The Violin Shop of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM Video October 27, 2020, 6:45pm

Videos by The Violin Shop of Santa Fe in Santa Fe. From the Fiddle to the Fabulous: The Violin Shop of Santa Fe offers the finest in violin family instruments and bows to players at all levels.

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Rod and reel 😉
New silver winding.

It’s fun to see good violins but also fun to see interesting old cases. This one is a “Koverite” Violin Case in purple velvet from Lifton Mfg. Co.(Union Made, fully guaranteed) circa 1924.

Dope. I made a short video for you about peg lubrication. Is this helpful? Anything else you’d like to see? A QUICK CAUTIONARY NOTE ABOUT FIT: the shiny bands I pointed out can also evolve as the peg becomes burnished and doesn’t necessarily mean that things are fitting well. Please understand that ill fitting pegs are a serious concern. When a peg doesn’t fit, the tendency is to push it in harder to make it hold in the peg box. Repeating this action over and over, It is very easy to crack the pegbox. We see that kind of damage frequently. Repairing a cracked peg box is not a small thing and not inexpensive. Like I said at the top, peg fit an adjustment is not a simple topic. What you are looking for is smooth movement and easy hold when you adjust your pegs. My advise? Try peg dope and then see a professional if you are not satisfied with the results you get.

I happened upon the Santa Fe Youth Symphony’s public performance today at the DeVargas Shopping Center. Come tomorrow if you can 3:30 at the Scottish Rite Temple to catch their full program.

Travel case for an upright bass or…what?

This old violin case from 1882 was given to me today by a long time customer. They definitely do not make them like this anymore:

Some powerful chamfers! You don't see that every day...