A1 Limousine International

A1 Limousine International in Sayreville, NJ provides transportation services for a wide range of needs. Wherever you want to go, we will get you there.

A1 Limousine is locally based, and provides town cars and SUVs to get you to your destination. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, shuttling attendees to a corporate function, wining and dining your clients, going to a concert or sporting event, or just need a ride to the airport, we have the town car or SUV to suit your needs. Professional service is more than something nice that we like to do.

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Rubber trees are better than plastic ones.

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Are you excited for the weekend?


Imagine you could only have one radio station to get you through the winter. Which would you choose?

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Make their day extra special with a limo ride.

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We value hearing what you think! Find us on Yelp! http://yelp.com/biz/qWKlPZT5ZTrHan4GEpaPJw

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We'll get you there on time, every time.


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Support your community by choosing to shop local tomorrow!

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We hope you and your families have a happy Thanksgiving! Chow down on some good food today.

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We're on Twitter too! How do you use Twitter and Facebook differently?


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Celebrate the right way: In one of our limos.

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Need to get to the airport quickly? Hop in! We'll get you there.

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Best way to spice up Girls Night Out? Ride in one of our limos.


Tinted windows: yea or nay?

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"Excuse me sir, but did you know that if you book us online, you save 10%?"

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Arrive with every hair in place on your wedding day.

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Do you use Yelp? We absolutely depend on it! http://yelp.com/biz/qWKlPZT5ZTrHan4GEpaPJw


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Don't be a pumpkin and drive. Happy Halloween!

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Trying to get to the ball? Our limos are a lot faster than pumpkins.

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"The weekend's here!"

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Live the life in one of our limos.


What's the best part of a luxury Sedan limo?

A. Full leather seats
B. Intercom
C. Tinted windows

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Our fleet will have you arriving in style to your destination faster than you can say "Autobots, roll out!"

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Arriving with the squad to Homecoming in one of our limos? Priceless.

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Our cars may be black, but our business model is very green.


Got a smart phone? You can book one of our limos online from the palm of your hand!


Need a ride? Since 1989, we've been comfortably transporting clients with a wide range of needs. So sit back and relax, Sayreville!



86 Winding Wood Dr Apt 4A
Sayreville, NJ

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