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Today I’m going to cozy up at the beach and write my “Year in Review” (…inspired by RB the Great @rachaelbozsik ). …what I’ve learned, am most proud of, willing to let go, obstacles I’ve overcome, career results, relationships, wisdom that has become crystal clear, mistakes I’ve learned from…then on to how I want to feel in 2022, goals for wealth, health, wellbeing, relationships, career, business, philanthropy, what I want to learn…

At the moment I’m thinking of December- lost a dear friend, cancelled our contract for our beautiful acreage in Vermont, closed on a new Sarasota home, fun family trips, Gianni having Covid (super mild and we are all clear), Christmas…

I’m excited about 2022. Even when friends get eclipsed out, contracts cancelled and dealing in-house with this crazy pandemic, my positive self feels like heaven and the universe have my back. True friends step up, there is a better mountain property around the corner and my husband now has a super immunity to the current plague lol.

My word of the year (sets the tone) for 2022 is flourish. Synonym to thrive and derived from a flower blossoming…
Flourish: to develop in a healthy or vigorous way especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment, to be very successful, to do very well, to hold up or show something in an excited or proud way, to grow luxuriantly, to achieve success, to be in a state of production, to reach a height of development or influence, a decorative or finishing detail, a period of thriving, develop rapidly and successfully

What is your #wordoftheyear ❤️

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Dear Siena,
Once upon a time, I was having a slumber party with Auntie Margaret. That night, 3 year old Lilly looked me in the eyes as she touched my cheek, “I love you Auntie Sum Sum.” It was that moment I knew I wanted to be a mom.
Siena, you fill my life and my heart with so much love. I love being your mommy.


📸 the incredible @thurmancreative
👗 styled by @sarahrexstyle (aka Auntie Rexy)

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A couple days ago, I downed half a bottle…the day my car was packed up and we were pulling out of our driveway for the last time, was the day I knew I needed to do something about my hair falling out (stress!). Hair falling out in the shower, brushing, feeling random strands popping, my scrunchies…as I was unloading my drops, I thought, “It’s time I take care of this.” I drank half a bottle in one sitting and my hair loss magically stopped.

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For the first time in years, I did something JUST FOR ME…💖

Rewind- a few months ago my thumb accidentally hit #kungfugirl and suddenly I was captivated by the most badass kung fu girl I’ve ever seen @samachan 💖 Someone had posted a pic of her. I quickly clicked on his profile, and a story popped up. He was doing “my forms”?! (Quick background- my forms predate the current kung fu forms at the Shaolin Temple.)

Mayyyyyyybe it’s been lack of discipline. Maybe it’s from juggling being a mom, wife, a career I ❤️…but somewhere along the way, I hit a few roadblocks in my beloved forms.

Sooooo, a couple weekends ago, the weekend of the full moon, nothing could stop me as I journeyed to meet my new kung fu friends. Training with Sam filled in my blank spots, but maybe more importantly, it made me remember. I remembered what it was like to train outside with my kung fu sister, what it was like to get dirty in my kung fu pants again (lol they were so old they ripped) and how it felt to move my body like the brilliant machine I’ve spent thousands of hours training it to be.

Samantha is also an achieved acupuncturist. If you are in the Miami area, I highly suggest you go!
Thank you so much Samantha and Fred. I see a lot of fun collabs in our future! 🙏🏼 #sograteful

📸 @trainkungfu …(I took them from @samachan IG page) 🥰

#kungfulife #kungfufriends #gratefulforyou #excitedforthefuture

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Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a freakazoid about animals…especially dogs ❤️🐶❤️
For this #internationaldogday🐶 and #nationaldogday (both, right?🥰) I want to give a few tips on searching for “the best dog”…
1. has every breed. A lot of shelters and rescue places put profiles up making it super easy to get specific breeds. It’s like shopping for rescues…this is a great way to get what you want and save 2 lives (the 1 you rescue and the 1 that takes 🐶‘s place).
2. If you’re anything like me, I can’t walk into a shelter without wanting to take them ALL home. Try calling- ask about a personality you are looking for…and what I would love to do- ask about one that has been there a long time. Most shelters let you take a pet home for a day or so…see if you fall in ❤️. That animal will do anything for you.
3. Get familiar with your local shelters and organizations that do great things…my faves:
@alaquaanimalrefuge I have seen these people do more for animals than anyone I know 💓
@theasherhouse super happy, positive vibes + he’s cute 😍
@humanesocietysrq my local faves

#internationaldogday #happynationaldogday #happyinternationaldogday🐶❤️ #celebratepups #dogsofinstagram #dogmom #adoptdontshop #dogsofinsta #dayofthedog #womansbestfriend🐶 #puppylove #puppylife


So honored to join @parishenriksen with @thehavenpodcast_ and @henriksenproductions ❤️❤️❤️ We talk gratitude, finding purpose in life, children, Chinese medicine…and so much more. Come join us 🥰

💞Summer has been an authority in Chinese medicine for over two decades, coaching and supporting tens of thousands of patients and students and has held hundreds of holistic wellness retreats and workshops. Summer's focus is women's wellness and empowerment and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Business Insider and Ariana Huffington's Thrive Global and Authority Magazine.

#podcastersofinstagram #podcast #womensupportingwomen #womenswellness #gratitude #💕

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❤️❤️Happy 7th Anniversary, my Love xoxo

Photos from Chi Works's post 07/04/2021

❤️❤️I love we have fireworks every year for our anniversary❤️❤️
Seven years ago we snuck away for a summer in Italy. I found the most beautiful @roberto_cavalli dress in Florence and we went off to beautiful Capri to say “I do”. That summer was magical, and we came home with a #honeymoonbaby (hence her name Siena). She is as beautiful as the golden sunflowers that fill the rolling hills in Tuscany🌻
My dad got to walk me down the isle and be part of our fun, happy day (thanks to Skype). If you look at the last picture, you can see my phone on a tripod. 🥰
Everything was perfect and after seven years, I’m proud of where we are now. The pandemic brought us even closer. Our daughter is the most beautiful, kindest, funniest kid…and the most fun travel buddy! I feel so blessed and fortunate for our little family. #thebestisyettocome❤️

#marriedtoanitalian #blessed🙏 #grateful #love


When I was 19, I was on my way home from collage in Atlanta. Stopped at a light, I leaned over to get a bank deposit slip from my glove compartment. A huge screeching sound followed as a suv hit me from behind going 60 mph. My back windshield was in my lap. It ended up being a 4 car accident, and I remember feeling thankful it was me that day. The car in front of me had three small children in the backseat. When the officers arrived on scene one asked, “Who drives this red car?” I raised my had. He smiled, “You’re alive.”
What ensued was doctor appointments 4-6 times a week for 8 months until my breaking point. I was leaving my doctor with a huge stack of prescriptions, more testing orders and more specialty doc referrals when I got pulled over and ticketed. When the officer handed me the ticket, I flipped, “YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M GOING THROUGH!!” …and proceeded to read and throw each piece of paper while hysterically crying.
That was my breaking point. That was the moment that led me to one of my life’s purposes. I went home and called my dad balling, “I can’t take it anymore. I can’t do it…”
I cried, picked myself up and decided to do what my lawyer and doctor told me not to do. I went out of state to my Chinese medicine doctor with $2 in my pocket and a credit card. Within 2 weeks I was 80% better…and out of misfortune, I found my career path.

#findingmyselfagain #findingmycareerpath #fortunehiddenwithinmisfortune #healtheworld🌎 #makeitabetterplace❤️

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On the move (moving my office) and found a box of my original Face Cream bottles…decided to make a fresh, happy batch and sell it to friends and family for $25 xoxo

Must follow the secret link as it’s not in my shop (

#naturalfacecream #aloeskincare #cleanskincare #antiagingskincare

Photos from Chi Works's post 06/08/2021

It’s pretty cool how no matter what happens, I have your love and support. Love you @sarahrexstyle

#happynationalbestfriendday #nationalbestfriendday❤️ #nationalbestfriendday


Last weekend I went trail riding. At the barn was a little girl, maybe 11/12ish, who started talking to me named Ariana. She’s s a foster kid and is getting adopted. “How exciting!!! May I give you a hug?” She said yes, so I gave her the biggest hug! Ariana went on to tell me about her mom, how she does illegal stuff and can’t get to a good place to be her mom...and all about the therapy she is going through...

💖I had a connection with Ariana. My mom left when I was 10 and has never come to see me since. She’s missed my whole life, has never met my daughter and the rare phone conversations we have are out of the respect she gave birth to me.

Me to Ariana, “Can I tell you something? Sometimes there are blessings in disguise. I used to cry and want so badly for my mom to be a mom. Now, looking back, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My dad married the most amazing women who taught me how to be a wife, mom, friend...a woman. And, it made me great mom. My DNA mom gave me the example of what I didn’t want to be.”

Ariana went on the trail ride with us and is days away from being officially adopted into a super loving family. Her light shines bright 🌟

Cheers to the moms who have a hard time stepping up to the plate...forgiveness is the key. And a very huge Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas who step up! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I have the greatest title of “mommy”. I love you, Siena. You’re the best kid ever! Thank you for the biggest blessing in my life. Happy Mother’s Day to my mama (stepmom), @honakeranna . There are no words to describe how much I love you and how grateful I am to call you my mama. I love you!!! Happy Mother’s Day!!!! 💕

#happymothersday❤️ #mothersday2021🌷🌷 #happymothersday #greatesttitleofmylife #grateful

The Story Behind Chi Works

Since 2001, Dr. Summer Honaker has been an integral part of Precious Wood Farm (, a 216 acre healing and educational retreat center, high in the mountains of North Carolina. As a Director and instructor, she has presented over 85 seminars and retreats. Dr. Summer has also assisted in the development and presentation of 131 seminars and retreats with her teacher, Master Frank Gibson.

Ms. Summer was one of the first practitioners in the Last Call Program (, the most tested and successful alcohol program in the country. Since 2001, she has worked closely with the founder as the program eventually became available on a large scale throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Her training in classical, Chinese physical arts is unique in its pure, traditional nature, and represents a 1,100 year, unbroken succession of Masters. As one of only four inside students, Dr. Summer is one of only a few Americans to be taught in this manner. Her training includes Shaolin Kung Fu, Yi Jin Jing qi gong, Tang Long, Chinese Dao Yin yoga, T'ai Chi, Tam Toi, and the highly secretive Hua Shan Pai and Shaolin internal qi gong.

Dr. Summer is certified in qi gong under the Taoist Qi Gong Federation, which is the only traditional Master level authority in the United States. She began competing in Shaolin Kung Fu in 2004 winning every competition. Although Dr. Summer’s primary focus in now on the internal arts of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, qi gong, and Dao Yin, her martial arts training and highly developed discipline created a foundation for the healing, internal forms of exercise and development experienced by only a few teachers and practitioners.

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