Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery

Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery


Art isn’t a science. Art is an art, and that’s one reason why Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery allots a whopping five hours to their livestreamed pottery demonstrations. The 26 potters who took part in Fisher’s “Live from Santa Fe” 2020 August Virtual Market used the time to speak directly with viewers, discuss their processes, and start at least one accidental fire. The final streaming session is at 11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 29, with potter Marilyn Ray (Acoma Pueblo).
Thank you so much for excellent wrapping and packaging of the items I ordered. They arrived in mint condition and are exceptionally beautifully hand crafted. Each one is exquisite. It was like unwrapping Christmas morning gifts! Everything I ordered is my favorite!
– It's day 2 of our 10 days of New Mexico series where we feature locations around our state that we LOVE to visit on our bicycle tours. It may still be good to stay home, but we look forward to the time we can see you again. 🚲🌞

Today we are featuring **THE SANTA FE PLAZA**
A visit to Santa Fe’s Plaza is a living view of New Mexico’s rich history and culture and is truly the perfect way to start our bicycle tours of .

On this site over 400 years of Spanish history (and more recently, Mexican and American cultures) intersect with 1,000+ years of Native American heritage, and are made tangible in everything from touching the 12-foot-thick adobe walls of the original Spanish capital building (The Palace of the Governors / @ [45899978798:274:New Mexico History Museum]), to meeting Pueblo artisans under the Portal, to small details like bullet marks in the central Obelisk made by outlaws in the late 19th century.

The Plaza is the ever-changing “heart” of Santa Fe, and our favorite thing about taking guests (and locals) here is that it helps us bring the amazing past, present, and future narratives of New Mexico to life.

Some of our favorite places to visit around the Santa Fe Plaza are: Chili Line Brewing Co., IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Hervé Wine Bar, Il Piatto Italian Farmhouse Kitchen Santa Fe, Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery, Kakawa Chocolate House, La Boca Santa Fe, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Iconik Coffee Roasters, La Fonda on the Plaza, POP Gallery-Santa Fe,

Did you know: Santa Fe was founded as a presidio (i.e. a wooden fort) in the middle of Spain’s “new” territories in 1610, and the city’s full name is La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asís (“The Royal Town of the Holy Faith of Saint Francis of Assisi”).

ALSO: The historic La Fonda on the Plaza Hotel (Our gracious partners and launch point for our Santa Fe Tours) is the oldest hotel site in the United States.

This was where weary travelers up the Camino Real Adentro (and later along the famous Santa Fe Trail) would find a moment of respite after traveling hundreds (or thousands) of miles across the surrounding deserts, mountains, and grasslands.

The structure has been rebuilt and renovated multiple times since 1610 and is today one of the most spectacular examples of Pueblo Revival Architecture in the world.

Today, we get our virtual bouquet from Santa Clara potters, Debra and Preston Duwyenie. The flowers, sun, and hummingbirds are etched into the plate using a technique called sgraffito. Image courtesy Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery.
Sharing a photo of my beautiful Sandia Pueblo pot hand built by the late John Montoya. Enjoy.
This morning at Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery
Tomorrow at Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery
So much I want from Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery
In celebration of Santa Fe’s inaugural Native Art Week we put together an awesome museum tour to compliment your Indian Market experience. Stops include Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA), Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian, Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery and Allan Houser Studio And Sculpture Garden.

Download the tour app at:
See rare pottery by world famous Maria Martinez (San Ildefonso Pueblo) on display at Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery till August 31st
Thank you to Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery for including The Food Depot as part of their 25th anniversary celebration. The celebration honored 25 nonprofits during the month of April by donating 10 percent of sales.

Thank you to all who supported this special day by shopping. Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery presented a donation at a reception last night of more than $1,200 to The Food Depot.

April was the most profitable month on record for the gallery, which speaks to the enormous philanthropic pulse beating through our community.

Congratulations Cynthia Whitney-Ward at Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery on reaching more than one million views at your Chasing Santa Fe blog! Keller Williams is happy to join you in our community discovering fascinating places, meeting new friends, and discovering what makes Santa Fe so special!

Handmade Native American Pottery As of October 11, 2021, our hours will be 10:00am - 5:00pm, Mondays through Saturdays. Open Sundays from 12:00pm - 5:00pm.

Welcome back! (safely)
Masks are required, many thanks.


All these colorful Cochiti figures join all of us in wishing everyone the best for the New Year! Cheers!!


Big, beautiful Blue Corn bowl! Almost 12" across, black-on-black feather design with a wonderful high polish. A lifetime's skill so evident in all her work. View at:


Stellar New Arrivals this week include Rondina Huma's beautiful jar in the forefront & Joy Navasie's (aka 2nd Frogwoman), elegant, tall jar behind. Both wonderful Hopi potters whose skills are so evident in these stunning pieces. View at:


Merry, merry & happy, happy holidays from all of us at Andrea Fisher to all of you!


All that glitters!! The distinctive & glorious work of Angie Yazzie, from Taos Pueblo graces our New Arrivals this week. Her engaging personality & her engagement with Clay Mother shine through every piece! Enjoy at:


Master of space & form, Thomas Tenorio of Santa Domingo Pueblo, is so creative with his jars. This large pot could almost be from the Mothership! View at:


More from our incredible New Arrivals, these are from Acoma Pueblo. Cletus Victorino's fabulous spiral polychrome jar in the center, flanked by an equally fabulous Rebecca Lucario jar on the left, & a very unique Marie Z. Chino on the left. View at:


We have more sad news today, unfortunately, with the death of Santo Domingo potter Franklin Tenorio. He will be missed by us all and we send our sincere sympathy to his family.


Words don't suffice when trying to apply them to these 3 Santa Clara jewels! LuAnn Tafoya's beautiful black jar, Effie & Orville Garcia's red bear pot & Joseph Lonewolf's intricate sgraffito miniature seed pot are all part of this week's New Arrivals. View at:


Structurally interesting, elegant, beautiful & just plain good looking, this golden micaceous prayer bowl by Angie Yazzie of Taos Pueblo is another stand-out from our New Arrivals. She is so creative! View at:


Maria & Santana black-on-black bowl! Stunning traditional feather pattern & high polish combine to create this elegant piece. Part of our New Arrivals this week at:


New Arrivals from Santa Clara Pueblo include the fine sgraffito central jar by Dolores Curran, flanked by Corn Moquino's avanyu pot on the right, & Ron Suazo's bear paw seed pot to the left. Just a small representation of the many talented Santa Clara potters.
View them at:


With great sadness we learned of the passing of Rachel Sahmie. A wonderful artist with such fine ex*****on & sensibility, she will be greatly missed. Our hearts go out to her family & all who knew her.


Sad news out of Mata Ortiz today. We just heard that Juan Quezada passed away on his ranch today due to an accident. Our hearts go out to his family and community.


Carolyn Concho of Acoma Pueblo, creates these delightful seed pots, which we are so happy to have here! Her brilliant colors, high relief & stellar imagery make these pieces come alive. See more at:


Did someone say Santa Ana Pueblo?? Yes, we did! Beautiful, beautiful Santa Ana jar, unsigned & unattributed, 1940's. So little Santa Ana comes available these days, we are extremely pleased to have this offering. View this & all New Arrivals at:


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Black Friday is upon us & all black pottery in the gallery is 15% off today! This is for for full priced gallery items only, through today. Think about that coveted Margaret Tafoya, Maria Martinez or Mela Youngblood no longer, just go ahead & fulfill that wish list. See all at:


Two fine line specialists - Marietta Juanico & Frederica Antonio, both of Acoma Pueblo!
Frederica's polychrome "eyedazzler" piece in the front of the photo, shows her complete painting mastery. Marietta's more traditional jar emphasizes the black & white pattern to great effect. View at:


Exciting New Arrivals this week include 2 from San Ildefonso! Marie & Santana black on black, alongside Heishi Flower's polychrome jar. Very different techniques, styles & time frames, but amazing work nonetheless. View all at:


Santa Clara potters Nathan Youngblood & Ryan Roller are continuing the Tafoya family tradition with some amazing pieces! Nathan's beautifully carved black jar contrasts wonderfully with Ryan's stunning sepia tone jar. All our New Arrivals can be viewed at:


Acoma potter Charmae Shields-Natseway is well known for unusual forms & this is no exception! Charmingly painted, fabulously executed & even lidded, this delightful piece graces New Arrivals at:


LuAnn Tafoya represents Santa Clara Pueblo & her family so well! This deeply & beautifully carved, highly polished jar is featured in our New Arrivals at:


Two very different interpretations of polished black jars! Beautiful black wedding vase by Santa Clara potter Linda Askan, along with the amazing sgraffito artistry done by Ergil Vallo (Dalawepi), of Acoma Pueblo. We have a truly amazing selection of New Arrivals this week at:


Hopi potter White Swann (Dolly Joe Navasie), is the maker of this beautifully shaped & painted jar. Her firing techniques always create such wonderful colors! View along with all our New Arrivals at:


Contemporary Santa Clara potter Jody Folwell's Northwest inspired jar features her amazing incising & polishing. Truly the best of the Northwest & Southwest combined! Visit all New Arrivals at:


The amazing Angie Yazzie of Taos Pueblo, is our New Arrivals feature artist this week! Stunning symmetry, fire clouds, & so sharply formed (such thin walls!), truly a superlative piece. You can run out of adjectives describing her work, so just go see at:


Richard Zane Smith, extraordinary Wyandot potter, has these 2 beauties in our New Arrivals. Richard's tiny coils create exquisite detail and amazing depth, not to mention his color palate! View at:


New Arrivals include these 2 marvelous Maria Martinez pieces, black-on-black mastery! Early Marie plate with great geometric pattern, delightful Marie & Julian bowl with nice, sharp shoulder. Perfect additions to anyone's home, view all New Arrivals at:


Hector Javier Martinez today live in the gallery and live "zooming" on our YouTube channel (starting around 10:30 this morning). We are so fortunate to have this wonderful Mata Ortiz potter demonstrating his work on Day of the Dead pots, so timely & fun. Come enjoy! Here are the links:


Join us tomorrow as Hector Javier Martinez from Mata Ortiz, demonstrates his extremely creative process that leads to amazing Day of the Dead pots. This one depicts Santa Fe, including a favorite pottery gallery! Friday, October 28th, from 10:30-4:30pm in the gallery, "zooming" til 1pm. Link will be posted on our website tomorrow around 10:30. Visit at:


Santa Clara potters Joseph & Eunice Naranjo rely on exquisite form & polish to send their artistic message. A highly stylized avanyu figure carved above the shoulder adds more interest to a stellar piece! View on our New Arrivals:


Marvelous Maria black polished jar (signed Maria Poveka) along with a beautiful Maria & Popovi feather plate. A polish to lose yourself in! View all our wonderful New Arrivals at:


Lisa Holt & Harlan Reano top our New Arrivals with this fabulous jar! Titled "Butterfly Blossom", it was the SWAIA 2022 Traditional Pottery Award winner. This Cochiti/Santa Domingo collaboration certainly is an award winner to us! View at:


This elegant form & finish is trademark Angie Yazzie of Taos Pueblo! Fire cloud as a work of art along with amazing polish adds even more distinction. View all our New Arrivals at:


The wonderful Amanda Lucario of Acoma Pueblo & her wonderful (enormous!) seed pot grace our New Arrivals. Such a talented family, such an amazing piece! Visit at:


A wonderful old Santo Domingo bowl is also part of our New Arrivals this week. Appropriate wear for its age, amazing patina & color, truly outstanding piece. View at:


A pot from Lois Gutierrez de la Cruz that is so large is almost fills the entire frame! This Santa Clara potter's depictions of Pueblo life truly bring her pots alive. Vibrant colors, elegant form & design make this a stunning piece to live with. View at:


New Arrivals this week include these wonderful San Ildefonso pieces! Adam & Santana's black on black plate, and Tonita Roybal's beautiful black on black bowl flank Carmelita Dunlap's polychrome jar. Masterful potters, great works. View at:


The four directions interpreted by Inez Ortiz from Cochiti Pueblo. What an intriguing addition to any home from such a skilled potter. The level of detail on each piece, including the earrings, headdress styles, body patterns & postures are amazing! View all at:

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Wobbly Pots By Diego Valles




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