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...skillful, intuitive touch for elevated well being... I'm a licensed massage therapist in the state of New Mexico offering customized therapeutic massage to address your specific needs--incorporating Swedish, deep tissue, gentle myofascial release techniques, stretching, and energy balancing.

I also offer Thai massage, Hot Stone massage, manual and/or biomagnetic Cupping massage, and Facial Rejuvenation Cupping. Any session can be enhanced with the incorporation of Infrared Biomat therapy. Please refer to the Services page for a full list of options. My approach to bodywork is grounded in my belief that our bodies are incredible self-regulating systems, and that a little TLC for stress

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The 7 types of rest that every person needs 02/21/2021

The 7 types of rest that every person needs

The 7 types of rest that every person needs Are you getting your seven or eight hours of sleep a night — yet you still feel exhausted? Here’s why that could be happening, according to physician Saundra Dalton-Smith.

[11/15/20]   I hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy as we transition into the winter season. Due to the recent spike in Covid cases, the Governor of NM has announced another lockdown order which will go into effect Monday Nov 16th, and stay in place until Nov 30th at least. Because massage therapy is a close contact business, I will have to suspend all work until the situation turns around.
Please wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
In Health,
Maria 05/09/2020

Home | dminder iphone & ipad app

Track your Vitamin D levels with this, and boost your immune system! Wherever you go in the world, dminder tracks the sun and tells you when you can get Vitamin D. The stopwatch interface lets you set your session target by either amount of D to get or time. Then it will count up or down to your target, applying all the factors that determine how much D you can get:....


More Lessons From the Ranch:

Horses For Heroes Cowboy Up! gives a brief introductory about the brain for veterans and their families. Website: What we Of... 03/26/2020

5 Powerful Self-Care Tools That Relieve Pain & Tension

The tools noted in the following article are always great to use, but especially in this time of physical distancing, when receiving a massage is not possible. For those of you who see me in my private practice, you know from experience how nurturing and relaxing the infrared heating pad that I have on my table is. If you're interested in owning your own mat, send me a message, and I can share more info with you.
Best Wishes for your Health... Massage therapy has powerful healing properties. There is simply nothing that compares to the warmth and precision of real human touch. But modern life has become so tense and stressful that an increasing number of clients are suffering from chronic tension: painful muscle spasms and conditions like... 03/26/2020

As massage therapist, I wash all the way to the elbows as well! Hope you all are staying healthy and sane. 💗


Sean A. Tuten, DOM, LLC

Long, but full of great information and guidance for staying well and healthy on all levels..

I hate Facebook so if I'm on here, you know I think it's important. I wanted to share the email that I recently sent to my patients about this pandemic. I hope that it brings you some comfort:

I want to share my thoughts about staying well during this pandemic, but first I think it’s important to understand a few slightly more philosophical things about what is going on. In western culture, we tend to value only the Yang: activity, accomplishment, action, work, “doing”. We very much undervalue Yin: rest, relaxation, withdrawal, quiet, sleep, space, “stopping”. Western capitalism is largely responsible for this: your value is determined by how hard you work, how much you do, how busy you are, how productive you can make yourself. The idea that doing nothing, resting, that that could be seen as valuable, as productive in its own right is anathema to capitalist principles. I grew up in New York: trust me when I tell you that I fall victim to this thinking all the time.

The quarantining that is happening and that I believe will grow more widespread in the coming weeks is a radical correction to a system that is completely out of control. The economy is only considered to be doing well if it is growing. Consider that for a moment. We expect it to grow, constantly, without exception, all the time, and any contraction is literally seen as a disease. There is nothing in nature that follows this model. Children have growth spurts, and then they plateau. Trees grow during the summer and go dormant in the winter. Nothing is supposed to grow constantly.

First and foremost, I would encourage you to reconsider your perspective on activity, work and productivity. I would encourage you to think about valuing rest equally to activity. To value contraction equally to expansion. Sleep equally to wakefulness. We put our energy into what we value. If we begin to change how we see value, we nudge ourselves in the direction of actual balance.

I’m going to lay out the basics and then get into specific lifestyle changes that will go a long way in strengthening your immune response.


1. Wash your hands like you just picked a bunch of green chile and need to change your contact lenses.

2. Wash them again.

3. This virus can live on surfaces for some time: change your clothes when you return home, put them straight into the washer, being careful not to touch your face with either your clothes or your hands.

4. Avoid all non-essential contact for the time being. Do not go to crowded places. Shop at “off” hours. Maintain 6 feet of distance between yourself and others.

5. Drink an enormous amount of water, specifically warm water. I don’t care that peeing every 15 minutes is a hassle. ;) Drinking water accomplishes two things. It helps keep you hydrated, but it can also flush viruses from the upper respiratory tract into the stomach where they can be neutralized by your stomach acid.

6. Sleep. Try to be asleep by 11 pm. If it takes you two hours to fall asleep, then your bedtime is 9 pm. Stop all screen activity (phones, tablets, tv) at least an hour before you go to bed (not an hour before you plan to be asleep). Light, especially blue light, affects how our bodies produce melatonin and will make it more difficult to fall asleep. Late night television is garbage, and that show you’re addicted to isn’t really that good. ;) Youtube is a nightmare of a rabbit hole: don’t even go there.

Next Steps:

1. Cry. Grief injures the Lungs which are the “delicate” organ in Chinese medicine, and the organ most threatened by this virus. More specifically, holding in or repressing grief injures them. Crying is like a rainstorm: it clears and cleanses the system. It washes out the eyes so we can see clearly. Don’t hold it in. Let it go.

2. Sing. Singing is great for opening the chest and the lungs, and getting the heart and the lungs on the same page. Belt out those favorites.

3. Get out in nature. We shouldn’t go to the restaurant, or the mall, or the movie theater. But we can still go to the woods, to the river, to the mountains. Nature helps our nervous system reset. Specifically skin to earth contact. Take your shoes off. Lay on the ground. Take a walk.

4. Alkalize your system: most of the things we like tend to be very acidic: sugar, alcohol, dairy, gluten. Try to avoid this stuff. Focus on gluten free grains, vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes. Try veggies that you’ve forgotten about like jicama or endive. Eat foods that support the lungs like radishes, daikon, asian pears. Use trace mineral drops in your water.

5. Gargle regularly with saltwater, especially with a full-spectrum natural salt (i.e. not Morton’s)

6. Stimulate lymphatic circulation by brushing with a skin brush, especially the head, neck and chest.

7. Deep hydration: eat foods that are cooked for a long time in water or fluids, like congees, soups, stews, casseroles, broths, braises. This is like time-release hydration. It puts fluids into the digestive tract that can be absorbed over a long period. Drinking water is vital, but it is more clearing than it is hydrating.

8. Avoid the “dehydrators”: coffee, tea, sugar, carbonated drinks, spicy food, garlic. I’d include chocolate in this list but sometimes I think the sheer joy that people derive from it is more valuable than the relatively minor drawbacks it presents. Just don’t overdo it.

9. Fats. Fats are important part of staying hydrated on a deep level. Use high-quality saturated fats like unsalted butter, fish, ghee, eggs, and organic meats.

Virtual Treatment & Herbs:

For the time being, I am going to be offering consultations via Facetime or Skype. If you need to refill herbal prescriptions, have specific questions you’d like my perspective on, or want to start taking Chinese herbs prophylactically, we can set that up. Just get in touch with me at [email protected], or by text at 401-569-0222.

Chinese herbs have been used for millennia to combat epidemics of this sort. There are excellent formulas for prevention, the treatment of flu, and the treatment of pneumonia. We can arrange to leave them out for you to pick up.


Sean 01/05/2020

Science Confirms That the Vagus Nerve Is Key to Well-being

Massage is one effective way to create good vagal tone, which has profoundly positive effects that extend beyond the session itself. The mysterious nerve network that quiets pain and stress — and may defeat disease 08/15/2019

Natural Remedies for Sunburn Relief and Summer Heat – LearningHerbs

Although not directly massage related, the following article on one of my favorite herbal blogs has some exciting recipes for natural remedies for sunburn, and unique teas/beverages to beat the summer heat. Enjoy :) Seven herbalists share their favorite natural remedies for sunburn relief and summer heat. Get recipes for sunburn spray, refreshing drinks, and more! 05/02/2019

Somnology (SLEEP) Part 2 with Dr. W. Chris Winter

Part 2 of the sleep podcast...because it's totally worth listening to. :) Have you listened to Part 1 yet? No? Go on, git. Go do that. Now if you have, this Part 2 is a bonanza of problem solving from neurologist and somnologist Dr. W. Chris Winter. He'll cover: if you should be taking sleep supplements or pills, sleep talking, apnea, why sleepiness makes us hungry, narco... 05/02/2019

Somnology (SLEEP) Part 1 with W. Chris Winter

Loving this podcast. This particular episode is relevant to all of us. Besides being very illuminative, it's also fun to listen to. Birds do it. Bees do it. Why the hell can't we do it? Called "The Sleep Whisperer," neurologist and sleep specialist Dr. W. Chris Winter joins Alie for a thrilling 2-parter about why we need sleep, the ideal amount of it, what sleep does to the brain, insomnia, sleep stages, ideal bedtime conditions... 04/12/2019

‎A Healthy Curiosity: Deconstructing Pain on Apple Podcasts

Check out the podcast below for some interesting info about Pain... ‎Show A Healthy Curiosity, Ep Deconstructing Pain - Apr 10, 2019


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Maria Rhodes Massage Therapy 10/13/2018

What Is Dry Brushing & Why Should You Do It? - The Spa Dr. Dry Brushing is really popular in some of the best spas in the country and has a plethora of benefits I think you’ll enjoy. 08/14/2018

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Chinese Medicine, Your Health and Your Skin with Brodie Welch - The Spa Dr.

Here’s an informative podcast about how Chinese medicine works, in case you’ve ever wondered. I’ve personally found acupuncture and Chinese herbs super helpful in bringing my body back to balance. I invited today’s guest on today to help you understand Chinese medicine and how it fits in with other integrative health modalities. We also discuss what your body, including your skin tells you from a Chinese Medicine prospective. My guest today is Brodie Welch, a Licensed Acupuncturist, board-c...


How to make arnica ointment for bruises, sprains and strains, aches and pains 10/01/2017

What Everybody Should Know About Movement

You've got to move it move it!!💃🏻🕺🏻 Visit the post for more.


Elephant Journal

If you've ever been curious about Reiki-- which I offer as a treatment--here's an interesting article on the emerging scientific findings about how it works...

I've, of course, heard about Reiki but I actually had no idea what it means or how it works.


Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

10 songs that demonstrate the ability to calm the heart and mind.


Go Fit Stay Fit

Tag your massage partner and thank us later 👐 😊 05/02/2017

Why Use Massage Therapy? Massage therapy is one of the most natural and instinctive means of relieving pain and discomfort. Here are some different ways massage therapy can benefit you.


Ayurveda by Curejoy

You often hear that your health is in your hands. Well, it literally is. Mudras are hand and finger gestures that we can adopt during meditation or pranayama (breathing exercises).


The Hidden Toxins That Are Quietly Destroying You – Dr. Joseph Pizzorno – #388

An in depth discussion about why it's so important to detox if we want to age with energy and avoid disease. I feel like so many of our physical complaints, aches, and pains, are rooted in a buildup of toxins in our bodies over time.

P.S. I now offer sessions on a Biomat, which gently support detox with infrared heat and negative ions. Contact me if you're interested in booking.

Deadly toxins are a silent epidemic that is shortening lifespans and making millions across the world sick. These invisible poisons are slowly degrading our ... 03/05/2017

How To Get a Deep Piriformis Stretch With These 12 Exercises Remember to gently stretch your piriformis muscle to keep sciatic pain at bay. 02/15/2017

Roll Out to Ease Those Aching Muscles Athletes should consider incorporating self-myofascial release using self-care tools, like a foam roller, both pre- and post-workout. 12/27/2016

How to Stop Attacking Yourself: 9 Steps to Heal Autoimmune Disease.

"Medicine as it is practiced today is like taking the battery out of a smoke detector while a fire burns down your house!"
This article is a strong argument for a shift to functional medicine... We are facing an epidemic of allergic (60 million people), asthmatic (30 million people), and autoimmune disorders (24 million people). 12/27/2016

Inflammation: The Significance of Energy Depletion - MASSAGE Magazine

"It isn’t so much that massage heals the body; it is that massage can free up displaced energy expenditures so that the body then has the required surplus of energy it needs to heal itself." In a sad way, inflammation creates job stability for massage therapists, because inflammation oftentimes results in pain and is growing in prevalence. 10/02/2016

10 Things your Massage Therapist Wants you to Know. Common concerns, incidents and what your RMTs are really thinking! Here are 10 things your RMT wants you to know:


How to Foam Roll for Knee Pain

I've had pain in both of my knees. I'm excited to try this. Will post results later.

Learn how to foam roll for knee pain. Target the #1 cause: tight fascia or connective tissue in the upper outer portion of your calf muscle. Don't just roll,... 05/11/2016

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I'm a licensed massage therapist in the state of New Mexico offering customized therapeutic massage to address your specific needs--incorporating Swedish, deep tissue, gentle myofascial release techniques, stretching, and energy balancing. I also offer Thai massage, Hot Stone massage, and Cupping. Any session can be enhanced with the incorporation of Infrared Biomat therapy. Please see my web site for a complete list of services and prices.

My approach to bodywork is grounded in my belief that our bodies are incredible self-regulating systems, and that a little TLC for stress reduction and relief of muscular tension goes a long way in helping our bodies get back to balance.

Over the past 9 years, I’ve done extensive continuing education in order to expand my toolbox of skills, as well as keep current with best practices. I feel strongly that skilled and caring therapeutic touch is crucial to the integration of body, mind & spirit-- and my intention is to work with each client toward this goal.

I strive to offer services with exceptional value & benefit for your whole being, and am available by appointment Tuesday through Saturday. Call anytime for more information or to book an appointment.





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