Salsa Santa Fe

Salsa Santa Fe


Salsa, Cumbia y Reggatón!
Salsa friends! Dance to live music with Los Primos Melodicos brought to you by Lightfoot Dance Studio! Festive drinks, snacks & sweets to keep your spirits up, including chocolate by vendor Tia Coco. Intro Latin Fusion class with Shell & I at 7:30, music at 8:30pm. Happy Holidays!
Hi, I’m visiting Santa Oct 2-6. Where are some places to go salsa dancing and what are they like?
Are there new calendars for 2018? Upcoming events for May??
Where to salsa dance in Sf on Thursday nights?

Salsa Santa Fe - Is a place to explore the Live Latin Music scene in Santa Fe and Abq. As well as for other cultural events. Check in often for changes !!

Salsa Santa Fe - Is a place where you can explore where, who and what, the Live Latin Music is doing. Mostly here in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. I will also from time to time post for other worthwhile arts and entertainment events, of my choosing. Please visit the venue and band websites, for further information. Check in for changes to the calendar. I am adding events constantly. Let me know what y

Operating as usual


Happy Christmas to you all.
By word of the family, Victor’s service will be delayed probably
until after the holidays. I’ll will post when there is more information


Victor of Savor flavor has died.
My good friend, I hope you’re in a great place now. I’m gonna miss you for sure. Through all of these 20 years we knew each other and spent all that time making music and dancing. Through thick and thin, through no one showing up to dance, endless conversations, wine, women and song. Playing to empty rooms, playing to sold out rooms, I’m gonna miss you. Brings a tear to my eyes. You were the anchor for music when no one was playing.
Thank you for the 20 years my friend. Thank you for the countless nights of great dancing. Thank you, thank you, thank you….what great taste you have….in Cuban time,
Tres mojitos.


Thank you James.
It was a pleasure and we the community will always remember you and your wishes and will towards the goals which allowed so many to enjoy life and dancing.
Gracias amigo nos vemos en el cielo de el más allá.
Abrazos fuertes


I wish for all of you who want to return to what was once a playground,
to return to the playground.
It seems as though we are in this situation for another year.
There is of course the governmentally imposed sanctioning against our Culture, Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness and the right to refuse service to anyone.
There is also the bio and psycho warfare and indoctrination to a greater disservice, by getting the vast amount of people,
Not to trust each other again.
Things will never be the same.
Couples dancing may be something of the past at least for the near future.
We all have situations with those whom we can, do and may trust.
So in a clandestine manner as we became the victims of prohibition.
I urge you to begin a slow and protracted and careful beginning,
towards the end.
As I used to say, The Best Is Yet To Come...!
We are as strong as our weakest link.
Your skill level should never be a factor in wanting to and
getting out to dance. They can take our culture, but they can never take
our dancing shoes.
God bless you all


Riddle me this
What is culture, without the culture?


AMP Concerts

Greetings from Santa Fe! The "Postcards from Santa Fe" series features vignettes of our favorite musicians performing at the iconic locations you love from our beautiful and unique city.

We will be premiering more musical postcards over the coming weeks as a reminder of the history, culture and charm of "The City Different”.

Feel free to send or share this postcard with someone you love. Someone who loves Santa Fe. Who loves great food, world class art, music and beauty. Stay tuned to AMP Concerts for more postcards coming soon!

Postcard #1: Nacha Mendez from Milner Plaza on Santa Fe's Museum Hill.

The Santa Fe Postcards project is made possible by the generous support of Falling Colors Foundation.


Nacha Mendez on Museum Hill - Postcards from Santa Fe

It’s official tonight at 7.
Thanx and let me know what you think

The "Postcards from Santa Fe" series features vignettes of our favorite musicians performing at iconic locations from our beautiful and unique city. Feel fre...


Yes! And yes! Finally a sense of relief and things moving in the right boogie?!


Nacha asked Shannon and I to dance for the filming of Post Cards with Nacha, Carla and Melanie.
Man, this was fun and thank you Nacha. There will be 9 other Post Cards as far as I undersrand.
Nacha also thought it would be cool to play at Museum Hill Cafe. I think the grand terrace there will provide plenty of social dancing distances. Unless you and your partner have already cleared the air between you. Looking forward to our culture returning now. More news as the project evolves. Keep smilin

Postcards From Santa Fe!! Nacha Mendez on Museum Hill.

The second installation of Postcards From Santa Fe is underway.

AMP Concerts is producing a series of music performances of local Santa Fe artists in iconic Santa Fe area locations. We will be posting each one as we finish them and then creating one large montage when the project is finished.

Keep your eyes peeled on AMP Concerts and Santa Fe Tourism channels. A special thanks to Falling Colors for being the title sponsor of this community based project. This endeavor helps not only our musicians and producers here but spotlights our amazing city.


Nice! Something to look forward to....

Coming May 22 2020!
Our new album "Tempestad" brings together everything that make Nohe & Sus Santos such a distinctive Latinx act.

The four-piece band incorporates alt-rock en espanol, quirky cumbia and indie pop grooves (and beyond!). It is soulful, passionate and possesses a good dose of attitude.

Celebrated Honduran vocalist Nohelia Sosa completes a group of fabulosos musicians that can only be described as excitingly fresh, with a style that is all its own.

Tempestad consists of 8 original compositions along with 2 classic songs interpreted by The Santos. With songs about love, loss, and healing, Tempestad refers to the storm of life and the cleansing that happens when the tempest has passed.


Seems as though the panic has come to the dance floor and our beloved dancing, bands, music and fun is coming to an end. All the cancellations ending our culture. Incredible, since at this time the state has no diagnosed cases. No toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc. people with giant shopping carts over flowing with stuff. Fat people buying up multiple shopping carts. What next? No dancing anywhere of course. I haven’t seen empty shelves at the store since I was in Peru in 1974-75. Cumbia was the rage back then. People, get a grip. This is exactly how they want you to act. Fear! How are musicians and all those who depend on the dancing scene and venues supposed to endure. When will they close restaurants, grocery stores, public sites, hotels, the Lensic and Opera, All events of public concern, libraries, gov. buildings, vacation rentals, tourism, schools of all types, etc. and all the spring and summer events all over?! This isn’t just Santa Fe, this in everywhere. This state isn’t rich enough to take on such an economic hit over how many months. This is really crazy. I’m sorry for what’s happening. Truly sorry to see this.
I have to add that when this kind of thing happens, big father (forget big brother) is applying the cloak and dagger. There is definitely someting of great magnitude happeing in a nefarious way somewhere sponsored by big father and we are being made to look else where. Its how they have been doing it for hundreds of years. Just like the recessions and depressions all over the world not just in this country. Wonder what it is that makes you look another way, along the way to nowhere, when it’s all over and then think, what was that all about anyways. It will be in a tiny story, a tiny column on the back page of the NYTimes in a few months


New Calendar ! Feb. 25, 2020 !
Waiting for schedules from La Fonda, El Farol, Tumbleroot and places in Abq. 02/11/2020

Wine, Chocolate, & Dancing - Pajarito Mountain Ski Area Pajarito is bringing back this valentines day celebration with Wine, Chocolate, & Dancing! Mark your calendar for February 15th for some (post)valentines day romance including: Chocolate from Rose Chocolatier Wine from Unquarked Music and dancing from El Duo del Sabor “Sol Y Luna” featuring .....


Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest

Dont forget, the greatest souvenirs from the Americas!

The nation's largest festival dedicated to chocolate, coffee, and gourmet foods.


Salsa Santa Fe's cover photo


New Calendar! - Feb. 5, 2020 !
Don't take anything for granted and don't put anything on a pedestal (unless it is a work of art of course).



Got a hankering for the best burritos and tacos?? Enjoy great live music at the same time?? Then have we got the place for you!! Come and see us perform at the Grand Opening of Don Choche Tacos and Cerveza this Sunday Feb 9 in Nob Hill. Show starts at 5:30pm - 8:30pm. Bring friends and a big appetite!!
Address and more details on the link below.
#baracutanga #donchoche #livemusic


Calendario Nuevo ! Para 22 Enero, 2020 !
Se regresa mas y mas


National Hispanic Cultural Center

New Mexico Jazz Latino Orchestra
Friday, January 24, 2020
Albuquerque Journal Theatre
8 pm

In their fourth performance at the NHCC, the New Mexico Jazz Latino Orchestra will present a two-part show featuring Latin jazz, cha cha, salsa, and rumba and showcasing the versatility of the group’s musicians. The 13-piece ensemble seeks to highlight the great musical talents of New Mexico residents, while bringing in international guest artists to introduce audiences to traditional instrumentation and rhythms from Latin America and demonstrate how jazz fusion can provide a harmonious and exciting blend of ancestral and contemporary tones. This year’s concert salutes the Quiñones family, “¡La familia de la salsa!”—Marc Quiñones, percussionist for international salsa band sensation Ocho y Más, and Tony and Camilo Quiñones—and features César Bauvallet, Jackie Zamora, Paul Gonzales, Doug Lawrence and Steve Figueroa, Adolfo Acosta, Lester Rodriguez, Maud Beenhouwer, and Alex Murzyn.

$25 & $27 with a $3 discount for NHCC members

Thank you to our Performing Arts Season Sponsors Heritage Hotels and Resorts, the Albuquerque Journal and Southwest Airlines!


New Calendar ! January 3, 2020


Creep - Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

See PMJ Live: | Listen On Spotify: Get Scott's book about PMJ:


Scott Bradlee

Ooo, strictly on a bad night of no one to ask or when she’s in the ladies room.
I will be waiting, anticipating, watching, thinking.....of how she moves in the night.
Sensual, masterful, intelligence in heels

This one is definitely in my top 3 Postmodern Jukebox videos of 2019.
Amazing performance by Chloe Feoranzo, and beautiful cinematography by Guy Livneh!

First new video of 2020 coming on Jan 3



Salsa friends! Dance to live music with Los Primos Melodicos brought to you by Lightfoot Dance Studio! Festive drinks, snacks & sweets to keep your spirits up, including chocolate by vendor Tia Coco. Intro Latin Fusion class with Shell & I at 7:30, music at 8:30pm. Happy Holidays!


New Calendar! December 2, 2019
Feliz Navidad y Happy New Year!
I hope and wish for you all everything that makes you happy.
For everyone to be in prosperity, all the forms of prosperity.
A new decade, year and a new opportunity to make everything, everyone inspired.
Think about what comes out of your mouth, how you listen, what way you continue to profess anything but the goodness, and stand up to yourself and create something new!
Bailamos con pasion e inspiracion


Feliz Navidad ! Savor is at La Fonda Christmas night, just in case you needed to dance.
The La Fonda site has them at 730-11 pm.


Nacha Mendez

This Saturday!


New Calendar ! Dec. 4, 2019 !

La Fonda Did Not Have Their Schedule Up Yet !
I will try to get that information as soon as it becomes available.

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year !

Tito Einstein : "We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams."
My man, Alberto Einstein ! Ya ves ? Nunca sabes a quien le encanta bailar !


That was a blast at Tumbleroot with Nosotros and Manzanares!
The joy of what it is. Come dance and enjoy wholesome fun, where men and women treat each other as they should, lots of boogie, body work and soul food. Learn a new skill for the quality of life and a quality of/for your mind and longevity. What every therapist says, a physical, non-competitive, non-sexual, sweaty activity two can share and do together. As well as supporting the local live music scene, establishments and musicians. Keeps you looking young/younger. When you can say, “I have never smiled so much in my life”. When ten, twenty years later people think you’re still a kid. When your younger sibling has more wrinkles than you. It’s all in fun, don’t take it so seriously! Push your envelope. Keep smiling, ‘cause Santa is looking!


New Calendar Nov. 12, 2019


Drury Rooftop Inside, Nov. 7, Thursday, 6-9


Savor at Drury Rooftop - inside, Nov. 7, this Thursday, 6-9. Let’s show up so the hotel can see that we can support this! Thank you!


New Calendar ! Oct. 29, 2019 !
It's getting cold so keep those feet moving !

Dancing does not mean to be in a place where there is noise, craziness and working it , it means to be in all that and music, grace and smoothness and still be in the calmness and joy of your heart....keep Smiling !


It’s a good night for Salsa in Santa Fe:
Los Primos at JimmyD’s at 6
Nacha at La Posada at 630
Savor at La Fonda at 8
Nosotros at Draft Station at 9


Santa Fe, NM

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