A Beautiful Birth
A Beautiful Birth


To all Moms today and everyday: You are the reason we all have the ability to THRIVE!!! Thank you😊 We hope you have an amazing day!
Dr Stacy and Nicole are AMAZING! I could NOT have a better cheerleader and bigger supporter in my corner than Dr Stacy is!!!!! If I am feeling down he is right there to pick me up! I owe my biggest success to Dr Stacy! I have reached places I never ever thought I could by myself having Dr Stacy in my corner means more than anything! Someday I plan on hugging his neck!! I love him to pieces!! #iamarockstar
When Stacy & Nicole were in Spfld.MO and I was a patient....they were super nice and caring. I'm happy for them that they are doing so well in Florida. I sure miss them in Spfld. MO. You can't go wrong with their program if you follow what they recommend. If you need to talk and discuss any problems they will listen and come up with a solution for you. Give them a try, you won't be sorry. Peggy Cunningham.
Congrats on your ribbon cutting. I'm excited to know your in town. I look forward to using your services. I'm a local Insurance Agent if you need any help with your insurance needs. Best of Luck!

Restoring Health Naturally, Mind & Body! Thriveology is a holistic health center that specializes in helping people restore health naturally.

Our philosophy is based on removing obstacles to good health, so your body can heal itself; as nature intended. Understanding that the body is a flow system, Stacy Kimmel uses the principles of bio-energetics to unlock the imbalances that create the obstacles. Functional nutrition is the cornerstone of these modalities. We are in service to educate and teach you how to come alive and THRIVE! Plus,

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 03/22/2022

Thriving Thought: There are lots of EMF blockers marketed for cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices. We've tried many of these, with limited success in our testing. We were so pleased to be introduced to Airestech, as they finally solved our need for EMF protection from the use of our phones, tablets and WiFi network. Unlike other EMF devices, this equipment has proven science behind their design, using human testing to clearly show their superior EMF management. Check the link below to investigate how this simple device can save your brain from EMF damage, led by cell phone usage.

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A little funny for your Tuesday after Valentine's Day... make sure it's (at least) a well-sourced, 75% dark chocolate when you choose it. That means all that milk chocolate you received for V-Day needs to go!! 😂

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Thriveology is excited to feature the InBody Body Composition Analyzer as an important data-gathering tool! This quick, easy and accurate machine provides information not only on the basics of body composition (body fat %, lean body mass), but also body water (both intra and extra-cellular), visceral fat (a crucial piece of health knowledge) and other vital data points to help us help you! The scan is quick and painless - contact us to set up your appointment to scan and go over your results.

Timeline photos 01/10/2022

Thriving Thought: We're in the thick of resolution season... but people are already losing their zest for their commitments they made to themselves. When it comes to health commitments, you've got to be your biggest fan and hold true to what you deemed valuable - before it got real (and maybe hard!) Celebrate the small victories as you move through changes, it helps! And, know that we will be the president of your fan club to help you take your health where you want it to be. 😊

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Our very best wishes to you for a healthy holiday season and a Happy New year!!

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Thriving Thought: Healing doesn't happen at Thriveology - we simply help you remove the obstacles standing in the way of your body healing itself. You are divinely designed to self-heal... don't let anyone convince you otherwise!

Timeline photos 11/25/2021

We are so thankful for our practice members, our health and our ability to serve the natural health community!

Timeline photos 11/11/2021

We humbly thank all veterans today... and every day.

Timeline photos 11/07/2021

A little Daylight Savings humor 😆

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Thriving Thought: Don't allow yourself to be gaslighted into believing your health journey is a selfish pursuit! The old saying, "You can't pour out of an empty cup," applies here also - taking care of yourself assures that you are better equipped to handle all aspects of your life, including helping those you choose to care for.

Timeline Photos 10/18/2021

Check the image - is it moving for you? If so, can you "make it" stop?? If the image appears to move, this can be a signal of an inflamed brain. At the very least, your brain is very tired... especially if you see movement in the image and can't make it stop. Brain inflammation isn't something many people consider, unfortunately. Sleep habits, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and other poor habits are all major contributors. There are supportive supplements that can help ease this type of inflammatory response in the brain.

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You are not your disease! That's a rally cry from Thriveology today - stop allowing illness to define who you are. If your intention is to truly be well, you must remember that giving all your attention to being sick won't help you realize that intention. Intention is what your mind is saying it wants - attention is where the heart leads you to achieve that intention. It takes both - mind and heart - to move the body into wellness.

Timeline Photos 09/07/2021

Thriving Thought: We've discussed the importance of maintaining a strong immune system during this, and any, immune challenging time. What isn't being discussed - and vitally important to the function of your immune system - is the fact that Americans are getting fatter because of the excuse of a pan$demic. 61% experiencing unwanted weight changes, with 42% of those people gaining an average of 29 lbs., while 10% gained in excess of 50 Lbs.!!! This is REAL trouble. Have you gained unnecessary body weight in the last 2 years? You're setting yourself up for longer-term damage, bigger and (by the numbers) more deadly than any viral infection. There's help available (like our SHAPE ReClaimed program) but you can start by taking inventory of what, and how much, you're eating on a daily basis. Old habits are hard to break, but with support it can be done. Put as much concern into what you're forking into your mouth as you do with all of the viral avoidance measures - your immune system will thank you!

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No truer statement exists in these divisive times.

Photos from Thriveology's post 08/16/2021

Thriving Thought: Nutritional teaching, in some way or another, is a primary focus at Thriveology. One of the most misunderstood nutritional subjects we hear is calorie vs. portion control. When studied, it is always found that most people grossly under-estimate their daily calorie intake. Review the images below - you can see that the slice of cake isn't an overly large piece. Yet, that slice has been judged to contain 920 calories! 59 grams of fat, 92 grams of carbs... in an average slice of very colorful cake. Admittedly this is an extreme case, but SO MANY foods we eat contain WAY MORE calories than they might seem. Read your labels, people - you may be surprised how many calories you REALLY consume in a day. Just as important, health-wise, is to examine what your food contains. Examine the label on the cake slice. That's not food, it's a chemistry experiment!

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Sage words for our time... this includes you, scientific community.

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Does this sound like you?? This is a common theme of many who walk through Thriveology's door. There are tools - natural tools - that can help you restore your health! Your body has the greatest capacity to heal itself... if only the obstacles are removed. That's how you truly THRIVE - by removing the obstacles. We can help.

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Thriveology wishes you a Happy and Safe July 4th holiday. Freedom is never free, so we love to thank all those who make it possible for us to do what we do. Also, remember that freedom exists in many forms... if your health is a problem - you're not free!

Timeline Photos 06/21/2021

That's 2.8 million people, yearly, that perish due to direct causation of obesity. We must do better than this! Start small... try to add one healthy eating habit every month. Or go big - create a radical shift that transforms you. Whatever the choice... just make it!

Timeline Photos 05/31/2021

The debt paid by so many can never be indemnified with our heartfelt "thank you," but know that we honor and respect their and everyday! Freedom is never free.


Our amazing friend and colleague, Olivia from Vibrant Wellness, is going to show us how to make natural bug spray that is 100% non-toxic to humans - but does a great job at keeping the bugs away! For our Florida peeps - this would be a great no-see-um solution. Also keep in mind she's mixing this brew as a 35 week expectant momma!! Non-toxic is the way to go. 😊


EMF Radiation Protection Devices | Radiation Shielding

Thriving Thought: Are you concerned about 5G? Have you seen the studies that show the unhealthy changes that happen to your brain when you use your cell phone? This is something that I've been tracking for some time - keeping up with the studies, monitoring effects seen in the clinic, etc. I've tried several devices, meant to reduce the radiation effects from our cell phones specifically. I'm happy to share that we've finally found a confirmed solution - with very sound science to back it up! Made by Airestech, they have designed their LifeTune devices for cell phones, tablets and even personal space. Both Nicole and I have been using the cell phone devices and have a personal space unit in our home (soon to be adding to the office also.) Have a look at this - this is a bigger health problem than many know. Here's the link to check it out:

EMF Radiation Protection Devices | Radiation Shielding Aires offers EMF radiation protection devices that include radiation blocking products for cell phone, microwave, computer and other electronic devices.

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We're just going to leave this right here...

Alive to Thrive!

Thriveology is a holistic health center that specializes in helping people restore health naturally. Our philosophy is based on removing obstacles to good health, so your body can heal itself; as nature intended. Understanding that the body is a flow system, Stacy uses the principles of bio-energetics to unlock the imbalances that create the obstacles. Functional nutrition is the cornerstone of these modalities. We are in service to educate and teach you how to come alive and THRIVE!

Plus, we think you’ll feel the difference the moment you arrive. We created an environment that is warm and inviting, unlike many clinical settings. We spend time getting to know you as a person. We ask about everything that’s going on with you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We are the Thriveologists and we will help you restore your health, naturally!

We do phone coaching & tele-consults too!



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