Living Energy Therapy

We are a Santa Fe-based holistic healing center: integrative bodywork, nutritional counseling, balancing postures and movement, and self-awareness education.


There will soon be a day where the world will collectively realize that it cannot find true safety by trying to control the behavior of others. There is only safety when living in a world where every person has the equal opportunity to choose what is best for themselves and the body they inhabit. If the trajectory of our evolution is for safety, sovereignty, and equality to dawn, then it is imperative that each person has the right to choose what is best for themselves. This is the heart of true liberation.

Whether for [or] against any major issue, let us remember to respect the differences of others as a way of expanding more love in action. No matter your standpoint, you deserve more love, not less.

-Matt Kahn


My clients know my work is not a luxury— it’s an integral part of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being. What are you doing to honor your health?

Watch this reel by sadhguru on Instagram 03/09/2022

Watch this reel by sadhguru on Instagram

Wishing you a joyful day! 💜🙏

Watch this reel by sadhguru on Instagram sadhguru • Original Audio

Wellness is not women's friend. It’s a distraction from what really ails us 03/08/2022

Wellness is not women's friend. It’s a distraction from what really ails us

I’m here to empower, celebrate and facilitate anyone who is ready to step into their full power. 🙏 Let’s change this paradigm together.

Wellness is not women's friend. It’s a distraction from what really ails us Yoga, manifesting, and may sound empowering. But wellness blames women, sets them up for failure, and hides the real challenges women face.


This April, I will have two openings for distance clients to begin working with me. Are you ready to take the leap to make powerful and lasting changes in your life and health? Visit my website for more about what I do or DM me to schedule your consultation.


Sometimes it’s good to know we have options. Flu Nosode 2021-2022 is reformulated every year with the predominant flu strains.*

A Pediatrician’s Pandemic Immune Support Plan: How to Build Immune Resilience - Healthy Kids Happy Kids 09/14/2021

A Pediatrician’s Pandemic Immune Support Plan: How to Build Immune Resilience - Healthy Kids Happy Kids

A Pediatrician’s Pandemic Immune Support Plan: How to Build Immune Resilience - Healthy Kids Happy Kids [UPDATED: August 2021] Many of you have asked me how to support your family’s immune systems with back-to-school during the pandemic. And many of you want to know specifically what I’ve been doing as a holistic pediatrician and mama, for my very own family, so I’m going


The Truth About Boosting Your Immune System: The power of massage


In today's world, we're always thinking about something, but taking some time each day to clear your mind and think about nothing is a great way to relive stress and foster a positive mindset.


Good health begins with balance. ☯️


When you invest in your health, you invest in your future.


This year, without question, has been unlike any other. As we close this chapter, take a moment to reflect and process all that you've overcome and the strength that's risen from within.


With a brief description of an issue, I'm able to create a personalized blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils to fit your needs. Give me a call to learn more at (505) 328-7277.


With love leading the way, you can trust in my years of experience and honest intentions of helping you get to be the best version of yourself.


IS it hard to get going in the day? Don’t just survive your days, when you can thrive! Give me a call to learn more: 505-328-7277.


My goal is to set my patients on the path towards healing and total wellness.


Your well-being is important to me -- let's start this journey together.


Did you know that cucumber water can help deliver antioxidants, lower blood pressure, and boost bone health? Next time you reach for a soda, consider opting for this refreshing alternative.


The everyday routine can consume you. Take some time to explore your backyard this week, and enjoy what's around Santa Fe -- you don't always have to travel far for an adventure.


It's never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you.


As I reflect on the people and things that bring me joy, my community comes to mind. Although this year may look different, one thing that remains constant is my appreciation for all of you. Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Show some local love this weekend! In recognition of Small Business Saturday, we're offering 25% off gift cards. When you purchase a gift card, you'll also receive a free intro Wholistic Kinesiology session!
Many of you may not have experienced all the offerings I can provide as a Holistic Health Practitioner. For this weekend only, I’m offering a special free introductory booking. Over the phone, FaceTime, or Zoom, we will explore a health or life question you may have and a variety of approaches that could assist. Appointments can be scheduled in December or January to get you on track for the new year.
*Special runs Nov. 27 - 30.*


I just want to take a moment to say thank you to all the clients who've put their care in my hands. There isn’t a day that goes by in which I'm not appreciative of you all.


It's an honor to serve this community through my heart-centered practice -- Santa Fe is the place I call home.


A balanced diet plays a big part of staying healthy. What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?


With so much going on in the world, taking some time to step away to find balance within your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical systems is crucial. Phone a friend, journal, or go for a walk around the neighborhood -- choose to do something that brings you peace and joy.


My space becomes a safe place for your emotions to flow when they arise. And with my guidance, you can achieve clarity through the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body. Schedule an appointment to chat:


Didn't you hear? We moved! We're now located next door to Santa Fe Health & Fitness (.fitness) and Santa Fe Bootcamp (). Our quiet health center offers a group of dedicated health and wellness professionals. Clients of Living Energy Therapy receive discounts at the fitness center next door!
The discount is ongoing and gift certificates are available for the holidays. Not only that, but in-person and distance sessions are available. Visit for more info today!


Polarity Therapy is a gentle, holistic approach to health which includes stretching postures, energetic touch, nutrition and verbal consultation elements. To learn more, head over to my website:


You are enough: it’s time you started treating yourself that way. Showing yourself compassion is the first step in showing it to others, so give yourself the same grace you'd give to your loved ones. Schedule an appointment for yourself today at!


Involving your kids in your practice doesn't just strengthen your relationship, but it also teaches them good habits at a young age.


Nourish your body with the colors of the rainbow. What you eat not only affects your digestive system, but also contributes to your emotional and mental well-being.


I'm committed to providing individualized treatment plans and personalized care because everyone’s life and health picture is different. Every BODY is different. Schedule a session today:


Every detail of my office is designed to create a calming atmosphere that helps you heal.


With over 15 years of experience in holistic healing, you know your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health is in great hands.


Never underestimate the power of therapeutic grade essential oils.


Healing starts from within. Through my practice of Wholistic Kinesiology and Polarity Therapy, we can balance your energies through both your neurological and electrical body systems.

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Try Self Massage: Another Form of Self Care
I made a video for you!!



dōTERRA Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential oils




2008 St. Michael's Drive
Santa Fe, NM

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 6pm
Friday 9am - 6pm

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