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Welcome to HearingLife in Sayville! We offer free hearing assessments and risk-free hearing aid

It’s Time to Prioritize Hearing Care—Here’s How to Make It Part of Your Wellness Routine Starting Today 10/27/2023

It’s time to prioritize hearing care – so we partnered with Well+Good to spread the word. Check out this article featuring Dr. Leslie Soiles, our Chief Audiologist:

It’s Time to Prioritize Hearing Care—Here’s How to Make It Part of Your Wellness Routine Starting Today *Turns down volume on earbuds.*


Meet Dr. Daniel Agrusa – one of HearingLife’s People Who Care. Dr. Agrusa works at our Royal Oak, Michigan location and loves helping people communicate better when they can hear better.



Trouble with the TV? Turns out modern TVs really are harder to hear! Hearing Instrument Specialist Dolores Gauthier shares her best tips for enjoying your favorite programs in today’s blog.



We are at The Listen Lounge with Dr. Stephanie Rose!


Patient Care Coordinators are the friendly people who greet you at your local HearingLife, but they do so much more. Today, meet Denise Serhan, who works at our Westfield, New Jersey office.



Today is World Mental Health Day – and a good time to remind everyone of the connection between hearing and mental health. Check out this blog from Dr. Regina Liantonio: https://www.hearinglife.com/hearing-blog/life-with-hearing-loss/the-connection-between-hearing-and-mental-health

Photos from HearingLife's post 10/09/2023

October is National Audiology Month and also National Protect Your Hearing Month! Here are our top tips for protecting your hearing so you can enjoy all the sounds life has to offer for as long as possible.

More tips here: https://www.hearinglife.com/hearing-blog/life-with-hearing-loss/safe-listening-at-concerts


October is National Audiology Month, and we’re thankful for the audiologists in our lives every day! Thank you to all the HearingLife who help people hear better every day.


This afternoon, Wednesday, October 4 at approximately 2 p.m., there will be a test of the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) Nationwide Emergency Alert system. If you have a cell phone and it is turned on and connected to an active cell tower, you will likely receive a notification this afternoon that will read “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

These alerts can be very loud depending on your phone settings – we recommend taking this opportunity to set your iPhone’s maximum volume to a safe level. Follow the steps in this video to do that:


October 1st was International Music Day! Music unites humans across the world – but if you aren’t hearing well, you may not be enjoying music like you used to. Schedule a hearing assessment today to see if your hearing loss needs to be treated – and turn those headphones down!


Tonight, you have the chance to cheer on one of our hearing care providers! Mario Mendez, who works at our Highland, Indiana office, is on tonight’s Wheel of Fortune! Go Mario!

Schedule an appointment with Mario: https://www.hearinglife.com/book-appointment/online-booking?centerid=1760 #/center-details


Yes – even people with mild hearing loss should consider hearing aids! Find out why treating your hearing loss as soon as possible is a good choice. https://www.hearinglife.com/hearing-blog/research/do-i-need-hearing-aids-for-mild-hearing-loss

HearingLife is proud to partner with Alzheimer's Association 09/21/2023

Today is World Alzheimer’s Day. Worldwide, more than 55 million people are living with dementia. We are proud to partner with the Alzheimer's Association to help find a cure. https://www.hearinglife.com/alz

HearingLife is proud to partner with Alzheimer's Association Online Hearing Test 844-836-5003 844-836-5003 Online Hearing Test Everyone has a connection to Alzheimer’s – and HearingLife is no exception. There...

Doctor Radio | SiriusXM 09/20/2023

Our spokesperson, William Shatner, is on the Doctor Radio Podcast today with our very own Dr. Stephani Rose! Check it out live at 1 p.m. eastern time or find the recording here: https://www.siriusxm.com/channels/doctor-radio

Doctor Radio | SiriusXM Your chance to talk directly to some of the top doctors in the world. Powered by NYU Langone Health.

Research Roundup: Two recent studies on the correlation between hearing loss and dementia 09/18/2023

Did you know researchers have consistently found a correlation between hearing loss and dementia? During Healthy Aging Month, make your hearing a priority!


Research Roundup: Two recent studies on the correlation between hearing loss and dementia In recent months, there have been two new studies released that show a correlation between treating hearing loss and a reduced risk of cognitive...

Timeline photos 09/15/2023

Did you know you can decorate your hearing aids? A little creativity and a trip to the craft store and you’ll be on your way to personalized behind-the-ear fashion!


Timeline photos 09/11/2023

9.11.2001. never forget.


Happy Grandparent’s Day! We hope today is filled with fun, laughter and love. ❤️


For Star Trek Day, we’d like to thank our spokesperson William Shatner for his commitment to helping more people hear better! A great captain needs to hear their crew – so be sure to get your hearing checked. https://www.hearinglife.com/keepconnected

The importance of hearing aids in your ability to age in place 09/07/2023

Healthy Aging Month is a great time to plan ahead. Many people hope to age in their current homes and for that to be possible - and safe - it’s important to address a few things and make a plan in advance. Find out more: https://www.hearinglife.com/hearing-blog/life-with-hearing-loss/ability-to-age-in-place

The importance of hearing aids in your ability to age in place Aging in place is a wonderful option - but it requires some planning and thought ahead of time! Be sure to set your home up with grab bars and...

Timeline photos 09/05/2023

Meet Dr. Eleni Santarelli – one of HearingLife’s People Who Care. Dr. Santarelli works at our Medina, Ohio location and spends her free time volunteering at the Cleveland Zoo!


Maintaining your 5 senses is key to healthy aging 09/01/2023

September is Healthy Aging Month! As hearing care experts, we are so passionate about making sure people know the importance of addressing hearing loss! Find out how maintaining your 5 senses – including your hearing – helps you age better and stay connected with the life you love.


Maintaining your 5 senses is key to healthy aging Several studies have shown links between hearing and cognition, including one that linked lower cognition scores with having lower levels of the five senses. Another showed that having hearing loss in midlife was associated with brain changes later in life. Find out more here.

Timeline photos 08/31/2023

Listen to our friend and spokesperson William Shatner! Loving your ears means getting them checked by a professional. Your first hearing check is recommended by age 55 (sooner if you’ve worked in a noisy environment or been to a lot of concerts). Schedule a complimentary hearing assessment today: https://www.hearinglife.com/book-appointment/online-booking #/find-a-center

Timeline photos 08/28/2023

At HearingLife, we know that our Team Members are what sets us apart. Today, we want to introduce one of our patient care coordinators – Peggie Smith. Patient care coordinators are the amazing people who greet you when you visit HearingLife – but they do so much more! From answering calls, scheduling visits, and providing a listening ear for our customers – we wouldn’t be the company we are without them.


Domestic violence took her ability to see, smell, and hear. New aids are helping her listen again 08/24/2023

Our latest story from Campaign For Better Hearing-USA features Colleen Scott, a grandmother and a survivor of domestic violence. But to Dr. Daniel Agrusa of our Royal Oak HearingLife location, she's "a living miracle."


Domestic violence took her ability to see, smell, and hear. New aids are helping her listen again A doctor called Colleen Scott a "living miracle" after surviving 38 years without her senses. The cameras were on when her hearing was restored.

Timeline photos 08/22/2023

If you or someone you love has hearing loss, check out and share our blog on the basics of communicating! Hint: always get their attention before you start talking to someone with hearing loss.


Timeline photos 08/21/2023

Today is National Senior Citizens Day – HearingLife has asked our Team Members to take some time today to write letters to seniors through the organization Love for Our Elders. You can check out their organization and write your letter to a senior here: https://loveforourelders.org/letters

Timeline photos 08/15/2023

Summer concert season is here! The good news is that outdoor concerts are generally safer for your ears, but you should still be cautious and bring your ear protection. Learn more in our blog: https://www.hearinglife.com/hearing-blog/news-and-events/safe-listening-at-concerts

Timeline photos 08/14/2023

Today’s featured provider is Dr. Filiberto “Alex” Gonzalez. He works at our Richmond, Virginia location and is especially passionate about follow-up care and making sure his customers are well taken care of for the long term!


Grammy award-winning singer receives life-changing hearing device 08/10/2023

Joe Thompson is a musician and school bus driver who desperately needed to be able to hear again. We are so happy to give him hearing aids through Campaign For Better Hearing-USA at our Nashville HearingLife location.


Grammy award-winning singer receives life-changing hearing device Joe Thompson received hearing aids out of 750 nominees.

Do hearing aids help with tinnitus? 08/08/2023

Do your ears ring? If you have persistent ear ringing, don’t ignore it any longer! Schedule a complimentary hearing assessment and let our licensed hearing care professionals help you find relief.


Do hearing aids help with tinnitus? Hearing aids can help treat tinnitus if you have a hearing loss; in fact, 90% of people with tinnitus have hearing loss. Hearing aids may help with tinnitus if your tinnitus is caused by hearing loss – click here to find out more.

Timeline photos 08/03/2023

Do you have itchy ears? While many things may cause itchy ears, ear wax is likely the culprit. Give us a call and we can get you scheduled for ear wax removal at your local HearingLife location. https://www.hearinglife.com/hearing-blog/life-with-hearing-loss/itchy-ears

Timeline photos 08/01/2023

August sizzling savings are here! The weather is hot and so is this offer – get $2000 off a pair of ultimate-level hearing aids – now through August 31!


Timeline photos 07/30/2023

The best friendships are based on listening! If you’ve been having trouble hearing your loved ones on the phone or in-person, be sure to give us a call – we would love to help you hear better.

Photos from HearingLife's post 07/28/2023

HearingLife provider Jane Heath participated in the Alzheimer's Association Ride to End ALZ in South Carolina this month. The 3-day ride was 255 miles and has raised over a million dollars so far.

“I originally started riding this ride 10 years ago for a very dear friend who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's when he was 49 years old. He lost his battle after 11 years. I've continued to ride for a cure because I have seen firsthand how untreated hearing loss may be associated with the progression of this brutal disease,” says Jane.

Timeline photos 07/24/2023

Today is International Self Care Day. We believe that taking care of your hearing IS self-care! Don’t neglect your ability to communicate and engage with the world – schedule a complimentary hearing assessment today and one of our licensed hearing care professionals will provide a personalized hearing assessment and consultation to go over your results and the best path forward for you to enjoy better hearing.

‘Puts everyone before herself’: Edmond mom of 8 gets free hearing aids after house fire 07/24/2023

We are passionate about supporting and helping others through the Campaign For Better Hearing-USA!

‘Puts everyone before herself’: Edmond mom of 8 gets free hearing aids after house fire After losing her hearing aids in a house fire in 2022, an Edmond mom can hear clearly again.

Charging your hearing aids when the power goes out 07/18/2023

Summer storms may have you wondering how you’ll charge your hearing aids if the power goes out. Our favorite solution is the Oticon Smart Charger, but there are a few others options on our blog: https://www.hearinglife.com/hearing-blog/life-with-hearing-loss/charging-your-hearing-aids-when-the-power-goes-out

Charging your hearing aids when the power goes out Whether it’s a hurricane, tornado or routine outage, make sure you have a plan for charging your hearing aids in an emergency.

Timeline photos 07/17/2023

Today is World Emoji Day! The ever-growing library of emojis includes almost anything – share your favorite in the comments!

Animal Audiology with Dr. Eleni Santarelli 07/14/2023

Did you know that there are audiologists researching the ways that animals hear? Find out more about this fascinating field of study from our very own Dr. Eleni Santarelli, who has helped research dog hearing!


Animal Audiology with Dr. Eleni Santarelli I’m Dr. Eleni Santarelli, and I’m an audiologist at HearingLife. I also have a certificate and an ongoing interest in animal audiology! While doing research one day, I discovered that there was a program at the University of Cincinnati that combined my interests – an Animal Audiology certifica...

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