Traditional Thai & Swedish Massage in Santa Fe

Traditional Thai & Swedish Massage in Santa Fe

Traditional Thai and Therapeutic Swedish Massage

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Celebrate this Spring with all it’s potential, joy and the promise of High Summer.

Happy Earth Day
To all mothers....


Parabola Magazine

"There has been a recent resurgence in spirituality in the West, what some would call an “awakening.” In the last few decades we have been made aware of previously hidden or esoteric techniques and practices to access the spiritual dimension of our self—to reconnect with our soul. Many individuals have followed an inner calling to use these practices and teachings to make a relationship with their soul or spiritual nature.

Yet we still have little understanding of the spiritual dimension within the natural world, or of how our individual soul relates to the larger dimension of the world soul (what the ancients called the anima mundi). We have mostly lost the knowledge of the spiritual practices and rituals that keep the balance in the inner and outer worlds; we have even forgotten that such practices are needed. Instead we are caught within a contemporary consciousness that focuses on the individual self, no longer even aware of our deep bond to the sacred within creation.”

—Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, THE CALL OF THE EARTH: Reconnecting to the sacred, from a Sufi teacher, in the latest Fall issue, available in bookstores and online.

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Photograph by Stuart Updegrave, "Buddha," Thailand, for "My Shot," National Geographic:


I sink my roots into the shrine of Winter’s earth, without fear, without care, without sorrow, to be renewed in the darkness, to be remade again.

Old oak in the woodlands!

Photographed by Pixo Photography.

[12/15/18]   This has to be my favorite poem.


As the year turns and shifts into a new year, we hold dear the people close to us and look with eagerness to those that will come into the circle of our lives. This is a mystery, a gift full of promise. We do not know what we will become. We wait, breathless and alert. We wait with hearts of courage and tenderness.

Dear Prajna Yoga Sangha,
This is to you, precious ones, here, now at the end of the year after all that has transpired, all the gain, all the loss, things that slid and things that stayed in place. Is anything more clear now than it was before? If anything is more clear to me it is that I really do not know how the cards will fall, how this will all turn out. Honestly, I am okay with this not-knowing. It makes the love in my heart shine brighter, bearing witness to the broad shoulders of my fourteen-year-old son, feeling the cold winter air bite the tip of my fingers, sensing the inhalation breathing me.
But enough about me. What moves inside of you? Are you swaddling yourself in the arms of the ones nearest you? Are you taking time to reflect on the hue of the light at dawn? Are you taking time to feel the shimmer along your spine?
As I reflect on this passing year, I am grateful for the many lives that touch me, hold me together and keep me lifted. I reflect this year on the death of my father. Strange to say, his death has emptied me out and yet filled me at the same time. His death has had a tempestuous effect on me, spell-binding, biblical (amidst many things that my dad was—a scholar, a reader, a passionate baseball fan—he was an ordained minister). So I wanted to leave you for now with a poem. It is about re-birth and death, secrets and longing. It’s about not-knowing.
Breathe the spark in you bright, this holy day and dark filled night.
In breath,
Tias 🙏🏽
~ Cradled By You ~

Once I thought I knew
The way things are in the world,
Young and so far away from my death.
Pangs of yearning to know grip me still
In the desert canyon, where light is scarce and
The cracks in the granite smell like rain.
Where the arch-angel wrestled Jacob the shepherd to the ground,
Twisted his sacrum and installed the love of God inside.

Now my death takes me to her cradle and begins to rock me.
Lulled in the sway of years passing,
Every song, every train, every storm cloud,
every stand of trees her expression.
And the glitter of stars in the night time sky beckon:
“Empty your pockets, hand in your papers,
Disclose your secrets for the time has come
To let the light of death sparkle in your soul.”

Over and over I feel tremulous, like beads of turquoise,
a bolt through the cavity of my skull,
electric down my spine
quaking now…
like aspen leaves that nod and quiver
in currents of invisible air.


Traditional Thai & Swedish Massage in Santa Fe

Traditional Thai and Therapeutic Swedish Massage


Parabola Magazine

"St. Benedict’s Rule for Monasteries opens with an appeal: Listen. Perhaps it is the most important word in the Rule. Listen, "obaudire," also means obey. In listening something new can emerge, something beyond my own assumptions, control, and agenda. Rainer Maria Rilke spoke of writing as an obedience to the moment, to what is given in the present. He would not find it strange if this were called a monastic approach to writing. He aspired to carry the cloister within him, although he knew he could not live in a monastery."

—Brother Paul Quenon, an excerpt from "Prayer, Poverty, and Creativity," a Christian monk's reflections on solitude and community in the 2012 summer issue of Parabola: "Alone & Together" |

Art Credit: Shoda Koho, "Moonlit Sea," c. 1920

[05/31/14]   The beginning lines of Galway Kinnell's poem, St. Francis and the Sow,speak to the power of the connecting through metta, loving kindness & touch: "The bud stands for all things even for those things that don't flower, for everything flowers from within, of self blessing;though sometimes it is necessary to re teach a thing it's loveliness, to put a hand on the brow of the flower and retell it in words and in touch it is lovely until it flowers from within of self blessing"


Traditional Thai & Swedish Massage in Santa Fe


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Green Renaissance

A magical bouquet of butterflies.
We hope the monarchs are able to come back to their former numbers and glory.
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Marie Forleo


Elizabeth Gilbert


OK, we all know about the "inner child", right? The innocent being who still lives inside of us, who needs and deserves love and care, and whom we sometimes have to channel in order to learn self-compassion?

I'm a big fan of the notion of the inner child. It can be a really healing construct. Once, when I was going through a particularly dark season of self-loathing, I taped a sweet photo of myself (age 2) on my mirror, and taught myself that any harm I did to me, I also did to HER. It made me kinder and more tender to myself. Imagining other people's inner children makes me kinder and more tender to them.

So the Inner Child is a good thing.

These days, though, I spend less time thinking about my Inner Child lately, and more time focused on my INNER CRONE — the old lady who lives inside me, whom I hope to someday be.

Because she's a serious bad-ass.

The really old ladies always are bad-asses. I'm talking about the real survivors. The women who have been through everything already, so nothing scares them anymore. The ones who have already watched the world fight itself nearly to death a dozen times over. The ones who have buried their dreams and their loved ones and lived through it. The ones who have suffered pain and lived through it, and who have had their innocence challenged by ten thousand appalling assaults...and who lived through all of it.

The world is a frightening place. But you simply cannot frighten The True Crone.

Some might consider the word "crone" to be derogatory, but I don't in the least. I honor it. The crone is a classic character from myth and folklore, and she often the bearer of great wisdom and supernatural power. She is sometimes a guardian to the underworld. She has tremendous vision, even if she is blind. She has no fear of death, which means: NO FEAR.

I keep a wall of photos of some of my favorite crones, for inspiration. The photo below is of a Ukrainian Babushka who lives in (get this) Chernobyl. There are a group of such women — all tough elderly peasants — who have all recently moved back to the radioactive area around Chernobyl.

You know why they live there? Because they like it.

They like Chernobyl because that's where they came from. They are natural-born farmers. They hated being refugees.They resented being shunted off their land after the catastrophe. They hated living in the shabby and crime-infiltrated and stress-inducing government housing in the city, and they much prefer the independence of living off the land in the most contaminated nuclear site on earth. They have formed a stupendously resilient retirement community there, in what some would call the world's most terrifying landscape.

Is it safe? Of course not. Or, whatever. After 90 years of hard living, what does "safe" even mean? They drink the water. These women plant vegetables in that radioactive soil and eat them. They butcher the wild pigs that scavenge around the old nuclear power plant, and eat them, too. Their point is: "We are old. What do have to fear from radioactivity? At this age? Who cares?"

All they want is their freedom. So they take care of themselves and each other. They cut and haul their own wood. They make their own vodka. They get together and drink and laugh about the hardships of World War II and the evils of the Stalin years. They laugh about everything, then they go outside and butcher another radioactive boar and make sausage out of him.

I would put these women in a Bad-Ass Contest against any cocky young alleged Bad Ass you've got going, and I guarantee you — the Chernobyl crones would win, hands down.

We live in a society that romanticizes youth. We live in a culture where youth is considered a real accomplishment. You look at a seriously powerful classic crone like the woman in this photo and you see foolish we are — to imagine that the young offer much for us to aspire to, or learn from. No wisdom like the wisdom of survival. No equanimity like the equanimity of somebody who plants a garden right on top of a nuclear disaster and gets on with it.

So these days, when my Inner Child gets all fluttery with the panic of living, I just ask myself: " WWMICD?"

"What Would My Inner Crone Do?"

Ask yourself that same question. See what she tells you.

One thing I can promise you she will never say? She will never say: "WORRY.

She will more likely tell you this: "ENDURE."

Hang in there, all you future awesome crones!



Fractal Enlightenment

[06/30/12]   Sen lines, Thai energy pathways, form a web extending throughout the joints and tissues. The body is a fluid system and loves moisture! The action of compression, stretching and movement during a Thai massage creates moisture in the tissues. When our bodies are in an open, fluid state, energy moves more freely. The chance of injury is reduced and we become more flexible. We feel open and alive.

[05/14/12]   "The bud stands for all things even for those things that don't flower,for everything flowers from within, of self blessing; though sometimes it is necessary to reteach a thing it's loveliness, to put a hand on the brow of the flower and retell it in words and in touch it is lovely until it flowers from within of self blessing."

[04/16/12]   Metta means loving kindness. When practicing Traditional massagewe keep in mind that beyond techniques or postures this element is what makes a treatment truly beneficial!


Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage emphasizes harmony, balance, transition and safety. One position flows into another.


Traditional Thai Massage in Santa Fe

Traditional Thai Massage is more interactive than Swedish table massage. Thai massage emphasizes harmony, balance, transition and safety. One position flows ...


Traditional Thai & Swedish Massage in Santa Fe's cover photo

Our Story

I have been practicing Massage Therapy for 30 years. I specialize in Traditional Thai Massage and Therapeutic Swedish Massage. Traditional Thai Massage was born in the Temples of Thailand over 2500 years ago. It is a massage therapy based on Yoga, Indian medicine, and martial arts. This full body therapy relaxes and tones through gentle stretches and pressure techniques; stimulating energy flow and healing within the body. It is performed on a simple mat placed on the floor, lose comfortable clothing is worn, No lotion or oil is required.
Therapeutic Swedish massage relaxes the body through kneading pressure, long flowing strokes and stretches. Thus the body's stress hormone production is decreased and the immune system response is enhanced. The body becomes more alive and responsive; healing is promoted and injury prevented.
During a session in either style, the most important thing is to realize the preciousness of time shared with another human being and the grace of interacting in such a profound way.

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Traditional Thai Massage




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