Reign’s Rocks

Reign’s Rocks


Thank you so much for t he stone you painted for Trisha Kne pp it realy cheerd her up Tha nk you
⭐️ LIGHTS,CAMERA,CANINE: INVITE ⭐️—> Dogg ie Bag Biscuits

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Mommy&Sercha ’🐾
I love your rocks! Y ou do a wonderful job on th em.
We just found this Beautiful Ro ck at Olive Garden in York Pa !!!
My girls and I found th is at the Altar in Beaversprings, Pa . It ’s beautiful. We were just curious on t he theme of it .
Deployed to Heav en September 18, 2009 🇺🇲
I just got my rock in t he mail….I absolutely love it and wi ll cherish it forever. Thank y ou so much for this….
My kids found a candy co rn rock at Geisinger Medical Center. We a re going to relocate it later tod ay
Found at Amtrak station in Eto wn
Found this at the Amtrak Stati on in Etown
Found a rock! So cu te. And from 2020! Wi ll leave somewhere new so another c an find.
hey kiddo ... I have be en thinking of you ... concerned I ha ve not seen any posts for awhi le ... praying you are well ...
Found this beautiful rock at Rita 's today! Thank you for spreading j oy and for sharing your story! My daught er lost the use of her rig ht hand after brain surgery last ye ar so it was awesome for h er to see your note and be ab le to relate!
Found this gem...rehomed it already...

SAH survivor paints Whimsical Hand Paint ed Rocks as a means of thera py for her hands, mind/brain, and so ul. She then places her rocks f or people to find :)

MISSION: Spreading Smil es, One Rock At A Time.

Operating as usual


Just finished up Yogi & B oo Boo, with sweet pink flowers f or a little one who passed 🙏. Mu ch Love to You & Your Family❤️.

Tha nk You so very much for t he gifts 🎁 ❤️. I truly ho pe you like your stone 🙏.

Reign's Cherish Rocks 08/28/2022

Reign's Cherish Rocks is Open! ⭐️✨⭐️

Reign's Cherish Rocks Hand Painted Natural River Stones & Gif ts

Photos from Reign’s Rocks's post 08/23/2022

Lavender Winged Heart Memorial Stone w/ Go ld Leaf 🙏💜. The date is ha rd to see in the pic, 08/20/ 20.


Super glittery Stroke Awareness Ribbon ❤ ️🙏


Beautiful Memorial Stone 🙏🥰.


Beautiful barter piece 🙏🥰❤️.


Im working on a stone that’ ll be going Down Under! Woooo!!! 🙌🙌 🙌🙌


Milkweed and Monarch Memorial Stone. 🙏 ❤️.

Photos from Reign’s Rocks's post 08/06/2022

Hi Friends! Im super excited to bri ng you pour painted rocks!! These wi ll be going on my brand spanki n’ new website I’m building! Stay tune d!! 😊😃😃😊🥳🥳 These are super cool!


Deer Memorial Stone 🦌 🌲 🙏 ❤️ Much Love to You and Yo ur Family💐

My first deer painting


IYKYK! For your entertainment 😂🪱💩


Marie, so sweet 🥰🥰🥰 Aristocats

Photos from Reign’s Rocks's post 07/17/2022

A little pup named George, waiti ng to meet his Mommy again at Rainb ow Bridge 🙏🌈❤️🦋🥰. Much Love to Y ou!


Mermaid Stone. Absolutely beautiful! 🥰


Mermaid Memorial Stone. I’m so ve ry sorry for your loss, my deepe st condolences 💐 🙏❤️. Much Love to y ou and your family.

The rocks in th is painting are the natural stone.


A requested Harley Davidson Ultra Class ic Memorial Stone 🏍 🙏💐🫶. Mu ch Love to You and Your Fami ly ❤️. I hope this pie ce brings you smiles for years to co me 🫶😊.

⭐️ Background is orange and bla ck resin on top of white backgrou nd with holographic glitter; Chrome paint p en used; took six days to comple te. I used a couple differe nt reference pictures for the bike. 😊🏍


A Memorial Stone for a lovi ng Grandmother, named Birdie. Much Love to Y ou and Your Family 🥰🙏


Painted a Space theme for a litt le girl who made me the sweete st bracelet. She wants to be an astrona ut 🚀 when she grows up. 🥰😊


A Sweet Memorial Owl in Remembran ce for Someone’s Grandma 🦉🌳 I‘m ve ry sorry for your loss 💐 Mu ch love to you and your fami ly 🙏❤️


A Beautiful Memorial Stone in Remembran ce of Dani 🙏. I’m ve ry sorry for your loss, many hu gs and prayers for you and yo ur family 💐. Much Love ❤️!


A very sweet and meaningful memori al stone 💜🙏 Much love to y ou and your family! ❤️ . Tha nk You for allowing me to pai nt this for you 🥰


A Memorial Rock for someone w ho was nicknamed “Bee”. His favorite colo rs were greens and browns, he lov ed Disney, banjos/guitars and photography, so it w as reflected in this painting. This litt le bee will enjoy himself flying arou nd taking pictures, sitting in flowers playi ng his banjo while singing “It’s a sma ll world after all”. Much love to y ou and your family 💗🙏


Hi Everyone! I hope all is we ll 🙏. I’ve been needing to atte nd other matters for the past f ew days, so I’ve been off soci al media for the most part. I won ’t be on much until after midd le of next week. I miss hangi ng with you 🙏🥰!

Thank you for yo ur patience and much love to y ou!


How did this Wiemeraner turn o ut? Background and flowers are done usi ng alcohol ink & resin. 🙏🥰 I tru ly hope you like this request! 😊


A memorial rock order 🙏 Th ey wanted a motorcycle on a count ry road, so I painted dad forev er riding 🙏


I'm so HAPPY! Tha nk You to those who helped me appe al, gave supportive words, and Thank Y ou Becky for the heads up!!

Photos from Reign’s Rocks's post 04/13/2022

Im all set up to sta rt painting again next week. I’m movi ng this friday. I’ll start ba ck up painting your orders next we ek 🙏❤️

I had to remove my TT vid eo I just posted bc it’s violati on for the song that was includ ed. So here’s a couple pictures.


Hi Friends. I’m still trying to appe al my main account ban on TT. I’ve sent multiple appeals and I am waiti ng patiently to hear back. Thank y ou for your support through this ti me. It means a lot to me. I’m having a hard time wi th it all.

Would you please go to yo ur TT, click three lines upper rig ht corner, and report a problem f or my account ban? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Much Lo ve to you ❤️


He is Risen! 🙏 Winner is Kev in S, from TT 🙏🏆💖


Cute little stuffed bun bun 🥰


HeiHei from Moana 🥰


If you were in my Li ve in TT, my account was ju st permanently banned!!! I appealed the b an via email and also through a li nk I found.

Someone reported my li ve for illegal activities and regulated goo ds! I paint rocks! Rocks! How is th at a violation? 🤬🤬🤬 Please help me appe al it! I had 20.9K followers a nd over 200K Likes! I’m beyond upset!

Plea se, would you email [email protected] to t ry to help me?


Calla lilies for Easter 🙏🥰


Another bun bun 😁

Photos from Reign’s Rocks's post 04/08/2022

A couple Bun Buns to hi de. 🐰 🥰


A Double Hearted Memorial Rock 🙏 💔💐 Much Love to You and Yo ur Family🙏🥰


Completed another sonic rock order 🥰 ☺️


I am in LOVE with th is one! Beautiful!


Dead Pool! Such a cool mov ie! Here’s a rock I recently d id, I was given a pic a nd painted it. It looks like a stick er 😁


My very first face, the Gro gu (?), “baby yoda”. I know it ’s not exact, but for my fir st time with a face, it turn ed out pretty good 😊


Hi Everyone! I just completed a Jes us rock tonight with the help of my frien ds 🥰 I think it turned o ut GREAT! I don’t normally do fac es, this is my second one. Wh at do you think?


TBI Awareness Ribbon I painted f or a sweetheart who has a T BI.


An order for a baby elepha nt for a new addition to t he family 🥰


Here’s a Sonic I recently paint ed 😊

Photos from Reign’s Rocks's post 03/17/2022

I had an order for bac on, so I threw in the e gg for company 🥓🍳🤣😂

Photos from Reign’s Rocks's post 03/11/2022

A Journey Scarab 😃


Hi Everyone! I hope you a re having a Blessed day, it’s gorgeo us out! A bit chilly, but ve ry nice day nonetheless.

I’d like to Tha nk You for 209 orders! Please no te I do work on multiple orde rs at once. 🥰

As most of y ou know already, some do not, so I’ ll go through my pricing, as a coup le of you are used to getti ng free rocks from me. Pricing is as follows:
MEMORIA LS: are by donation plus your shippi ng (typically $9.48 USPS Flat Rate). Th ey are by donation to help wi th the use of my supplies a nd my time. Thank You for understanding.
REGUL AR ROCKS: $25 which INCLUDES your US PS Flat Rate shipping. Rocks typically wei gh 1lb or more, and must be mail ed flat rate.

I accept Ven mo, Cashapp, and PayPal. Right now, there ’s a long wait, and I wi ll message you when I near yo ur name, and donation/purchase will be d ue at that time. I appreciate eve ry one of you!

Have a Bless ed Day!


A remembrance rock for someone’s beautif ul mother 🥰🙏❤️

(I’m working on my letteri ng, I’m not good at it ye t).

Photos from Reign’s Rocks's post 02/19/2022

Please help me pay Respects to o ne of our Fallen, EN1 Aaron Marqu is, and his surviving Family. Thank Y ou for your Service and Sacrifice, Aar on 🇺🇸❤️🙏 You are Not Forgotten!

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Just finished up Yogi & B oo Boo, with sweet pink flowers f or a little one who passed 🙏. Mu ch Love to You & Your Famil...
Beautiful Memorial Stone 🙏🥰.
IYKYK! For your entertainment 😂🪱💩
Mermaid Memorial Stone. I’m so ve ry sorry for your loss, my deepe st condolences 💐 🙏❤️. Much Love to y ou and your fami...
Painted a Space theme for a litt le girl who made me the sweete st bracelet. She wants to be an astrona ut 🚀 when she gr...
A very sweet and meaningful memori al stone 💜🙏  Much love to y ou and your family! ❤️ .  Tha nk You for allowing me to p...
A remembrance rock for someone’s beautif ul mother 🥰🙏❤️ (I’m working on my letteri ng, I’m not good at it ye t).
Irene Catron,  Congratulations!! Youre  t he 🌟WINNER🌟 of this adorable Winter B ug! Please send me a message to Cla im 🥰...
Spreading Smiles, One Rock at a Ti me ❣️
A little girl asked for a ba ss, she loves fish 🐠 🥰 * If you ordered a rock from  me, I’m working on your rocks simultan...
Hi Everyone! I have an adorab le Winter Bug to give away in Janua ry. If you’d like to win  it, enter by liking/commenti...



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