Divine Beauty is on the cutting edge in the skin care industry. The latest and most up to date knowledge is how we are able to bring you this quality non-invasive skin care procedure and Device.

Electro Collagen Induction Therapy or 'Needling' is promised to be as effective as laser resurfacing, dermabrasions and chemical peels, all without any side effects and faster healing time. DivineBeauty makes stretch mark removal and scar treatment safe and natural with great results.




~ Why the RejuvaStamp™ System was created~

First off, I want to thank you Claire for doing what you do!!! And being who you are!! And I'm very fortunate that I found you when I did... Secondly this isn't just talk or misguided information. Well, you'll find that there is about 95% fakes and gimmicks out there to help with your cystic Acne problem and even most doctors are the actual fakes that really don't know how to fix you up. Rather they treat you with medicine that really in fact destroys you internally... I'm not knocking on doctor because they mean well; it's just the appropriate knowledge is absent.

Really and truly there is one alternative to helping your case with facial scars and that is RejuvaStamp. I haven't personally had any laser related treatment, however, how Claire helps you is totally pure. Internally & externally. As my treatments took place they were 100% painless.

You will find Claire not to be average - Rather proactive and professional. Whatever case and its severity, Clarie's got you covered. She will guide you in the direction of a clear face and Guarantee the results that you will find to bring you the happiness you've had before.

Quit wasting your time with antibiotics, creams, washes or whatever you're taking or using. The sooner you set your appointment up (or get your own kit), you'll be in the direction you should have been to begin with.

So, I found her on You Tube, and now she is a very good friend who helped me out with my problem. Again Claire all of my appreciation and Thanks!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Jarrod Bearden


Welcome to DivineBeauty/RejuvaStamp. Hello friends. My name is Claire Marquez. I also suffered from acne, acne scars and also being over weight. I have felt the pain of horrible skin problems. I believe my purpose in creating DivineBeauty was to develop a procedure to help many with problematic skin. In my search for answers, I have faith my solution came straight from the Divine. The RejuvaStamp ECIT procedure was an inspiration to benefit young and old, men and women alike.

I had a hard time sharing my own before and after pictures - I felt a bit embarrassed. However, I wanted to connect with you so you could understand that I know your situation first hand, but I also know that this procedure gave me the results you see today. I have been there myself and I am here to offer you a genuine, natural solutions.

This was the passion behind DivineBeauty and RejuvaStamp's ECIT real true results.


Rejuvastamp digital / A Skin Rejuvenation Device

~ This Was the First Motorized Micro~Needle Machine DivineBeauty CREATED ~ FIRST IN THE WORLD++

~ We strive to be the most advanged Micro Needle Therapy Company in the WORLD ~ January 2009 == ++ MEMORIES ++

http://www.RejuvaStamp.com Introducing the first ever DivineBeauty Inc. Rejuvastamp Digital, the only micro-needle therapy machine of its kind. Multiple pate...


The Future In Micro Needle Therapy

~ January 1st 2009 < DivineBeauty launched the First ever Motorized Micro-Needle MAchine In WORLD..

~ DIVINE IDEA's came that would Change the face of beauty AESTHETICS.. A naturaul Skin Rejuvenation treatment without damaging the skin..

http://www.RejuvaStamp.com DivineBeauty Inc. is coming out with a new digital device, called Rejuvastamp digital. This device is created for professionals. T...


Innovation in skin rejuvenation RejuvaStamp


~ DivineBeauty's RejuvaStamp Specialized MIcro-Needle Therapy
*Different then all the REST.

~ DivineBeauty CREATED the first Mototrized Micro~Needle therapy in the World.. That is why we offer the most advanced procedure on this planet..

Please view the before and afters of the patient being worked on, at the end of the video ~XoDB ~Divine Results~

Micro Needle Therapy~


Innovation in skin rejuvenation RejuvaStamp


Visual Presention of Transdermal Infusion ,Using DivineBeauty's Patented* RejuvaStamp and my SPECIALIZED Micro- Needling Devices..

~ You can see their was no damage done to the apple and over all even penetration of the dye..Xo DB

Micro Needle Therapy~

vimeo.com 01/20/2014

Rejuva - Innovation in Skin Rejuvenation™

Innovation :)


vimeo.com Vimeo is the home for high-quality videos and the people who love them.

vimeo.com 01/20/2014

RejuvaCamp: RejuvaStamp basic training video.

Checkout our latest Video :) Enjoy


vimeo.com Vimeo is the home for high-quality videos and the people who love them.

www.rejuvastamp.com 09/19/2013

Home - Rejuvastamp

~Results are Everything ~

www.rejuvastamp.com RejuvaStamp micro-needling is the perfect combination with facial fillers and most rejuvenation procedures. Micro-needling provides the perfect finishing touch. 62 Year Old Patient: Before and after a series of Sculptra injections and RejuvaStamp micro-needling treatments with RejuvaCells Pro Stem C...

[02/18/13]   DivineBeauty Will be in Miami this Week to present our Cutting edge Treatments For Skin & Hair Rejuvenation..!! BIGGgg NEWws Onn the WAyyy Yayyy..!! ;)) XoDB

[11/13/12]   DivineBeauty Has Gratitude For Your LIKES, !! We appreciate all our FB friends & Divine Family..!! OUR Results and Products are the best only for the Best & That Is YOU..!! XoDB


DivineBeauty/RejuvaStamp. Innovation In Skin Rejuvenation

Today I went to YouTube we have over 870,000 VIEWS..!! GREAT NEWS... NOw to Launch our Final Product Lines ~ RejuvaStamp ~ RejuvaFill ~ RejuvaCells ...We will be offering Virtual Education & Complete Business Packages..!! DivineBeauty is Innovation In Skin Rejuvenation.. "We Create NOT Imitate"..!! Before & Afters are everything..!! We offer the Best Results and BEST Micro~Needle Machine In WORLD..!!!XoDB Our New Website will be up Very Soon..!!! Yayy XoDB


youtube.com THANX4╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗ :) ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╗ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩ING! To Purchase the RejuvaStamp go to: http://www.rejuvastamp.com Follow DivineBeauty Inc. on Twitter http://twitter.com/divinebeautyinc Electro Collagen Induction Therapy (ECIT) • Smoothes wrinkles and expressio...


RejuvaStamp Australia


[10/15/12]   DivineBeauty Has worked Very Hard to create RejuvaCells Stem Cell Luxury Skin Care Line..! It is Bio~Engineered Made for Perfection Nobel prize winning technology that mimic the performance of healthy Skin..! RejuvaCells Will Be Featured in Austrailan Beauty Magazine Next Month Along With RejuvaStamp & RejuvaFill Procedures..!! I will keep you updated..! DivineBeauty is Super Fortunate to be able to help many people all over the World..!! Enhancing Natural Beauty at the highest Level..!! Also know to Regrow Hair..!! Soon We will have for Sale on our New Website..!! Yaayyyy You Will LOVE the RESULTS~~XODB


Rejuvastamp digital / A Skin Rejuvenation Device

~ DivineBeauty's First Micro~ Needle RejuvaStamp Creation first Wireless Powered Machine in World.. This is where it all started...!!

http://www.RejuvaStamp.com Introducing the first ever DivineBeauty Inc. Rejuvastamp Digital, the only micro-needle therapy machine of its kind. Multiple pate...


Rejuvastamp you tube clip.wmv


The future of skin rejuvenation RejuvaStamp makes skin rejuvenation safe and natural without any side effects, with a faster healing time with TRUE RESULTS. ...

rejuvastamp.com 05/09/2012

DivineBeauty/RejuvaStamp-The Natural Way To Skin Rejuvenation

~DivineBeauty IS Innovation In Skin Rejuvenation~ #1 Micro~Needle Tharay procedure In the World....!!!

rejuvastamp.com The best natural skin care products for skin rejuvenation, acne scar treatment, stretch mark removal, acne treatment, acne scars healing,acne scar removal


Rocker Gets Rejuvenated

~Results are Everything~

http://www.RejuvaStamp.com Tim has Acne Scars and is looking for help to smooth his scars.



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