My Art of Healing

My Art of Healing

My Art of Healing is Wolfgang Blumel's alternative Healing Arts practice, focusing on embodying spirit, awareness & personal growth through movement, light, sound & touch. My Art of Healing offers authentic bodywork well beyond the confines of traditional massage. We suport your well-being and positive change through in-depth holistic body-mind assesment and treatment, utilizing hands-on intuitive bodywork, energy reading and alignment, as well as color, sound & movement integration.


ARE WE CONNECTED? ALIVE with SPIRIT? from Latin 'connectere', 'con' - together & 'nectere' - bind.
The spark of PASSION being transformed into COM-PASSION. Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti's "The creation of Adam"


What is true balance?
To me it is a moment by moment experience of equanimity, an inner state of peace; finding a suitable response to all disturbing and opposing forces outside and in. Going with the flow so to speak.


Finding balance between giving & taking is essential not only for us bodyworkers, but I believe for everyone. The alternative is not pretty ;-) 04/13/2013

The Sun, Earth and People

We're all connected ;-) even if we feel disconnected :-(
sounds true ... let's re-connect any loose ends to make our lives a wholesome and fulfilling experience again. The Sun, Earth and People, It's All Connected.


I've been working on my massage website (in progress). Have a look here:
As always, I would appreciate your feedback ;-)


... according to my 'clinical observations', people remind me more of twisted bonsai trees than straight pines. my way to treat pain and disturbances is not to assume geometric symmetry and theoretical perfection as desirable outcomes, but to assist in re-establishing authentic mindful presence, dynamic alignment, harmony and connection within the already existing human “perfect imperfection”.

[03/29/13]   "Healer, heal thyself", easier said than done! We all need each other to help us heal our blind spots and support each other on our respective journeys.

[05/08/12]   Following a path that is older than all the world's religions combined, I am focusing on health and healing.


Reminds me of a client I recently worked on at 10,000 Waves :)

Jeremy Mayer makes extremely detailed sculptures of humans and animals out of recycled typewriter parts.
California based artist reassembles typewriters into anatomically correct human and animal figures. He does not solder, weld, or glue these unique assemblages together - the process is entirely cold assembly.

[04/12/12]   My Art of Healing is now opening:

Broken Wings Sanctuary
“a safe place to heal”

relieving pain from trauma, misfortune, and abandonment
through gentle, intuitive bodywork and energy medicine.

Realizing the importance of community service and exchange, Wolfgang is now also offering his healing art work
based on donations and exchange.

For more information, please contact me at
[email protected]

[04/07/12]   For the last 7 years I have been working quietly on creating a new healing modality involving sound, light and touch. Looks like it will start rolling out sometime soon. Check back for details :)


Green Tara (enlightened activity) tattoo on my friend and muse Heather Leona Verbatim's arm.

[01/27/12]   Endorsments

[01/17/12]   A client at Ten Thousand Waves told me recently "there are many good therapists in Santa Fe, but YOU are LIGHTYEARS ahead!" Thanks, sweet woman - I do love the word "lightyears"! I know there are a lot of AMAZINGLY talented therapists in this town, and I feel very fortunate to call many of them my dear friends. My hope is for us to be able to collectively raise awareness and move towards a greater understanding of health and healing in relationship to ourselves, each other and our environment.

[01/17/12]   It is very beautiful and satisfying for me to see clients blossom under my touch; to witness their re-connecting to a freer more balanced sense of self.

With that in mind I invite you to listen to Lynn Clifford's moving poem, which she wrote after receiving "my art of healing" at Ten Thousand Waves sometime last year.

"He holds her neck like that of a swan,
who has become earthbound and
laden with holding herself aloft,
and begins.

He lays each feather down
back against her body
after washing them clean
one by one.

And folds her heavy wings
weary from flight
close to her breasts
with gentleness and ease.

Then he takes her to the water's edge
and sets her down on the shore of relief
and blesses her back
to where she belongs."

© Lynn Clifford, 2010, used with express permission of the author.

[01/17/12]   Hitting the reset button best describes the experience of a massage by Wolfgang Blumel. In his confident and capable hands, the client experiences complete renewal--a refreshing reprieve from aches of the body and worries of the world. His approach varies with each client, each session. (No more "one size fits all" massages--my chief complaint about other providers I've tried over the years.) I have the highest confidence in Wolfgang's acumen and professionalism, and recommend him highly to anyone in search of the perfect massage experience.

Nancy C. Benson, retired business owner
Sandia Park, New Mexico

[01/17/12]   “When I first experienced Wolfgang’s techniques 15 years ago, I knew I was in the hands of a master healer. And he continues to amaze my husband and me with his ability to vary his approach in response to our needs. There simply is no better massage therapist on the planet.”
Judith Ribble, PhD, CCMEP



Intuitive Massage & Bodywork, Cranial-Sacral Unwinding, Flower Essence Therapy, Sound & Light Healing.


Santa Fe, NM
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