Meraki Mamas: Holistic Birthing Services

Meraki Mamas: Holistic Birthing Services

Prenatal, Labor, and Postpartum Birthing services to support and empower women going through the many transformations of pregnancy and into motherhood

Meraki Mamas was founded with the intention to bring about deeper awareness, confidence, strength, and empowerment to women in their childbearing years. Whether they are pregnant, wanting to conceive, already a mother, or are seeking more support and health guidance in general, Meraki Mamas provides holistic Ayurvedic, massage, herbal, nutrition, and birth services to enhance the quality of life for all people who identify as a women. We look at the "whole" you, and strive to bring a harmonious balance to one's emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual self.


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Women are brilliantly standing up to breastfeeding shaming.

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24 Unforgettable Photos That Show The Beautiful Realities Of Giving Birth  "There is nothing more emotionally evocative than birth​."​ 04/06/2016

23 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Some are spot on, but others are a bit debatable... Are you expecting? Watchful about what you are eating during your pregnancy? Here we have compiled a list of 25 nutritious foods to avoid during pregnancy.. 04/06/2016

5 Things Your OBGYN Won’t Tell You About How to Have A Better Birth and Postpartum - Mother Rising Typical prenatal care leaves much to be desired. Here are 5 things your OBGYN won't tell you on how to have a better birth and postpartum. 04/06/2016

25 Things to Do Before Your Baby is Born

Some simple, some obvious, and some not-so-obvious ideas to help ease the transition to the hospital and back home with your new baby! 25 Things to Do Before Your Baby is Born: A great list of things to do before your baby is born so that you can be prepared and have an easy transition!


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Curious about the #benefits of #delayedcordclamping?

How long did you wait to cut baby's cord after #birth?

From Northern Colorado Placenta Services, LLC


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Great explanation of the roles of a #doula and a #midwife. We aren't the same--but we compliment each other and work together for mamas and babies. 02/29/2016

What I Drink Every Day To Balance My Hormones

For the pregnant and non-pregnant, great drink ideas that one can safely mix up daily to aid not just in balancing hormones but in digestion and in general vitality. (My only hesitation is with the herb d**g quai used in pregnancy) As a hormone expert, I recommend that women drink their way to health with some easy, potent beverages that can have a big impact on the endocrine system. 02/26/2016

Study ties fetal alcohol syndrome to dad's alcohol use before conception Expectant mothers' alcohol use during pregnancy is a known cause of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).


Life in the womb 9 months in 4 minutes HD

Wow, adorable and incredible representation of the developmental process of a babe...

Pregnancy is a process that invites you to surrender to the unseen power behind all life.. 02/23/2016

A timeline of a baby’s first hour A study carefully documents newborns’ instinctual behaviors in the first hour outside the womb, observations that paint a picture of what babies might need in the moments after birth.


Earthbound Holistic Full Spectrum Doula Care



Indigemama: Ancestral Healing

Five years ago right now, I was in labor. I made myself a hearty breakfast, ate in silence, sending every bite to my baby. I swept my home, made myself a batch of tea, and enjoyed the last few hours of "me time" I would have for many, many months. At 10:55pm, I free-birthed my 8lb 12oz son at home, to the sound of indigenous music with my brother and friend in the next room, and my doula and former husband at my side. I unwrapped his umbilical cord from his neck, rubbed his vernix in, tilted him upside down a bit and listened for his first breath. That's what you see in this photo. His first breath. He didn't cry, he just breathed and his little blueish purple body changed to pink.
I'll post my complete birth story in Indigemama's newsletter. Check the link in my profile.
#freebirth #uc #unassistedbirth #indigenous #birthstory #decolonize #lamatriz #indigemama #ancestralhealing #happybirthday #nativebeauty #indigenous #voices #oraltradition #storytelling 02/07/2016

11 Steps for a Blissful Childbirth, According to a Doula I’ve seen many of my hypnobirthing and doula clients use the following techniques to have blissful medicated hospital births, home births, and everything in between. 01/13/2016

What Does A Postpartum Doula Do? 3 Ways You Can Benefit From Hiring One If you are reading this I assume, like many, you want to know what a postpartum doula does and better yet, why can't you just have your mom or family member help you out once the baby arrives? These are valid questions and hopefully I can shed some light. Let's start with what postpartum doulas actu… 01/13/2016

Not a Midwife I couldn't have said it any better myself, so with gratitude I will let Anna Siebert explain in her words, the difference between a Midwife & a Doula  ““Oh, so you’re like A midwife?” No, I’m not a midwife. We might both work in birth, but we do very different jobs. Complementary jobs, yes, but they… 01/10/2016

These Pictures of Disney Princesses Breastfeeding in Public Are Incredible

Clever 12/19/2015

What's in Daddy's Hospital Bag? {Printable} Phone Number List | While He Was Napping

What are the basics your birth partner should have ready to bring to the birth? Check this out! Find out our must-haves in Daddy's hospital bag for the big day. 12/19/2015

10 Things You Might Not Know About Child Birth Recovery

Mamas often focus mainly on preparing for birth and what to expect during the laboring experience and not so much on what the expereince will be like following delivery. Here are some great notes on what are some normal occurrence one may experience immediately postpartum Giving birth is an exciting event in any women's life - but it's good to be prepared! Here are 15 thing you might not know about child birth recovery. 12/15/2015

The Dangerous Myth of an "Ideal Birth"

"Every woman has the freedom to celebrate her own birth story" As a young girl and an adolescent, I distinctly remember moments where I realized that my body was less than “ideal.” American culture does an effective job at perpetuating a standard of beauty that has very narrow parameters.  Your size, the color and age of your skin, the length of your hair, the…


Meet Kelly!...your birth coach, educator, and supporter!


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Meraki Mamas: Holistic Birthing Services




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