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Luthier & Instructor at @westbankstringshop
Violist at @siennastringquartet
Assistant Song Wrangler at @microsessionsofficial From simple set-ups to emergency surgery, Nicole Taylor is a one-stop solution for string instrument repair.

After graduating Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in 2009, Nicole took on prominent positions at Woodsongs Lutherie (Boulder, CO) and Beautiful Music Violin Shop (Lawrence, KS), mastering both guitar and violin family instrument work while playing in the Longmont (CO) and Topeka (KS) symphonies. She now works for WestBank String Shop in Austin, Texas in addition to taking additional contracts aroun

Operating as usual


Goos for days! It's a beautiful thing, hearing this little one find her voice 🎶


Westbank String Shop

Johann Sebastian Bach = 😃

Our (violist) luthier Nicole rocking a little Bach with this tiny cello that came in for a glued seam...

Small guitar or big viola? Either way, we're having fun!


Caring for your instrument is like caring for your pet. Both of these classy ladies love attention...and both are also vicious beasts!


Westbank String Shop

Our (violist) luthier Nicole rocking a little Bach with this tiny cello that came in for a glued seam...

Small guitar or big viola? Either way, we're having fun!


Classic FM 10/26/2016

Finding the Beauty in Violin Repairs Behind the scenes: Repairing violins can be more than restoring function to a damaged fiddle, it can be art By Andrew Carruthers You never know what you’ll find opening up an old stringed instrumen…


Great Big Story

This story makes me smile. May we all be lucky enough to find a craft that brings joy to a long life! :)

Alex Carozza has been repairing accordions in New York, New York since 1960. That's a long time. So long, in fact, that he's the last of his kind in the city. He's really good.


Westbank String Shop

Hey everyone! Could you do me a favor? Todd Sloan and our fiddle family have busted our butts this year to make Westbank Stringshop the best little violin shop in South Austin. If you think we're doing a good job could you take a minute to vote for us for an Austin Music Award by Feb 1? Thanks for all of the support you've already given us, it's your smiling faces and tapping toes that keep us jamming!

We need your help Facebook!
This year's Austin Music Industry Awards are closing their ballots by February 1st!
Help us out here at Westbank String Shop and let everyone know that we mean business when it comes to music in Austin!
One ballot per person, and make sure to fill us in for a nomination under
Instrument repair & Specialty Instrument Store!


Brandon Williams

Amazing playing!

You will be TOTALLY amazed at this video!! 09/30/2015

Music and the Aging Brain: New Research at UT-Austin Tests Cognitive Benefits of Music in Older...

It's never too late for music to change your life! Music and the Aging Brain: New Research at UT-Austin Tests Cognitive Benefits of Music in Older Adults | Classical music inspires and restores the human spirit. KMFA handcrafts exceptional classical music experiences on-air, online, and in community. 06/12/2015


Nine Punk Rock Players That Are Reshaping Roots Music

Congrats to Betse Ellis for being a shining part of this stellar lineup!

Punk rock and roots music aren't typically mentioned in the same breath. However, the two seemingly disparate genres share more in common than initially meets the ear. Both descend from decidedly DIY mindsets; both celebrate players who play fast; both tend, moreso than their mainstream rock and cou… 05/06/2015

Tracing the development of violin f-hole design through peeling an orange - The Strad Blogs: Tracing the development of violin f-hole design through peeling an orange Considering the f-holes of the Amati ‘King’ cello, and playing with food, led Andrew Dipper to on a possible path to evolution April 28, 2015 The origin of the violin can be traced to Northern Italy at the beginning of… 04/23/2015

Verde Valley's William Eaton among this year's honorees for 2015 Governor's Arts Awards - The...

Congratulations to William Eaton! His encouraging spirit and creative expressions are big enough to fill that Arizona sky, he no doubt helped me find direction in this world. I'm grateful every day for my time with him and the Roberto-Venn teachers and staff. News, Information and Real Estate in Yavapai County including Verde Valley, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Clarkdale, Jerome, Sedona, Arizona, AZ 04/22/2015

scholarships for music camp

Want to know how to help some truly gifted kids follow their musical dreams? I've had the great pleasure of working with Sara, an amazing teacher who goes above and beyond for her students. If you're able, please consider helping her kiddos make it to camp this summer! Hi World!!!!! I am earnestly trying to raise money to help my students offset the cost of summer music camp. Please help them, they are very dese...


Next up today, this little german cutie is getting the "old time works"! 04/07/2015

10 Ways to Optimize Your Guitar for Under $100

Good info here: Fighting your axe instead of making great music? Review the fundamentals of a great setup with Nashville luthier Tony Nagy. 04/06/2015

The history of the viola joke - The Strad

The nearest and dearest instrument to my heart, we sometimes have to have thick skin playing the "Cinderella of the Orchestra". But really, there is a special kind of peace that comes with laughing honestly at yourself. :) Focus: The history of the viola joke Why pick on the poor violist? Martin Boyd searches for the origins of the viola joke April 3, 2015 Every society has a butt for its jokes. The English have the Irish and the French have the Belgians. In the orchestral world, the unfortunate viola player provides…


Custom violin that I repaired and Michael Garfield painted for Westbank String Shop in Austin... 02/11/2015

Bazantar, techne follows psyche (2007)

Listen to this! I am amazed by his creation AND his creative process! (2007) Mark Deutsch playing the Bazantar. Fey Adelstein : Director, Editor, Sound and 2nd Camera. Zhihao Ren : 1st Camera and Assistant Editor.


In the flow at the bench with an old Gibson


Thank you so much everyone who has liked my page! Here's a little bit of what I've been up to, this poor 14" viola too a tumble. Now its back up and singing.


I can't tell you how inspiring it is to meet people who are sharing their heart to the world through their music. I got to attend a wonderful event yesterday that blew me away with the quality of music and musicians here in Austin, The Austin Friends of Traditional Music Mid-Winter Festival. Thank you, all of you, for what you do, it was a blast!


Boston Symphony Orchestra

This weekend, Thomas Wilkins led Onstage at Symphony, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for adult amateur Massachusetts musicians to experience the world of a professional orchestra. Within 24 hours, 100 participants had two rehearsals and a free performance on the Symphony Hall stage. Check out this trailer produced by Wallside Media, for a documentary they are putting together about this awesome project! 01/16/2015

Music Poll Ballot 2014 - The Austin Chronicle

Hey everyone! Now is the time to do a little nice somethin' for all of the musicians and music stores that fill your lives with song year long! We'd be most grateful for your vote for best *specialty* music store and instrument repair at Westbank Stringshop! The Austin Chronicle Music Poll honors the local music community, recognizing Austin artists who have made an impact in recording and performance over the course of the year. Winners will be announced at the 33rd annual Austin Music Awards during South By Southwest.


I owe so much to Dee Starkey, back in the day I had this crazy idea that I might want to be a luthier and my job at Jim Starkey Music Center, Inc. was what really put that dream in motion. Now Dee has found his well earned retirement but continues to help keep so many people's dreams alive. So much love and gratitude to you Dee, can't wait to share some Austin fun with ya! 01/11/2015

U.S. Department of Transportation clears up airline instrument policy

Good to know! Passengers traveling with instruments have gotten some much needed clarification from the U.S. Department of Transportation. 11/05/2014

Watch This Orchestra Perform While Eating The World's Hottest Chili Peppers

Probably the best thing I've seen all day. It was going pretty well until they all started gagging and crying. 09/28/2014

Getting Classical in the Playa: Burning Man Diversifies Its Musical Offerings

These guys will DEFINITELY need a good luthier, and hopefully another violist next time I make it out to Burning Man. Starting to make plans for my playa work space...dust control will be tricky. :) A cadre of burners brought their violins, violas, and cellos to the desert this year to form the first-ever full string orchestra on the playa. KQED’s April Dembosky played violin with the group.


Back in CO for a bit for a bass project and this back porch workspace is glorious! Just as I expected, working is so much more enjoyable when you can feel the breeze, hear the birds and smell the rain.


Hello everyone! I'm so grateful for my new bench space and new friends at Westbank String Shop! Come by and say hi and bring that instrument that's not quite right. :)

Lutherie Adventures 05/14/2014

Lutherie Adventures


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If Nicole has repaired your instrument, please leave a review - your feedback is appreciated. ¡Olé!


Nicole Taylor Strings's cover photo

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Goos for days! It's a beautiful thing, hearing this little one find her voice 🎶



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