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A Wise Woman knows....Being Fit Goes Beyond the Physical. Staying Fit is a lifestyle and attitude. I bless my body everyday, give thanks to myself for the hard work I put into loving my body and myself. I Love being a woman and leading as a woman.
As a young girl and woman coming from sexual assault I hated what came with being a woman. Especially an empowered and sexy woman. Today I say bring it on. Own it! Embody it! Work it! I pray to all my sisters the best revenge is to heal. Aho!

You do not need anyone’s permission to shine. Goddess Up! Ladies



57 Still Thriving! Longevity. Vitality. Ageless. What’s my secret?!!!

My 4 Body Fit Workouts🏋️‍♀️👊.
Not Just A Workout. A Healing to Your Core.

Workout, challenge and heal all 4 bodies. Spiritual, Mental, Emotional. Physical.

My clinically proven 4 Body Fit Method is result driven. Researched by American University DC Department ofPsychology. My method has helped millions of women for over 35 years get in shape, stay in shape and heal the obstacles that have stopped them from their success.

Learn the secrets to my success and those I have worked with. Join me for my on line workouts coming soon. Or one on one Zoom trainings.


Happy Mother’s Day To Women around the world. We are all Mothers, nurtures and Goddess Warriors.

Blessed to have met so many beautiful women around the world empowering women to claim their space, use their voice and assert their rights.

There is nothing in this world more powerful and graceful then a Mother.

Your love, sacrifice and wisdom is priceless. A Mother’s worth is not based on how much money you make or how intelligent you are, your worth is based on your ability to raise a functioning, healthy and happy child. Every Mothers legend. .
A Mother is not a woman who gave birth a Mother is a woman who teaches, protects and provides Love.
To all Mothers of the 2 legged and 4 legged fur babies.

Thank you Gaea / Mother Earth for being my true Mother, who loves us all unconditionally, who holds and sustain us. Thank you for being my teacher and the most powerful Goddess Warrior of all. I pray for healing.


Challenge. Expand. Commitment. Discipline. Being in shape is being consistent with working out all 4 bodies. The 4 Body Fit workouts challenge, workout and heal all 4 bodies. Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical. The whole-self health approach to well-being.

Trying new ways to workout challenges all muscles of your 4 bodies.


Love 💕 Cabo
I am always asked how do I manifest things so quickly?
In order to manifest your visions, dreams and desires you must .
1) Be physically present.

2) Clean your temple. Your body is the container of Spirit. If your body is not healthy Spirit cannot work thru you.

3) Listen to your intuition and be brave enough to follow it even though it may not be practical.

4) 🛑Stop 🤩Look 🤫Listen ❤️Feel. When you listen to your intuition you are seeing and feeling the future outcome.

5) Let go and clean house. Surrender to what no longer serves you to create space for the new. Whether that be people, places, things and emotions.

6) Faith not fear. Do not give in to the challenges you are presented with. They are tests from Spirit to see if you are strong enough to hold your manifestation.

Competition is healthy. However, it is one thing to manifest through pure intention and another from greed and too much ambition. If you have to hurt or take down others to get what you want then you will never be able to hold it.

Be sure you know what others intentions are for YOU. If Spirit/God is not in the equation of the partnership walk away. It is a trap of ego, envy and greed whether it be personally in a relationship or professionally.


4 Body Fit Workouts coming soon. I’m living proof it works as it has for thousands of women over 30 years of my career.
I’m 56 and have been doing my specialized workouts since I was 18. As a personal trainer, yoga therapist, empowerment coach, massage therapist, trainer to Olympic, NFL and professional athletes you have to train all aspects of yourself to be truly fit. It works for all levels.

Photos from Sierra Bender's post 04/24/2021

Amazing! 5 star
Loved the staff, the pool and grounds extremely beautiful, food great, rooms spacious and amazing view of ocean. Private, intimate and stunning location on beach. I have traveled the world and can’t say enough about this wonderful place and it’s staff. 10 ⭐️ ‘s


I am a Goddess! Claim it. Own it. Work it. Taking in the beauty of Cabo. After a year of a lot of loss and editing what’s no longer of service I am open to receive the abundance of the universe. My 4 Body Fit Method works. I live it everyday and grateful for the power of God and Goddess in my life.


Happy Mother Earth Day! This is what I had the blessings to experience in Cabo Mexico. A mama humpback whale teaching her baby. Thank you Mother Earth 🌍 I am so humbled by your presence in my life. You love and give unconditional and know you are hurting. I ask myself daily......How can I be of best service to you everyday? How can you be of best service?


Loving Cabo! Model shoot Working on 4 Body Fit Workout Videos and modeling. Coming soon stay tuned!


Possess the Possible! Anything can happen if you first believe and then are open to receive the gifts of the universe. Open your mind, heart and arms.

Do you know how to keep your spiritual body healthy and in shape? Following the clinically proven method 4 Body Fit Method you must workout, challenge and heal all 4 bodies - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical to be empowered and to heal. The spiritual body’s muscles that need to be challenged, worked out and healed to manifest your visions and dreams are faith, hope and trust.



My Happy Face. 😃 Did you know that antidepressants have more then doubled in the past decade. Through the 4 Body Fit Sierra Bender Empowerment Method women have healed depression, anxiety, eating disorders, weight issues, trauma and more. The 4 Body Fit Method is clinically proven to empower and heal.

When I did my research on depression and addiction I was amazed how doctors where giving out antidepressants to people who where simply not happy. Anti Depressants are at the top of the list of the top 2 drugs sold in US. Guess what the other one is? Frightening

Happiness is a state of mind. Gratitude is a super power that prevents depression. The fastest way to heal depression is get into your body. Exercise, breathe and connect to nature. It is that simple. No more excuses. Emotions are part of being human. Feel’em. Deal with them so you Heal them. No short cuts.

2 Slots left for one on one 4 Body Fit Coaching. Call 📞 646-725-7593 for a consultation. Or email [email protected].

💪🔥👊Life Changing. Result Driven
Money back guarantee.



guess who? on TikTok 04/02/2021

guess who? on TikTok

The Goddess Warrior in action. The intelligence of Love.

guess who? on TikTok She is it.


Are you ready to release your shadow? Your secrets and pain? The conditioning of your past and dysfunctions of your ancestors? Do not be afraid to let go of what’s not your sh*t!

Righteous Anger is one of the measurements in my clinically proven 4 Body Fit Sierra Bender Empowerment Method that has empowered millions of women to claim their space, assert their rights and use their voice. Embodied power.

Righteous Anger as I define in my method is “Victorious and Courageous not Victimized or Compromised.” Victim means to sacrifice yourself. We all do not like that word however, where do YOU sacrifice yourself? Your needs, your desires, your dreams for others? This is codependency not empowerment. Codependency is an empath without boundaries.

13 Levels of Empowerment for Women Warriors
💪Learn How to Set Boundaries.
🧍‍♀️Claim Your Space.
🔥Assert Tour Rights.
👊Use Your Voice.

See link above.
13 Levels of Empowerment for Women Warriors

“Empowerment is not just conceptual it’s embodiment.”- Sierra Bender.


Goddess Glow! Putting my best foot forward for new opportunities, experiences and business adventures.


Happy Spring Equinox planting seeds for the new. What seeds are you planting to grow in your life?

Mother Earth is open to hear, see and receive your prayers. Align your intention and seeds with what your body needs and what she needs. Co create Aho!

If your body is not healthy your Spirit cannot stay and do it’s work. Get rid of the bad habits and align with Spirit and Mother Earth. It’s that dang simple.


“Itty Bitty Sh*tty Committee” kiss my A- -. With all the changes in the world do you come from faith or fear. Blame or responsibility? Love or hate? Action or loathing? Self pity or courage?


Beautiful day in Santa Fe! Blessed spring is coming. One year ago this time Covid changed the world. How has Covid effected you? What has it taught you? Get rid of? Leave behind? Open your eyes to?


"It's time for women in the world to UNITE, to let go of fighting for what we already have and reclaim Our Feminine Power."

It's NOT about competing with MEN or defending our's about standing in our CORE. .
Let us honor the Women Warriors who have walked before us, giving our thanks to them for paving the way...and to all of the future Goddess Warriors, those we know and those we don't, may we always be there for each other no matter who, what, when, where, why and how. AHO!

All women are sisters, and all sisters are Goddesses, no matter where we live.


Blessed. Sitting on the Sangre de Christo Mountain which means Blood of Christ. Taking in the view of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Power of Prayer. Check out the ray of light! So happy and grateful.


A tree is an avatar of nature. An enlightened being on the earthly plane. Hugging a tree let’s go of stress and grounds you. As high as you go up towards Spirit you must be just as grounded below.

Meaning walk the talk. Aho!
Mother Earth needs us to respect, nurture and nourish her with our love, prayers and appreciation. Doesn’t every woman want that?

Goddess Up! Level Up!

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Love 💕 Cabo I am always asked how do I manifest things so quickly?In order to manifest your visions, dreams and desires ...
I am a Goddess! Claim it. Own it. Work it. Taking in the beauty of Cabo. After a year of a lot of loss and editing what’...
Happy Mother Earth Day! This is what I had the blessings to experience in Cabo Mexico. A mama humpback whale teaching he...
Loving Cabo! Model shoot Working on 4 Body Fit Workout Videos and modeling. Coming soon stay tuned! www.
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