Women's Midlife Specialist

Women's Midlife Specialist


Please tell me more about your products. My physician tells me I cannot take any hormones, bio-identical or otherwise due to my history. How do we know what we need and dosage. Are these by prescription?
Are we required to have a consult?
I know I need something, I feel awful.
Thank you for explaining to me. 💗
Thank you for the charming card, and great products. I can actually sit by the fireplace and not hot-flash.
Say no to memory loos
I have a curiosity question if I may. I just had my annual physical at which time my cholesterol levels were checked. My total cholesterol was 174 (I’m on no medications) and my P*P stated my cholesterol was ‘high’ because of my progesterone (which is bio identical). My question is not about cholesterol or if my numbers are high, but if you have any knowledge regarding the statement my P*P made which is progesterone increases the level of cholesterol? Thank you.
Have you written any books about women's hormones?
To the admins, please delete my post if you think it is not a good fit for the group.

First of all thanks for the many advices I got from this group, you guys all rock 🤘
So, I wanted to give back some value to the community as well…

I was doing a lot of research lately on Weight Loss and found very interesting facts and tips
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Let me know what you think, looking forward to your comments.
Lots of great information!
How long to wait for the cream to dry for my pup to lick where cream was applied?
Hi I was wondering what foods can keep a women's s*x drive down
Has anyone smelled a urine odor from progesterone estriol cream or dha cream?
Do you ship over seas?

We guide you through Perimenopause and Menopause by helping you balance your own hormones with the most Luxurious Over the Counter Balanced Bioidentical Hormone Creams and Vaginal Suppositories!

Here's to an Amazing Second Half of our Lives! Hi there! Welcome to The Women’s Midlife Specialist Facebook site, a place to connect and help you balance your hormones, especially around and during menopause! As you have probably already figured out, the balance of your hormones are vitally important for your overall health and happiness and are the key to slowing down the aging process, staying t

Operating as usual


6 Occasions When you Want to Test your Hormones

1. You have unexplained symptoms of hormone change.
2. You have irregular periods.
3. Your periods have stopped. and you have symptoms of hormone change and are NOT using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement.
4. Your periods have stopped, and you have symptoms of hormone change and ARE using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement.
5. You have one first degree relative with a family history of one or more forms of a female cancer (Breast, Uterine or Ovarian Cancer)
6. You are in the obese category - meaning your BMI (body mass index) is 30 or greater. Be aware though - testing your hormones properly - especially if you are currently or PLANNING to use any form of TOPICAL hormones - means you need to test by Saliva OR Blood Spot (Capillary) testing.

Learn More about Hormone Testing


Evidence of DHEA and Weight Loss

When it comes to WEIGHT LOSS there is ample evidence that DHEA HELPS with reducing weight. It has been shown in both animal studies AND human studies – in the U.S. and in other countries.

In animal studies, DHEA has a very good track record for reducing fat accumulation in both genetic and diet-induced weight gain. Because of this track record, our own National Institutes of Health (NIH) couldn't ignore it any longer. The NIH actually funded the best form of study to look at DHEA and weight loss ...


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DHEA Decreases with Stress

DHEA declines more rapidly during physical and emotional stress because the Adrenal Glands preferentially produce Cortisol during stress, which bypasses the production of DHEA and S*x Hormones.

There's actually evidence that stress can affect how you age. One study compared the DNA of mothers who were under high stress -- they were caring for a chronically ill child -- with women who were not. Researchers found that a particular region of the chromosomes showed the effects of accelerated aging. Stress seemed to accelerate aging about 9 to 17 additional years.


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Replacing DHEA has been shown to help with weight loss, joint pain, sleep, energy levels, strength, immune function, feelings of wellness, and general quality of life.

A number of studies have also found that DHEA supplements may help people with depression, obesity, lupus, and adrenal insufficiency. DHEA may also improve skin in older people and help treat osteoporosis, va**nal atrophy, erectile dysfunction, and some psychological conditions.

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DHEA helps reduce the damaging effects of stress!

10 Health Problems Related to Stress

Heart disease. Researchers have long suspected that the stressed-out, type A personality has a higher risk of high blood pressure and heart problems.

Depression and anxiety
Gastrointestinal problems
Alzheimer's disease
Accelerated aging
Premature death
Remember... DHEA is required to make Estrogen and Testosterone too! There is a SOLUTION!

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Did you know that the Pituitary Gland makes 10 different hormones?

Each one of these Pituitary Gland hormones communicate to all the other Endocrine glands and “tell” the other glands what to do. For example, Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) are hormones that the Pituitary gland secretes to tell the Ovaries to make more or less Estrogen, Testosterone and Progesterone. There is a constant state of communication going on between the brain and the Endocrine organs that keep our Endocrine glands informed on how much of their particular hormone to make and when to release it out into the blood stream.

For instance, if the brain senses that you need more Estrogen to help grow hair, skin and nails, or needs Estrogen to help stimulate the thyroid hormone, or build up the uterine wall in preparation for ovulation, or heal a dry va**na, or stimulate digestive juices to digest food, or even need more Estrogen to think more quickly and creatively… the brain will send a signal to the ovaries to make more Estrogen for all these potential needs the brain senses going on.

Though there are certain levels of hormones in the blood stream that are considered within a normal range, it is the brain who is actually keeping these levels stable. The brain does this by sensing the body’s needs. That means that it wasn’t the researchers in Medicine who determine normal reference ranges, it’s the BRAIN that determines them.

And since all of the organs work together, if there is a problem with one Endocrine gland, the rest of the body is going to be effected and the brain will come in and try hard to maintain homeostasis. That is the brain’s job and focus – to Maintain Balance as much as it can.. It’s truly a Brain’s World!

Just like the brain will make your heart pump faster and make you breath faster if it needs more Oxygen, the brain will also stimulate your Endocrine organs to make more hormones if it senses you are getting low on a hormone you need to perform healthy functions. The brain will also send out a signal to make LESS Hormone if it senses that you need LESS. In Science, this is called a Feedback loop system.

A feedback loop system is nothing more than a thermostat. When you set your air-conditioner or heater to 70 degrees, the thermostat will send a message to the compressor to turn on and off to maintain 70 degrees in your house. (And yes, there is a such thing as having a problem with this “Thermostat”, resulting in the inability of the brain to communicate properly to the rest of the body.

Learn more about Natural Hormone Balance


Estrogen AND Testosterone are very important for pelvic floor strength. And as these hormones decline, your pelvic floor muscles get weaker, making urinary leakage a real possibility.

You might experience some leakage when you cough or sneeze. Or you might notice a little leakage when your bladder starts filling up and it is time to take a bathroom break. This is called stress incontinence.

Another form of leakage, or incontinence, is when a very strong urge to urinate suddenly comes on and you have difficulty making it to the bathroom on time. This can be extremely frustrating because you are always needing to scope out all the nearby bathrooms when you are away from home.

Learn More about all Natural Bioidentical Hormones


You recognize when you have a fever, cough and body aches that your body is telling you something - it needs to rest! You don't run out to your friend’s house or go jogging or run to mall to go shopping. You know these symptoms mean something and your body is communicating to you.

Symptoms of hormone change are telling you the same thing. Headaches, Insomnia, Joint pain, Irritability, Fatigue, and all the symptoms of Hormone decline - MEAN SOMETHING!

HOW You correct this imbalance is critical. Physicians in conventional practice of medicine tell you to either ignore your symptoms... after all... it's "normal" for your hormones to decline... OR... to take a synthetic hormone supplement that has been proven to increase your risk of cancer. WHAT?

But TODAY is not what it was 50 years ago. Not long ago our life expectancy was in our 50's - just shortly after menopause - we died! Now we are living 30-40 years or more after menopause! The symptoms we feel as our hormones decline mean something - and our body is yelling at us loud and clear. Just like a fever, cough and body aches - our body is telling us something.

STRESS to the body, physical and mental cause disease. ALL sorts of disease from heart disease to digestive issues to cancer.

We need to listen to our bodies. The benefits of bioidentical hormones that you see and think about are only the Tip of the Iceberg. The Real Benefits of Bioidentical Hormones are actually far more significant than most realize.

Thank you for taking care of yourself. For putting yourself higher and higher on your list of importance and making a point to discover what you need to know for YOURSELF.

Learn more about natural hormone balance

Our Story

Hi there!

Welcome to The Women’s Midlife Specialist Facebook site, a place to connect and help you balance your hormones, especially around and during menopause!

I’m Dr. Karen Leggett, a board certified physician in family medicine and geriatrics.

I’ve spent over 15 years helping and supporting midlife women in balancing their s*x, stress, thyroid, and gut hormones!

As you have probably already figured out, the balance of your hormones are vitally important for your overall health and happiness and are the key to slowing down the aging process, staying trim and fit, feeling energized and s*xy, and preventing illness with a strong immune system. (And a whole lot more!)

And you can bet I practice what I teach! How we act is dependent upon how we feel, so you have to feel great to really achieve your goals! I had to learn this the hard way, but I am so thankful now for the suffering that I went through because it led me to my passion today - to help YOU.

My story might sound familiar to you. A little over 15 years ago I was suffering from profound fatigue with a total loss of passion for life. I was devastated over how I felt and knew it wasn’t normal, or at least it shouldn’t be. Having always been a happy, carefree, and loving person, I was turning into a spiritless robot, going to work every day without excitement and joy in my heart. Every day was a struggle. Though I remained focused on my patients' needs, I felt a distance growing between me and those most important to me, including my beloved husband and son, with whom I had once shared a close relationship. I suffered with terrible insomnia, anxiety, and had no interest in my previously-loved hobbies.

I knew how I felt could not be normal. I began to question if I was sick with a possible hidden cancer.

I talked with an oncologist friend and he ordered a panel of tests to look for a possible cause of my fatigue. Bone scan, CT scans and blood work, fortunately, were all negative. It was at this time that I realized there wasn’t anything traditional medicine could do for me and it would be up to me to get my life back.

I started going to every conference available to physicians by the American Academy of Anti-aging, and focused on all of the possible issues related to fatigue. I focused on how to test and balance s*x hormones and treat with bio-identical hormones, diagnose and treat Adrenal Fatigue, treat metabolic conditions related to hidden thyroid disorders, and diagnose and treat leaky gut syndrome.

I put everything I learned into practice for myself, and in an extremely short period of time I was completely recovered from the fatigue, total exhaustion, lack of passion, anxiety, and irritability that I had been suffering from relentlessly.

My discovery changed not only my personal life, but changed my career and passion for medicine. As I healed, patients living hours away would find their way to my office for help, sometimes a decade or more after seeking help from other physicians. The rest is history. Since then there have been thousands of women who have benefited from my help with hormone balance.

When your hormones are balanced you feel great and create an environment that makes others feel great as well. And this is how you literally change the future of others. When you feel awesome, you really do make the people around you happier and healthier.

These ripple effects of your hormone balance really do make the world a better place!

Come join us in one of my hormone programs. You'll be glad you did!

Dr. Karen Leggett

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Bioidentical Creams Line:

1. Protect: Progesterone 20mg per 2 pumps (1/2 gram or 1/2 ml)

2. Heaven: Biest 80/20 with 80% Estriol 0.8mg) and 20% Estradiol (total 0.2mg) with Progesterone 20mg per 2 pumps (1/2 gram or 1/2ml)

3. Support: Estriol 1mg with Progesterone 20mg per 2 pumps (1/2 gram or 1/2 ml)

4. DHEA Power: 2.5 mg per 2 pumps (1/2 gram or 1/2 ml)

All of the above Bioidentical Creams are in airless containers where 1 pump delivers 1/4 gram or 1/4 ml (same thing). The average dose that suits 95% of all women is 2 pumps twice daily and 1 container lasts 2 months based on this dosing.

For Vaginal Atrophy: The Happy Hoo Hoo comes in 16 vaginal suppositories per package in two different formulations:

5. Happy Hoo Hoo - ReSTORING Formula: containing Estriol 1mg and Progesterone 10mg per Vaginal Suppository

6. Happy Hoo Hoo - ReBUILDING Formula: containing Pregnenolone 15mg (which is the precursor to all other S*x Hormones including DHEA, Estrogen, Testosterone and Progesterone) and 5mg Progesterone per Vaginal Suppository.



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