LUPUS Awareness Albuquerque Support

LUPUS Awareness Albuquerque Support


The King & Queen of 2020 International Lupus Pageant. Are you next? Sign up or Sponsor Today!

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I have looked to join a local support group in Albuquerque. Do you all meet for meetings in persin?
Im tired of this battle...i really whole life is lupus n how i get through the day... Im not one to complain because im blessed with the best family just tired .. Being scared hurt n sick
Has anyone been going through this:
I have tons of cyst in my breast along with some mass in my breast an under arm where I will go back this year on my birthday I have to go get another sonogram and mammogram due to all the cyst I have along with the mess! I also have a whole bunch of cyst in my neck that need to be seriously be looked at along with swollen lip-notes on one side not too long after having the symptoms I was diagnosed with thyroid disease which never was indicated before! My mobility is shot the damage is beyond repair!! I never thought in 1 billion years that I would not be physically active like I used to be!!



" okay now off to physical therapy the gym try to get this body ready for summer 2019 lol "


" I have been fighting with hypertension high blood pressure for years folks get checked out"


LUPUS Awareness Albuquerque Support


LUPUS Awareness Albuquerque Support


Mama you bring laughter to my face singer/ sister Toni Braxton every time I see your post cuz I know what you're going through girl this Lupus is no joke I'm going through it too but you bring so much inspiration to see you perform and that beautiful smile on your face keep up the good work you're helping us wish I could see one of your concerts but I'm in the hospital right now love you girl thanks for the love bless"


LUPUS Awareness Albuquerque Support


" so what is platelets ?


" this is what lupus has done to my body making my platelets depleted and they have to be replaced plenish




LUPUS Awareness Albuquerque Support 01/22/2019

Local doctors struggle to diagnose lupus EVEN as the country accounts for one of the highest rates of lupus worldwide, according t...


I'm so sick and tired of hearing these words why people don't just shut up 01/17/2019

After battling lupus for years: Miss Universe Jamaica 2014 finalist passes away She was 29 Current Philippine trending info on popular art, culture, society, movie, music reviews, travel destinations, food, classic literature, bestseller book lists, modern, retro design, health, wellness, exercise, fitness, people, events, beauty, makeup tips, latest fashion, clothing, fads.


Our Digital Fashion Show Winner Zuri Bracy - Queen Z - Model Page’s tribute to her mother, Rose.
“My mother just recently lost her battle with cancer, but she would not want anyone to reflect upon her memory with pity. She was a warrior... tried and true. She survived breast cancer, and was in the middle of the battle with the deadly, and unforgiving ovarian cancer, however those diseases are not what defined her as a strong woman. Despite her afflictions, she was a proud single mother of four, a grandmother and recent great grandmother that continued to persevere as she pursued her educational goals. Not many can say that they pushed through chemo and finals in the pursuit of their undergraduate degree from Texas A&M. No one would've blamed her for giving up but that is not apart of our genetic makeup. She made numerous sacrifices for her family and served as a source of motivation to the children within her church. She was, is and always will be a phenomenal woman. ”


" and so this is the medication that I am on for my hypertension what is patients like myself supposed to do now that they recall this particular drug how do we know if we were affected by the cancer causeing culprit everyday it seems like you do stuff to help yourself and there is other stuff that tears you right back down wow"




LUPUS Awareness Albuquerque Support


"I do my own promotions to create awareness even though many of my family members and Friends does not approve I love what I do they claim I'm putting my business out there but it was all in intention to help someone else who might be going through similar situation so just scroll on and let those who really want to see and read in" 12/10/2018

Living with One Kidney, What Does it Mean for You? What does the future hold for those living with one kidney? Find out here...








" Lord I pray for all my loopy patients
Who has suddenly become weather person's all our joints are hurting we could tell you what type of weather it's going to be


God is good thanking him for the strength to be able to get up and get out


"Thank you to all the visitors who like my page and hope you enjoy your stay"


Lupus Research Alliance

Much of our research focuses on discoveries that can lead to treatments to better address the debilitating effects of lupus while our funded scientists drive toward a cure. Fatigue is often cited as one of the most hated symptoms that treatments often cannot relieve. In this video, nine lupus warriors lupus share their experiences with fatigue. Share your experiences with fatigue on our lupus community forum!


" okay Orthopedic was okay got to go back to physical therapy and some new meds" 11/06/2018

Lupus Community PatientsLikeMe is the online community that lets you connect with others who share the same bond and similar emotions and memories. Track your condition, discover triggers, and connect with others to discuss treatments, symptoms and much more.


And so as the weather changes I have a little cold


Okay had blood work done today let's see what the scores are


" what is November 2018"


" one more meds added to my list Lord I'm tired I can't swallow no more"


Medical Medium

Medical Medium talking about AUTOIMMUNE ISSUES from his new book LIVER RESCUE



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