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FOR WINNERS OUTSIDE OF THE ALBUQUERQUE/RIO RANCHO/SANTA FE METRO AREAS: items will be shipped to you from Abq NM on Monday, December 12th - you will be invoiced separately for shipping charges.
= shipping fees come out of funds raised so please pay your shipping invoice as soon as you receive your shipping invoice ❤️ dont be a Grinch!

FOR WINNERS IN SANTA FE - you can pick up your items at:
Che Bella Salon 1925 Rosina St., Santa Fe NM
December 9th - December 17th
M-F 10-5, Sat 10-2, closed on Sunday

Corner Postal Center 9445 Coors Blvd NW, Abq NM
December 9th - December 17th
M–F 8–5, Sat 10–2, closed on Sunday

***items available for local winners will be shipped on Monday, December 19th if they are not picked up by December 17th at 2pm. You will be invoiced for shipping at that time.
***QUESTIONS?? Please email [email protected]

🥰 Thank you to our pick up locations for all of their help & thank you to everyone that participated in the 2022 Holiday Fundraising Auction!!!

***pictured are your items waiting for you!
Get out today &
**LAST CALL** for donated items/services for the 2019 Holiday Fundraising Auction!! Donation deadline is Sunday 11/3/19 - we are seeking new/gently used items to include in our auction, as well as gift certificates for goods &/or services!! All items will be auctioned off between 11/13-11/20 to raise much needed funds for the Forgotten Dogs of NM

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Or drop off at salon..

Doing some spring cleaning? We'll take old towels, blankets, sheets and washcloths off your hands! Donations can be dropped off at our Fort Lutpon shelter. Linens can also be dropped off at our Englewood thrift store, 4725 S. Broadway - maybe shop a little while there. All of the store's proceeds help the animals! Thank you!


Microshaded Brows by Brenda Cano! 💜 Brenda is a graduated apprentice and is available to book now!

Call 505-471-1008 to schedule with Brenda! She specializes in Ombre/Powder/Microshading. $250 student rate, includes Follow-Up!


‼️ GET READY TO BID ‼️ The much anticipated 2022 Holiday Fundraising Auction goes LIVE TONIGHT at 8pm MST 😍
Click on this link to view nearly 300 awesome items, services & gifts ~
Dog gear, jewelry, art, pottery, gift baskets, services, entertainment, one of a kind / custom items & MORE all generously donated by NMDOG supporters, THANK YOU ❤️ The auctions runs through midnight MST on Sunday, December 4th. Winners' item(s) can be shipped OR picked up locally (Abq/SF) in time for the Holidays 🎄
Please take some time to browse through the auction & SHARE with your friends!! Help us raise MUCH NEEDED funds to continue our Mission. There is some cool stuff & literally, something for EVERYone in this years collection 🐶

October is Peel Month at Glow! 10/02/2022

October is Peel Month at Glow! Welcome to our annual October is Peel Month! This year we're offering a series of 4 peels to help smooth, tighten and brighten your skin!

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The conditions across the state are ideal for TOXIC blue-green algae BE AWARE!! This algae, if ingested by your dog, can render devastating consequences. Symptoms include vomiting, staggering, seizures & even death :(

This is really nothing to play around with so PLEASE be vigilant with your dogs around area lakes, ponds, even streams & rivers where there is stagnant water.

From the Abiquiu Lake - U.S. Army of Engineers, Albuquerque Division fb page - (photo of Abiquiu Lake)

"Unfortunately with the monsoon rains bringing water, they have also brought the right nutrients to the water for Blue Green Algae to bloom. Be cautious with your pets and small children and do not swim in any water where you see a blue/green substance on the surface. Blue green algae is toxic, especially to dogs and small humans."


🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
This post will be edited to include new resources as they are made available. Please SHARE this IMPORTANT info!!

UPDATED 5/18/22 ~

THIS JUST IN!! San Miguel County, New Mexico & Mora County, New Mexico have contracted with the The Humane Society of the United States to provide FIELD RESCUE to animals left behind in the fire/evac zones!
‼️ ADDITIONALLY.... HSUS will be handling ALL ANIMAL CONTROL CALLS = stray dogs, chained dogs, abandoned & abused animals for San Miguel & Mora Counties ‼️ Call Diane (202)570-6984 for ALL of your SMCo animal needs ❤

***If you have questions about shelter, call 1-800-432-2080
Option #4

1 ~ The Santa Fe County Fair Grounds location is:
3229 Rodeo Rd in Santa Fe, NM 87507
‼️ Currently accepting owned livestock, farm animals, poultry, rabbits, etc. Follow the signs to the "check in" area.

2 ~ The Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico is now back at the LV City shelter / AWC Pet Center location at 1680 N Grand Ave, Las Vegas, New Mexico. They are operating within their normal perimeters & business hours:
Tues - Friday 10a - 6p; Sat 10a - 4p
The AWC will be accepting LV & SMCo strays for intake 💕

‼️ See bottom of post for info on what to do if you encounter a STRAY, left behind animal or an abandoned CHAINED dog in the evacuation areas of San Miguel &/or Mora Counties.

***ALL displaced OWNED DOGS pls refer to #3....

3 ~ Bernalillo County Animal Care and Resource Center & BernCo OEM have deployed to provide 911 services & shelter for displaced humans & their pets at the Glorieta Adventure Camps in Glorieta, NM.
‼️ This location is now accepting OWNED PETS ONLY from all evacuation zones. This includes dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets, etc.

4 ~ The Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society is providing temp housing at no charge for owned cats from all evacuation zones! Please call Admissions at 505-983-4309 ext 1606

5 ~ From Bessie Babits, Equine Vet in Espanola, New Mexico:
I am in Espanola, and also am an equine veterinarian. I have room to take in horses needing to be evacuated, and also if they have injuries from the wildfire (505)779-2466 or [email protected]

6 ~ Juan I Gonzales Agricultural Bldg @ 202 Camisa rd - contact Emma Empey (702)743-8973 & Penasco High School @ 13 Old School rd - contact Bobby Lucero (575)779-9381 in Taos, New Mexico are both accepting evacuees & both are equipped with crates & supplies for your domestic pets.

7 ~ Taos County Sheriff's Posse Arena is accepting horses, farm animals & livestock. Call Livestock Inspector Ruben Baca (575)770-1490

8 ~ The Downs at Santa Fe on the frontage road is welcoming evacuees - campers and their pets! Donations welcomed.

9 ~ City of Albuquerque 24/7 resource hotline set up for fire evacuees (505)244-8604

10 ~ The City of Santa Rosa, New Mexico is welcoming evacuees to the Blue Hole Convention Center - 1085 Blue Hole rd - with some accommodations (crates) available for pets & a 200 human capacity. Thank you to the City of Click on this link for a list of hotels are offering discounted rates for any fire evacuees (all pet friendly during this time) ~
***The City is also offering Livestock accommodations. Any questions, contact City Hall (575)472-3404, Blue Hole Convention Center (575) 472-3763, and after hours contact Mayor Nelson Kotiar (505)507-1119.
‼️ Donations of dog crates & pet food are needed & appreciated!

11 ~ From Felines & Friends New Mexico ~ Cat owners in areas under fire evacuation orders: Santa Fe Cats has space available for caring for your cat(s) while you are evacuees. For those without insurance reimbursement for pet boarding, a donation is appreciated. No cat will be turned away for lack of insurance or inability to donate. Call SFC at 505-216-5141 to make arrangements.

12 ~ Poeh Marketplace next to the Poeh Cultural Center in Pojoaque is accepting donations of dog & cat food to distribute to evacuee locations.

13 ~ The good people at Spur Stables ABQ Horse Boarding and Hotel are opening their stables to evacuees with horses who need a safe place. It will be free of charge. Pls call them at (505)382-2370.

14 ~ Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Park is now open for Mora/San Miguel County Fire Evacuees to park RVs, pets welcome.
This is free of charge, fill out a form upon arrival.
Please contact Felicia to coordinate.
[email protected]

15 ~ From Route 66 Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Center in Abq:
If you are displaced with a pet by the Northern NM wildfires we are here for you. We can safely house your pets and will take care of them for you if you are evacuated from the fires. Call us today if you need us (505)266-7866. ***as of 5/6 all dog occupancy if full, there is still space available for cats & exotics 🪱🦎🦜🐢

16 ~ Feed assistance is available through the State of New Mexico (Livestock Board) Call for info:
April Riggs - Area 2 Supervisor & regional operations manager for NM (575)643-6162 or email [email protected]

17 ~ From the good folks at CWW Feed:
Evacuation resources available for animals:
We have a access to the San Ysidro Rodeo Arena in San Ysidro, New Mexico for livestock and farm animals. We have people to help man it, there are wonderful pens and access to water.
We have pens available at CWW Feed for Horses and a few goats.
We have a access to a couple of pens for dogs.
We have a number of crates and cages for small animals.
*** also, if you want to donate for displaced animals and people, we can take your donations at CWW Feed in San Ysidro and get them to those in need.
Please call:
Connie Collis 505 269 5410
CWW Feed Store 575 834 7038
Michele Ryan 505 234 5618
Please stay safe everyone and if you need feed for displaced animals, please call us!

18 ~ From our friends at New Mexico House Rabbit Society:
If you have been affected by the wildfires in any part of New Mexico and need help with supplies for your rabbit(s), please email [email protected] 🐰

There are really no words to describe the devastation & sadness consuming these communities & the beautiful forest land. It is truly overwhelming 😭 Our hearts go out to everyone that has been affected...including the animals. LV & SMCo have been part of NMDOG since 2009 & we have a lot of Dog friends there We are worried about all of them.

‼️ Please DO NOT leave your animals behind ‼️
If you see an animal in need, scoop them up!! Call Diane with HSUS (202)570-6984 for ALL of your San Miguel & Mora County animal needs; The City of Las Vegas (505)425-7504; or take them to the evacuation center or any Vet Clinic!! Stay safe everyone, be FIRE AWARE & please be kind to each other ☮️

💖 The entire population of the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico in Las Vegas, NM has been safely evacuated & relocated to various locations = 200 animals since Saturday 4/30 ❤ Any animals that were brought in as strays from the evacuation zones or have been reported to the AWC as missing, will be posted here ~
EVERYONE that is playing a part in these enormous efforts is SO incredibly appreciated ❤️

MONTANA (pictured here) was safely evacuated out of Las Vegas & would love to find a wonderful, safe forever home of her very own."

H185 Gift Certificate for Root Color + Products 11/20/2021

H185 Gift Certificate for Root Color + Products Auction item 'H185 Gift Certificate for Root Color + Products' hosted online at 32auctions.


Ha ha ha


H186 Gift Certificate for Haircut + Products 11/18/2021

H186 Gift Certificate for Haircut + Products Auction item 'H186 Gift Certificate for Haircut + Products' hosted online at 32auctions.


🛇 Use your Manners! 🛇
The Sniff test - Stop doing that!
The sniff test - a badly engrained habit that society has been taught, without a clear understanding of what they're actually doing.

🚩When you reach out towards a dog, you are using body pressure AT them, giving them no time to assess whether you are safe & whether they require further investigation to pick up your information. You are forcing an interaction of a relationship that hasn't had time to develop. To some dogs, this is quite rude & the reason a lot of dogs snap at or bite people. This can cause alot of behavioral issues because of layered stress due to forced interactions.

🚩If they are on lead, they have no where to go if they are sensitive to spacial pressure, so can end up shutting down, shying away or snapping at your hand so you back off. This is an example of how a dog is now using pressure to turn off pressure & make you back off so they aren't so stressed.

🚩People think by offering your hand it can give the dog time to sniff to know you're friendly... they can sniff without being forced to sniff your hand.Their noses are far more superior than ours & they don't need close contact forced upon them to smell you.

🚩Some dogs might not want to know you. You have no relationship with them and that's perfectly fine. They aren't your dog so you don't need to touch them or steal pats for your own satisfaction.

🤔 If you are meeting a dog, what should you do?
⚠Ask the owner if you can interact with their dog. Not all people want strangers touching their dogs. Especially strangers who you are unlikely to see again.
⚠Stand up straight & relaxed, with your hands at your side.
⚠Ignore the dog & talk to the owner.
⚠Don't stare at the dog & don't try to force an interaction by going in for a pat. If the dog wants to know you, it will come up to you & sniff around. Usually they will move away & then come back for a second sniffathon. Some dogs will bunt your hands & wag their tails, which are good signs that you're likely an accepted new friend. Give them a few slow pats down their back (NOT THEIR HEAD) & then stop. Is the dog happy? Has it accepted your interaction? This will determine whether you can give it more pats.

🐶This is a more stress free option for dogs & a reason why in consultations we can develop a good level of trust, especially with fearful dogs & aggressive dogs, without a bunch of negative side effects from forced interactions.

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Robert cherry 12/06/2020

Robert cherry Discover divinosantafe's collection, Robert cherry

Why has my veterinarian been SO busy? 10/26/2020

Why has my veterinarian been SO busy? Wondering why your veterinarian has been so busy this year? Pets may not need to mask up, but COVID-19 and its effects on human society has caused an unprece...

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We are raising money to get this tumor off this girls leg...

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Absolute perfection!

Timeline photos 09/28/2019

Wow just Wow!!

Microblading by Maria!
These gorgeous brows were performed by Maria. Give us a call or go online to book with her. Her price is currently 400 and includes two appointments. ♡

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Timeline photos 07/21/2019

Lash Lift by Justine! Lash Lifts are great for people with long lashes that don't want the upkeep of lash extensions. They give a beautiful "lift" that lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

Consultations are recommended to determine if your lashes have enough length to be lifted.

Justine, Julie and Maria perform Lash Lifts at Glow.

Lash Lift $80
Lash Lift with Tint $100

Timeline photos 06/26/2019

Get your Glow on for the weekend! There are so many great things happening in Santa Fe this weekend, might as well be sunkissed to deep bronzed for it!

NMDOG 2019 Spring Auction Album - Items for Bid 05/31/2019

7 more days!
Help dogs and get a huge discount on your next service....

097 Gift certificate $135 for cut and color services at Che Bella Salon, Santa Fe, from owner Kristin Eastlund, long-time NMDOG supporter. Estimated value $135. Minimum starting bid $50. Bid increment $10.

NMDOG 2019 Spring Auction Album - Items for Bid 05/26/2019

Ok clients... heres a chance to get a HUGE discount..
AnD help the dogs in New Mexico!

097 Gift certificate $135 for cut and color services at Che Bella Salon, Santa Fe, from owner Kristin Eastlund, long-time NMDOG supporter. Estimated value $135. Minimum starting bid $50. Bid increment $10.

Timeline photos 04/23/2019

People often ask if I can correct or refresh cosmetic tattooing done by another artist and the answer is...maybe. I will need to see the work before I can say yes or quote a price. In most cases I can definitely make them better, like this case pictured. Sometimes there is just too much pigment in the skin and adding more would be a bad idea. If you have had previous cosmetic tattooing and would like a refresh, give Glow a call at 505-471-1008.

Timeline photos 03/11/2019

We went from unstructured brow fluff to structured, youthful brows! This was the first appointment but I say that "all the magic happens" at the second appointment when we can fill them in, see how they've healed and make them perfect!

The first appointment is all about shaping. We spend a good amount of time making sure you're happy with your shape and that it suits your face.♡

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1925 Rosina Street
Santa Fe, NM

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10am - 6:30pm
Wednesday 10am - 6:30pm
Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm

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