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Dr. Roger and the staff were wonderful! I was very anxious and they made me very comfortable. Thank you! 👍
Excellent care received by Dr. Reuter, and his caring staff! Professional, prompt, and precise care! Thank you !
Absolutely the most professional service I have ever received from a dentist/oral surgeon and I am 68 years old. Dr. Reuter provided for me a thorough exam/treatment with options peculiar to my needs both physically, mentally, and financially, and took the time to explain each to me. I, without hesitation, recommend he and his staff for your dental needs. Larry Hazelbaker, PhD
Dr. Reuter is the ultimate professional! The total experience in his office was excellent. He is warm and caring and willing to answer all questions. The procedure that he performed went perfectly and surprisingly I had no pain afterward. His office called several hours after I returned home and then he called. I was so impressed and grateful. His office followed up with another call a day or two later. No other medical office has ever shown me such concern.
I would say that my experience with Dr. Reuter was the most positive dental experience that I have ever had...from start to finish. He receives 5 star+ from me.
My Mother received excellent care with her recent extraction. Thanks, Dr. Reuter.
Dr Reuter and team have helped our family over a number of years with multiple wisdom tooth and implant procedures. Their people skills match their surgery skills, and we could not be more pleased and grateful.
Needed a dental implant from an old root canal and crown that broke off and left the dead root in my gum. So i needed a root extraction and an implant. I researched all over and determined dr reuter to be the best choice. After the initial consult, i was further convinced I'd made the right choice. Then had the surgery and have had absolutely NO PAIN OR DISCOMFORT at all at any time after the surgery! Will never go anywhere else for oral surgery.
Can’t say enough good.!!
Dr. Thompson technique, skill, and chair side manor
Was excellent.. The entire office and staff, Greeaat!!!! Also three follow up calls in 24hrs, unheard of ...!!!! Thanks for a great experience.👍👍👌
Dr Thompson is awesome. I experienced absolutely no pain during or after the surgery.
Ron Doederlein
My experience with Dr. Reuter and his staff was extremely positive. My tooth extraction could not have gone better and I experienced no post-surgery pain or discomfort. I would highly recommend his dental surgical services.
Dr. Reuter is extremely skilled and highly personable. He will make you physically and emotionally comfortable during your procedure. His staff is equally nice and informative. I was glad to receive follow-up calls from Dr. Reuter on the evening after my surgery and his office the following day. I was able to report no bruising, no swelling, and almost no pain after the numbing medication wore off. I took two Aleve as a precaution, and needed no further analgesics. Great doctor, great staff!
Best experience ever with dental surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Reuter without reservation.

Todd J. Reuter DMD MD
David A. Thompson DMD
Board Certified
Oral & Implant Surgery Specialists Dr. Todd J. Reuter and Dr. David A. Thompson are ABOMS board certified specialists providing the highest level of oral and implant surgery in the most caring and compassionate environment.

Our practice has served Sarasota and Manatee counties since 1960. Our supporting staff also have the highest level of certification and decades of experience. Experience the difference for you or your loved ones.

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Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful Holiday season! 🦷


This case demonstrates extraction of tooth #31 that has a conical root and the IAN directly below the root apex with immediate implant placement. The straumann BLX implant is specially designed to give primary stability with immediate extractions in scenarios like this that a traditional implant may fail to provide appropriate primary stability. We would typically graft this site and place the implant 3 months later but this is a patient of ours who we just cleared to have implant bridge 23-29 restored. An immediate implant in this scenario allows us faster treatment time to establish final occlusion of the definitive restorations.

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This case demonstrates extraction of tooth #31 that has a conical root and the IAN directly below the root apex with immediate implant placement. The straumann BLX implant is specially designed to give primary stability with immediate extractions in scenarios like this that a traditional implant may fail to provide appropriate primary stability. We would typically graft this site and place the implant 3 months later but this is a patient of ours who we just cleared to have implant bridge 23-29 restored. An immediate implant in this scenario allows us faster treatment time to establish final occlusion of the definitive restorations.

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Most failed bridge cases lack not only bone, but also soft tissue. When reconstructing a ridge for implants, Dr. Reuter augments both the hard and soft tissue to provide the healthiest environment for long term implant health.

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Jake, a Sarasota Native, is our back-staff team leader and has been an integral part of Sarasota Oral and Implant Surgery for the past 4 years. He can be found assisting our docs in cases ranging from single tooth extractions, removal of impacted wisdom teeth, sinus augmentations, and implant surgeries. Jakes experience and expertise will help to guide you from consult to post op with care and compassion to ensure your visit with us is the best experience possible! Schedule your implant or wisdom tooth consult today and make sure to say hi to Jake at your next appointment!

📞: (941) 365-3388

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We love seeing an intact membrane during sinus lifts! Keeping an intact membrane is the most important factor in sinus augmentation success. This case shows movement of the membrane with passive breathing demonstrating an intact membrane. The lateral window was made in the #14 position over a cantilevered pontic off of tooth #15. #15 will be extracted when the implants are placed in the future.

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We are excited to present this very nice case on a very nice patient. This patient underwent sinus and ridge augmentation followed by implant reconstruction. This was a coordinated case between ortho (Dr. Stewart, Morrish Stewart Orthodontics), restorative (Dr. McCabe, Meadows Dental Associates), and surgeon (Dr. Reuter) over one year. The patient desired individual implant crowns which will be completed along with her ortho over the next couple of months.

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We’re excited to roll out our new jaw wraps for post surgical third molar cases! We advise during the first 24 hours after surgery, apply ice packs to the outside of the face 20 minutes on and off. Our wraps are hands free and adjustable for reusable ice packs. Tag us in your wisdom teeth jaw wraps!

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This is a case we completed for a wonderful patient who unfortunately was in a severe motorcycle accident and had significant facial trauma, a broken jaw and loss of multiple teeth and a significant portion of her jaw bone. Dr. Roemer has been following her from the beginning and has completed staged bone grafting and implant placement. She will be restored with an FP3 type restoration in the anterior where there is a significant vertical defect. We can’t wait to see the magic that Dr. Tindal will create with the restorations!

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Sometimes lower incisor implants can be quite challenging due to a lack of space between teeth and the buccal lingual plates. The hard and soft tissue need to be developed for an ideal foundation otherwise these implants are known for causing future issues. This case features a site that the tooth was extracted and the bone and tissue augmented followed by implant placement in a staged approach using the original crown amputated and bonded into place. Looking forward to showing off this case again with final prosthetic photos to follow in future.

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Happy Fourth of July 🇺🇸


Meet Dr. Reuter’s implant coordinator Marissa, who has been a key leader in our office for the past three years. She is a Sarasota native with a bachelor’s of science from Florida State University. Marissa‘s implant knowledge and genuine care for our patients is what makes her an essential part of the Sarasota Oral and Implant Surgery experience. From scheduling patients, coordinating cases, or reviewing any financial questions you may have; Marissa’s smiling face (under her mask) will be with you every step of the way. Call to set up an implant consultation with Marissa and Dr. Reuter today!

📞: (941) 366-3388

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Sarasota Oral and Implant Surgery was founded 60 years ago on the beliefs of providing the highest level of care to our patients, caring for them as if they were our family. Dr. Todd Reuter and Dr. Scott Roemer are licensed to practice both medicine and dentistry in the state of Florida and they hold both national and local leadership positions. From wisdom teeth to major grafting and implants, our doctors offer customized care and help our patients meet their goals, matching the best surgical techniques and technology to each unique patient. The Sarasota Oral and Implant Surgery team takes pride in the time they invest in patient communication from the initial phone call, consultation, surgical procedures to insurance questions and general concerns you may have. We are a proud part of the medical and dental community in Sarasota and look forward to seeing you soon at your consultation!

(941) 365-3388
[email protected]

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Meet our skilled insurance coordinator Courtney, who is a Sarasota native and has over ten years of medical and oral surgery experience. Courtney has extensive knowledge and experience with BOTH medical AND dental insurance and loves working hand and hand with patients to get the most out of their benefits.

We often get asked "why aren't you contracted with insurance companies"? Our answer has always been that we want the independence to provide the care we feel is best for our patients. Having said that, we can still maximize your benefits and work closely with insurance companies to receive reimbursement for most of our patients!

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Happy Birthday to our own Dr Roemer! 🦷🎈🎉🎂


This is a case showing the reconstruction of the left anterior maxilla. She sustained severe traumatic injuries as a child and subsequently developed cystic pathology in the region and had undergone many ablative surgeries. Tooth #10 was mobile and the FPD 11-13 was failing. Given the unknowns of the case (significant scarring and past pathology) we elected for a conservative approach in reconstruction while also keeping her in fixed temporary teeth until the final implant bridge was delivered. The case took much more time but allowed for us to maximize esthetics and confirm successes before committing her to additional treatment.

Please 1: Extraction of teeth #s 10 and 11, majoring grafting. Temporary abutments 9 and 13 used.

Phase 2: Implant #11. Temp 9-13

Phase 3: Uncovering of #11, extraction and immediate implant #13. At this phase the temporary was converted to implant borne 9-11-13

Phase 4: Final prosth: Implant FPD 9-11-13 and anterior veneer restoration 6-8

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This was a great case of a simultaneous lateral approach sinus lift with implant placement in the #14 site. In this case the patient had deficient vertical height of the #14 site that ranged from 4-5mm of alveolar height below the sinus. Dr. Roemer was able to achieve excellent primary stability of implant placement while simultaneously performing a lateral approach sinus lift. After healing this graft will ensure the implant is surrounded by healthy bone for osseointegration. The Schneiderian membrane has an exceptional ability to heal and when kept intact and will very predictably form bone when a graft of this type is performed. #implantsurgery #implants #sinusliftsurgery #bonegrafting #CBCT #DrRoemer #sarasotaflorida #sarasotaoralandimplantsurgery @ Sarasota, Florida


Simple but beautiful case showing the Zimmer trabecular implant. Our practice offers many different implant systems tailored to the needs of our patients. This implant is designed for very rapid completion of the case and delivery of crown.

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Concerned about post op pain? Our doctors get asked this question regularly. We pride ourselves on doing gentle and effective surgery. We have some cool tricks up our sleeves for post-surgical pain management. Exparel is a long-lasting numbing agent we offer for post-surgical pain control for up to 5 days. It is a non-addictive, non-opioid medication that our docs can infiltrate around the surgical site that slowly releases liposomised bupivacaine over time to relieve discomfort in the area.

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Wisdom teeth can cause problems ranging from pain and infection, pathology, even damage to the adjacent teeth. Whether you need one or all four removed, we optimize the entire experience to be as calm and comfortable from start to finish. At your initial consult we will review how do we do the surgery, what you can eat after, how long you need for healing time, and any other questions you may have. We will review your diagnostic x-ray in depth with one of our skilled Oral Surgeons and can alleviate any question or concerns you have. We offer several options of sedation for wisdom teeth removal from local anesthesia, laughing gas (nitrous oxide/oxygen analgesia) or general anesthesia. Our office utilizes state of the art treatment techniques and technology to ensure you have the smoothest experience possible. Experience the difference at Sarasota Oral and Implant Surgery.

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This case is an Odontogenic Keratocyst (OKC) that presented in a 17 year old male. The lesion was found on routine radiographs while evaluating for wisdom tooth extraction. We previously presented an OKC case that we treated with enucleation, curettage, and cryotherapy. Do to the size of this lesion, proximity to the inferior alveolar nerve and thin lingual cortex we decided to avoide peripheral ostectomy or cryotherapy and performed a procedure known as Marsupialization. This is the process of placing a stent into the central lumen of the cyst and decompressing the oncotic pressure. Over time (typically a period of months) with continual flushingy, the cyst with shrink to much more manageable sized lesion with less risk to adjacent structures. #OMFS #OKC #oralsurgery #pathology #wisdomteeth #SarasotaOral&ImplantSurgery #SarasotaOMS #srq
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So excited getting back to the things we love to do and seeing our patients!

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📞: (941)365-3388


We are looking forward to seeing our patients again soon! Call us with any questions 941-365-3388 #covid19 #sarasotaoms


Safety is what we do everyday and will always be our top priority. We are using our time wisely to freshen up the office and excited to see our patients again soon! Stay healthy Sarasota.

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As dental practices continue to be closed for elective procedures due to Covid-19, we enjoy looking back through our previous cases and appreciate how talented our referring dentists and labs are! Anterior implant cases always present an esthetic challenge and we work closely with our restorative dentists and dental labs to provide restorative driven treatment plans. This is the lab processed provisional for a case Dr. Roemer completed with Dr. Dave Koskek and @crosslingrady that demonstrates how we achieved a beautiful emergence profile with the #9 implant access placed through the cingulum for a screw retained implant crown. We are excited to see the definitive restorations for this patient and the beautiful work that Crosslin's Creative Ceramics and Dr. Kosek at South Venice Dental Care provide this patient. We are lucky to be part of this restorative team!

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Ten years ago, Dr. David Thompson answered the call to his country after practicing oral and maxillofacial surgery in Sarasota for 21 years. He served 4 years as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. He was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas and was deployed to Afghanistan, caring for both our military and Afghan civilians. We were fortunate to have him come home and join the practice once again in 2015 and currently he serves the the Board of Dentistry providing anesthesia inspections. We are proud of Dr. Thompson for his years of commiment, his leadership, and his selfless service to his country and community.

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We love seeing an intact membrane during sinus lifts! Keeping an intact membrane is the most important factor in sinus a...
Happy Birthday to our own Dr Roemer! 🦷🎈🎉🎂




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