U.S. Masters Swimming

U.S. Masters Swimming


Happy New Year everyone.

As usual at this time of the year I have an updated, little, colourful, motivational EXCEL spreadsheet that I am using, and you too, are very welcome to grab a free copy at the following address.


I was extremely happy with my 1,000,000m challenge this year.

I hadn’t followed this years go the distance results but with a few days left in the year I was astonished to see someone managed over 12,000m a day!

The thought of reaching a 1,000 miles next year got me thinking. But that would mean going from roughly 3300m/day to 4400m/day and I don’t have to time or dedication to do that. So I’ll be happy if I can reach my million meters two years in a row. FYI previous best was 725,000 in 2012.
7 Children Drown Last Winter in Metro NYC. WHY?
They fell through the ICE!
Winter is actually here....and that means it’s time to talk about water safety, specifically ICE..
“Know Before You Go™. Water Safety For ALL” is our program for individuals and families.
In addition to the video, it comes with two power points containing resources: one for an adult interested to take a deeper dive into a particular topic; the other for a parent to help them translate these serious concepts so that young children ages 3-7 can better understand them. The materiel may also be adapted for those with special needs. This is lifesaving info that won a national award lately for keeping people safe in, on and around the water. Cost is $39.99 via link below
Would you know how to save yourself if you fell through ice?
Whether you know a lot or a little about water safety, you will be challenged to think about water in a very different way. You and your family need this award winning, life saving information.
Purchase here www.SwimStrongFoundation.org/product/kbyg/
See all of the educational programming here: https://www.swimstrongfoundation.org/know-before-you-go/
Not one more drowning!
I guess he's checking whether that is a shark, whale, or manatee?
2500 yard swim tonight. First 500 yards breaststroke. I swam the remaining 2000 yards in freestyle. I used no swimming aids. Total time to complete the swim was 70 minutes. I swim at 5150 feet of elevation.
Jeopardy - Nov. 20, 2020. "Andy", a 4-day winner, mentioned that he is a Masters Swimmer when talking with Alex Trebek. He explained a little about our sport. Does anyone know where he is from?

Hey everyone I am a graduate student conducting research on endurance athletes' motivations, coping techniques, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you could take the time and fill out my short survey and share it with some of your endurance friends that would be greatly appreciated! Hope to see some of you on the start line soon!
Hello swim buddies! A group of friends and I are designing new headphones targeted specifically for swimmers, and would very much appreciate your input about what matters to you. If you want to be in the running for a $100 Amazon gift card, leave your email at the end :)

I moved from an area with at least three USMS clubs within a 10-mile radius to a place where there isn't a single USMS-registered club within a 49-mile radius. Maybe it's the virus...but the closest I could find were in Pittsburgh, PA (about 60 miles away), and Frostburg, MD (about 49 miles away). When life reverts to more normal routines and pools settle into a more normal rhythm of activity, I hope there will be a USMS club in the Johnstown, PA area...and I'd be honored to start/coach one.
I was challenged and enjoyed my 2 mile swim in the lake for this virtual swim.

U.S. Masters Swimming is a national governing body that promotes health, wellness, fitness, and comp Masters Swimming (USMS) is a nonprofit organization that encourages adults ages 18 to 99 to enjoy the health, fitness, and social benefits of swimming by providing more than 2,000 adult swimming clubs and events across the country, including open water and pool competitions.

Operating as usual


4️⃣ Butterfly drills to improve your technique 🦋

When to Breath in Freestyle and Butterfly Sprints 05/16/2022

When to Breath in Freestyle and Butterfly Sprints

🫁 Breathing in freestyle and butterfly sprints -- it's not a one-size-fits-all pattern.


When to Breath in Freestyle and Butterfly Sprints For many years, coaches have talked about limiting breathing in freestyle and butterfly sprints. But is it a good practice for Masters swimmers to follow? Although it would be nice to have a one-size-fits-all answer, the reality is that it’s different for everyone.


Looking for a fun way to mix up your dryland workout? Try Ryan Held's Playing Cards workout. ♠️♥️♣️♦️


Danny Prear and His Mighty Kroc Masters Are Making Waves 05/12/2022

Danny Prear and His Mighty Kroc Masters Are Making Waves

Coach Danny Prear started a club on the South Side of Chicago. He can claim something few other Masters Swimming coaches can: he taught about 80% of his club's members how to swim and then got them to compete.

Coach Danny Prear can claim something few other Masters Swimming coaches can: He taught 80% of his club’s members how to swim and then persuaded them to compete!

He’s the coach of Mighty Kroc Masters Swim Club, a four-year-old program largely composed of Black swimmers that train on the South Side of Chicago. The club started after some of the people he taught how to swim in 2018 expressed interest in competing. In March 2019, he took them to their first Masters meet.

Click the link to read more about him and his inspiring USMS Masters Club!

Danny Prear and His Mighty Kroc Masters Are Making Waves Danny Prear can claim something few other Masters Swimming coaches can: He taught 80% of his club’s members how to swim and then persuaded them to compete.


We are excited to bring the 2022 USMS Summer Nationals to SwimRVA in Richmond, VA (August 3-7)! Registration is NOW OPEN!

Registration is NOW OPEN!



What's your favorite race distance? Shout out the # in the comments below👇
1 - Sprint (50s, 100s)
2 - Mid-Distance (200s - 500s)
3 - Distance (800 +)

Spring Nationals Provides Former Lanemates an Opportunity to Reunite 05/10/2022

Spring Nationals Provides Former Lanemates an Opportunity to Reunite

During Spring Nationals, David McCarty reunited with his old USA Swimming teammates. 👏

Tag the people you want to reunite with during a Masters meet.👇


Spring Nationals Provides Former Lanemates an Opportunity to Reunite David McCarty didn’t need much persuasion to compete at the 2022 U.S. Masters Swimming Spring National Championship. The Puget Sound Masters member was convinced after a close friend texted him telling him that McCarty was going.


What you need to know about swimming freestyle properly 👀


Chris Brearton Making His Mark at MGM Studios 05/09/2022

Chris Brearton Making His Mark at MGM Studios

🎥 MGM Studios COO Chris Brearton says swimming helped him negotiate some of the biggest deals in the entertainment industry. How has swimming helped you professionally? 🎬


Chris Brearton Making His Mark at MGM Studios Chris Brearton grew up in Houston like many other Texas schoolboys: with hopes of a long football career. He held his own at free safety, but when he entered the ninth grade, he was just 5-foot-2 and 120 pounds. His chances of playing in high school were just as slim. You’ll get killed, his mother...


To all of our swim moms, Happy Mother’s Day!

📸: Brittany Butcher & Constance Sasser

Photos from U.S. Masters Swimming's post 05/06/2022

Thank you to all of our certified USMS Coaches! Our members and USMS appreciate all the hard work and dedication you give to your team!


Two USMS Members to be Inducted Into the Masters International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2022 05/06/2022

Two USMS Members to be Inducted Into the Masters International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2022

Two USMS Members to be Inducted Into the Masters International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2022.


Two USMS Members to be Inducted Into the Masters International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2022 Doris Steadman and Jane Katz will be inducted this year into the Masters International Swimming Hall of Fame on Oct. 15 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Steadman, who swam for Garden State Masters, will enter posthumously as an Honor Swimmer, and Katz, a member of AGUA Masters, will enter as an Honor Co...

When’s The Best Time of Day to Swim? 05/05/2022

When’s The Best Time of Day to Swim?

⏰ When is the best time to swim?
🧐 In the morning ☀️ or at night🌙?


When’s The Best Time of Day to Swim? Early mornings have long been the domain of most Masters swimming workouts. Many adult swimmers find that getting up at the crack of dawn to log laps fits better with busy work and home schedules. But depending on your goals for such exercise, new research suggests that you might want to consider hi...

Photos from U.S. Masters Swimming's post 05/04/2022

Congratulations to Coach Allison LaField (Alamo Area Masters Swimming), Coach Paul Landes (BMST/HRM), Coach Nadine Forde (MMCLT/EACLT), Coach Celia Wolff (HAWK), Coach Molly Hoover (JBT), and Coach Kiley Ames (WH20). Coach appreciation awards were presented to all six coaches for their outstanding efforts within U.S. Masters Swimming!


How to Swim Breaststroke Properly 05/03/2022

How to Swim Breaststroke Properly

Breaststroke is the most technical stroke. Here's how to swim it. 😃


How to Swim Breaststroke Properly Here’s how to build an efficient breaststroke that will have you swimming faster.


Coaches are at the pool before you get there and after you leave. They care for you like nobody else. They deserve some love and recognition every now and then❣️

This week, clubs, athletes, volunteers, and all supporters of the sport can let the world know!

Photos from U.S. Masters Swimming's post 05/02/2022

More deck shots at USMS Spring Nationals 🤩

More Than 50 Records Fall at Spring Nationals 05/02/2022

More Than 50 Records Fall at Spring Nationals

Another EPIC USMS Nationals is in the books. We thank our athletes, coaches on deck, officials, and volunteers for participating and making this event possible. 🌟🤠🌟We'll see you at Summer Nationals!


More Than 50 Records Fall at Spring Nationals Puget Sound Masters member Rick Colella, Sarasota Sharks member Diann Uustal, and Tamalpais Aquatic Masters member Laura Val were the top record-setters with six apiece.

Photos from U.S. Masters Swimming's post 05/01/2022

Jacquelyn Wilson grew up as a swimmer but quit because of back issues. For more than 10 years, she struggled with spinal disc health and was paralyzed for 9 days after an accident. She was prescribed items to help with peripheral neuropathy and saw her weight climb to 300 pounds.

In 2020, she decided to take matters into her own hands and went against medical advice to work with a personal trainer and lost 80 pounds. In July 2021, she jumped back into the pool and trained independently. She's been fighting back the tears this entire weekend, but she is glad to return with a positive attitude and an "outlook that the chlorine gives you." Great job this weekend, Jacquelyn!


Watch Olympian Josh Prenot swim the 50 butterfly at Spring Nationals. He won with a time of 21.14. Prenot won a silver medal in the 200 breaststroke at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

"It's really nice to have this as an option to get that competitive fire going again. It's really cool to see that this is a lifelong sport for everyone. Everyone here just loves competing, that's why we are here."


Here at Spring Nationals, Francisco Parra Sr. & Francisco Parra Jr. (SFTL) have been at swim practices and meets together since Francisco Parra Jr. was 11 months old. Throughout the years, they have coached each other to improve their pool racing times. It was later in 2019, their first time swimming as USMS masters, that they shared their excitement about swimming in the pool. It will be a lot of fun for them to cheer for each other here at Spring Nationals this weekend.

Photos from U.S. Masters Swimming's post 04/30/2022

USMS Spring Nationals Photos Day 2/3


Watch three-time Olympian Angelika Ouedraogo of Burkina Faso compete in the 50 freestyle at Spring Nationals. She was the flag bearer for her country during the closing ceremony at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Way to go, Angelika! 🎉


Charlotte Sanddal, 99 years old, finishing the 500 Freestyle with a final time of 18:47.73. Yes, 99!👀 Today, this living legend is also swimming the 100 IM and the 200 breaststroke events.

Her secret to success is "grim determination." Congrats, Charlotte! 🎉


We congratulate our athletes who competed in heats one and two of the 100-yard backstroke today at Spring Nationals. All 18 athletes competing in the pool were over 80 years of age. Gentlemen, you are an inspiration! 🤩

Laurie Benjamin 84, Craig Wood 81, Lauis Railborn 90, Robert Beach 91, Marty Mennen 85, Carlos Selazar 88, Hershel Glanz 83, Max Zollner 83, Bob Colyer 83, Michael Norby 80, Don Murff 80, Own Ackerman 84, James Shaw 81, Robert Bergstrom 81, David Diehl 80, Jim Gibbs 80


Scared of signing up for a meet? So was Kirsten, but she's so happy to have decided to compete again. After taking a 16 year break from swimming, back in July of 2021, she decided to dive back into the water and start swimming again. As an empty nester, she is redefining who she is as an athlete here at USMS Spring Nationals. It's been a while since she stood atop a starting block, waiting for the ref's whistle to blow, but she is excited to race for the love of the sport. Good luck this weekend, Kirsten Pursell!


… but doesn’t time fly when you are having fun?🧐 📸: William Duong of Rice Aquatic Masters


Check out the live stream for all the action at 2022 USMS Spring Nationals going on this weekend!🔥🏊🏾‍♀️🏊🏾‍🔥

Watch here: https://www.usms.org/events/national-championships/pool-national-championships/2022-pool-national-championships/2022-spring-national-championship/2022-spring-national-championship-live-coverage


The pool is set for Spring Nationals! 🏊‍♀️🤠🏊🏼‍♂️ Best of luck to all the swimmers


😴 Two more sleeps until Spring Nationals starts! We're pumped. How 'bout y'all??!? 🤠

Six Tips for a Great Meet Warm-up in a Crowded Pool 04/26/2022

Six Tips for a Great Meet Warm-up in a Crowded Pool

6️⃣ tips for a great meet warm-up in a crowded pool 👍


Six Tips for a Great Meet Warm-up in a Crowded Pool Here are a few tips for how you can work around difficult situations for a great meet warm-up.

Join USMS Today 04/25/2022

Join USMS Today

Mark your calendars 📅 Try Master Swimming is coming July 1 - 31 👀.

Learn more here: https://www.usms.org/join-usms/try-masters-swimming

Join USMS Today Join more than 50,000 adults who swim for fitness, fun, and friends


How to use a wedge for faster backstroke starts💥

U.S. Masters Swimming updated their address. 04/25/2022

U.S. Masters Swimming updated their address.

U.S. Masters Swimming updated their address.


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