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It’s complicated...that’s how many people describe their relationship with their fathers.
Check out last evenings talk show where we deep dived into fathers impact and influences in our lives.
Grab a comfortable chair and check out some liquid gold moments as my four co-hosts drop some bombs that may inspire you to break the chain to some old parental wounds and hurt.
@Real Men Real Talk Live
It is a joy and an honour to accept your invitation, Jay Rothman!

Divine Light, Radiant Health, Peace of Mind, "Glow and Flow," Answered Prayers, and Protection,

Alexandra Christiane🥀❤😇🙏🏖🌸🌺
I posted this in my private group coaching page this morning...

“The Three C’s are the roadmap to improving your life-all aspects!
If you don’t have clarity no need for courage. If you don’t have courage, no need to commit. And without commitment, you will continue to sputter in life-you will stay right where you’re at and watch the years pass you by...continuing to survive rather than THRIVE.

Start with writing it down👇
Than create daily non negotiables that you are 💯 committed to👍
Stay with it for 7 days at a clip and watch your life change before your own eyes🎶

Why do we find it so difficult to create positive change in our life?
✅ Is it because we are afraid of feeling different than we have become accustomed to?
✅ Is it because our old story of suffering and just surviving has defined who we are and not sure who we may become?
✅ Is it because we have lived in it for so long, we don’t know how to live any other way?

It may be one or a combination of all of the above. The thinking that landed you right here, will not be the same thinking that gets you out of your situation. You have to change your daily self talk and take action-change your daily rituals and watch your life change in a flash🪂

Once you hit your so called bottom threshold for pain, it is possible you will take action to breakthrough to break free to TRUE FREEDOM!

My coaching clients ask me, “where do I begin and how do I start”?

The answer is JUST START TODAY...Are you ready to SHOW UP & GROW UP❓

I wish for you to have the courage to have the life of health & wellness that you deserve

I know it’s possible for you, as I was once suffering and just surviving...until I hit my threshold for pain and learned I was more powerful than I could ever imagine. You are just as powerful as I am-we all have this inner power-it’s about changing your mind-set and your attachment to suffering!

Just joined, looking forward to opening my mind to heal the body
Aaahhhh....a place of great memories....

Jay Rothman is a Transformational Life Coach. He inspires his clients that it's possible to rebuild, If you are "stuck" in an area of your life, working with a life coach will help you move forward in a positive and healthy way.

Here are my areas of expertise:
Health & Wellness
Life Purpose


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Real Men Real Talk Live-"Death of a REALationSHIP"

Wow…one of the most important show topics we dived into-Death of a Relationship + the grieving process.
My co-hosts didn’t let us down. They showed up speaking truths and showing vulnerability. For me it brings me hope and inspiration for other MeN to feel safer to express their true feelings in a way that can become healing for them and their relationships.
Pick up the replay and please share out with friends & family.
Much love & gratitude for Evis Heath Josh Ritcher Jeff Fasano on Real Men Real Talk Live


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Georgia Jean Circle of Light 11/08/2021

Georgia Jean Circle of Light

Georgia Jean Circle of Light As seen on Gaia TV’s “Interview with E.D. (Extra-Dimensionals)”, and heard on “Coming Out of the Cosmic Closet” podcast, Georgia Jean, and her non-physical partners The Circle of Light, share essential teachings, and energetics attunements, in support of the personal and planetary evolutio...


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When you are in the Sedona Red Rock trails you will capture wild life in the moment. Hike & Heal Experiences in Sedona will bring you clarity on how to live your best life and improve your relationships!


Are you needing to REBOOT.RENEW.REFRESH OR RECONNECT? Consider a Hike & Heal Experience in Sedona. Five star reviews with Top 15 Coach’s in Northern AZ 2021 (LinkedIn). Book a 3 hour Hike & Happiness Experience to rebalance your life today!


Real Men Real Talk Live- “The Four Agreements”


Real Men Real Talk Live- “Snowplow or Cheerleader”?

Hike & Heal Experiences 07/22/2021

Hike & Heal Experiences

Hike & Heal Experiences In Sedona…book one for a unique & memorable life-changing experience today!

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Hike & Heal Experiences Hike & Heal Experiences with a transformational coach in Sedona


Real Men, Real Talk...RAW w/Jay Rothman

Two years ago I interviewed Josh Ritcher for the second time…eventually leading to a rebranding of the podcast. Josh is now a co-host joining me each week to dive into Real topics of relevance for men & women
Enjoy this replay!


Real Men Real Talk Live- From Attention to INtention

Top 15 Coaches In Flagstaff In 2021 07/13/2021

Top 15 Coaches In Flagstaff In 2021

I am humbled and honored to be recognized and profiled as one of the top coaches in Northern AZ from influence digest.
Click on this short link to learn more.

“Top 15 Coaches In Flagstaff In 2021”

The best coaches in Flagstaff is a tough list to compile with so many amazing coaches emerging today. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find what we consider to be the best Coaches in Flagstaff. To find these coaches, our research begins but is not limited to searching through their social media profiles, their websites and coach’s client testimonials.

We compile this information and we want to recognize some of them who we consider are excellent in their work. Without any further delay, here are the Top 15 Coaches In Flagstaff in 2021 that you can contact right now:

Top 15 Coaches In Flagstaff In 2021 The best coaches in Flagstaff is a tough list to compile with so many amazing coaches emerging today, make sure you know each one of them.


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