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Here it is hope you like it.
Weekend of camping at red river
Happy Labor Day weekend from the Botelhos and Theresa Hamilton.
Nevada Segura enjoying her vacation and soaking up some sun at the Arizona Grand Resort! Thank you, Darmitzel Orthodontics, LLC., for this beautiful smile!
Fairh ortiz
Faith Ortiz summer 2019 in Phoenix Arizona Anaheim California and New York city
Faith ortiz in California,, Phoenix Arizona and New York summer 2019
Braces off and looking good! Thanks Dr. Darmetzel!
Happy Holidays from Marcus🎄🎄

Orthodontic specialty practice in Santa Fe, NM. Offering orthodontic treatment for children and adu


See ya later October, we’re lookin forward to the upcoming holidays. Wanted to say thanks to Destiny for the cool shirts!!


Just a friendly reminder to watch out for those hard Halloween candies.


Busted having a little fun at work.

Photos from Darmitzel Orthodontics, LLC's post 09/30/2022

Destiny was pretty pumped to get Isaac and Amiyah started on their orthodontic journey….We can’t wait to see the end result!!


I wish I had a picture of Ryan standing next to me 16 months ago (pre-braces) to prove that it is possible to grow over a foot in a year (and pass by his orthodontist in the process).
On another note, Ryan is the third patient to finish braces with us that also happened to be in the Rio Rapids development soccer league the first year we jumped in as a sponsor. I have a feeling he might be moving on to basketball.


We’ve known Brody for a long time….. since he was playing development league soccer to be exact. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and we’re gonna miss his regular presence in the office. Glad to see him in today showing off an awesome smile!


Thought for the day…..

Photos from Darmitzel Orthodontics, LLC's post 08/12/2022

Underbites…..some of the most rewarding fixes in orthodontics, imo. First pic is 9 months progress on a full braces case. Second pic is only 2 months progress on an early interceptive treatment.


We really enjoyed working with Matt. Dr D now has 2 reasons to be slightly envious…..one being his awesome smile.


Couple of mesmerizing sunsets from the week. Gotta love the NM monsoon season!


Rock, Paper, Scissors…..probably the best way to establish who gets braces first.


What a fun before and after braces case.


When your family shows up to visit you and the back door is locked!


One twin almost done and another twin had just begun……with braces of course.
It made our day working with these ladies! We love the excitement of starting and finishing treatment!!


A “smokin” good sunset….unfortunately it was enhanced by smoke from the nearby fires. Our thoughts are with those affected.


First Before and After video!! Here’s a nice correction of an overbite……We live in a world of degrees and millimeters.


Alexis let us have some fun and pick colors for her last appointment before braces come off. Thanks Alexis!! Destiny and Diana thought she’d look great in bright green.

Photos from Darmitzel Orthodontics, LLC's post 03/29/2022

It’s fun to see how much bigger people smile when they get their braces off!


Dr Pick and Dr D got to sit back and take in some great info today at the NM Association of Orthodontists annual meeting.


……And a fun case all finished up and looking great!


Fun case in progress….

Photos from Darmitzel Orthodontics, LLC's post 03/01/2022

Before and After. Function and Esthetics.


Got to enjoy a really thoughtful gift on a beautiful snowy day in SFNM. Everyone drive careful out there today!


Fun braces case in progress…..only 6 months in and a lot of good changes so far.


It’s always great to see former patients return years after braces with amazing smiles….2x as nice when it’s twins!


Beautiful sunrise!!


Dr D had some special visitors for our last day working in 2021!! Hope everyone has a great new year, we’re looking forward to what 2022 has to offer.


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Photos from Darmitzel Orthodontics, LLC's post 11/20/2021

We were really excited to see Julianna without braces today!!


Great SFNM sunset we caught from the office a couple days ago.


Enjoyed my new “New Mexico” surgical cap today. Everyone have a nice weekend!!

Photos from Darmitzel Orthodontics, LLC's post 11/09/2021

What a nice Before and After with an amazing patient. We finished up in 23 months, just in time for Sierra to be braces free in college!


We’re gonna miss Kayla…..She got an amazing job offer that she just couldn’t pass up and she’s saying goodbye to dental.
It’s mixed emotions for us as we’re happy for her, but obviously sad to not have her in our office anymore. Kayla did so much to make our practice better.
Good luck with everything you do Kayla!!

Photos from Darmitzel Orthodontics, LLC's post 10/19/2021

Kayla and Destiny are ready for Halloween, are you????
Remember to stay away from the hard candy if you’ve got braces on…..sorry, couldn’t resist adding that tidbit.


We got a new website!! Check it out, we think it looks great!


Just got this in from one of our patients with a special request to title as “Soccer Hair”. Great to see kids out playing sports again!


“We’re all matching in 2’s……and it wasn’t even planned!” -Destiny

Photos from Darmitzel Orthodontics, LLC's post 08/20/2021

Before and After of the Month:
We had fun working with this guy! What a great smile!!


Happy 1 year Workiversary to Destiny!

She has been awesome from day 1 and has made our office so much better in being part of our team.

Thanks Destiny! Very thankful you’re here.

Photos from Darmitzel Orthodontics, LLC's post 07/29/2021

We are very excited to introduce and welcome Dr. Clarice Pick to our office!

Dr. Pick has practiced orthodontics in Santa Fe since establishing her private practice in 1989. She brings with her a wealth of experience, amazing energy and an even better personality. In addition to providing orthodontic services for Santa Fe and surrounding communities for 30 years, she also works as an orthodontist with Villa Theresa Catholic Clinic and with the Santa Fe cleft palate team.

New patients can schedule with either Dr. Pick or Dr. Darmitzel as they will be alternating work days in our office.

Here’s an interesting fact: Dr. Pick was Dr. Darmitzel’s orthodontist, and was the primary influencer in him choosing to pursue orthodontics as a career.

Swipe left for another “fun fact” about Dr. Pick.

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First Before and After video!!  Here’s a nice correction of an overbite……We live in a world of degrees and millimeters. ...
Today's funny challenge, our assistants being silly this morning! Would you attempt this challenge?
Celebrating Astrids last day in braces!Enjoy our happy dace!!!
Good morning, so happy its FRIDAY!
Happy Valentines Day!
Kayla got braces today!  Ever wonder how we add braces?
Last day in braces! What a way to celebrate the holiday's! 😁🎄🎁
Last day in braces! 😄😄😄
We will be collecting donations for Esperanza Shelter till December 21! Stop by the office anytime Monday -Friday 8-5.  ...
Floss challenge!!!We challenge you to post your videos to our page.
Drawing for a free soccer ball!




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