La Cañada Wireless Association

La Cañada Wireless Association


No Internet from Serpentine Ridge this morning.
Is something going on with Surpentine Ridge?
I have for the LCWA monitoring website, but that doesn't come up for me anymore. Can someone get me the current network address for network monitoring?
Array mount fail at Cerro Chato AP.

During the past wind storms, the mountings apparently slid down and then off the mounting. The only thing that was holding it together was the two MC cables from the two outside modules. 😬

The wind was blowing too hard to fix it when I ran across it the other day while out on a walk. So I padded the modules with a board and strapped it all down and waited two days for less wind to fix it. All good now!
We missed the Air Cube sale, can we still order from you at regular pricing? Thanks!
I've been trying to call but getting an error message with your 800#. are there any upodates going on. my internet hasn't been working for the last 24hrs.
Ours is still very slow...and the tech number "cannot be reached"
Sunday morning: internet is out. Power cycled everything.
How can we not recomend your services? There is no other provider for rural services outside Santa Fe. It's not your fault. It is however disgraceful that our state government does not recognise the absolute need for high speed internet for both businesses and individuals. Shameful!
For some reason, I cannot set up an account. Your algorithm keeps rejecting my passwords. VERY FRUSTRATING. So, I'm mailing you a check. Please! Try to set up a PayPal account so we can send you money easily.
Off High Feather/ Rocinante Rd and lost service last evening, 10/22. Anyone else?
I want to pay my bill. I keep getting an error message saying the link is not secure. Can someone give me a link that works? This one "" keeps getting the error message.

LCWA is a local, non-profit, member owned and operated, wireless network serving the La Cañada De Los Alamos Land Grant area of Santa Fe County, New Mexico

Operating as usual

[07/05/21]   Our recent maintenance uncovered a radio issue and internet is down along General Goodwin Rd, Horney Toad Road, and on CR42 near NM 14. And Blue Corn Trace. All near Cerrillos. Might be up to an hour to get it fixed.

[07/05/21]   There will be some short (couple minute) outages on the west side of our coverage area, today, as we install some new components. Thanks for your patience.

[07/01/21]   Outage in the Canoncito Area and near the KOA campground on Old Las Vegas Hwy, and at very end of CR51E. Due to one of our AP radios being down, trying to fix it now.

[06/30/21]   There is a power outage on all of General Goodwin Rd in Cerrillos right now, which has brought down our APs and internet delivery along or nearby that road.

[06/29/21]   Bunch of small AP outages scattered around the LCWA network today. A reaction to the long missing rain maybe? Here's the list.

RanchodeBosque AP is the main outage, affecting maybe 25 members in northern Lamy and eastern Eldorado

CerroCircle is down too, as is LimeKiln (these affect parts of Lamy Village)

San Cristobol Ranch affected too.

Looking into them all.

[06/28/21]   The Redrock AP which is in the Cerro Chato area of Madrid/Cerrillos is going up and down this afternoon causing intermittent outages in that area. Looking into it now.

[06/28/21]   There is a PNM power outage near corner of NM-14 and County Rd 42, just north of Cerrillos. At least one AP is down, Horney toad AP. So if you are near there and internet is off, that's why,. Unfortunately the power is off to our main distribution point for the entire west side of LCWA coverage, too. It's running on battery backup right now, so still covering, but PNM predicts that outage to last at least 4 hours, and some batteries may run out by then, which means coverage for part of Cerrillos, Madrid, and even San Marco may go down. We'll keep you posted.

[06/22/21]   Small outage in Cerro Chato area of Madrid/Cerrillos right now. The CerroChato5East radio is down for some reason, looking into it. Affects 13 members.

[06/12/21]   12:30 Sat: Internet Outage in Cerrillos Village area, we are about to swap in a wire on the offending AP radio to fix it, so hopefully this will be fixed fast.

[05/29/21]   Today (Sat May29) LCWA Internet will be up and down in our westside coverage area due to some emergency maintenance we are doing. We are replacing some failing components that have been causing 2-3 minute repeated outages in the Cerrillos/Madrid area over the last few days.

[05/17/21]   PNM Restored power last night (Sun) so our internet delivery distribution point is fully powered again.

[05/17/21]   PNM Power is still out in the area feeding our westside main internet distribution point. Our backup batteries are beginning to run out and internet is starting to fail in Cerrillos, Madrid, San Marcos area. PNM says fix by 9:30 tonight, but we'll see.

[05/16/21]   There is a PNM power outage in Cerrillos/SF near NM 14 and CR 42. That affects one of our major radio distribution points. We have backup batteries but they will go down eventually bringing down internet for some or most of our west side (Madrid, Cerrillos, San Marcos). Some APs starting to go down now due to batteries running out. PNM says power back at 4 PM, but who knows.

[05/12/21]   LCWA will have an internet outage at the WaldoMesa access point tonight. It's because the solar power system of the member who is hosting it is not working and so it will go down a few hours after the sun goes down. It affects members in the Waldo Mesa immediate area, and also members in the Rainbows End area, including a few on General Goodwin Rd. Internet should come back when the sun comes back up in the morning.

[05/12/21]   LCWA has an outage at the WaldoMesa access point this morning. It affects about 5 members in the Waldo Mesa immediate area, but also affects about 12 members in the Rainbows End area, including a few on General Goodwin Rd. Looking into it now.

[05/12/21]   Cancel that last post, a larger issue just came up at WaldoMesa, an AP that has been down for a few hours. So we will delay the Cerrillos maintenance a while

[05/12/21]   To All Cerrillos Members, this from our network lead:
At approximately 7:00am Weds morning, May 11, I will be replacing ethernet connectors for the DonJoseGoldmine link in order to fix a problem with the ethernet connection speed between the DonJose Switch and the DonJoseGoldmine Access Point radio. This work may take upwards of 30 to 45 minutes, during which time Cerrillos area members will not have an internet connection.

Phil Curnutt

Network Wireless Operations

[05/07/21]   Fri May 7 at 4 pm some up and down outages in the Jicarrilla Ridge AP area which affects portions of old las vegas hwy, sibley rd, sabino Gonzales road and more.

Also, the Cerrillos up and down internet issues from a few days ago were mostly fixed, but still some remaining intermittent issues have shown up again, and due to that we are replacing a main radio that may be defective.

[05/04/21]   Regarding the up and down internet in parts of Cerrillos today, we looked into it and it looks like one of the backbone components in that area is starting to fail. We don't have any spares but we put in an overnight order for the part. Hopefully received and fixed in the next few days.

[05/03/21]   Some members in Cerrillos area are reporting intermittent up and down internet. We are looking into it now.

[05/02/21]   Doing some maintenance on the Goldmine Access Point that will bring down internet. It will affect north end of Goldmine road and portions of Cerrillos Village. May take up to two hours, so hopefully done by mid afternoon.

[04/30/21]   Looks like we solved the Lamy village internet issue. Was a bad radio, one very intermittent and hard to diagnose. Replaced it and Internet looks good now.

[04/28/21]   Oh well, just noticing some brief outages in Lamy village area again, so our replaced part must not have been it after all. Still scratching our heads to figure out issue. Will keep you posted.

[04/28/21]   We think we identified the bad component at the Lamy AP that was causing intermittent issues. Just replaced the main Ethernet switch. Can't confirm that's it for sure till this evening when temperatures dip again. We'll be watching it.

[04/28/21]   Lamy Village area internet access still going up and down for some members. Still trying to get to root of problem

[04/27/21]   Our Redrock radio access point is going up and down this evening. Looking into it.

[04/26/21]   Outage in Lamy Village area affecting about 20 members. Looks like our Miller Barn AP is having issues. We are looking into it now

[04/11/21]   Goldmine access points (and connected APs) are up again. Maintenance work done. Thanks for your patience!

[04/11/21]   LCWA is bringing down the Goldmine access point site at about 12 noon today (Sun Apr 11). Needed to do some maintenance and an upgrade. Should be down about 1 hour and then right back up.

[04/05/21]   red rock ap down. looking into it now

[03/30/21]   The Red Rock access point (AP) is down affecting about 10 members in the Cerrillos/Madrid area. Looking into it now.

[03/23/21]   Tues Mar 23 around 7 am: No updates yet on ViadeLoma access point outage, affecting about 25 members. A staff member will be going out again today to see if we can get it fixed.

[03/22/21]   ViadeLoma AP down, looking into it now. Affects members near Cerro Chato road near Madrid.

[03/14/21]   network will be down a bit as we swap batteries on our backup system, 4:10 pm sun mar 14

[03/13/21]   Outages are expected across the network due to a power failure near our main access point. Batteries are holding up and will be swapped at times. More information will be posted if the power problems continue. (Use 800-536-6149) if you need more information since replies to posts and FaceBook messages are not being reviewed regularly.)



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