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[08/15/19]   Restaurant grade wood burning smokers are powerful tenderizers and cookers that can leverage massive 65,000 BTU power. Look for features like digital controls, dual speed convection fans, adjustable moisture systems, and an air over wood burning firebox that seals in flavor.

[08/13/19]   Be sure to establish your drink menu before you shop for glasses. While it can be fun to pick out all the different types of cocktail glasses, you don't want to buy something you won't use.

[08/08/19]   We recognize that the ability to create consistent flavor profiles every time you make a menu item is critical to your restaurant’s success. When your equipment is too temperamental to provide consistency, we may be able to help.

[08/06/19]   When choosing your restaurant’s tables and chairs, consider the décor of your restaurant. These pieces of furniture are made for durability and are able to manage the rigors of constant use. Speak to your restaurant equipment professional to ensure you outfit your restaurant with durable chairs and tables that work with your restaurant’s décor.

[08/01/19]   Are you concerned that you may not be able to open you restaurant as scheduled because of a hiccup with the equipment budget? Depending on the equipment you need, it may be possible to find a good value on used pieces.

[07/30/19]   Some types of larger restaurant equipment can start to get expensive. If you’re on a budget, it might be worth looking into purchasing some items used to save money on things you might not put quite as much use into, but still need in your kitchen.

[07/25/19]   Consider the type of volume your restaurant will be managing to determine the best refrigerator for your operation. Commercial refrigerators range from small coolers to large walk-in refrigerators and freezers.

[07/23/19]   For your restaurant, chances are that you will need a walk-in refrigerated unit for storing foods from the service line that you have left over from the day. In this case, you want the unit to be accessible and easy to organize, as you may need to access some of these foods rather quickly.

[07/18/19]   Floor model fryers are quickly becoming the go-to fryer in many high-end restaurants. That is because these stainless steel gas fryers are lightweight and less expensive to operate. Most come with caster tube rack baskets, drain extensions, and a temperature range that can exceed 400 degree Fahrenheit.

[07/16/19]   If you plan to serve a lot of grilled food, a larger grill will help you get food out of the kitchen faster. Amp up production even more with a cheese melter broiler if you have cheeseburgers or nachos on your menu!

[07/11/19]   Better quality equipment equates to better quality products. An oven that doesn't heat properly won't cook food properly. Customers want good food. Taking good care of your equipment increases your profits.

[07/09/19]   Determining your refrigeration needs has a lot to do with how you plan to run your restaurant. Depending on your menu, you may need more or less refrigerator and freezer space. Your delivery schedule is also a factor here - if you have more frequent deliveries you will require less storage.

[07/04/19]   What piece of restaurant equipment is considered a money saver that helps restaurants retain an estimated 2 to 4 percent of gross revenues? The cash register!

[07/02/19]   When designing your restaurant kitchen space, keep in mind that the actual size of the kitchen space will dictate how large your menu is. The general rule of thumb is that your kitchen should be between 15 to 25 percent of the total space of your restaurant.

[06/27/19]   When you’re purchasing new equipment for your kitchen, it’s important to know how much everything is going to cost, but it’s also important to know how much it’s going to cost to power things. EnergyStar appliances may help you to save in energy costs over time.

[06/25/19]   Do you know why it’s so important to keep your restaurant stovetops, ovens, fryers, broilers, and griddles clean? Basically, the more reflective the surface, the better the heat will be directed to the cookware, creating a more efficient cooking environment.

[06/20/19]   In a restaurant kitchen, a convection oven is good for even, quick cooking. If you're planning to offer dishes that need to be baked (such as lasagna and baked ziti in an Italian restaurant), then this is the oven for you.

[06/13/19]   Meat grinders replace tools like the mincing knife, making food prep quicker and more efficient. A meat grinder, or meat mincer, is used for grinding, fine mincing, or mixing raw or cooked meat, fish, vegetables, or similar food.

[06/06/19]   When getting everything you need for a restaurant, you’ll find out that restaurant-level plates and other dishes are more expensive than residential plates, and with good reason. They’re made to be stronger to withstand the heavy use they’ll see in a restaurant.

[06/04/19]   Ice can be an important commodity in a kitchen. Even a medium sized restaurant may have an ice machine or two in the kitchen and another one on the beverage dispenser in the dining room.

[05/30/19]   Plates, utensils, and glassware sold by restaurant supply companies are specifically designed to be more resistant to the rigors of extreme heat and cold and are designed to be more durable than regular plates and glasses.

[05/28/19]   Off-premise catering provides restaurant owners the ability to expand their businesses beyond their dining areas. Be sure to speak to your equipment restaurant professional about the pieces of commercial restaurant equipment needed to efficiently, effectively, and safely serve food off premises.

[05/23/19]   Don't neglect your tableware and linens. These are some of the more inexpensive items you can purchase for your business and make an impression on diners. Worn or stained linens or cutlery should be replaced quickly.

[05/14/19]   Not sure exactly which stations your restaurant kitchen will need? It all depends on what you plan on serving on the menu. You want to make sure you have everything covered, and a restaurant equipment expert can help make sure you have all of the stations you need.

[05/09/19]   Restaurant supply companies specialize in providing equipment particular to your restraunt's needs. Pizza ovens are specialized pieces of equipment you cannot find in most stores, for example.

[05/07/19]   Gas pasta cookers are a complete, self-contained work center and can really help boost the efficiency of your food line. They typically feature two sections, one for cooking and warming, and the other for rinsing and holding.

[05/02/19]   Not sure how much of your restaurant space you want to devote to your kitchen and how much you want for your customers? A restaurant equipment expert can help by looking at your menu and giving you the exact measurements of equipment you’ll need so you can figure out kitchen space.

[04/30/19]   If you’re looking into purchasing any restaurant equipment with an electrical component, it’s extremely important that you make sure you know how much power your outlets can supply. It’ll save you from dealing with power outages during business hours.

[04/25/19]   Planning on expanding your restaurant’s menu? This can be a great way to drum up new business, but can also involve a lot of logistics when you have to add new equipment to your kitchen. But don’t worry. A restaurant equipment expert can help you figure out how to fit it in.

[04/23/19]   While your original recipes may call for mixing by hand and frying in a pan, it can be difficult to prepare the quantities your restaurant will need that way. Let’s talk about what equipment you’ll need to increase your food output.

[04/18/19]   Care to guess what people look for most in a restaurant? According to a recent National Restaurant Association survey, "taste" is high on the list. Many diners believe superior food -- the kind available in a good restaurant -- is difficult to duplicate at home. "Grab your purse, honey. It's time for dinner!"

[04/16/19]   If your menu contains rice, then rice cookers and warmers are a necessity. Options include natural gas or electric models with features that include burn proof pads, hinged covers, nonstick interiors, and 60 to 100 cup capacities.

[04/11/19]   One issue to consider when purchasing restaurant equipment is for what that that equipment will be used. Consider if you need a heavy duty, durable piece of equipment or if you are purchasing a backup piece or a piece that will be lightly used. Based on your needs, your restaurant equipment professional will help you close in on your options.

[04/09/19]   According to the latest National Restaurant Association Report, the largest job growth in the restaurant industry is expected in what four states? If you guessed Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Georgia, you're right on target.

[04/04/19]   If you're starting your own restaurant, chances are you began your career as an entry level food service employee and worked your way up from there. Care to guess how many restaurant owners earned their aprons the hard way? If you guessed 80 percent, you're right.



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