful! They have a wonderful petting zoo that your should check out!


Happy Easter weekend from the Herren’s of Herren Dry Creek Farm!

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We have loaded our cooler at Penny Pinchers FULL OF FARM FRESH EGGS!!!
Only $3.00 a dozen!
PM the farm page to place your order!


Herren Dry Creek Farm is committed to helping you through the inflationary period we are experiencing. I can help you with natural non-gmo eggs. Currently selling at 3.00 a dozen and they are unwashed, which means they’ll keep. Get ahead of inflation. Please PM your order to the farm page. This price will not last!!!!!!Want to be a super guardian of inflation?????Ask me about 1/2 and whole hogs, about as tasty of a transaction as one can make. How about 80/20 hamburger shares? Non-gmo whole pastured broilers? The Thanksgiving Turkey? How about the garden plunder we can churn out? Shout out and tell us what you need.

Easter Lambs 04/09/2022

Easter Lambs

Bottle lambs!!!! Get the little farmer in your life the cutest darn thing around!!!!! Beat the Easter rush!


Easter Lambs

First Lambs! 04/08/2022

First Lambs!

It ended up both were boys.


First Lambs! Herren Dry Creek Farm is a multi generational family farm that specializes in retailing beef, hogs, poultry and eggs. Follow our page and please su...


Lambing season starts!!!! A young ewe, that Audrey calls “Freckles” had two beautiful black lambs today. Both mama and babies seem fine.


Fresh beautiful eggs are ready for you! Send us a pm to place your orders and pick up is at Penny Pinchers!
Our current price is $3.00 a dozen!


Send us your egg orders 🙂 the girls have been very, very busy!!!!!

We have eggs!!!!! Our little ladies are exceptional layers. PM the page to put in our egg order. $3.00 a dozen :)


We have eggs!!!!! Our little ladies are exceptional layers. PM the page to put in our egg order. $3.00 a dozen :)


Do you have bacon security? Think meat is going up? How about buying a whole or half hog? PM us to find out how you can have more and better meat at less than grocery store prices!!!

Laying Hens Love Sweet Corn Fodder 02/19/2022

Laying Hens Love Sweet Corn Fodder

What makes a better tasting egg? That’s a good question! If you are used to the boring ‘ol grocery store egg, we have a treat for you! Our laying flock of Barred Rocks and Australorps get a varied diet whether on pasture or in their winter quarters. Curently, their diet consists of non-gmo grain and waste produce, in addition we are also composting garden waste and controlling the smell and health of our flock with decomposing hay wood chips etc. This environment enables our girls to pump out basketfuls of lovely, very clean eggs we don’t have to wash.

You can taste the happiness and contentment. These gems only cost $3.00 a dozen, very economical, healthy and yummy. So get you a couple of dozen, try ‘em and you will see the difference. Please PM your order to Herren Dry Creek Farm, pick up is Penny Pincher’s in Marshfield. If you like our content give it a like and check out what else we are doing on our FB page and on YouTube!

We appreciate your business and support!!!

Laying Hens Love Sweet Corn Fodder See how our hens compost this corn fodder in our greenhouse!!!!


If you have eggs ordered, they are ready for pick up. Sara is bringing in more today! So stock up while you can!!!! Don’t make this hen mad, she has the evil eye!


Cooking some lovely pork chops for supper, that we butchered last fall. These hogs were pasture raised, fed non-gmo grain, thick and meaty with a fat ring that tastes like butter when roasted. You will never be able to eat grocery store pork again. Stock up your freezer and give us a try!

Taking Fall 2022 orders! Wholes and halves available. Drop us a PM we are planning on raising 30 for sale.


Just in a days work (or three days to be exact!). Don’t forget to send us your egg order! Send us a pm and we will have your delicious and nutritious farm fresh eggs ready for pick up at Penny Pinchers.


We just moved the sheep. The Gib abides.

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A few pics from choretime this evening.


Time to fill up those fermentation tanks ladies!


Good Morning! The girls still laying and are warm and snacking on cabbage and celery. Here at the farm we are watching the snow blow, pacing the halls, and rewatching Ted Lasso! Don’t forget….. you may place your order for fresh farm eggs by sending this page a pm! Eggs are $3.00 a dozen.

ALSO, we need egg cartons, please. Reusing egg cartons are one way we have been able to keep prices low. Please drop them off at Penny Pinchers. Thanks y’all!!!


Be sure and stop by The Little Clay House and enjoy their amazing food! Carly and her team are like family to us.

Happy Monday! After this weekend, I was ready to get out and put in another week! Not sure about you, but I don’t like being cooped up inside! Egg salad and a creamy tomato soup this week. Add bacon for a delicious combination. The eggs are farm fresh from our friends at Herren Dry Creek Farm. They are the best. Have a happy day and an even better week! We appreciate you.

Hot-House Mamas 01/17/2022

Hot-House Mamas

We really enjoy using the damaged produce to improve the quality of your egg!!! If you havent checked out our YouTube channel yet, then cruise on over and do so. To keep updated hit the subscribe button. Thank you for your business and support.


Hot-House Mamas Cozy Chickens in the Greenhouse. Composting and Laying Eggs.

Photos from Herren Dry Creek Farm's post 12/31/2021

Audrey is pretty proud of the turnip she found growing through an old board.

Second-Chance Cows. 12/18/2021

Second-Chance Cows.

Our cow project.


Second-Chance Cows. Introducing our second chance cow program whereby we buy smaller framed and thin cows. We intend to improve their condition and see if they will breed, if n...

Audrey and I gathering eggs. 12/17/2021

Audrey and I gathering eggs.

Audrey and I gathering eggs after school.


Audrey and I gathering eggs.

Parasite Resistant Hair Sheep 12/12/2021

Parasite Resistant Hair Sheep

Look how our flock has grown! Lamb chops coming in 1 year.


Parasite Resistant Hair Sheep

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