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EBRR provides rescue,fostering,rehabilitation and sanctuary to babies of the earth.All receive the s


A few new young rabbits came to the sanctuary this week for different reasons. Photos and names will be shared soon 🐰❤️


To the people who raised, neutered and dumped this sweet 6 month old boy at a gas station in the middle of a city where it’s lawful to kill raccoons on site; he is now safe at a sanctuary.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Please don’t dump any animal. Take responsibility and if you make a wild animal non releasable at the very least contact an admin of any of the rehab/ wildlife groups so that animal doesn’t get killed


Coyote Spotted Playing With Neighborhood Dogs Meets Another Coyote

Likely victims of humans who want to bring them in as pets when they’re the cute little babies and don’t foresee that they will grow. As they get bigger and sometimes unmanageable, humans just dump them back into the wild but they don’t know how to be wild.
Let wild animals be wild. If they need rescue or sanctuary, call someone who knows what to do and how to care for them. You’re well intentions could potentially be lethal to the babies. Not everybody gets happy endings like these two.

Earth Babies Rescue and Moon Child Sanctuary updated their information in their About section. 07/10/2022

Earth Babies Rescue and Moon Child Sanctuary updated their information in their About section.

Earth Babies Rescue and Moon Child Sanctuary updated their information in their About section.


We must give great honor and respect to our benefactor. We have reached out to the community and we’re not disappointed.
So many times we see rescues and sanctuaries asking for donations, we ourselves have asked for donations for emergency medical needs or situations beyond our control. This however was different. We have been looking to move the sanctuary after the recent situation that we have had to deal with. We had taken so much loss from vandalism and theft it was heartbreaking. We also were in a hurry to try and get things settled so that we can continue and expand our ability to rescue and help more wild spirits in need such as the previously mentioned foxes that are in a temporary situation after being rescued from breeders for the fur industry.
Being that this is for the sanctuary itself and something that will be permanent, we felt it is our responsibility but we still needed assistance. We put a call out to the community asking if anyone could loan us the last $5000 we needed to secure the property. The most generous and compassionate soul answered our call. Because of his assistance, we have been able to make the bid which was excepted and have started the process so we could move in within a month’s time. The animals will be safe and well cared for.
We are very excited. We heard late last night that Earth Babies Rescue and Moon Child Sanctuary has found a new home on Rainbow Drive.
This could not have happened without the assistance of Daniel. He was able to step up for the animals and he did.
🤍Daniel R Norwood, you will always be remembered, honored and respected in our hearts. Your voice is heard, your actions are meaningful and you are appreciated. 🤍

20-Year-Old Cat Surrendered To Shelter Gets Adopted by 101-Year-Old Lady: A Match Made In Heaven! - 06/04/2022

20-Year-Old Cat Surrendered To Shelter Gets Adopted by 101-Year-Old Lady: A Match Made In Heaven! -

We took is a beautiful 20 year old cat once. His surrender was a different story as his family loved him his whole life but due to living situations could not take him with as he would not make a plane ride. He was loved and pampered by all who got to know him ❤️

20-Year-Old Cat Surrendered To Shelter Gets Adopted by 101-Year-Old Lady: A Match Made In Heaven! - Read more about 20-Year-Old Cat Surrendered To Shelter Gets Adopted by 101-Year-Old Lady: A Match Made In Heaven!

Photos from Earth Babies Rescue and Moon Child Sanctuary's post 06/01/2022

With the good and the bad, sometimes assistance is needed for balance. The sanctuary has 13 babies this year, 13 little ones on bottles. That’s 13 little souls that have been saved and even though that is a lot of work and keeps us very busy, it is a good thing.
The sanctuary has also had to deal with theft and vandalism that has been heartbreaking. Because of what these uncaring people have done, we need to reach out and ask for assistance.
These little babies are going to need to be outside soon but we have lost their safe enclosure. We do have a chance of getting a temporary enclosure that would keep them all safe and provide enough space for them to have fun and start exploring.
What these people have done though has really put us in a bind. This temporary enclosure would cost a mere $400. Two would be ideal but we can make do with one of these. Babies grow very fast and we really need your assistance with this before they are ready to go out. Please, if you have it in your hearts and you have the means to give, any little bit would help.
We so appreciate all of you who care about these wild babies whose homes we have destroyed and in the case of these particular 13, whose mothers have been killed at the hands of humans. All 13 of these babies have been rescued from a situation where their mothers were raising them in a colony until some very nasty humans killed the mothers and attempted to kill these very young babies. We’ve had enough heartbreak this year, let’s share in the success with these little guys.
Thank you all so much. We appreciate each and everyone of you.

Donations are accepted through:


[email protected]


Have you ever wondered how tiny baby opossums get from the uterus to their mom's pouch? It's truly a wild, fascinating journey. It begins by going through a newly formed canal that is made from splitting connective tissue. This temporary canal appears shortly after birth and disappears soon after. It is unknown how this formation and reabsorption is controlled. It has appropriately been compared to the Room of Requirement - showing up when you need it, disappearing when you don't.

This is a picture taken using a scanning electron microscope of a 12 day old opossum embryo. It shows the temporary claws that the embryos grow while in the uterus! They use these claws to climb their way into their mom's pouch. Thanks to sensory hairs that form in their inner ear 24 hours after birth, they're able to sense the direction of gravity. They always crawl in the direction opposite of gravity, which leads them towards the pouch.

These tiny opossums also already have a highly developed sense of smell. The mother opossum instinctually licks her fur between the birth canal and her pouch. This creates a clean, clear pathway for the babies. It's also thought that her saliva has olfactory cues that the baby's keen nose can follow to the safety of the pouch. Once they reach the pouch, their claws are shed and permanent nails begin to form.

This entire process takes 2-4 minutes! Pretty fast for a brand new baby opossum that has zero experience in this world.

📷 from The Opossum: Its Amazing Story by William John Krause

Photos from Earth Babies Rescue and Moon Child Sanctuary's post 03/25/2022

Casper joined the Sanctuary a couple of days ago. He is a 30 year old white cockatoo, we are his 4th and final home. His last owners only had him approximately 6 months and then brought him to the rescue due to Casper not feeling comfortable with men, we do not know his whole history that may have contributed to his behavior issues but we will be working on making him feel safe and secure for the rest of his life, another 30 or so years which will be spent at Earth Babies.
We would eventually like to build him a full outdoor enclosure where he will be able to have recreation time, flying and enjoying himself as he is meant to.
If you would like to contribute to the care and amenities for Casper, and any of the other sanctuary residents, any amount would be appreciated.

EBRR provides rescue, fostering, rehabilitation and sanctuary to any babies of the earth that are in need. All receive the same skilled compassionate care and forever homes are found for domestics or sanctuary provided as needed. Wildlife is rehabilitated to return to the Wild whenever possible. Often transportation is available and provided between other supported rescues who also Believe the babies come first.

Donations are accepted through:


[email protected]


Let’s keep wild animals in their wild habitats and let’s keep domesticated animals from ruining those environments which they do not belong in.

Another culprit is at it! Today's invasive species is none other than the European ferret, a restricted species in California. While domestic ferrets can be cute and cuddly pets, make no mistake, they pose a risk of becoming an invasive species and harming crops and local wildlife.

⭐How did they get here?
The ancient Greeks probably domesticated ferrets about 2,500 years ago to hunt vermin. The practice then spread across Europe. Sailors kept ferrets on ships to control rats. It is likely that the first ferrets in North America arrived on a ship in the 1700s. Today ferrets find their way to California through the illegal pet trade.

⭐ Why are they harmful?
They are opportunistic carnivores and need to eat often. Their slender bodies make it easy for them to squeeze into tight places to look for food, such as nests of other animals. Just like any invasive species, ferrets can harm local wildlife, potentially spread disease or hurt the economy by destroying entire harvests of food.

⭐What can you do?
It is up to us to prevent invasive species from harming our ecosystems. This is why the State of California has established restricted species regulations. Even though ferrets can be kept as pets in other states, the risk they could pose to the native wildlife here in California is far too great. We have an abundance of amazing and unique plants, animals and landscapes in our state, and we must do our part to protect them.

Photos from Earth Babies Rescue and Moon Child Sanctuary's post 12/29/2021

This is Greyson. A beautiful love bird, brought into the rescue after the horrible weather we’ve been having.

Photos from Earth Babies Rescue and Moon Child Sanctuary's post 12/18/2021

Three baby javelina saved late last night. two fell in a 5ft hole luckily I was able to easily get in and out of there and one baby found with a spinal injury

Please help support our efforts to expand to rescue and save more animals of all species

Please donate as a friend so we receive your full support


Looking to adopt?
We have a couple loving guinea pig brothers looking for their forever home

A beautiful Smokey Rabbit that would make a great pet

And a Mother and Son who can be adopted together or separate both beautiful black cats; mom is a tripod


Went to Walmart today for two items only. Came out of the store with this little peanut 3-4 weeks old. Security officer Sam found her in a beer box, we think abandoned by humans


2 baby bunnies came in today. Around 2-3 days old. Please keep them in your thoughts as they are in bad shape.


A few days late but this was a beautiful rescue. She had an abscess on her face causing her to not eat properly. She is healing perfectly

Photos from Earth Babies Rescue and Moon Child Sanctuary's post 10/15/2021

Some of our recent intakes. The sweet duckling and parakeet were adopted out.

Available for adoption:
Queen is a beautiful black female around age 2-3 years, she has 3 legs but doesn’t stop her from getting around.
Dragon is a large handsome 1 year old. His behind is still growing in from being neutered but is such a cuddle buddy.


4 cats fixed this week... more appointments coming soon


Another sanctuary is experiencing heartbreak as one of their residence, a young steer, is suffering. This young animal already has one prosthetic from a previous accident and now is having joint issues. He just had a knee give out which took him down. Everyone is getting together to show support and explore possible options of care.
To all rescues, fosters, sanctuaries and animal caregivers; please remember that you do the best that you could. It’s heartbreaking when our animal friends are suffering but we must go on. There are so many more that need our help. Let’s continue doing the best for each but remember to care for ourselves as well so that we can manage to get through and keep doing what’s needed for the animals. 


Owning a rescue and saving animals isn’t always just taking in animals. Sometimes it’s helping get others connected to a rescue closer to them, and sometimes it’s going out at 11:30 pm to splint and wrap a broken leg so it’s not dangling and getting worse while waiting for the veterinarian to open.

Photos from Earth Babies Rescue and Moon Child Sanctuary's post 08/30/2021

EBRR is excited to share the news of another success. This young great horned owl was rescued as a baby. He’s been in rehabilitation for months and last night, he took his first flight of freedom over paradise lake where he will now live the life he has been always meant to live.
He was born free and now he will live free.


Today was a sad day here at the sanctuary, we lost one of beloved boys; Cat came to the sanctuary when his owners and only family he knew had to move back over seas and due to his age could not go with as he would not be able to make the plane ride. He was a happy sweet 20 year old boy (96 years old in human age)

We miss you sweet boy and will cherish the time we had with you.


Raccoons, opossums, and coyotes are often senselessly killed because they have inconvenienced someone by climbing into a trash can in search of food or shelter. If you happen to have a wild animal (or several of them) who have mistaken your trash for a buffet or den, please don’t kill them. There are plenty of very easy, affordable ways to latch your trash can lids.


A message for all my chicken lovers- and how to keep them alive in the AZ heat- from my friend to you:

I’m just going to put this out there. Hopefully someone takes my advice because I can’t stand to click on a post in the summer and read about yet another dead chicken. I have not lost a bird to heat in 5 years and this is what you need to do to save your birds.

1. They need shade and a lot of it. If you can’t sit out there with them for 3 hrs.. don’t expect them to sit out there 24 hrs.

2. Soak the dirt they walk on, or grass or sand.. whatever just make it wet. Go buy a 20# bag of ice and dump it on the ground with a bunch of meal worms or whatever treat they like. They will stand on the ice and cool off.

3. Give electrolytes every day. I give a small slice of watermelon and drip Nutri-drench on it.. or sprinkle packets of electrolytes and vitamins.. not the whole packet.. just a bit.

4. Dip your birds at night in water. Not ice water.. their wet feathers work like a radiator to keep them cool.

5. Put ice in their water feeder with a 5-6 drops of nitro-drench. A lot of ice.

6. With steel roof or shingles spray down with water at night to cool off the roof.

7. Wrap their pirch with wet burlap at night.

oh and btw.. humidity caused respiratory issues.. give Ambroxitil or something once a month..

Photos from Earth Babies Rescue and Moon Child Sanctuary's post 07/09/2021

Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the loss of little Iris O’Possum

Photos from Earth Babies Rescue and Moon Child Sanctuary's post 06/27/2021

This is a recently hatched lovebird, such a small featherless baby. Can’t wait to see the beautiful colors it turns into


Jeffers Pet Supplies, Horse Supplies, Livestock Supplies | Jeffers Pet 06/01/2021

Jeffers Pet Supplies, Horse Supplies, Livestock Supplies | Jeffers Pet

For our fellow rehabbers

Just thought I would throw this out there for you guys:

I know a lot of rehabbers use Goat's Milk Esbilac and has the 5 lb bags for $120.00 and if you order today and use code MEM21 you get 10% off and free shipping on orders over $49.99.

Jeffers Pet Supplies, Horse Supplies, Livestock Supplies | Jeffers Pet Jeffers Pet Supplies offers over 25,000 products for horses, cattle, swine, goats, sheep, chickens & pets with satisfaction & low price guarantee. Shop Jeffers & save.


Wildlife fun fact of the week!

Dogs run with their tails up; coyotes run with their tails down.

Photos from Friends of Texas Wildlife's post 05/18/2021

Photos from Friends of Texas Wildlife's post


Sadly our meeting with the contractor had to be pushed to next week. Send good vibes so we can get this all done in a timely manner for our critter friends



Some may have seen a recent post with a fundraiser asking to help us pick up a baby from California to take to sanctuary. So many people helped and it is absolutely appreciated.
An update for you all; we picked up Penelope and she is fine. We ended up getting three more rescues that needed sanctuary. The little boy is going to be placed with a Rescue we partner with. He will get the best of care there. We will keep and care for the others.
I want to tell you a little about the boy. His story is heartbreaking. Just a tiny baby, probably barely away from his mother, someone trapped him and then through him against a brick wall causing traumatic brain injury. As if he was not already injured enough from the inhumane trap used. A compassionate citizen saw this and rescued this little boy from a dumpster. Don’t even ask what happened to the perpetrator, we don’t know. This little boy has had a lot of medical care since his rescue. He is now going to be in a sanctuary where he will have toys and plenty of room to play plus all of the care that will keep him comfortable and safe for the rest of his life.
The girls, Penelope, Nana and Iris will stay with Earth Babies and receive the same love. We cannot continue to do this without the support of the many kind and compassionate individuals out there. Thank you all for caring about the animals and thank you for supporting in whatever way you’re able.
Just a note, food and supplies are just as welcome as money.
Love and peace to all of you and to all of the earth babies in the world.

Photos from Earth Babies Rescue and Moon Child Sanctuary's post 05/06/2021

A little late but last week one special boy was adopted out.
Cooper is now being pampered and loved on in his forever home with Jeremiah.
Cooper has come a very long way, I couldn’t be happier for how much love he is now receiving

Reproduction – Life Cycle | Opossum Society of the United States 05/05/2021

Reproduction – Life Cycle | Opossum Society of the United States

Reproduction – Life Cycle | Opossum Society of the United States Reproduction – Life Cycle What is a marsupial? A marsupial is an animal belonging to the order Marsupiala, infraclass Metatheria. Members include the kangaroo, koala, Tasmanian devil and the Virginia opossum. Marsupials give birth to fetal-like young following a brief gestation period. The young t...


Last and Final payment for our new property where the rescue and sanctuary will stay was made today, on Earth Day
Please help us celebrate Earth Day by helping to clean and maintain our wonderful planet


Today am I as tired as a raccoon or a possum???

Baby season is here please help a rehabber out by contacting them before taking any babies you come across, mama might still be caring for them and to many babies are “stolen” when being saved

(Photo stolen from Katy Pollard)


In October of 2017, I was contacted by VT State Game Warden Mark Schichtle about a squirrel that had been confiscated as an illegal pet. Peanut was a beloved family member who had been raised by a child in the family from a tiny pinky baby and had lived with them for 3 or 4 years before she was reported. The family, defensive of their pet, threatened the life of the Warden. Ultimately, an agreement was made involving the Warden and the State Veterinarian at the time. The squirrel would be brought to a licensed rehabber and would be able to live out her life there. I agreed to take Peanut and she arrived here on October 19, 2017.
Because of improper feeding, Peanut was beginning to develop cataracts with her previous keepers and because she was being kept illegally, they could not find a veterinarian to treat her eyes.
Once Peanut arrived here, she went to visit Peak Veterinary Referral Center and was diagnosed with cataracts. In the years that Peanut has been here, she has had further mineralization in her eyes and can see very little. She is an otherwise happy, healthy squirrel given ample stimulation with toys.
Game Warden Mark Schichtle has since retired. The State Veterinarian is no long the same person who made that arrangement.
And now, the new head warden at Vermont Fish and Wildlife is saying that keeping Peanut for as long as I have is a violation, my license will be revoked and they want to come and confiscate her to kill her. In January 2020 I was on the cover of the Burlington Free Press and the Head Warden called me a "Rehabber in good standing". Peanut was on my paperwork then. The only thing that has changed is the staff at VT Fish & Wildlife.
I have reached out to WCAX-TV and they are interested in covering her story.
Vermont Fish & Wildlife reneged on their arrangement and they want to euthanize a blind squirrel simply because they want to enforce rules. These are rules THEY made and rules THEY chose to bend in order to save the Game Warden AND Peanut's life.
I am being ordered to contact the Game Warden this afternoon to schedule an "inspection" but this is their opportunity to take Peanut. They want to bring a man with a gun into my house in the middle of a pandemic so they can kill a squirrel, Governor Phil Scott.
Please share this story. Peanut doesn't deserve to die because someone changed their mind about whether she should live or die. This is VT Fish & Wildlife's chance to show they are actually about conservation by allowing Peanut to stay with the licensed rehabber who they requested take her in the first place.
Please help me

Sign petition here:

Building a small baby animal Incubator 03/01/2021

Building a small baby animal Incubator

Shared from a fellow rehabber. For those taking in multiple litters of babies or injured adults needing Incubators.... or if a baby is found and you need to keep warm while waiting for a rehabber this is a great idea.

Building a small baby animal Incubator Affordable, reliable, and costs $100 to $120 to build. Perfect for wildlife rehabilitators and kitten rescues.

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