Faces By Fezza

Faces By Fezza


Check out these amazing lower facelift and blepharoplasty results from one of our #SCALE2021 faculty members Faces By Fezza!

🎥: @facesbyfezza on IG
NP Upton and NP Kara recently participated in an Allergan Master Class lead by Faces By Fezza, one of the plastic surgeons who was instrumental in the BOTOX® Cosmetic onabotulinumtoxinA FDA trials.

One more example of our team’s commitment to providing you with the highest quality care possible!

Check out some of the amazing work that 2020 faculty members, Faces By Fezza, Rebecca Fitzgerald MD Inc., Dr. David Goldberg, Dr. Julie Harper from Dermatology and Skin Care Center of Birmingham, and Dr. Terrence Keaney have done!

We invite some of the best of the best to be apart of SCALE, and we're so excited to see who will be attending in 2021!

Keep up-to-date with all SCALE announcements here: https://bit.ly/SCALE2021
Dr. John Fezza shares his #1 go-to product, Dermal Repair Cream with us. Faces By Fezza

Scroll to see why this is his go-to 👉

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only choose one SENTÉ product, which would you choose?

Many thanks to Dr. John Fezza and Kalie Kosek, PA-C with Faces By Fezza for hosting this wonderful charity event and for their generous donation. We are so grateful for this SPARCC Emergency Shelter funding. Thank you for believing in our mission! 💜💜
Dr. Fezza did my upper eyelids in October and the results were amazing. Everyone is astounded by how Dr. Fezza fixed my looks. I feel so wonderful with how they look and how I feel. I will admit how nervous I was but the facility and everyone were awesome. Thank you Dr. Fezza for this. I still look in the mirror and can't believe the difference. "Happy Holidays"

Dr. John P. Fezza has been a member of the Center For Sight team since 1998 and specializes in cosmetic facial and laser surgery.

Operating as usual

Photos from Faces By Fezza's post 05/31/2022

Nice time staying locally in Fort Myers and Naples doing filler trainings for Revance Therapeutics on their RHA fillers. Also, I'm currently doing FDA trial on RHA1 known as Redensity for correction of tear troughs (patients welcome). Thanks to Ben for being a great guy and orchestrating nice trainings. Got to visit Face It Botox Bar with the amazing Ryann & Kellie, Luxlift with the talented Anne, and Naples Skin Clinic with energetic and upbeat Bita.

Photos from Faces By Fezza's post 05/30/2022

Happy Memorial Day and a thank you to all who have served our country. A few snapshots of the weekend with my visiting sons. Paddle boarding, tennis, biking, basketball, pool and good hanging out time with Daisy. My pre-med sons,Reed and Tyler, even did some impromptu skin cancer surgery on their grandfather. They did a fantastic job removing the spots on his face and suturing him up. Great to see them and recharged for the short week.


Saw this picture in an advertisement and the left spock brow is apparent. The medial brow is too low and the lateral brow too high and arched giving a quizacle appearance. Most likely caused by over injection to the medial frontalis muscle that lifts the brow or more likely a Glabellar injection on the left that was too high. Most of these types of results are avoidable and underscores proper Botox placement. Some people like the severe look, but natural brow contour is typically better.

Photos from Faces By Fezza's post 05/22/2022

Incredible Allergan Advisory Botox Board celebrating 20 years of Botox cosmetic. Had the pleasure of learning and exchanging ideas with some incredibly talented physicians, including the Carruthers, who are credited with the birth of Botox cosmetic. 20 years is a nice historical inflection point, but in terms of time it's a blip on the radar. Its more amazing how this wonder drug has transformed our lives in so many ways. Congratulations to the Botox cosmetic team lead by Chad Lindemann and composed of Amandas, Cara, Stephanie and Julia on a job well done!

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The group temple rub! I typically massage the patient's head as they go under anesthesia in the operating room on order to relax them prior to surgery. Amy and Terese joined the party for an extra good time. 🤪

Photos from Faces By Fezza's post 05/15/2022

Congratulations to Drs. Biesman and Gold on a spectacular SCALE Meeting this past weekend in Nashville. Great to connect to so many friends in person. Had the pleasure of giving lectures on fillers and moderating, along with giving an industry talk for Upneeq drops. Amazing agenda, lectures and events. A high energy, fun and informative meeting with incredible faculty and great interaction. Nashville rocks!

@drbiesman @drmichaelgold

Photos from Faces By Fezza's post 05/12/2022

Ok so I'm breaking my own rule not to post about my kids on my business account...but I'm so proud I have to ☺️. Congratulations to my oldest son, Blake, who just earned his law degree from University of Miami. Here's to a bright future!



Shout out to the fabulous new team of Sadie and Haley for a well done Allergan Foundations training week in Irvine, California. They had big shoes to fill and along with Trey and Corey did a fantastic job of educating the new BDMs and RMs. Here's to a bright future!

Photos from Faces By Fezza's post 05/01/2022

Amazing trip to Munuch, Germany with Allergan. Incredible Advisory Board showcasing the upcoming launch of their new jawline filler. It will be a game charger and allow injectors to provide cleaner, more defined facial profiles without surgery. Great to see so many friends and colleagues. Yes, broke my no carb protocol and indulged in many pretzels and delicious beer!


Photos from Faces By Fezza's post 04/28/2022

Who knows the tall mountain behind me? Cool name and interesting story to its peaks. Whoever is the first to identify it on my IG will get 10 free units of Botox by me, a value of $150. Guess away!


Photos from Faces By Fezza's post 04/28/2022

Where in the world am I? Any guesses as you see an old castle town and quaint little streets. It's hilly and definitely not Florida!

Photos from Faces By Fezza's post 04/17/2022

Happy holidays, whether it's Easter, Passover or Ramadan, we are more alike than different. I found this Pysanka egg given to me years ago by a wonderful Ukrainian patient. The detail is amazing and the tradition of egg painting is similar to Russian Faberge eggs from St. Petersburg. Hopefully this holiday is filled with love as we are all one people.


Cheers to Dr. Stephen C. Dryden, who is finishing his 2nd and final year of his ASOPRS oculoplastic fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee. I had the pleasure of hosting another talented fellow (20th?), who followed me for a week's rotation both the in the operating room and clinics. He saw several facelft surgeries along with eyelid and facial reconstructive cases. Stephen is a 3rd generation physician who exhibits all the great gifts of keen observation and passion for patient care. He will be staying in Nashville and joining the esteemed practice of Drs. Wesley, Klippenstein and Meadow. Here's to wishing him well on the start of his career.



Such a pleasure visiting the amazing practice of good friend Dr. Patrick Flaharty and injecting fillers with Joni, Emily and Dr. Padilla. Great group and we a fun day with long time superstar BDM April hosting the Allergan day's training on the Juvederm collection of fillers. I've known Pat for over 24 years and it's really incredible to see the first class practice he's built from Fort Myers to Naples. Good things happen with hard work and passion!



Our patient achieved a refreshed appearance with a mini lower facelift, peri-oral laser and upper lid blepharoplasty. Her neck, jowls and lip lines were improved and the hooding of her upper lids removed. Her recuperation was 2 weeks and she looks younger and natural.



Great way to wrap up the week. Had the pleasure of training for Allergan in my home town of Sarasota. Better yet hot to interact with star BDM Jessica and the very talented injectors of my beloved L Spa.

Photos from Faces By Fezza's post 03/27/2022

Love Savannah! Got to go to RenewalMD and Refine Medical spa to perform Allergan filler trainings. Many thanks to friend RM Beth and star BDMs Asthon and Brittany. Beautiful town and wonderful people.


Facial Rejuvenation can turn back the clock and restore a natural and youthful appearance. This wonderful patient had a 2.5 hour surgery with a mini lower facelift and neck lift, laser resurfacing to smooth her skin and eyelid surgery. She was pleased with her refreshed results 3 weeks after her procedure.

Photos from Faces By Fezza's post 03/20/2022

Amazing week in Aspen. Had the pleasure of visiting Aspen Dermatology with riding star Dr. Drew Taylor, and also a talented group at the Neuro Spa. Pointing to my Hurley long T Shirt that I traveled in the day prior as my luggage didn't show up. Re-wore my clothes so I appreciate everyone rolling with the punche! Fun skiing all 4 Aspen mountains and over 60 runs. Sun and perfect powder on the slopes. Work hard, play hard!

Photos from Faces By Fezza's post 03/19/2022

Pleased to share my new Manuscript with co-author Julie Woodward published in this month's Dermatologic Surgery Journal. It compares the results of 2 popular facelift techniques: extended deep plane facelift to a simpler SMASectomy. Using skin removal measurements around the ears, both techniques yielded equal results. Patients were equally satisfied too. It's always good to look critically at your results of any procedure.


Botox injections of the DAO (Depressor Anguli Oris) muscle can help prevent a downward pull of the corners if the lip. This can provide a slight upturn to the lips, giving a more youthful appearance.


Botox works great time treat the gummy smile. We target the LLSAN (levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle) with 3 units if Botox deep and above the nasolabial fold. This will drop the upper lip and correct over elevation providing a nice smile.

Photos from Faces By Fezza's post 02/24/2022

I love facelift surgery. Restoring youthful facial shape, reducing jowls and cleaning up the neck and jawline can be life changing. This wonderful patient had a mini lower facelift and upper lip laser to reduce lines. She is shown here make up free 3 weeks after surgery. The surgery takes 2 hours is painless.


Nice Botox and Filler Event this Thursday night at AMARA in Venice, Florida. Proud to introduce our newest injector Eleni and look forward to the team mingling and sharing knowledge while having fun.

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Photos from Faces By Fezza's post 02/19/2022

Had the privilege of doing AMI Allergan Filler Trainings in Atlanta. These talented injectors at the Ageless Spa obtained this beautiful, youthful results wuth Juvederm fillers alone. No surgery or peels! Her jowls are lifted and her face more heart shaped. After we went to Kavali Plastuc Surgery to see plastic surgery colleague Kristin and seasoned injector Ashley. Big shout out to Allergan's own Ashley, who continues to be amazing and sets the standard as an outstanding BDM.

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