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I am a hybrid designer and front-end developer living in the world-renowned fine art desintation of Santa Fe, NM.

smashingmagazine.com 11/17/2016

Not An Imposter: Fighting Front-End Fatigue – Smashing Magazine

Definitely feeling this article. I love what I do, but there's so much too it...

smashingmagazine.com Front-end fatigue is very real. In this article, David Berner shares some general advice on how to avoid getting fatigue in the first place.



How many have you read?

At the Fast Company Innovation Festival, Mauro Porcini discussed five books that have informed his design and business philosophy.


www.smashingmagazine.com 10/06/2016

In-App Gestures And Mobile App User Experience – Smashing Magazine

Gestures are the new clicks.

www.smashingmagazine.com The rise of touch and gesture-driven devices has dramatically changed the way we think about interaction. Gestures are more than merely entertaining, they are very useful and feel familiar. Today, the success of a mobile app significantly depends on how well gestures are implemented into the user ex...


.net magazine

This is a very effective and similar workflow that I use, if you're into that sort of thing...

Master responsive #UX with Illustrator #rwd

[06/19/16]   Happy Father’s Day to all! I certainly feel like a very fortunate father and son :)

supremo.tv 06/07/2016

Type Terms

In case you are interested in what makes up a typeface, what a serif is, or even a tittle, check this out. It's pretty rad.

supremo.tv Type Terms. The animated typographic cheat sheet.

tympanus.net 05/27/2016

Freebie: Creativity & Learning Icon Set (PSD, AI, SVG, PNG) | Codrops

These are pretty cool!

tympanus.net A free icons set with 30 uniquely designed icons all around creativity, learning and experimentation. The set comes in different formats including PSD, AI, SVG and PNG.


Smashing Magazine

I really love how some larger organizations such as Airbnb and GE are openly discussing how they approached and solved the problem of making design cohesive across such large digital landscapes and massive teams. I also love Brad Frost's atomic design and how GE made it their own in a more meaningful context. Rad stuff.

A yet another case study on building a design system with atomic design. https://medium.com/ge-design/ges-predix-design-system-8236d47b0891#.kwo8i4rt7

ht.ly 01/07/2015

Everybody Scrolls.

FYI – Everybody scrolls... http://ht.ly/GWHqB

ht.ly Our first piece of ongoing research into usability best practices tackles scrolling.

www.iflscience.com 01/07/2015

Hubble Captures Breathtaking New View Of Iconic Pillars Of Creation |...

Rad: http://www.iflscience.com/space/hubble-captures-breathtaking-new-view-iconic-pillars-creation

www.iflscience.com Almost 20 years ago, the Hubble Space Telescope took a breathtaking image that would soon become one of the most famous pictures in astronomy. That...

ht.ly 01/07/2015

Does Apple care any more?

This is my MacBook Pro to a T, @tim_cook. "... an OS with embarrassing bugs and fundamental regressions." – @bokardo http://ht.ly/GWxj3

ht.ly An Interface and Product Design blog by Joshua Porter

ht.ly 11/01/2014

Holy Hops

HolyHops.biz is live, ladies and gentlemen! If you're a home brewer you really need to check them out! ---> http://ht.ly/DERbR

ht.ly Holy Hops, LLC markets and sells hybridized varieties of neomexicanus hops grown at the small commercial hop yard of the Benedictine Monastery of...

[08/04/14]   Any photographer friends able to lend me a lighting setup in a few weeks? Halogen, stands, light diffusers, etc...

[07/27/14]   I'm excited to annouce a new client! I'm very picky when it comes to my freelance clients these days (I really only work with a few). With my day job and a new baby I need to make sure the work I choose to take on is not only fun but is also for businesses that I admire and relate to. Well, the Abbey Brewing Company fits this description exactly! I will now be doing a whole slue of design work for their expanding brew offerings and evolving branding! I've enjoyed their Monk's Ale for years, and had a sample of a new black ale they're developing and it's delicious! Keep an eye on them in the coming months!

patrickiverson.com 06/28/2014

New Website | Santa Fe | Graphic Design | Logo Design | Patrick Iverson

I redesigned my website yet again. Have a look and give me some feedback! http://patrickiverson.com

patrickiverson.com Logo Design & Web Design in Santa Fe, NM

[04/18/14]   LESS, node.js, and Grunt, oh my! I really love learning new things =)

[04/17/14]   In case you missed it, I released a #WordPress theme on #Github based off of #Bootstrap. Have a look! http://ht.ly/vUj4t



GitPress, meet the world wide web. World wide web, meet GitPress – my first attempt at a lot of things... http://ht.ly/vRhsO

github.com gitpress - GitPress – A bare-bones Bootstrap WordPress Theme

tres-cuervos.com 04/14/2014

Tres Cuervos | Handcrafted Leather Goods

One project that I wrapped up that was for one of my own clients, and my friend, is the Tres Cuervos eCommerce website. http://tres-cuervos.com/

tres-cuervos.com LEATHER • BRASS • WOOD • VIGOR


Zocere, Inc. | Generation Next in Stroke Therapeutics

Zocere is another interesting pharma startup with a focus on stroke therapeutics. They've been getting a lot of praise of their website and new brand identity lately. Kudos to Lux+Associates for always bringing me interesting work! http://zocere.com/

zocere.com Stroke is a silent killer, striking men and women of any age. Symptoms often go unnoticed for hours. Meanwhile, damage to the brain becomes more permanent, even fatal. If stroke victims get to a hospital, there are few treatment options. Survivors face staggering medical bills, rigorous rehabilitati...

matrix-bio.com 04/14/2014

Redefining Cancer Diagnostics with Metabolite Profiling | Matrix-Bio

Matrix-Bio is an incredibly interesting startup focusing on cancer detection! Check out the website I designed for this Lux+Associates client – http://matrix-bio.com/

matrix-bio.com We're redefining cancer diagnostics with Metabolite Profiling, which detects cancer and its recurrence far earlier and with greater accuracy than current

visiontech-partners.com 04/14/2014


http://www.visiontech-partners.com/ is one of the projects I designed for Lux+Associates. They're an investment firm in Indiana. I also designed their visual identity =)


luxandassociates.com 04/14/2014

New Mexico & South Carolina PR, Marketing and Public Relations Firm | Lux + Associates |...

I've been working with Lux+Associates on several projects lately, one of which is their own website http://luxandassociates.com/ – Check it out!

luxandassociates.com Lux + Associates is a New Mexico South Carolina PR and marketing firm specializing in public relations, sc marketing firms and sc strategic communications.

www.webat25.org 03/12/2014

Web at 25: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Invention of the Web

Happy birthday, World Wide Web! http://www.webat25.org/

www.webat25.org Welcome to the Web’s 25th Anniversary - a Message from Tim Berners-Lee2014-3-10 // by Tim Berners-LeeTwenty-five years ago today, I filed the...

zurb.com 02/24/2014

Playground from ZURB | Design tools and creative experiments

I gratefully wasted about an hour flipping through Zurb's Playground again today. So much fun and inspiration! http://zurb.com/playground

zurb.com Creative Experiments from ZURB. Welcome to the ZURBplayground where we share creative interaction design tools and experiments from the design and...

sideproject.io 02/12/2014

Outdated UX patterns and alternatives

I'll do my damnedest =)

sideproject.io Outdated UX patterns and alternatives09 Feb 2014 on UXTweetMeet North, design and development standards to align and guide your project. It's a...

dttf.tumblr.com 01/23/2014

designers touching their faces

I love this: http://dttf.tumblr.com

dttf.tumblr.com If you're a designer, you ain't sh*t if you don't touch your face in photographs brought to you by...

[01/15/14]   Phew!!! What a week! TalisFortuna.com went live, Matrix-Bio.com went live, and Awairness.com went live!

tyrosinepharma.com 11/26/2013

Tyrosine Pharma | Generation Next in Stroke Therapeutics

Tyrosine Pharma, designed in partner with Lux and Associates, has gone live! One page responsive WordPress website: http://tyrosinepharma.com

tyrosinepharma.com Tyrosine Pharma is developing drugs that have the potential of being the first neuro-protectant on the market. Halting damage. Saving lives.

bradfrostweb.com 10/16/2013

Development Is Design | Brad Frost Web

Design is Development... http://ow.ly/pTaVO

bradfrostweb.com Development Is DesignOctober 07, 2013I recently received this email from a startup:We’re a startup in San Francisco looking to launch a 5-page...

[10/16/13]   What is beautiful is usable... http://ow.ly/pSN1k

smashingmagazine.com 10/10/2013

Hand-Sketching: Things You Didn't Know Your Doodles Could Accomplish |...

Awesome article about the power of sketching and its affect on memory. http://ow.ly/pGy37

smashingmagazine.com In this article, Laura Busche shows you 8 benefits of hand-sketching and how and why these can help you take your design to the next level.

foodtypography.com 09/05/2013


Typography. Food. A unlikely, but truly awesome, combination! http://ow.ly/oARo3

foodtypography.com UNITING AESTHETICS AND FOODSTUFFS - marmalade bleue follow on twitter @foodtypography

lightlabcreations.com 09/05/2013

Lightlab Creations : A transformational ecosystem, a movement dedicated...

The Lightlab website I built for my friend Ryan Greendyk went live! Just in time for the new moon =) http://ow.ly/oAGeC

lightlabcreations.com Just another WordPress site

smashingmagazine.com 09/03/2013

Flat And Thin Are In | Smashing Magazine

Articles like this make me really excited for the direction the web is headed =) Great read! It's not about trends... http://ow.ly/ow5PY

smashingmagazine.com In this article, Adrian Taylor looks at how we got from 3-D and skeuomorphic to flat and minimal and what influence it’s having on interface design...

[08/22/13]   I flippin' love designing logos and carrying that identity into the online world! Coherence makes me randy!

getbootstrap.com 08/20/2013


Bootstrap 3 dropped and it's sexy! Mobile-first and better than ever! Time to build stuff! http://ow.ly/o61dr


onetinyhand.com 08/16/2013

one tiny hand

Photoshop winning! http://onetinyhand.com

onetinyhand.com one tiny step for hands, one giant leap for mankind.



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