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You guys need a cat
Another heartwarming tale from Critters & Me

In a world of AI and endless process to get the simplest things done online--and even a new heartlessness in businesses at home--it can be a tiny action that makes life easier, kinder, better.

After the skunking, Zeke's collar was a lost cause--and I didn't have the strength to use two pliers to get his ID tag off. So, needed to order a new collar and tag from our local shop, Critters & Me.

I was so amazed that instead of spending 20 minutes using two pliers to force open the loop to attach it to a new collar, Orlando had carefully pried it open and left it propped open so I could just slip it on the collar.
Clumpy Cat clay litter deadly deadly dangerous litter do not use clumpy clay litter
When you shop in-store at The Critters & Me this month you receive a free Wellness Consultation or Initial Consultation with us! Offer valid with any purchase. Don't miss out!
Join our Mobile Adoption Team TODAY at The Critters & Me.

8-year-old Kira Lynn, along with many others, will be at Critters & Me, located at 1403 Auga Fria St, from noon to 3pm today.
Murad and little Hal are on their way to the radio station to chat about Shelter Happenings with Honey Harris on this morning's Big Show on KBAC 98.1 Radio Free Santa Fe

We will discuss a new community class we are offering in October Dog Park Safety & Etiquette Class.
Plus would you know what to do if your dog needed CPR or first aid? We have a class for that!
And we have a few more spots left for our Learn to Clicker Train Your Cat! class.

Plus, Saturday is International Rabbit Day. We will tell you all about our House Rabbit event at the shelter, happening on Saturday from 11am to 3pm.

Also, our Mobile Adoption Team will be out The Critters & Me on Saturday and PetSmart Santa Fe on Sunday with more chances to fall in love.

All this and more at 10:30 am with Honey on KBAC 98.1 Radio Free Santa Fe and streaming worldwide on
Our Venture Limited Ingredient Diets are now available at The Critters & Me in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Where do you buy your Earthborn Holistic?
Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter! Socorro Marie was born at the Santa Fe Indian Hospital 29 years ago this day.
Please take a look at our new website we'll be posting dog training tips regularly. Also please pass it along to anyone who may be interested. Thank you!
**I buy (and send many) DE from Critters ~ I use strictly for Ants and bugs (apologizing to the mothers of the Ants and bugs), wondering Laura's thoughts?**

Alot of you will have heard of or may even use Diatomaceous Earth, there are a number of reasons why this product should not be used as will be discussed below, one key reason is : Food grade D.E is legally required to be removed from any and all produce before the consumer comes into contact with it, for example; it is used widely in grain storage but must be rinsed off thoroughly before packaging.

Diatomaceous Earth is divided into two types, Amorphous and Crystalline, Amorphous is Food grade but only has to be 85% Amorphous (10) (the other 15% is allowed to be Crystalline, extremely hazardous to health (1)), whereas Crystalline is industrial strength, Industrially treated and is used in filtration, explosives and Cat litter.

Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) is a substance made up from the ground fossilized skeletons of Diatoms – Tiny prehistoric crustaceans that lived on the ocean floor. It is typically used in Water filtration systems, Pesticides, Toothpastes and skin care products. (1)

Its successful use in Pesticides is what I believe has caused pet owners to use it as a cheap wormer and flea/tick treatment, this is generally an ungrounded and unsafe practice that can potentially lead to Silicosis, Dermatitis, Pneumonia and just about any other respiratory and Dermatological dust related affliction.

The National Pesticide Information Centre in America states this about how D.E works:

‘Diatomaceous earth is not poisonous; it does not have to be eaten in order to be effective. Diatomaceous earth causes insects to dry out and die by absorbing the oils and fats from the cuticle of the insect’s exoskeleton. Its sharp edges are abrasive, speeding up the process. It remains effective as long as it is kept dry and undisturbed.’

Bunch, T. R.; Bond, C.; Buhl, K.; Stone, D. 2013. Diatomaceous Earth General Fact Sheet; National Pesticide Information Center, Oregon State University Extension Services.

Immediately, this statement says that when used as an internal ‘Wormer’ its efficacy is questionable. Once wet, it loses effectiveness. The only available studies are on Organic Layer Hens (5) and Cattle (6) both of which state that further research is needed and that it was either ineffective or slightly effective, neither of which are proof of efficacy across species.

Many Sites (generally those trying to sell D.E themselves) tout its efficacy at cleaning out the G.I tract of ‘Moulds’ and ‘Mucous’:

Moulds are not generally a problem in the G.I tract as our native microbiome will protect us from small amounts of mould and if there is a larger, growing infection, it wont be noticed until it has entered the bloodstream and by then no amount of D.E will affect its growth rate.
Mucous is a necessary part of the G.I tract and is essential for proper nutrient absorption and Stool formation, the Mucous Lining of the Intestine is there to prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the bloodstream, also to protect the delicate intestinal walls that are prone to inflammation and, over time, will become permeable when repeatedly inflamed. A permeable intestinal wall is typically called Leaky Gut Syndrome or Dysbiosis. (7)
Dysbiosis is when the intestinal wall becomes inflamed and becomes porous, allowing nutrients to flow out into the bloodstream where they behave like Super free radicals, roaming around causing wanton damage until they are filtered out through the Kidneys, Liver and Spleen or are mopped up by Antioxidant substances (which then become free radicals themselves!) also causing irritation. Doesn’t sound good!

Although, its efficacy against Fleas, Ticks and other external parasites is unquestionable due to its widespread use in grain stores and pasta/rice storage, using it as a ‘dusting powder’ is extremely dangerous, it’s a little in depth, but bear with me:

Within the throat there are little ‘hairs’ called Cilia that are there to catch things from the air you breathe, that lump in the back of your throat when you go through a dusty farmers field or when there’s a particularly offensive smell around is those ‘hairs’ doing their job and filtering out the particulate and bacterial/viral pathogens and locking them inside a mucous pocket, to be either swallowed (where the stomach acid will eliminate the nasties) or spat out.

The Cilia can only filter out particles of 100 Microns or more (A Micron is 1 Thousandth of a Millimetre) in diameter. Anything less is able to pass into the respiratory tract and is likely to become lodged and cause damage (however superficial the damage may be, it is damage nonetheless). Luckily, we have Mucous in our respiratory tract, this comes in where the Cilia fail and encases what the Cilia have failed to catch in a mucous pocket, ready to be excreted.

Hazardous Dust Particles fall into 3 groups:

Inhalable Dust:

Airborne Particles that can enter the nose and mouth during normal breathing, particles of 100 Microns in diameter or less.

Thoracic Dust:

Particles that will pass through the nose and throat, reaching the lungs. Particles of 10 Microns or less in diameter.

Respirable Dust:

Particles that will pe*****te the Gas exchange region in the Lungs, Particles of 5 Microns in diameter or less is considered Hazardous to Health.

The eye of a Needle is 1250 Microns, Dust Mites are 100-300 Microns and House Dust is 0.05-100 Microns (for a little perspective). (2)

Dog’s Lungs function slightly differently to Humans, primarily as a way to cool the Body. During Panting the Lungs quickly exchange warm air for cooler air and expel moisture at the same time, cooling the Dogs body, imagine adding a tablespoon of sand into the process, things would cease to function the way they are supposed to and a multitude of issues would arise. That is what D.E will be effectively doing, absorbing moisture in the lungs and preventing proper respiratory function.

Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) is 3-200 (1) Microns in size, meaning that not only can you inhale it and it would pass straight through all of your body’s protection systems and deposit itself in the deep Lung regions, but your Pet can too!

Neem is a much better, well researched and proven safe compound for deterring/killing Fleas, Ticks and just about any other Parasite out there, Neem also has the added benefit of being highly nutritious, beneficial for Skin, Hair and Nails and has an amazing range of benefits when taken internally. (9)

So using it as a Flea and Tick treatment (Dusting Powder) is also extremely dangerous and can result in respiratory illness for both owner and Pet.

That leaves us with using it as a Food Supplement to increase the amount of Silica (or Silicon as it is in its mineral form) gained from dietary sources.

There are many different forms of Silica, mostly found in Bone, Cartilage, Liver and Kidney. The only Bioavailable source of Silica is orthosilicic acid (3) which is acid and water soluble. D.E is not water soluble or Acid soluble (unless you happen to have a Vat of Hydrofluoric Acid laying around!) so will not be Bioavailable in its standard form and therefore is not suitable as a Food Source for Silicon Supplementation.

Neither the NRC or FEDIAF have established an RDA for Silica (8) so it is not considered an essential nutrient although it does show promising study results linking it to Bone Density and Formation, although there is not enough clinical data and what there is varies greatly so there is definitely a need for further research there.

In conclusion, Neem is much more suitable for Pesticide use in Family Pets and has a wealth of Data to support its effectiveness as opposed to D.E.

There is a massive range of natural worming alternatives that are also proven safe, effective and are relatively cheap.

Silica supplementation from D.E is also relatively pointless as there are is a wealth of fresh foods that not only supplement this mineral but also hold a massive range of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compounds to accompany it!

Lets leave it to its proven uses and pick up something that’s not likely to damage yours or your pets health!

The Critters & Me – Committed to education, the highest quality, knowledgeable, friendly service and total satisfaction for you and your pet!

The Critters & Me was founded by Laura Moore in 1998, based on the belief that health begins with proper nutrition and that each animal is a unique individual with unique needs that require proper attention if they are to live long and healthy lives. Laura has turned her love of animals and commitment to animal welfare into one of the most popular and successful independent, natural pet food store

Operating as usual

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Today is National Puppy Day! Celebrate your puppy or dog by dropping by The Critters and Me and picking up their favorite treat or toy!
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This week's staff pick item are the Emerald Pet Feline Dental Stixx!
This treat is a natural solution for proper teeth cleaning and rewarding. The unique shape and texture with ridges reach the back teeth while massaging the gums for optimal dental care. Real pumpkin is known to soothe tummies and provide fiber for natural digestive health. Each stick is unique in shape, entertaining your cat as they bat Stixx around with their paws and bite their crunchy reward!

The Critters and Me will be offering a 10% off on these treats from March 21 to March 26. Stop by this week and pick them up for your cat!
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Happy St. Patrick's Day from The Critters and Me!! We hope you have a great day with your pets, family and friends!
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This week's staff pick item are the Nutrisource Superstars Training Rewards Treats! These treats feature meat rich, protein dense recipes, are low in calories and have no corn, wheat, soy, or potato.

The Critters and Me will be offering a 10% off on these treats from March 14 to March 19 . Stop by this week and pick them up for your dog!
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This week's staff pick item are the Catit Cat Treats! Catit Nibbly treats are artisanally baked on a tray to ensure unique cookies full of tasty goodness. The treats are packed with high quality ingredients and fortified with taurine. Made with delicious, human-grade ingredients and does not contain corn, wheat or soy, non-greasy, crunchy outside doesn’t stick to your fingers.

The Critters and Me will be offering a 10% off on all Catit cat treats from March 7th to March 12th. Stop by this week and pick them up for your cat!
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This weeks featured product is the Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth from Perma-Guard. It is safe for both humans and pets. This product can be used for deworming, to get rid of fleas or ticks and to get rid of outdoor insects. Stop by The Critters and Me and pick some up this week!
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Photos from The Critters & Me's post 02/24/2022

The Critters and Me would like to spotlight the dog and cat food from SquarePet!

The cat food is a great High-Meat Low-Carb formulas mirror the high-meat nutrition found in raw diets but in a convenient kibble form. High protein promotes strong muscles and a lean & toned body condition. Packed with phytonutrient-dense fruits and vegetables plus vitamins C & E to support immune health.

SquarePet® VFS Skin & Digestive Support formula has been designed by SquarePet’s team of veterinary professionals to support food sensitivities/ingredient intolerances. VFS Skin & Digestive Support formula for dogs is a unique, limited ingredient, hydrolyzed protein dog food. Similar to proteins used in some infant formulas, hydrolyzed proteins are proteins that have been broken down into smaller components. The result is an exceptionally digestible protein source that can be beneficial for dogs that may be sensitive to common pet food ingredients.

SquarePet® VFS® Low Phosphorus Formula has been developed by SquarePet’s team of veterinary professionals to support dogs who may benefit from a high quality, all-natural low protein, low phosphorus and low sodium dog food.

Square Egg® is pure and simple - eggs and whey. These perfect protein powerhouse ingredients help to create a vegetarian formula that provides your dog with truly superior protein nutrition. Eggs and whey each contain all the essential amino acids required by dogs for optimum growth & health and rank highest in protein bioavailability. Superfood ingredients like coconut, cranberries, kale, blueberries, plus antioxidant vitamins, and minerals plus omega 3 & 6 fatty acids support a strong, healthy immune system. Square Egg® brand food for dogs is truly one of the highest quality premium dog foods available.

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Today is National Walking the Dog Day! This day combines two of the most happy-making things we have in this life: dogs and exercise. Humans love walking with their four-legged friends, and pooches love their strolls with their people. So grab your walking shoes, a leash, and some treats for the road, and take your favorite pooch for a stroll to celebrate National Walking the Dog Day!


This week's staff pick item are the McLovin freeze-fried dog treats! All of McLovin’s Premium Treats contain the same fresh protein your pet would eat in the wild. These natural treats are the perfect complement to a raw food diet. Each of our treats are packed with the vitamins and minerals your pet needs for maximum energy and vitality and are gently freeze-dried to preserve freshness, flavor and nutrients. These delicious treats are ready to serve right out of the bag.

The Critters and Me will be offering a 10% off on all McLovin dog treats from February 21st to February 26th. Stop by this week and pick them up for your dog!
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Today is National Love Your Pet Day! A day to embrace one special trait that makes us human: our love of our pets! Stop by and pick up your pets favorite treat or toy to show them how much you love them!
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We're searching for committed, friendly, honest & reliable people to join our team!

Applicants must be available to work 40 hours a week, may be asked to work closing shifts & must be available to work Saturdays.
Applicants must have reliable transportation.
Exceptional customer service skills, computer knowledge & a good work ethic.
Must be able to lift 50lbs.

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This week's staff pick item are the Cookie Pal dog treats! These treats are a healthy treat carefully developed for your pet that you can enjoy too. They are made from organic and simple ingredients in a human grade production facility.

The Critters and Me will be offering a 10% off on all Cookie Pal dog treats from February 14th to February 19th. Stop by this week and pick them up for your dog!
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Happy Valentine's Day from The Critters and Me! We hope you have a great day with your furry friends!
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Today's featured treats are the Fussie Cat purees. A great treat for your cat that is creamy in texture and rich in taste. An easy-to-feed cat treat with essential Vitamin E for your cat’s diet to support healthy skin and coat. Available in eight tasty varieties, Fussie Cat Purées are high in the moisture your feline friend needs for a healthy and active life. Add it as a topper to make mealtime exciting and flavorful, or serve it straight out of the tube as a delicious paw-some snack. Stop by The Critters and Me today and pick some up for your cat!
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This week's staff pick item are the Shameless Pets dog treats! These treats are free from grain, corn, and soy, contain no artificial flavors, and are made in the USA.

The Critters and Me will be offering a 10% off on all Shameless Pets dog treats from February 7th to February 12th. Stop by this week and pick them up for your dog!
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Today's featured treats are the Nibbly treats from Catit! They are artisanally baked on a tray to ensure unique cookies full of tasty goodness. The treats are packed with high quality ingredients and fortified with taurine. The treats are made with delicious, human-grade ingredients, do not contain corn, wheat or soy, are non-greasy, crunchy outside doesn’t stick to your fingers and packed with high-quality meat, rich in amino acids.
Stop by The Critters and Me and pick them up today!
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Take the chance to hang out with your pup on National Doggy Date Night on February 3. You’re working all day, out running errands, or spending time with your family and loved ones. How about slowing down to spend some quality time with the one who is always there for you – your dog.
Stop by The Critters and Me and pick up your dog's favorite treat or a new toy to celebrate!
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Photos from The Critters & Me's post 02/01/2022

February is Pet Dental Health Month a time we remember that our furry friends don’t carry a toothbrush around with them and so their teeth may need a little attention. Dental checks are as important to animals as they are to us and looking after their dental health significantly prevents oral problems they may have in the future.

The Critters and Me offers a variety of products to help with your dog's or cat's dental care. We sell Indigenous Dental Bones, Emerald Pet Dental cat treats, Plaque Off, Teef and PetzLife gels and sprays that all will help with the long term care of your pets teeth. Stop by The Critters and Me today and check out our selection!
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This week's featured treats are the Beefy Puffs from Frankly Pet. Beefy Puffs contain no preservatives, chemicals, wheat, or artificial ingredients. They are high in collagen and protein. Collagen and Protein support a dog’s skin, coat, joints, and connective tissue, as well as nails, bones, and teeth. Our tasty Beefy Puffs are great for any size dog and can be easily sized to be used as an everyday treat or as training treats. Frankly Beefy Puffs are an entertaining snack your dog will love!
Stop by The Critters and Me this week and pick them up for your dog!
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Today's featured treats are the air dried treats from iTi brand. They are a great jerky treat for your dog or cat made with all natural ingredients. Stop by The Critters and Me today and pick them up for your pet!
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