Heather E. Vaughan

Heather E. Vaughan


Even though I live abroad, every time I needed your Ayurvedic (and not only that) advice, you've been there for me selflessly! You are always there to share your knowledge and I feel so happy I "met" you! I wish I could find in my country such a practitioner as you! 😍😍

Individualized lifestyle, herbs, treatments, & medicinal foods. Ayurveda is 5000-year-old system of medicine for healthy contentment in the modern world.

Basti Treatments- a pool of oil placed on imbalanced part of your body. Marma Treatments- Ayurveda's system of acupressure. Shirodara- Steady stream of oil to the forehead. Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that offers simple solutions to many complicated issues we are challenged by today. These issues maybe health problems, emotional distress, vague unidentified p

Operating as usual

Photos from Peirsman CranioSacral Academy's post 11/12/2021

Tomorrow! Here we go. If you've been curious about CranioSacral Therapy, this is a great way to learn a whole lot. And move, and breathe, and ground. Hope to see you tomorrow.

Heather E. Vaughan updated their address. 07/20/2021

Heather E. Vaughan updated their address.

Heather E. Vaughan updated their address.

6 Ayurvedic Consultations - Heather E. Vaughan 07/20/2021

6 Ayurvedic Consultations - Heather E. Vaughan

Just wanted to share that I'm still offering a lower-due-to-covid rate for Ayurvedic Consultations. $432 for 6 sessions, which works out to $75 for each hour long consult. Very likely the best rate out there. Lots of love to you all in these bizarre times.


6 Ayurvedic Consultations - Heather E. Vaughan Ayurveda works best over time. These 6 Ayurvedic consultations are scheduled (flexibly) every 2 weeks to allow for three months of deep attention to chronic issues. As incentive to keep moving forward, the cost reflects 5 session, the 6th is on me.

VIRTUAL SUMMITS | Peirsman CS Academy 04/11/2021

VIRTUAL SUMMITS | Peirsman CS Academy

So excited to MC this beautiful *free* event on April 18th. Check it out!

VIRTUAL SUMMITS | Peirsman CS Academy Even though COVID-19 forced many of us to put our lives on hold for the last year, curiosity around the world about craniosacral therapy, and its benefits, has grown at a pace faster than ever before.


Booking Event - WellnessLiving Systems

Not to be missed: Both the Virtual Cranio Summit AND this incredible Yin Yoga workshop with the brilliant Melissa Spamer & Rachel Redmond.

Booking Event - WellnessLiving Systems This three hour workshop will begin with a presentation on the autonomic nervous system and its connection to how stress patterns in the mind shape the tension patterns in our body. This will include understanding the connection between the nervous system and the fascial system. Additionally, an exp...


AyurYoga with Donna Papania & Dr. Laura Brayton

🎙Curious about AyurYoga and its impact on postpartum concerns?
Take a listen to the lovely, brilliant Donna Papania of Thrive Ayurvedic Wellness.
She offers an excellent online Yoga Teacher Training program for folks who want to bring a therapeutic (I’d argue, clinical!) level to their teaching.
Full disclosure: Donna taught the AyurYoga program at @theayurvedicinstitute when I was a student there over 10 years ago! She’s a genius. But... you don’t have to take my word for it... a listen will do the trick!

For more on Donna’s work: ayuryogi.net
For the full episode check out Well-Adjusted Mama with host Dr. Laura Brayton, DC of on Spotify/iTunes/etc.

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#Repost @medicineofthefeminine... please listen 🎙this is amazing! ✨💎🌹
I loved this interview with @oni_keeperofthehearth of @pbb_media
We covered so much! From language and gender constructs in modern culture, to staying grounded in our bodies, our purpose, and our potency. Thank you Oni! 🌹🙏🏻

heatherevaughan.com 12/12/2020

Muse Lokajickova on The Brayton Birth Method Podcast - Heather E. Vaughan

“We can always bless our body with our own touch and attention, and let the medicine of our breath ventilate our system.” -Muse, Medicine of the Feminine

Closing words from Muse's first podcast interview through Conscious Health Media.
Medicine of the Feminine & Dr. Laura Brayton, DC

heatherevaughan.com Revolutionary Care for the Generative Systems Muse Lokajickova is an incredible practitioner of medicine for the generative systems. What does that mean? She explains it in her first podcast interview extremely clearly. Take a listen. Dr. Laura Brayton, host of the Well-Adjusted Mama podcast, is a c...


Just delighted by this brilliant interview between @medicineofthefeminine & @braytonbirthmethod.
And... finding spaces for my clients to share their wealth of knowledge with the world is pretty satisfying, too. ✨

#podcast #chiropractor #reproductivehealth #generativeorgans #interview #authenticmarketing #deepdive #pelvichealth


This is an incredible donation based event. Attend it all, or a little, it's recorded so you'll be able to go back and listen to anything you missed and wished you didn't. It's been extremely sweet to put together, my absolute pleasure to be "working" with Peirsman Cranio Sacral, Lorna Sigourney, Denise Baron Wellness360, Holly Braet Chapman, Wildcrafted Wellness, Guido Baldini, Bryn McKay, Ruti Wagaki, Dr Kate Klemer: Divine Structure Biodynamic Craniosacral Training/ Practice, Vagabond Temple's Kobi Tov, Cleveland Clinic's Vickie Bodner, and MANY more.
I also had the pleasure of speaking with recipients and those accepting awards on behalf of organizations and clinics, such as Lisette from Cranio in the Community, Karen of Veterans Resiliency Holistic Clinic, Denise of Herbalists Without Borders, Tessa and Lucille of Serenity Now Wellness Centre and so many others you'll hear from at the awards event on Sunday.

Special thanks to the Mad Miss Melsa Manton & Alex Lavidge and obviously, my teacher and friend, Etienne. How I've ended up here I don't know but it's very, very good.
I must share that CranioSacral Therapy, without going into too much personal detail, has been pivotal for me. This community has been, and is, everything. Allows for everything to come up out of the depths and be released. I'm so thankful, and very honored to be a part of the Summit, and many more beautiful, beautiful projects. It's just the beginning.

This weekend, Noon-6pm ET, Saturday & Sunday.


Peirsman Cranio Sacral

My lovely client, Etienne of Peirsman Cranio Sacral, on Dr. Laura Brayton, DC's podcast: Well-Adjusted Mama.
Podcast Interviews are a wonderful way to share your work in a natural, connected, expanded format with like-minded, likely new clients and students. Plus, connecting with hosts and practitioners weaves the community of alternative medicine practitioners together and everyone benefits. You never know who might need you. Take a listen.

Here is the link to Etienne's lovely interview with Dr. Laura Brayton, DC on her podcast, Well-Adjusted Mama. Dr. Brayton is a chiropractor in New Jersey, specializing in babies and childbirth. If you enjoy her interview with Etienne, follow her for more great information.


Thank you @glowupgalspodcast! Listen! 🎙
This week, Jess interviews Heather Vaughan, an ayurvedic practitioner
and conscious media manager. Heather shares her glow up story, including her health struggles with ankylosing spondylitis, how Western medicine wasn’t the answer for her, and how that ultimately led her to where she is today with her healing and career.


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Arjuna. The main character/archetype/warrior/student of The Bhagavad Gita. And, an Ayurvedic herb to tonify both physical & emotional heart.

We all need a warrior heart right now.
Arjuna is RED. The bark of the tree it comes from, the blood, the heart muscle, all intense, rich, vital.

In Ayurveda there is a term in herbalism for the exception to the rule, something that doesn’t make sense, yet still is. Lime, for instance is cooling while other citrus is heating and by every quality and trait should also follow this rule. Yet, it does not. This is know as pravhav.

Arjuna has the prabhav of addressing any heart issue whether physical, emotional, spiritual, doesn’t matter. Not that it’s an immediate cure all, but it appears in heart formulas for conditions and doesn’t follow the standard herbal rules of action for rasa-virya-virak (taste, temperature, post-digestive effect).

When a substance, an herb in particular, breaks the pattern and therefore has prabhav, this unexplainable action outweighs all other actions and directs usage.

Arjuna is therefore indicated for all three Dosha (in a formula, of course), for palpitations, for a murmur, for tonification after a heart attack. It is indicated for anxiety, for PTSD, for insomnia.

It is also indicated for courage in the face of the great unknown. Excellent for activists who need to keep the fire of the warrior heart burning bright and strong, in it for the long game, refusing to turn away from reality. And for those who have lost jobs, or are facing great challenges that demand bravery and stamina and creativity due to the corona virus. I am thinking specifically of my sister, a Special Education teacher who must recreate her classroom on the daily.

Arjuna, for the warrior heart.

#arjuna #ayurveda #ayurvedainaction #insomniac #palpitations #anxiety #ptsd #herbalism #vata #pitta #kapha #heartattack #heartmurmur #blm #blacklivesmatter #coronavirus #courage #bebrave


Heather E. Vaughan

heatherevaughan.com 09/02/2020

Fall Ayurvedic Detox & Reset - Heather E. Vaughan

Ayurvedic Fall Detox & Reset. The big inhibition is usually work. For folks working or just stuck at home, the stay-at-home order actually makes this more possible. Maybe one, if not only one, way to use the corona virus impositions on our lives to our benefit. Details are all in the link below.

Dates & Times:
Wednesday, September 16th
Friday, September 18th
Wednesday, September 23rd
Saturday, September 26th

You are welcome to chat with me on the phone or send questions via email about the program.

Thank you!

heatherevaughan.com A jump-start of your cellular intelligence and innate ability to heal, this detox improves energy levels, sleep, mental state, digestion, and begins the process of improving long-term chronic conditions.


I’m in awe. Meet my incredible podcast client, Muse, Medicine of the Feminine.

Muse L.Ac., practices revolutionary care for the generative systems.
What does that mean? She blends and draws from 15 years of hands-on practice weaving tools from western herbalism, indigenous medicine, and classical Chinese medicine. Her practice is built on her unique methods of uterine repositioning, internal pelvic floor manual therapy and holistic gynecological care that follows the guiding force of the heart and nervous system.

Muse on why she describes this work as “revolutionary:”
"We are tending to the preciousness of our body from a place of devotion and attention that is radically different from modern gynecology. Our generative organs govern our entire health; our pelvic organs are literally responsible for our happiness and wellness in all ways - a truth that modern gynecology has left behind. Gynecology should be the most important branch of medicine, and it should be something that lifts us up, empowers us, and helps us enjoy the infinite capacity of our bodies."

I’m on the hunt for perfect podcasts 🎙 to interview Muse. Is that you? Send me a DM if you are as inspired by her work as I am.
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That was quite an experience... I’ve been facilitating interviews but hadn’t yet given one. Kept just trying to say SLOW DOWN! Slow your roll! There is plenty of time! To myself of course.
Thanks so much to Jess & Cara of @glowupgalspodcast 💕 What a cool thing to be someone these rad ladies wanted to interview! They talk to folks who take their hard experiences and turn ‘em around, essentially, glow up. 💡 So we talked all about my Ankylosing Spondylitis recovery through Ayurveda and the practice it became. And... they needed a photo so I took a selfie. All kindsa moves. It’ll be out in about 3 weeks... Yikes!
#ayurveda #ayurvedicmedicine #as #ankylosingspondylitis #holisticmedicine #ankylosingspondylitisawareness


What an absolute delight & pleasure to facilitate this conversation between Laura Poole of @mahasoma & Etienne @peirsmancraniosacral. Speaking to the right audience on Podcasts expands your reach and client base. Also... it’s very fun & easy. You just talk about what you love. In a world of short bites, interviews are a long form opportunity to express the passion you pour into your life’s work. ✨
Podcast Episode #10 has just gone live 🤩 ‘Letting the heart speak -healing through Craniosacral with Etienne Peirsman’
Etienne has spent over 40 years developing and teaching Craniosacral, which is a profound technique that incorporates meditative depth into therapy. In this episode we speak about what craniosacral is, the therapy side and the ‘non-doing’ meditative side, and how Etienne’s near-death experience brought him to the practice. We explore how to heal our hearts to let love flow, a new way of working with trauma and the healing power of doing nothing.
#podcast #craniosacraltherapy #buildyourbusiness #buildyourbrand #nomind #meditation #vedicmeditation #yoga #massage #bodywork #australia #newmexico


Wow, what an incredible conversation between Milan Lombardo, host of @whatsyourjuicepodcast, and Etienne Peirsman of Peirsman CranioSacral (my incredible CST teacher and podcast client!).

Milan, at 18, dives deep into how to find and live from purpose with Etienne who has been doing just that for the past 30 years. It’s beautiful, dynamic, and very inspiring. Thank you so much to both of you! Take a listen!

#podcast #whatsyourjuice #purpose #etiennepeirsman #craniosacraltherapy #cst #massage #bodywork #healing #wellness #yoga #pr


It’s so amazing to connect with like-minded people all over the world through these interviews. @mahasoma is in Australia. @peirsmancraniosacral is, of course, here in New Mexico. There are ways, in this newly remote world, to expand.

The full interview comes out in two weeks. Stay tuned!
#meditation #pr #podcasts #publicrelations #etiennepeirsman #connection #vedicmeditation #craniosacraltherapy #cst #australia #newmexico


It’s so amazing To connect with like-minded people all over the world through these interviews – Laura Poole of Mahasoma is in Australia. Etienne Peirsman is, of course, here in New Mexico. There are ways, in this newly remote world, to expand.

The full interview comes out in two weeks. Stay tuned.


Fall came early this year in the garden. What a bounty, full of nourishment to nourish& replenish Kapha & Yin. This summer has been pretty slight in the monsoon department and we are all feeling it. Pumpkin Coconut Curry, anyone? 🎃

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Sun ☀️ Tea for Stressed-Out Guts
(read: diarrhea or constipation due to the current state of affairs, micro and/or macro).
Catnip, Mint, Calendula
Did you know the stress response turns OFF the body’s digestive function? And causes topical GI & systemic inflammation?
Chronic stress is affecting the entire country right now and I’d bet some guts are taking the hit. Please, take 5-10 deep breaths before eating to turn off the stress response and turn on Rest & Digest (your body’s favorite). And make this tea. Then vote. You’ll feel better I guarantee it.
#ayurvedainaction #guts #constipation #diarrhea #guthealth #herbalism #foodismedicine #stress #vote


Ayurveda has a LOT to say about the relationship between stress, the immune system, and digestion. Any questions?

The first session is 90 minutes to give time for a complete intake of health history and recommendations, each subsequent session is 60 minutes. All sessions are $108 (including the longer first one) and include a wide scope of dietary, herbal, lifestyle, & mindfulness recommendations to help your body become balanced & resilient, mind calm & fluid. There is truly nothing like Ayurveda to increase your body and mind's buffer between you and the mad world (read: stress).


Etienne Peirsman will be going Live on Facebook tomorrow evening at 7pm MST. He is a brilliant teacher, not to be missed.

Hello Students and Practitioners,

Thank you for being open (and enthusiastic!) about Etienne's unconventional approach to our new acquaintance Corona.

As you may have guessed, Etienne's schools in Holland and Hong Kong were cancelled and the borders were closed before his flight back. He's here in the New Mexican mountains for the spring and I certainly feel better about him being on this side of the pond, and in nature.

Etienne misses his students and teaching (he's not used to having some much time off!), so we will be having "Fireside Chats" in the vein of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Thursdays 7pm-8pm, starting this Thursday, March 26th. What Roosevelt was lacking however was s'mores! Luckily, The S'More Pit in Santa Fe has agreed to help us out with this unfortunate oversight. Check them out here, thesmorepit.com. Handmade. Organic. Gooey.

The first two Fireside Chats (Mar 26th and Apr 2nd) will be LIVE on the Peirsman Craniosacral page and available to everyone. After that, we will have 9 more Fireside Chats for $18/chat or $126 if you signup for all 9, which includes a free 4-pack of s'mores (plus shipping if applicable). If you'd like more s'mores, we won't stop you. You can order extra directly from The S'more Pit.

There will be a Q&A to follow each chat (we'll take around 5 questions). You'll also get recordings of each chat, so if you miss a night, its not a big deal. Details on how to signup, submit questions, and platform info to follow.

Also, remember than if you took a class from July 2019 onward, you can consider your tuition a donation to the Inward Bound non-profit (if you need an official receipt for your taxes, let me know). This also applies to any future classes or happenings at the school, including the Fireside Chats.

Turn on, tune in, and drop out Thursday night, at 7pm MST here on Facebook Live, and let's see what he has to say.

Leila and Etienne (and Heather - The S'more Pit)


Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that offers simple solutions to many complicated issues we are challenged by today. These issues maybe health problems, emotional distress, vague unidentified pain, or simple unhappiness. The way we move through out daily life, cook our meals, spend time in nature and meditation, applying the balm of kindness to our own bodies and hearts make such an impact on our state of peace in the world. This wisdom offered by Ayurveda withstands the test of time and truly brings simplicity and ease back into this wild world.

Work with Heather:

  • Ayurvedic Sessions

  • Basti Therapy - a pool of oil placed on imbalanced part of your body.
  • Videos (show all)

    AyurYoga with Donna Papania & Dr. Laura Brayton
    It’s so amazing to connect with like-minded people all over the world through these interviews. @mahasoma is in Australi...
    It’s so amazing To connect with like-minded people all over the world through these interviews – Laura Poole of Mahasoma...



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