Galisteo Basin Preserve

Galisteo Basin Preserve


Building new trails today at the Galisteo Basin Preserve. Thanks to our great volunteers for their hard work.
We hope everyone has a safe weekend! Learn more about the Galisteo Basin Preserve in this Q&A with Ted Harrison of Commonweal Conservancy:
Here’s a glimpse of some of the new trails out in the Galisteo Basin Preserve. Miles of fast and flowy single track, these are our go-to trails for winter riding around Santa Fe. Huge shout out to our local club and everyone else who has contributed to these trails. If you haven’t ridden them, go check em out and then make your way over to the Galisteo Basin Preserve website and consider making a donation. Or if you like digging in the dirt, Santa Fe Fat Tire Society has trail projects in the works. Become a member today!
I spend a lot of time down in the Preserve during the late fall and winter. And it is sure true that over the past year it is getting a lot of use; which is a good thing. But I am troubled by the proliferation of new cut-off trails from the Cowboy Shack into the big arroyo to the west. There must be close to 10 of them. I admit I've used a couple, but I just wonder why there are so many? And in the past week I have seen in two different arroyos where someone has incised drawings into the soft rock on the side of the arroyo. That's not what I go there to see and I think it is disrespectful.
are conditions good today to mountain bike ?
A handy horse lady has fixed the equestrian parking signs at the Cowboy Shack. They all needed washers under the screws to prevent the screws from punching through the metal. I did not fix the other signs because they seemed fine. We do need another sign for equestrian parking. I left two screws with washers on the post so they can be properly mounted, Can we get another parking sign?
Hiking the 'Land of Enchantment' Will be the Cure to Covid-19 Blues. 👉
In addition to a great read, take a look at this gorgeous image of Galisteo Basin Preserve shot by Kyle Klain, Operations Manager at Barker Realty. An avid adventurer / outdoorsman himself, Kyle writes about his travels in his blog and showcases his photos at
We hiked up the Shepherd's trail from the Cowboy shack, then down the main arroyo to the Wiggle trail. Almost all of the way to that trail, this guy appeared right in front of us! He was just stretched out until I grabbed my camera. Luckily our dog was up the side of the arroyo away from us and didn't see him. So, keep an eye out!!
Admins, if this isn't allowed, well I know the drill.
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Any trail conditions updates after the last snowstorm in Santa Fe? Curious if there is snow/ice/mud out there...

....and JOIN the GBP for a series of running races called the Galisteo Basin Preserve Winter Trail Series. The series will consist of three races featuring short and long courses ranging from 4 to 12 miles. The Hare Race will take place on December 21, 2019; the Goat Race on January 18, 2020; and the Coyote Race on February 22, 2020.
Galisteo Basin Preserve
Thank you Henry Lanman and the crew. The new trails are amazing!
Is the 285 entrance passable at night? I'd like to get into some astrophotography in the basin tonight if possible. I know it's a good spot for such.

The Galisteo Basin Preserve combines large-scale land conservation and environmentally sensitive com


The GBP Trail Series will help keep you outdoors and active during the winter months while giving you the chance to experience some of the most beautiful (and runnable) trails in New Mexico. Races are held every third Saturday during the months of December through February with a post series social/celebration after the February race. Commonweal thanks race organizers Mary & Mike Peterson and Feral Adventures for putting on the race as well as these generous race sponsors: Four Seasons at Rancho Encantado - Santa Fe, Canteen Brewhouse, Bluebird Running Company, Craft Sports, Glorieta Adventure Camps and Core Crew.


In late June, Commonweal donated a fully-restrictive conservation easement overlaying 1,382 acres to the Santa Fe Conservation Trust. This last-in-a-series of donations will ensure that a property once planned for development as an environmentally responsible, mixed use/mixed income community, known as Trenza, will be dedicated instead to open space and trail use in perpetuity.

Since 2008, Commonweal has donated eleven conservation easements to the Santa Fe Conservation Trust (SFCT). Over the past 14 years, the organization has also facilitated a handful of other gifts of conservation easements to the SFCT from GBP-affiliated landowners. In aggregate, the value of these donations totals more than $8.0 million!


During the past week, monsoon rains brought welcome relief to the forests and grasslands of northern New Mexico. Weather forecasts suggest that rain will continue to grace the region for the next 30+ days.

Concurrently with the monsoon’s onset, firefighters in the Pecos Wilderness have made good progress containing the Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak fire such that the state’s wildfire management resources are regaining their strength and capacity.

With improved soil moisture levels and the reduced risk of nearby fires, Commonweal Conservancy will reopen the Galisteo Basin Preserve’s trails and trailheads on Friday, June 24, at 7:30 am.

Over the past month, community members demonstrated generous understanding and respect for Commonweal’s decision to close the GBP to public use. Although the temporary closure was not without criticism, my colleagues and I appreciated that a strong majority of GBP enthusiasts honored Commonweal’s decision to put resource protection goals ahead of near-term recreational interests.

On your next visit to the GBP, please take care to ride on trails that are dry and stable. Cycling and riding on wet trails can damage trail surfaces and, in some cases, be dangerous.

Going forward

With support from hundreds of individual donors, property owners and institutional funders, Commonweal’s small staff of part-time professionals has ensured the permanent protection of more than 9,000 acres within the Galisteo Basin Preserve. By our shared efforts over the past 19 years, the GBP has become the largest nonprofit-owned, publicly accessible trails and open space resource in the American Southwest.

My colleagues and I are pleased to welcome the community back to the GBP this week – a place we collectively celebrate for its beauty, inspiration and joyfulness.

Photo credit: Nevada Wier

Wildfire Closure FAQ — Galisteo Basin Preserve 05/25/2022

Wildfire Closure FAQ — Galisteo Basin Preserve

In order to minimize the risk of human-caused wildfires, Commonweal will be closing public access to the open spaces, trails and access roads of the GBP effective Thursday, May 26, 2022. The trails and open spaces of the GBP will remain closed until the organization determines public access can be safely and responsibly accommodated later this summer or fall.

Commonweal’s board and staff believe that restricting public access — while impossible to enforce perfectly — will allow the organization to minimize the risks of accidental fire, injury and damage to the GBP’s ecological and privately-held property resources.

During the closure, Commonweal staff will be working with volunteers to complete a variety of stewardship initiatives. These will include improvements to the GBP’s wayfinding infrastructure, trailhead parking, and habitat resources. Carefully supervised, these stewardship efforts are expected to bring new value and improved resiliency to the recreational and ecological resources of the GBP. If you’d like to serve as a GBP steward during the closure, please email [email protected] with your contact information.

Admittedly, this is a difficult decision for an organization that has held public access and outdoor recreation as primary purposes of our conservation mission.

In the face of unprecedented threats to the ecological resources of the GBP, however, our commitment to the protection of the preserve’s diverse wildlife; trees, shrubs and grasses; cultural and historic resources; along with its scenic and recreational values, must take precedence.

In the weeks ahead, we will keep you apprised of our plans for re-opening: a decision that will be advised with support from resource conservation and wildland fire management professionals.

Wildfire Closure FAQ — Galisteo Basin Preserve Following impassioned discussions among Commonweal Conservancy’s staff and board of directors, the organization determined that an abundance of caution must guide its stewardship of the recreational and ecological resources of the Galisteo Basin Preserve (GBP).  The facts and conditions that info...

Best of Santa Fe 2022 | Santa Fe Reporter 05/12/2022

Best of Santa Fe 2022 | Santa Fe Reporter

Vote for the Galisteo Basin Preserve!

The Santa Fe Reporter has nominated the Galisteo Basin Preserve as one of Santa Fe’s premier hiking and biking trail resources. Although the competition is significant (e.g., Dale Ball Trails, Windsor, Atalaya) we’re hopeful that the community’s significantly increased use and enjoyment of the Galisteo Basin Trails (as the Reporter refers to them) will attract strong support as a “Best of” winner in 2022! To make visible your love and appreciation for the trails and protected open spaces of the GBP, cast your vote before May 31 at

Best of Santa Fe 2022 | Santa Fe Reporter Vote for your favorite places to favorite places to eat, shop and play in Santa Fe May 1 - May 31.


As we make a transition into spring, please take care to not hike or ride on the GBP trails immediately following a rain/snow storm.

The GBP trails usually dry within 24 hours and, as such, are safer and more fun to ride or hike. Waiting a day following a storm event will help preserve the integrity of trail surfaces.

All trails work at the GBP is accomplished by volunteers who are already busy building and maintaining the larger trail network. Repairing damage from premature use after a storm event only adds to their burden.

Thanks for your help as we protect our beloved community resource.


For nearly a century, the lands of the Galisteo Basin Preserve were privately owned and managed by homesteaders and ranchers. Over that period, more than 40 miles of barbed wire fencing were strung across the property’s grasslands, ridge lines and arroyos to contain herds of cattle and horses.

With the transformation of the Galisteo Basin Preserve from a ranchland into a landscape of trails and protected open space, the barbed wire that divides the preserve is no longer functioning as a containment device and is, instead, a dangerous hazard and constraint to migrating wildlife.

To begin the process of reclaiming the grasslands and hillsides of the GBP as open range wildlife habitat, Commonweal Conservancy is sponsoring a workshop to train volunteers in the safe disassembly and removal of barbed wire fencing.

This long-awaited habitat enhancement workshop is scheduled for Friday, March 25, 2022. Participants will gather at the Cottonwood Trailhead off Thornton Ranch Road at 9 am. The training will be facilitated by Reid Whittlesey of the Rio Grande Return. An experienced land restoration professional, Reid is engaged in habitat improvement projects throughout the American Southwest.

Who: A maximum of 20 participants can be accommodated in this month’s workshop. Volunteers should be physically fit and ready to get dirty. Reach out to Ted Harrison at [email protected] to register for this free event.

What: Volunteers will learn safe and efficient ways to dismantle barbed wire fences. Be prepared with long sleeve shirts, long pants, eye protection/sun glasses, heavy duty leather gloves and water. Commonweal will provide tools for post and wire removal.

When: Friday, March 25, 2022 from 9 am until 11:30 am MDT.

Where: GBP Cottonwood Trailhead – approximately 2.4 miles south of the intersection of Astral Valley Road and Thornton Ranch Road.

Why: Because the migratory and resident wildlife of northern New Mexico need our loving care and support… and it will be fun!
This is the first in a series of fence removal workshops at the GBP. If you can’t attend this workshop, you will have more opportunities to join us in the weeks and months ahead.

Opinion | The Climate Crisis Is Raging, but We Are Not Powerless 12/13/2021

Opinion | The Climate Crisis Is Raging, but We Are Not Powerless

At a time of great environmental challenge, sometimes local conservation initiatives can be our most powerful act of faith and hope.

Opinion | The Climate Crisis Is Raging, but We Are Not Powerless Our collective efforts can make a huge difference.


If you’re looking to double the impact of your gift to the Galisteo Basin Preserve, this is your moment! Four amazing friends of the preserve have pledged to match all gifts received between now and December 31 -- up to $30,000!

22 days. $30,000. We can do this!

Over the past few weeks, dozens of donors and grant-making institutions have contributed more than $45,000 to support trail-building, habitat restoration and cultural resource protection projects at the GBP. During this same period, hundreds of hikers, cyclists and equestrians have walked, pedaled and clomped across thousands of miles of meadows, ridgelines and arroyos -- unaware that the GBP needs support to sustain its on-going stewardship.

If you’re a GBP enthusiast who hasn’t taken an opportunity to support one of your favorite hiking and riding areas, please give today!

To help us reach our $130,000 winter fundraising campaign, four very generous GBP enthusiasts have offered to match your gift up to $30,000. For financial types, that’s a 100% return on your philanthropic investment in the Galisteo Basin Preserve!

But you’ll need to act quickly. This $30,000 matching commitment only applies to donations received before midnight December 31, 2021.

One more thing: if you haven’t reached out to your friends and riding/hiking buddies about contributing to the Galisteo Basin Preserve, please forward (make clickable) this email and encourage them to become an “Open Space Steward” or a “Protector of Beautiful and Precious Creatures.” Better yet, invite them to “Name a Trail” for a beloved child, parent, spouse or pet!

The GBP is a place we all love and celebrate. It’s important that we join together to support its on-going stewardship and protection.

22 days. $30,000.

On your mark… get set…



Commonweal Conservancy and its friends at Feral Adventures are thrilled to announce that after a year of virtual races, the Third Annual GBP Winter Trail Series, will again be held in-person at the Preserve starting in December. Join us this winter for this series of races that feature some of the most runnable single-track trails in northern New Mexico.

Races will be held on December 18, 2021, January 15, 2022 and February 19, 2022 with a post series social/celebration after the February race, where the top female and male overall finishers of the series will receive awards. Each race offers short and long course options, which means even if you are a hiker, you can join the fun and have plenty of time to complete the short course.

In addition, Feral Adventures is including a noncompetitive virtual option this year if you want to participate but would prefer to run solo. The virtual option will still require you to run/hike the course at the GBP, just on your own and completing the series will earn you a finishers award.

There will also be a competitive Doggie Division for the virtual option only. Note – Dogs are not allowed to participate in or be on course for the in-person races. All profits from the Third Annual GBP Winter Trail Series will help support Commonweal’s GBP stewardship activities including improving trailheads and other infrastructure, building new trails, and maintaining the 41-mile, multi-use trail network. For more information and to register, please visit


Last chance to register!

On Saturday, October 16, 2021, Commonweal, the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society and BTI will host the 4th Annual GBP Poker Ride/Run.

The GBP Poker Ride/Run is an opportunity for community members to enjoy the GBP's trails, make new friends and, possibly, win great prizes! Participants can choose to ride/run on four courses of different lengths and difficulty. The course options include a 2-mile, 5K, 10K and, for the most vigorous players, a 10-mile route. At the event, cyclists, runners and hikers will draw one card at five different trail locations to construct a 5-card poker hand. Participants can also buy additional poker hands to increase their chances of winning (and further support the GBP).

For more information and to register, visit

Proceeds from these events will support a range of stewardship initiatives at the GBP, as well as bolster Commonweal Conservancy's operational capacity.

Photos from Galisteo Basin Preserve's post 09/29/2021

This October, the Galisteo Basin Preserve will be the setting for mountain biking, hiking and trail running races and events in support of Commonweal Conservancy’s GBP stewardship activities.

Please mark your calendar to attend these upcoming events:

On Saturday, October 2, 2021, a mountain bike endurance race -- “6 Hours in the Basin For Commonweal,” sponsored by the Core Crew – will be launched from the Cowboy Shack Trailhead at the Galisteo Basin Preserve.

The race will extend across a 9.3-mile loop of double-track road and single-track trails. The trail surface and topographic conditions of the course will include sections of sand, rock, short steep climbs and long flowing sections of trail. The race is designed to offer cyclists of all skills a fun and challenging endurance experience

Riders will be challenged to complete as many laps as possible in six hours. To avoid overcrowding on the trails, the race will be limited to 100 entries. A team of six or fewer members is considered a single entry. For more information and to register for the race, visit

On Saturday, October 16, 2021, Commonweal, the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society and BTI will host the 4th Annual GBP Poker Ride/Run.

The GBP Poker Ride/Run is an opportunity for community members to enjoy the GBP's trails, make new friends and, possibly, win great prizes! Participants can choose to ride/run on four courses of different lengths and difficulty. The course options include a 2-mile, 5K, 10K and, for the most vigorous players, a 10-mile route. At the event, cyclists, runners and hikers will draw one card at five different trail locations to construct a 5-card poker hand. Participants can also buy additional poker hands to increase their chances of winning (and further support the GBP).

For more information and to register, visit

Proceeds from these events will support a range of stewardship initiatives at the GBP, as well as bolster Commonweal Conservancy's operational capacity.

We hope to see you on the trails this fall.


October will be a busy month for goings-on at GBP. Come enjoy the spectacular views and cooler fall temperatures at the Preserve at one or more of these fun events:

On Sat, October 2nd, Core Crew will host the 3rd Annual “6 Hours in the Basin for Commonweal” race at the GBP. Riders will try to complete as many laps as possible in six hours over a varied course that includes sand, rock, short steep climbs and long flowing sections of trail. Racers can tackle the course individually, with another person or in teams of three or more. For more information or to register, visit

One week later, on Saturday, October 9th, the Albuquerque Area Trail Riders will host the inaugural Galisteo Basin Preserve Benefit Poker Ride for equestrians. Horseback riders will stop and pick cards at designated stops along an 8-mile course. The best poker hands will be awarded a variety of prizes that have been generously donated by Pharm-Aloe Equine, Dan's Boots & Saddles, Rancho Elisa Stables, Tractor Supply Edgewood, Caza Ladron Hunt, Equi-IX LLC, Two Horse Tack, Horseman's Feed and Supply, Paul's Veterinary Supply, and Beta Tack, LLC. Visit for more information and to register.

Then, on Saturday, October 16th, Commonweal, the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society and Bicycle Technologies International (BTI) are excited to be co-hosting the 4th Annual GBP Poker Ride/Run. In this final GBP October event, hikers, bikers and trail runners will see if they can put together the best poker hands to win prizes from the Four Seasons Resort Ranch Encantado Santa Fe, Buffalo Thunder, REI, O’Leary Built Bicycles & Powder Coating, Mellow Velo, NM Bike N Sport, Broken Spoke, and Rob and Charlie’s. Registration information and more details are at

Hope to see you there!


If you like to run the Galisteo Basin Preserve trails, don’t miss the first-ever GBP Full Moon Half Marathon race taking place on Saturday, July 24, 2021. Starting and ending from the Cottonwood Trailhead, the race will feature 6.4K, 12K and Half Marathon distances. The race is organized by our friends at Endurance Santa Fe. Proceeds from the race will support Commonweal’s efforts to expand and maintain the GBP trail network. For more information and to register until July 21st, go to

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Afternoon monsoon clouds over the Galisteo Basin!
Father's Day Celebration
Trail Day at the GBP with Kerry Helke of REI


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Monday 9am - 5pm
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